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[00:13:29] <brada> fuzzie: is my logic flawed in that pixel copy loop?
[00:13:53] <brada> i dont know why some people are seeing that wierd output
[00:14:11] <cragganmore> Hi again. So I'm at Fullscreen=1, but still seeing the error. To confirm, my GemRB.cfg should be in /storage/emulated/legacy/Android/data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/files/ yes?
[00:14:12] <brada> its as if its 1/2 width and 2x height
[00:14:32] <brada> cragganmore: i have no idea where the cfg file on android is, sorry
[00:15:21] <cragganmore> No worries. It's got to be the right location, otherwise I'd be seeing errors in the log file. Still can't figure out what's causing the http://postimg.org/image/s3dsniqx9/ problem.
[00:15:22] <Pepelka> View image: 2013 04 30 14 26 15
[00:16:01] <brada> there is nothing you will be able to do about it via settings
[00:16:10] <brada> if fullscreen did nothing
[00:18:11] <cragganmore> OK. I'll keep trying to track it down. I'll let you know if I figure out the cause.
[00:19:14] <brada> you wont
[00:19:25] <brada> it will be some disjoint pixel format most likely
[00:21:22] <brada> I should add an assert for the format
[00:22:54] <brada> or like fuzzie said somehow a 16bpp surface/texture and the other is 32bpp
[00:26:39] <brada> cragganmore: you can do me a favor in tracking down what is wrong
[00:26:41] <brada> if you want
[00:27:03] <brada> you log should contain a message like "Creating Main Surface"
[00:27:07] <cragganmore> Will try my best!
[00:27:20] <brada> what is the message in your log?
[00:29:46] <brada> you can also search for any errors that have SDL in the name
[00:30:15] <brada> or just post the log on pastebin :D
[00:32:31] <brada> cragganmore: did you say you also have an ipad?
[00:33:08] <cragganmore> I do have an iPad. And let me see if I can put my Android log up on pastebin.
[00:33:16] <brada> what gen iPad?
[00:33:48] <brada> you will likely have a better time playing on ipad ATM. hopefully the android version will be on par by next big release
[00:34:11] <brada> but i mostly want to know what performance you get if you have better than ipad1
[00:35:52] <cragganmore> The iPad I have it installed on is an iPad2. I haven't checked FPS, but the performance seems excellent.
[00:36:03] <cragganmore> ok my android log is: http://pastebin.com/eHsH1gPt
[00:36:08] <Pepelka> [Core]: GemRB Core Initialization... [Core]: Initializing Video Driver... [Cor - Pastebin.com
[00:36:31] <brada> thats cut off right where i need it lol
[00:37:22] <cragganmore> Haha yeah, it always cuts off right at that spot, regardless of what resolution I set it at.
[00:38:10] <brada> i wonder if that is coincidental...
[01:01:43] <cragganmore> brada: Regarding the iOS version - I can't seem to get formation rotation to work. I followed the instructions (tap and hold, then tap with another finger and move to rotate), but the formation never rotates. Also, because the default is to drag two fingers to pan the viewport, moving the second finger just moves the viewport around. Am I doing something wrong?
[01:02:20] <brada> i rewrote touch input a hile back without having any hardware to test on
[01:02:29] <brada> but you wont get any better on android
[01:02:58] <brada> and no that maybe got broken in the recent change grrr :/
[01:05:09] <cragganmore> Doh! The formation rotation is really the only thing I've found on the iOS version that isn't perfect (at least for my taste).
[01:05:42] <brada> well teh latest ios version would have broken viewport scrolling too...
[01:05:49] <brada> but i will fix it next week
[01:06:01] <brada> the formation rotatin will be hard for me to fix since i dont have hardware
[01:07:11] <brada> but i will try my best
[01:12:23] <brada> cragganmore: i think i mis read you
[01:12:33] <brada> only formation rotation is broken?
[01:13:03] <cragganmore> Yes, sorry: only formation rotation isn't working. Everything else (viewport dragging, etc) seems to work great.
[01:13:07] <brada> ok
[01:13:27] <brada> i do see a minor problem with selection box appearing if the game viewport is not already focused
[01:13:38] <brada> but that is so small i dont know if ill even bother with it
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[08:02:33] <edheldil> hi all
[08:04:20] <fuzzie> any ideas on the broken-output thing? :P
[08:07:08] <fuzzie> oh
[08:07:09] <fuzzie> hm
[08:07:37] <fuzzie> 91becce77374e96da38eb0d9a45f119a74b07cd4 doesn't force the 32bpp format when we recreate the texture after movies..
