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[00:15:53] <Edheldil> ok, I will commit it tomorrow
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[09:47:10] <fuzzie> Does anyone else here have bg2 saves? I'm wondering if I should go make a forum post somewhere asking for donations.
[10:06:25] <lynxlynxlynx> i have; all from modded games though
[10:06:43] <fuzzie> i suppose the question there is, do you know which mods? :)
[10:07:02] <lynxlynxlynx> weidu.log should be available ;)
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[10:16:39] <fuzzie> perhaps someone should update the screenshot on happypenguin to something more recent, also
[10:17:06] <fuzzie> the current one is balrog showing off a otyugh, which is maybe not representative of our current progress :)
[10:18:34] <pupnik> heheh
[10:21:45] <fuzzie> pupnik: are you Adventus?
[10:34:53] <lynxlynxlynx> i think avenger owns the hp project
[10:36:01] <lynxlynxlynx> we should get a screenshot of beholders fighting a dragon or something grand like that
[10:38:04] <pupnik> hi fuzzie
[10:38:05] <pupnik> no
[10:38:23] <pupnik> just trying to be in not pain
[10:38:31] <pupnik> because the pain is just pain
[10:38:44] <pupnik> always pain and it pains and i can't think about much but the pain
[10:38:51] <pupnik> still paining
[10:38:52] <pupnik> ...
[10:38:53] <pupnik> etc
[10:38:59] <pupnik> still paining...
[10:39:01] <fuzzie> *nod* :/
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[11:29:29] <Lightkey> anyone can update the picture by sending in an update with just a link to the new picture in the changelog
[11:30:39] <Lightkey> but I refraint from that because of nostalgia :-)
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[13:01:33] <dawid> hi all, i have 2-3 tob saves
[13:03:44] <fuzzie> ideally i am looking for a Edheldil-style collection of hundreds of SoA saves :) i will have to ask on forums
[13:09:57] <wjp> how many of mine did I upload?
[13:10:08] <wjp> a selection or the lot?
[13:10:17] <fuzzie> how many do you have? :)
[13:10:42] <wjp> something like a hundred probably
[13:10:50] <fuzzie> you uploaded 10 or so, so i guess a selection
[13:11:00] <wjp> I can send you the rest if you want
[13:11:08] <wjp> (but later, as I'm not home right now)
[13:11:12] <fuzzie> i would appreciate that, when you're home
[13:11:37] <fuzzie> there's no rush, i'm busy with other things anyway..
[13:23:54] <dawid> lol, someone was vry busily saving :D
[13:24:52] <wjp> SoA is just rather large :-)
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[14:53:37] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6674 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/ (ActorBlock.cpp ActorBlock.h): add CurrentActionState to Scriptable
[14:53:48] <fuzzie> messing about with action parameters is an unworkable nightmare
[14:54:16] <fuzzie> especially the bit where the existing code happily overwrites parameters we need :/
[14:59:58] <pupnik> :(
[15:35:17] <fuzzie> looks like r3559 is what broke the blocking actions code
[15:35:45] <fuzzie> will have to remember to look back sometime and see if there are any better designs than mine there
[15:37:51] <fuzzie> oh, no, it was sabotaged before that
[15:40:40] <wjp> ok, let's see... 116 SoA saves, 35 ToB saves
[15:41:50] <fuzzie> blocking action code broken in r3542, "fixed some leaks and buffer overruns in SaveGame"
[15:42:00] <fuzzie> by means of commenting out the code. very helpful. :)
[15:42:25] <fuzzie> i guess it never worked properly, anyway
[15:42:53] <wjp> ...uploading... (this will take a little while)
[15:42:56] <fuzzie> thanks
[15:43:21] <fuzzie> I just want a wide variety of games so I can more easily test if I'm breaking anything.
[15:44:01] <fuzzie> And my original saves are long-lost at this point, I think.
[15:44:43] <wjp> I have a (sometimes bad, sometimes useful) habit of keeping far too much stuff around :-)
[15:45:24] <wjp> especially now that hard disk space is cheaper than the time needed to clean up...
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[17:35:00] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6675 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/ (Actions.cpp GSUtils.cpp GSUtils.h): disable broken AC_REEVALUATE code
[17:37:04] <fuzzie> oh dear, what on earth is gemrb's EscapeAreaObject doing
[17:37:07] <fuzzie> other than bad bad things
[17:37:19] <fuzzie> ok, i guess this all needs rewriting too
[17:38:42] <fuzzie> > EscapeAreaObject(O:Object*): This action instructs the target object to EscapeArea().
