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[00:52:34] <tomprince> gembot_: status
[00:52:35] <gembot_> cmake clang++: idle, last build 9h15m45s ago: build successful
[00:52:35] <gembot_> cmake g++-4.2: idle, last build 9h11m23s ago: build successful
[00:52:35] <gembot_> cmake g++-4.4: idle, last build 9h07m28s ago: build successful
[00:52:35] <gembot_> cmake g++-4.5: idle, last build 8h58m14s ago: build successful
[00:52:35] <gembot_> cmake g++-4.6: idle, last build 9h03m17s ago: build successful
[00:52:35] <gembot_> mingw32: idle, last build 8h38m10s ago: build successful
[00:52:35] <gembot_> msvc++6: idle, last build 8h32m02s ago: build successful
[00:52:36] <gembot_> nmake-msvc++10: idle, last build 8h52m27s ago: build successful
[00:52:36] <gembot_> nmake-msvc++6: idle, last build 8h16m57s ago: exception upload
[00:52:37] <gembot_> osx-test: offline
[00:52:37] <gembot_> osx-xcode-binary: offline
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[09:40:14] <Cravix> hello everybody here, i have a question
[09:40:45] <Cravix> i got a segmentation fault when battling... anyone meet this condition, and is there any solution?
[09:41:04] <Cravix> /anyone/does anyone/
[09:46:09] <Cravix> forget to mention, the version of baldur's gate i play is 1.12
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[10:24:01] <lynxlynxlynx> can you be more vague?
[10:24:04] <lynxlynxlynx> ;)
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[11:41:26] <Avenger> a bugreport should at least contain the area code where it occurs. It is also important to be reproducible. What spells/items were used. Or maybe a saved game. Even better would be running it from gdb and providing a stack trace.
[11:42:10] <Avenger> otherwise it is just: yeah, crashes occur even in the original game, we are apparently compatible :)
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[17:11:04] <brad_> wjp: finally gonna find some time to fix this pixel format business.
[17:11:25] <brad_> is there a reason to use declared variables instead of preprocessor defines?
[17:12:24] <brad_> i think tom prince told me once, but i don't recall...
[17:12:52] <brad_> compiler optimization maybe?
[17:31:23] <brad_> bah. i forgot i don't have any IE games on my new computer >_<
[17:31:35] <brad_> guess ill have to do this later this week
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