[08:07:45] <fuzzie> maybe we should ask our enterprising users to disable movies
[08:17:03] <fuzzie> aha, yes
[08:17:14] <fuzzie> > With this latest version of GemRB playing bg1, when I rest and get the dream telling me I cannot return to Candlekeep, the screen goes all wonky. Everything gets stretched out and it looks like a CRT missing every other scan line with a yellow background. I cannot go any further, it hoses the game.
[08:17:30] <fuzzie> so something is going wrong there
[08:17:47] <fuzzie> forum post also says "Thinking it might do that with all movies, I watched the intro, but it played fine." though, so clearly not just that
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[08:51:30] <lynxlynxlynx> nice, lovely patch AND its testing on the forum
[08:51:48] <fuzzie> the utf8?
[08:53:01] <lynxlynxlynx> mhm
[08:54:49] <fuzzie> yes
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[10:28:42] <cj_schnell> Thanks for the new patch. Clicking is much better now. As you might imagine I also get the "CRT" issue after playing the resting movie, best tested by sleeping at Winthrop's: http://postimg.org/image/n7nycsivf/
[10:28:43] <Pepelka> View image: Screenshot 2013 05 02 12 20 34
[10:29:05] <fuzzie> so more confirmation of my movie theory :P
[10:29:13] <cj_schnell> Looks that way :-)
[10:29:18] <fuzzie> i am not really wanting to mess with the relvant piece of code myself, so waiting for brada to wake up
[10:29:59] <fuzzie> but basically we don't return to 32bpp mode after movies play, and i hope easy enough to just hardcode that in.
[10:30:07] <cj_schnell> Another small bug I found was when rolling the stats. Some of the buttons sometimes get stuck in the "down" position: http://postimg.org/image/922ioj1fb/
[10:30:08] <Pepelka> View image: Screenshot 2013 05 02 12 15 32
[10:31:20] <fuzzie> also beyond my expertise here
[10:31:35] <fuzzie> the focus ought to be reset on mouseup
[10:32:21] <cj_schnell> Yeah, I'm just pasting them here for brada, fizzet, lynx to check out :-)
[10:32:35] <cj_schnell> Yes it should. Sound pretty easy to fix.
[10:33:52] <cj_schnell> Otherwise I am impressed that GemRB has come such a long way. It's starting to look really solid and faithful to the OG.
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[13:49:58] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: SDL2: we are temporarily hardcoding texture format https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/4e37be4b349e8e861ee758fba42554e46bc992ad
[13:50:08] <fuzzie> thanks :P
[13:50:13] <brada> fuzzie: no thank you
[13:50:19] <brada> psch: build?
[13:50:26] <brada> thats a pretty serious bug too :/
[13:55:03] <brada> i thought it was odd when cj_schnell said setting fullscreen fixed it
[14:02:06] <cj_schnell> Fullscreen=1 fixed the GUI after the intro movies for me. But then I got the CRT stuff after the first in-game movie.
[14:02:26] <brada> how odd
[14:02:30] <cj_schnell> Thanks for fixing it brada
[14:02:39] <brada> fullscreen must change what your sdl win format was
[14:02:43] <brada> but anyway
[14:02:46] <brada> fied now :D
[14:02:50] <brada> and youre welcome
[14:02:53] <brada> thanks for testing
[14:03:15] <brada> i wont have time to look into fixing any more touch bugs till next week
[14:03:18] <brada> but keep a list
[14:12:29] <brada> cj_schnell: can you confirm for me the broken state of formation rotation?
[14:13:52] <brada> its supposed to function like this: select party touch destination, without moving finger1 apply 2nd finger that you use to alter the direction
[14:14:02] <cj_schnell> I guess I can do that. I am unfamiliar with this bug though. How do I test it?
[14:15:43] <brada> did you never use the feature on pc?
[14:16:35] <cj_schnell> Sure, I used it frequently but for some reason my brain refused to understand what formation rotation meant today :-)
[14:17:35] <brada> im sure it is broken :/
[14:20:26] <brada> question is does it work, but also move the viewport, or does it not even have a glimmer of function?