[17:38:49] <fuzzie> ^- IESDP, i do no love you :(
[17:39:17] <fuzzie> you'd think the EscapeAreaObject("DOOR") calls would be an obvious enough clue there
[18:00:40] <fuzzie> drat, r6675 doesn't compile
[18:00:52] <fuzzie> i picked the wrong hunks. bleh.
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[18:03:37] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6676 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/GSUtils.cpp: fix last commit
[18:18:59] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6677 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/ (Actions.cpp GSUtils.cpp): hack EscapeAreaCore to at least sort of work
[18:21:21] <fuzzie> the whole thing needs rewriting, i guess - eg, we should probably be pathfinding to the nearest exit and then giving up after a short time or when pathing fails
[18:24:32] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6678 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/GSUtils.cpp: don't center on non-party actors in MoveBetweenAreasCore
[18:26:18] <lynxlynxlynx> nice
[18:26:43] <fuzzie> it was previously game-breaking, since actors wouldn't appear in the new area :)
[18:29:53] <fuzzie> i filed a bug on EscapeArea etc
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[19:16:07] <fuzzie> There's something seriously messed up with the save screen.
[19:17:10] <fuzzie> Once I've saved a game with the bg2 save screen, the UI is broken in varied ways until I quit gemrb and restart it.
[19:20:11] <wjp> hm, not really seeing that
[19:20:33] <wjp> but my svn is a couple of days old
[19:20:37] <fuzzie> This is old..
[19:20:59] <fuzzie> Things like the 'continue' button randomly not appearing for dialogs and the UI temporarily disappearing on actor death.
[19:21:17] <wjp> let me try talking to people
[19:22:48] <fuzzie> Maybe it's something I'm doing *before* the save screen, but that's just loading a game..
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[19:23:19] <wjp> empty slot or overwrite?
[19:23:57] <fuzzie> empty slot, although it ends up between existing games. it doesn't work properly, either; I'm returned to the save screen afterwards.
[19:24:55] <wjp> gemrb saves are numbered 0000xxxxx while original saves from SoA+ToB are 1000xxxxx
[19:25:45] <fuzzie> SoA alone saves as 0000, so it shouldn't be too harmful
[19:26:05] <wjp> huh, weird
[19:26:21] <wjp> I just clicked on the bottom border of the dialogue window, and got some kind of help string
[19:26:45] <wjp> "Throughout the game there are hidden artifact pieces. A dwarf named..."
[19:26:46] <fuzzie> yes, that also seems to happen :)
[19:27:55] <wjp> whoops, segfault when entering a building
[19:29:18] <fuzzie> that one I haven't seen
[19:31:12] <wjp> hm, reproducible too
[19:31:18] <wjp> and gdb doesn't like it
[19:33:07] <wjp> after loading my savegame named "Keldorn", it crashes when I enter some temple
[19:33:28] <wjp> my FR lore is a bit lacking, but it has "Morning Knights" in it
[19:34:17] <fuzzie> I'll take a look in a bit if you can't track it down.
[19:35:35] <fuzzie> I just got 22500 XP for just picking up Merella's Journal, is that meant to happen.
[19:35:51] <wjp> whose?
[19:35:54] <fuzzie> I guess it is.
[19:36:07] <fuzzie> The range in Umar Hills; you get XP and a new quest if you have either it or Mazzy's note.
[19:36:11] <fuzzie> ranger.
[19:36:16] <wjp> oh, right
[19:37:34] <wjp> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[19:37:34] <wjp> Door::ToggleTiles (this=0x5315a30, State=1, playsound=<value optimized out>) at ActorBlock.cpp:1502
[19:37:38] <wjp> 1502 overlay->tiles[tiles[i]]->tileIndex = (ieByte) state;
[19:38:03] <wjp> overlay->tiles is broken
[19:38:06] <fuzzie> Darn, I thought I'd fixed those. No errors on the console about missing doors when you load the area?
[19:38:36] <fuzzie> (what's the area/door resref?)
[19:39:05] <wjp> I don't see anything about doors on the console
[19:39:10] <wjp> area is the temple district
[19:39:43] <wjp> door->scriptname = "dor0902b"
[19:39:58] <dawid> fuzzie: cant find the value, but the exp is not high compared to others in the region
[19:40:27] <fuzzie> it's in ar1102.bcs :)
[19:40:35] <fuzzie> now I can't pick up Mazzy's note from the floor!