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[14:21:38] <cj_schnell> I just picked up Imoen after Gorions tragic death so now that I have a party it's testing time
[14:22:05] <rocket_hamster> what testing? there are no bugs!!! BUGS IS A LIE!
[14:22:38] <cj_schnell> Let's call it unintened features then :-)
[14:23:50] <cj_schnell> brada: my second finger moves the viewport instead of showing the direction graphics
[14:24:56] <cj_schnell> And this is on android btw
[14:24:57] <rocket_hamster> cj_schnell, Marketing approves. However small addition "lets call it unintended features and charge for it"
[14:24:58] <rocket_hamster> :D
[14:26:53] <cj_schnell> Heh. Charging to correct UiF's is what I am doing in my line of work so I kind of have a love/hate relationship there...
[14:29:26] <rocket_hamster> :D
[14:29:44] <rocket_hamster> i knew it, jobs give people schizophrenia
[14:30:07] <rocket_hamster> when i come home i dont know if i should start my pc or smash it with hammer :D
[14:31:47] <cj_schnell> brada: Another thing I noticed is that I do not see the green pulsating destination markers for my party.
[14:33:15] <cj_schnell> They magically appeared when I bumped into a NPC that paused the game for chitchat dialog
[14:33:59] <cj_schnell> When I pause the game I see the markers...
[14:36:09] <fuzzie> do you have the market feedback level set to something more than 'no markers'?
[14:36:14] <fuzzie> marker
[14:37:11] <fuzzie> i forget if that's checked but maybe
[14:37:59] <cj_schnell> When I upped the marker slider I see the markers fine. Thanks for reminding me fuzzie.
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[14:43:50] <brada> cj_schnell: dont expect the direction icon, or do you mean the reticles?
[14:44:16] <brada> if you dont see the party markers that is a setting
[14:44:24] <brada> nothing to do with the new build
[14:44:51] <brada> i see fuzzie already said as much >
[14:44:54] <brada> >_<
[14:45:54] <cj_schnell> I'm all good with the markers right now, but I was expecting to see the party markers appear on finger1 and then see them rotate on finger2
[14:46:02] <cj_schnell> Yeah, she is fast :-)
[14:47:13] <cj_schnell> Currently this happens: finger1 shows nothing, finger2 moves viewport, and when I release finger1 my party moves to finger1's position
[14:56:35] <brada> cj_schnell: unfortunately, its not trivial to have it function the way you would like and so the markers wont appear till 2nd finger (when it is fixed that is)
[14:57:00] <brada> hopefully my buddy will let me barrow his ipad sometime....
[14:57:04] <brada> and i can fix it
[14:57:17] <cj_schnell> I can imagine that this is pretty hard to fix.
[14:57:35] <brada> well it did work at one point so its nothing that i havent done before :p
[14:57:53] <brada> i kinda suspect some sdl changes...
[14:58:13] <brada> i dont know that the multigesture gets created the way it did in the past
[15:03:33] <cj_schnell> Well, here is hoping you get your hands on that iPad.
[15:04:14] <brada> or that somebody else does it :p
[15:04:28] <cj_schnell> Even better :-)
[15:04:53] <brada> fuzzie is the only dev i know of that has a tablet tho...
[15:05:29] <brada> and she hates SDL :D
[15:08:39] <cj_schnell> Hehe. Poor fuzzie :-) I bet that is just an image thing. I mean, how bad can it be!?
[15:12:10] <brada> the android implementation is a bit of a joke so...
[15:12:10] <fuzzie> let's not discuss the state of SDL on Android :P
[15:13:48] <fuzzie> also but I don't have the time
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[16:26:02] <brada> psch: here?
[16:27:58] <psch> yeah, just arrived
[16:28:03] <psch> you need a new build i gather?
[16:28:14] <psch> or rather, it needs to be put up to sourceforge?
[16:28:17] <psch> and the forums
[16:28:28] <brada> that too
[16:29:04] <brada> but wondering if you have a party selected and then scrool the viewport with a gesture then release if you have problems with theparty wandering off to one of the touch points
[16:29:15] <brada> i cant reproduce with simulator
[16:29:50] <brada> but it wouldnt surprise me if i cant due to all fingers releasing at the same time in simulator
[16:31:43] <psch> i can reproduce it on purpose, yeah, but it doesnt really happen with normal usage for me
[16:32:00] <psch> i guess it depends on how one two-finger touches
[16:32:17] <psch> because wonky, hard to quantize, human movement
[16:34:03] <psch> anyway, take that as a "yes, can reproduce"
[16:35:08] <brada> wondering how best to deal with this
[16:35:14] <brada> can you try a patch for me?
[16:35:17] <psch> sure
[16:35:30] <brada> im thinking ignoreNextFingerUp ought to be recursive
[16:37:58] <brada> ok this will be non-trivial
[16:38:02] <brada> ill have to do it later
[16:38:05] <brada> like next week
[16:38:20] <psch> alright
[16:39:30] <brada> who would have thought programming touch input would be so difficult :p
[16:46:49] <brada> psch: I have a couple things for you to try
[16:47:30] <psch> okay
[16:47:39] <psch> what kind of things?
[16:49:32] <brada> 2 diffrent patches
[16:49:48] <brada> both are an attempt to fix the action after vie2wport movement
[16:49:54] <brada> try 1 first
[16:50:03] <brada> then revert it and apply 2 if #1 doesnt work
[16:50:39] <brada> http://paste.debian.net/1727/
[16:50:41] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[16:50:41] <brada> thats #1
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[16:51:04] <brada> http://paste.debian.net/1728/
[16:51:05] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[16:51:06] <brada> #2
[16:51:34] <brada> look out for sideeffects tho
[16:51:54] <psch> building #1
[16:52:00] <psch> what kind of side effects are you expecting?
[16:52:14] <brada> not expecting any
[16:52:20] <psch> alright
[16:52:22] <brada> but my foresight is not all that great evidently
[16:59:09] <brada> i have an idea for a #3 too
[17:00:19] <psch> #1 gives me a single left click for each fingerup when they're not really close together
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[17:01:17] <psch> first fingerdown gives me the selection rectangle, which disappears with the second fingerdown; scrolling works fine
[17:01:35] <psch> and then fingerups as mentioned
[17:01:49] <psch> < psch> #1 gives me a single left click for each fingerup when they're not really close together
[17:01:56] <psch> in case you don't have the log open right now
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[17:03:03] <brada> wish my internet werent so flaky :/
[17:08:08] <psch> #2 seems to behave exactly the same
[17:09:26] <brada> what do you mean?
[17:09:32] <brada> neither work?
[17:09:49] <psch> < psch> first fingerdown gives me the selection rectangle, which disappears with the second fingerdown; scrolling works fine
[17:09:56] <psch> < psch> #1 gives me a single left click for each fingerup when they're not really close together
[17:10:36] <psch> close together in time, not space that is
[17:11:03] <brada> i missed all that
[17:11:07] <brada> cuz my internet is lame
[17:11:11] <brada> ill read the log
[17:11:39] <psch> HEAD only gives a left-click on second finger up
[17:12:35] <brada> so basically neither work and make things worse :p
[17:12:58] <brada> onto #3
[17:13:03] <brada> which is more invasive :/
[17:15:37] <brada> well that didnt work :p
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[17:19:26] <brada> psch: ready for #3?