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[19:44:17] <fuzzie> gemrb is incorrectly checking the bounding box for piles, I guess
[19:48:08] <fuzzie> wjp: you think overlay->tiles is broken, not tiles[i]?
[19:48:49] <wjp> (gdb) print overlay->tiles[0]
[19:48:49] <wjp> Cannot access memory at address 0x162c91a00
[19:49:31] <wjp> tiles[i] is 1884, by the way
[19:49:31] <fuzzie> 'overlay' for doors is always the primary overlay of the area, so i'd guess corruption
[19:50:08] <fuzzie> i is 1?
[19:50:14] <wjp> yes
[19:51:13] <fuzzie> tiles[i] is fine, then, but I guess that means it worked the first time around, which is very odd
[19:52:11] <wjp> hm, I see your point
[19:53:17] <wjp> let's try valgrind
[19:53:46] <fuzzie> certainly crashes for me too
[19:54:22] <fuzzie> teleporting to AR0900 [2015.1034] brings you next to it quickly
[19:54:41] <wjp> what's the magic incantation for that?
[19:54:59] <fuzzie> i have no idea, i cheated w/gdb
[19:55:26] <fuzzie> Those tiles aren't been drawn properly for me initially, though, the door is showing as open despite the polygons being closed.
[19:56:06] <fuzzie> the contents of 'overlay' have been corrupted by the time gdb crashes for me, which is why overlay->tiles is bad
[19:57:17] <wjp> ==23936== Use of uninitialised value of size 8
[19:57:17] <wjp> ==23936== at 0x4F0CAEE: Door::ToggleTiles(int, int) (ActorBlock.cpp:1502)
[19:57:17] <wjp> ==23936== by 0x4F0CE9F: Door::SetDoorOpen(int, int, unsigned int) (ActorBlock.cpp:1617)
[19:57:40] <wjp> which doesn't help much, as that's the line where it crashes
[19:58:26] <wjp> (although the fact it's an uninitialized value does give some clue)
[19:58:27] <fuzzie> door0901 fails for me too
[20:00:09] <fuzzie> 'overlay' on the door isn't the area overlays[0]
[20:02:32] <fuzzie> So I guess something is switching overlays from under this code.
[20:02:48] <fuzzie> I would peer suspiciously at this day/night stuff, which does ClearOverlays().
[20:03:39] <fuzzie> That's in ChangeMap(), which just swaps out the tilemap without fixing up any of the doors, as far as I can tell.
[20:05:01] <fuzzie> some printf()s should show if that's the problem :) bbiab
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[20:11:45] <pupnik_> is it safe/advisable to test gemrb vs bg2 on the same installed data files on one pc?
[20:12:08] <pupnik_> i.e. with wine
[20:15:48] <fuzzie> pupnik_: yes, if you leave the Cache config at default (ie: not pointing to your bg2 install), although gemrb saves won't load in the original engine (we're not sure why) so don't overwrite your existing saves
[20:15:53] <wjp> fuzzie: yes, that's it
[20:16:04] <wjp> TileMap: 0x1264dd0, overlay[0] 0x1264e80 overlay[1] 0x32bba10
[20:16:04] <wjp> new TileMap: 0x1264dd0, overlay[0] 0x32bba10 overlay[1] 0x32aa2e0
[20:16:04] <wjp> overlay: 0x1264e80, tiles: 0x19c67fa00
[20:16:25] <fuzzie> wjp: I guess the Door should probably be poking at GetCurrentArea()->overlays[0] itself, rather than keeping a copy of overlay around.
[20:16:28] <wjp> (first two are prints surrounding the changemap, last one is at the location of the crash)
[20:16:34] <fuzzie> But I didn't look at the code much.
[20:17:42] <wjp> I'll file a bug report
[20:18:31] <fuzzie> Although there's another problem in that the overlay tiles are not updated to reflect open/closed state, so I guess Door::SetNewOverlay is a better solution..