[17:19:46] <psch> yeah
[17:20:56] <brada> http://paste.debian.net/1731/
[17:20:56] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[17:21:15] <brada> psch: be sure to revert any prior tests
[17:21:19] <psch> yup
[17:22:16] <brada> i think this one is closer but probably needs a tweak
[17:23:41] <psch> viewport scrolling works
[17:23:48] <psch> unfortunately i can't left click anymore
[17:23:57] <psch> i always get the selection rect on a single finger touch
[17:24:07] <brada> yeah
[17:24:07] <psch> and it doesn't disappear
[17:24:43] <brada> do this
[17:24:51] <brada> line 421
[17:25:02] <brada> change it to: ignoreNextFingerUp = numFingers;
[17:26:30] <brada> should be right below case SDL_FINGERMOTION:
[17:26:36] <brada> in case you have a dirty tree
[17:27:59] <brada> still problematic :/
[17:28:03] <psch> that's the same behavior as HEAD, i.e. i get a left click when i release the second finger
[17:32:48] <brada> psch: rever it and apply this next one
[17:34:54] <brada> http://paste.debian.net/1736/
[17:34:55] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[17:35:09] <brada> that one seems to have no ill sideeffects in the simulator
[17:38:19] <psch> still getting a left-click on the second finger up
[17:38:25] <psch> i.e. the one the went down first
[17:38:48] <brada> i doubt it has anything to do with what finger was first
[17:39:02] <brada> its just that the ignore finger up flag is getting cleared
[17:39:06] <psch> right
[17:39:09] <fuzzie> oh
[17:39:10] <brada> so the 2nd finger will click
[17:39:15] <fuzzie> the code was actually making assumptions about fingers
[17:39:19] <fuzzie> for some case
[17:39:25] <psch> i actually wanted to clarify that it's the finger that stayed that gave the left click
[17:39:31] <psch> i think i didn't do that succesfully
[17:39:58] <brada> on the plus side i fixed the selection rect for first focus bug
[17:40:03] <brada> so yay for that
[17:41:45] <fuzzie> i guess the SDL_MULTIGESTURE code can thereotically crash too, if that's used
[17:42:07] <brada> fuzzie: the multigesture doesnt even seem to get called anymore
[17:42:08] <fuzzie> can't see what I was thinking of about the assumptions, maybe I'm crazy
[17:42:23] <brada> dont know if sdl changed something or it was the recent rewrite i did
[17:42:38] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: TouchInput: prevent a selection rect from appearing when first focusing GameControl https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/1b488adabf37b81e8db3b51eeaaf4b5ca0cffa25
[17:44:12] <brada> ah ha
[17:44:21] <brada> i dont know if this will fix it but it is a problem
[17:45:41] <brada> drat it doesnt seem to help get ignoreNextFingerUp to ever be > 1 when that is checked...
[17:47:11] <brada> well maybe we should try it anyway
[17:47:16] <brada> on a real device i mean
[17:48:34] <brada> psch: revert and apply: http://paste.debian.net/1740/
[17:48:35] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[17:48:43] <brada> try with 2 and 3 finger gestures
[17:48:52] <brada> hopefully you will trigger an assert :p
[17:51:28] <psch> yeah, first fingerup kills the app
[17:51:45] <brada> hmmm
[17:52:03] <brada> ok will you comment out that assert on line 509?
[17:52:08] <brada> and see if it works now?
[17:52:31] <brada> does it only assert on 3 finger gesture?
[17:52:35] <brada> or 2 finger also?
[17:52:53] <psch> i only tested 2 fingers
[17:53:50] <brada> sweet
[17:55:26] <psch> i still always get the left click on 2nd finger up, and sometimes also on 1st finger up
[17:55:54] <psch> i think the 1st finger up sends a left click when it stayed stationary for some time, does that make sense?
[17:56:47] <brada> i would expect maybe a right click..
[17:57:21] <brada> if you triggered that assert then i dont know why that doesnt work
[17:59:24] <brada> maybe you are getting a 0 finger motion
[17:59:29] <brada> lets try ignoring those
[18:00:58] <brada> tho i doubt that will work
[18:01:11] <brada> since the last finger will hit the reset case
[18:01:17] <brada> :/
[18:02:52] <psch> three fingers don't seem to trigger the assert
[18:03:45] <psch> does that make sense?
[18:04:12] <brada> psch: try this http://paste.debian.net/1745/
[18:04:13] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[18:04:44] <brada> if that doesnt work well ignore it till next week
[18:05:06] <brada> tho you should make a new build
[18:05:23] <brada> to fix the px format thing and the minor select rect bug
[18:05:32] <brada> i just pushed a fix for that
[18:05:34] <cj_schnell> Just saw that we have 118 android downloads for version 0.8.0. Not too bad.
[18:06:08] <brada> who here besides lynx can upload a build?
[18:06:21] <fuzzie> still no official BG:EE android?
[18:06:33] <brada> lol
[18:06:47] <fuzzie> i mean i don't care anyway because i want ps:t, please
[18:06:49] <brada> yeah our ios users mostly abandoned us after that
[18:08:04] <psch> still getting left click for 2nd finger up
[18:08:42] <psch> 1st finger up gives left clicks iff i remove it once, leave the 2nd and touch with the 1st again and then scroll the viewport; next release for the 1st finger also gives a left click
[18:09:12] <psch> i'll build latest head again then
[18:09:41] <lynxlynxlynx> brada: all the ops; not sure only about fuzzie
[18:10:32] <fuzzie> um, I have no idea
[18:11:58] <psch> http://filebin.ca/fjvVr4Ch6U1/GemRB-0.8.0-git-1b488a.apk md5 89eec49778da43e6f0372acff5cb7e31
[18:12:56] <brada> anybody care to upload that in place of the current android build?