[20:18:34] <fuzzie> thanks
[20:22:08] <lynxlynxlynx> not sure if this is different, but opening/closing doors can change the lightmap
[20:22:57] <lynxlynxlynx> nicely viewable in the docks at night (door to Edwin)
[20:23:47] <fuzzie> no idea how *that* works :)
[20:31:40] <pupnik_> k thank you fuzzie
[20:45:45] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6679 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/ (10 files in 3 dirs): implemented areapro.2da fields in .pro fileformat (easier editing, areapro is needed only for bg2 now)
[20:45:55] <Edheldil> SF is still broken. And reading the TTs, we are not alone who have problems with the FRS :(
[20:46:43] <fuzzie> they did a mass-closing of FRS problem tickets, too, with some vague 'should work in a few hours' message
[20:47:33] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6680 10/ielister/trunk/ielister.cpp: ielister now knows the gemrb specific area projectile fields
[20:48:00] <fuzzie> now come on irc, avenger! :)
[20:48:38] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6681 10/chitem/trunk/ (8 files): DLTCEP can edit the new projectile fields
[20:50:05] <fuzzie> wjp: http://fuzzie.org/nfs/gemrb/fix_changemap.txt seems to work for me
[20:51:33] <wjp> looks good to me
[20:53:01] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6682 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/ (ActorBlock.cpp ActorBlock.h Map.cpp TileMap.cpp TileMap.h): update doors after day/night tilemap changes
[20:53:03] <fuzzie> don't suppose you ever worked out whether you could reproduce the UI breakage or not?
[20:53:28] <wjp> I got kind of distracted :-)
[20:53:43] <wjp> but the couple of small conversations I tried went ok
[20:54:07] <fuzzie> Ok, I'll try a new build on x86 sometime and see if I can find a recipe. Thanks.
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[21:00:29] <fuzzie> ok, the pile in ar1102 magically gains a bounding box after a load/save cycle
[21:10:40] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6683 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/AREImporter/AREImp.cpp: set pile bounding boxes on first load
[21:12:06] <fuzzie> Now I have Mazzy's note, hoorah.
[21:16:00] <wjp> yay
[21:16:38] <fuzzie> I seem to have misplaced Minister Lloyd though :)
[21:21:50] <fuzzie> Umber Hulks are just blinking in and out of existance, too.
[21:24:30] <wjp> bad animations? effects?
[21:24:38] <fuzzie> bad animations, I think.
[21:25:29] <fuzzie> There's quite a few creatures with bad animations, and it all scares me.
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[21:25:51] <fuzzie> I expect we're trying to use an animation which isn't present in any of these BAMs, but I don't know where to start looking.
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[21:27:10] <fuzzie> Avenger: i think projectiles with NULL effects will crash in LineTarget(), should there be an extra check or should we be creating empty effect lists for projectiles?
[21:27:26] <Avenger_> no, just an extra check
[21:27:58] <Avenger_> null effects should be acceptable, as i simply destroy and null an effect once it was used
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[21:30:03] <fuzzie> ok. maybe you want to add that, you're best with that code
[21:30:19] <Avenger> thanks for repairing the doors and containers :)
[21:31:47] <fuzzie> wjp found the overlay crash, I am just trying to fix Umar Hills
[21:32:57] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6684 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/Actions.cpp: fix Lock/Unlock to work with containers
[21:34:01] <fuzzie> the buggy animations are a real irritation, though, monsters just keep flickering out of existance and i don't know how to debug
[21:34:32] <Avenger> well, lynx started to fix some of those
[21:34:40] <fuzzie> this one is 7F11, MUMB, i pointed lynx at the others
[21:35:06] <Avenger> 7f* anims are bad too?
[21:35:08] <Avenger> sucks
[21:35:24] <Avenger> those are the standard bg2 monster anims
[21:35:31] <fuzzie> 7F0B and what i found after are bad too
[21:36:23] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6685 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/ (Projectile.cpp Projectile.h): cleaned up projectile code (fixes NULL effect for line projectiles)
[21:36:42] <fuzzie> thanks
[21:36:45] <Avenger> well i just did some feature improvement with the area projectiles
[21:36:52] <fuzzie> it turned out that my spell bug was that spells weren't creating projectiles at all if there was no effect
[21:36:58] <fuzzie> so that is fixed now
[21:37:05] <Avenger> yep, i saw that
[21:37:23] <Avenger> that fixes the escape cutscene?
[21:37:29] <fuzzie> ok, good, i'm never sure if these are good changes :)
[21:37:43] <fuzzie> it fixes some ToB cutscenes, i didn't check anything else
[21:37:50] <Avenger> empty effect blocks are totally allowed
[21:40:19] <Avenger> of all your changes, i'm unsure only about the gamescript change. but that's only because i don't see what you did. Also the pathfinder. But i don't have time to review all, and you do so many good changes i guess the ones i don't understand outright should work too. Or you will fix them if they aren't :)
[21:41:33] <fuzzie> the gamescript changes are maybe not the best design, but i don't change anything which can't be fixed later in a better way :)
[21:42:03] <fuzzie> i filed some bugs about some things
[21:42:23] <fuzzie> in particular you might want to look at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2815941&group_id=10122&atid=110122
[21:42:45] <fuzzie> you know what code better than i do
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[21:53:51] <fuzzie> maybe i have broken Avenger's brain with horrible BGScript behaviour :)
[21:56:05] <Avenger> just ate something before sleep
[21:57:16] <Avenger> What do you need for storing bound objects? Are they a single actor after evaluation?
[21:57:24] <fuzzie> yes
[21:57:28] <fuzzie> so just the global ID is fine
[21:57:43] <Avenger> then use lastMarkedObject
[21:57:55] <Avenger> if LastTarget isn't good
[21:58:15] <Avenger> IWD has a LastMarkedObject thingie, i think i already added it
[21:58:18] <fuzzie> but that is used for other things
[21:58:43] <Avenger> hmm, then just make up some other storage, if you are sure it is different
[21:58:56] <fuzzie> for instance it is overwritten by the See() trigger
[21:59:03] <fuzzie> the storage is no big problem, i just wonder where to set it
[21:59:15] <Avenger> hmm, and it is different from LastSeen?
[21:59:29] <fuzzie> yes :)
[21:59:31] <fuzzie> it works for every single blocking action
[21:59:49] <fuzzie> for instance it works with 'LastAttackerOf(Myself)'
[22:00:01] <Avenger> it is so odd, why they use so many different things, and multiple ones in each trigger???
[22:00:05] <fuzzie> and with MostDamagedOf, and with NearestEnemyOf, and with LastHelp, and etc
[22:00:21] <fuzzie> anything in objects.ids, devSin and some other people say
[22:00:38] <Avenger> well name it LastObject then
[22:01:52] <fuzzie> that is easy, but where to set it? in GetAllObjects, do you think? i don't like doing it there at all
[22:02:09] * Avenger has no idea.
[22:02:13] <fuzzie> ok :)
[22:02:16] <fuzzie> i will work something out
[22:02:37] <fuzzie> I just know that you understand this code better than me, I'll sit down and read it all until I understand!
[22:02:45] <fuzzie> thankyou anyway
[22:03:04] <Avenger> i understand most of it only because i read the disassembly :)
[22:03:26] <Avenger> i did some preliminary work with the actions/triggers
[22:03:35] <Avenger> so you can try looking into them :)
[22:03:36] <fuzzie> from the projectile code that is a very good thing :)
[22:04:25] <Avenger> did you see some of the newer area affecting projectiles in HoW?
[22:04:32] <Avenger> i like them
[22:04:41] <Avenger> i never imagined i will do that part :)
[22:04:42] <fuzzie> I only bought HoW a few weeks ago, I didn't install it yet :)
[22:05:23] <fuzzie> i try not to be distracted from bg2, for gemrb
[22:05:30] <Avenger> they could still use some refinement, but they are looking pretty good
[22:05:43] <Avenger> spike stones, death fog, the fire/ice/acid storms
[22:05:51] <Avenger> those are done
[22:06:09] <fuzzie> Maybe you could make a screenshot, it would be nice to have some with area projectiles :)
[22:06:37] <Avenger> well, maybe i will :) but i would rather let someone else do screenshots
[22:07:12] <Avenger> it doesn't require much, so someone might enjoy contributing with stuff like that
[22:07:21] <Avenger> they just need to know what to try
[22:07:30] <fuzzie> yes, I should write a forum post, maybe
[22:08:03] <Avenger> in the next days i will implement most of the how projectiles, now that i got the core engine stuff
[22:08:53] <Avenger> ok, i have to sleep, see you tomorrow
[22:09:02] <-- Avenger has left IRC ("bye!")
[22:46:36] <CIA-18> gemrb: 03edheldil * r6686 10/gemrb/trunk/ (7 files in 3 dirs):
[22:46:36] <CIA-18> gemrb: Individual plugins might be skipped or bumped to the end.
[22:46:36] <CIA-18> gemrb: Untangled the mess in PluginMgr.cpp a bit, hopefully it did not break Windows
[22:47:30] --- barra_away is now known as barra_library
[22:55:09] <fuzzie> r6686 works fine for me on Linux, in any case :)
[22:55:26] <-- pupnik_ has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:00:45] <Edheldil> great :)
[23:19:15] <Edheldil> night
[23:19:18] <-- Edheldil has left IRC ("Really?")
[23:42:02] <-- xrogaan has left IRC ("Why ?")