[18:16:02] <cj_schnell> brada: It's nice to see that China is in the #2 download spot for the Win32 binaries. Looks like yours and chivs multibyte support is appreciated.
[18:16:44] <brada> could be. tho you never know with traffic from china ;)
[18:17:00] <cj_schnell> Haha. That is very true.
[18:22:50] <brada> new touch bug :/
[18:23:00] <brada> you now apparently have to double click portraits
[18:23:07] <brada> to select them
[18:24:20] <fuzzie> the portraits *are* sensitive to drag, right?
[18:24:36] <brada> yes
[18:24:44] <fuzzie> it's not that?
[18:25:27] <brada> i dont know
[18:25:29] <brada> psch: http://paste.debian.net/1751/
[18:25:30] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[18:25:40] <brada> i know i said forget it but then that came to me super quick
[18:25:48] <brada> for real this time :D
[18:26:42] <psch> alright :P
[18:29:12] <psch> still not working
[18:29:17] <brada> fuzzie: im not sure what the problem is exactly, but i see the mouse up event passed to the button when it is touched
[18:29:37] <brada> does this work on PC?
[18:29:44] <brada> or did something break it
[18:34:35] --> rocket_hamster has joined #gemrb
[18:37:34] <brada> pfff, yes that does work on PC
[18:37:36] <brada> so wtf
[18:38:13] --> adam_ has joined #gemrb
[18:39:15] <brada> fuzzie: can you not upload to SF?
[18:39:27] <fuzzie> i don't know
[18:40:44] <fuzzie> hm
[18:42:24] <fuzzie> the web ui doesn't let me do it
[18:42:45] <fuzzie> so I assume I don't have permissions
[18:43:29] <brada> ed: could you upload that new android build over the old one?
[18:46:04] <brada> psch: what happens if you comment out the ignoreNextFingerUp--; on line 460?
[18:46:31] <psch> on the latest patch i assume
[18:47:14] <brada> yes
[18:48:55] <psch> that doesn't give any fingerup left clicks
[18:49:27] <psch> on two finger scrolling
[18:49:43] <-- adam_ has left IRC (Quit: bye!)
[18:50:36] <psch> so, when two finger touching i can scroll the viewport
[18:50:53] <psch> and no matter how long the delay between the two fingersup, there's no left clicks
[18:50:54] <brada> so does that mean it works?
[18:51:08] <psch> well, the above is desired behavior, is it not?
[18:51:12] <psch> so, yeah, i'd say it works
[18:51:14] <brada> and if so can you test the other gestures etc?
[18:51:25] <brada> make sure everything that was working before works now?
[18:51:30] <psch> keyboards swipe works
[18:51:33] <psch> -s
[18:51:41] <psch> what else is there? formation doesnt work you said afair
[18:52:21] <psch> right clicks on portrait works too, if i touch the same portrait once before
[18:52:23] <psch> holding
[18:52:50] <brada> selection rect
[18:52:57] <psch> yeah that works too
[18:52:58] <lynxlynxlynx> i can still upload while i'm here
[18:52:59] <brada> nothing gets screwed up from
[18:53:03] <brada> lynx: hang on
[18:53:08] <lynxlynxlynx> stop changing stuff first, yeah
[18:53:14] <brada> lets upload the build psch just did
[18:53:16] <psch> still have the selection rect on refocusing the viewport from portrait though
[18:53:34] <psch> as in, touch portrait, two-finger touch to scroll viewport gives me a selection rectangle
[18:53:42] <brada> did you not pull in my latest push from git?
[18:53:46] <psch> i did
[18:53:49] <brada> hmmm
[18:53:55] <brada> well upload it anyway
[18:53:59] <brada> its not worse off
[18:53:59] --> Yoshimo has joined #gemrb
[18:54:01] <brada> then before
[18:54:03] <psch> true
[18:54:26] <brada> im going to start a thread to try and track the touch input bugs
[18:54:37] <psch> alright
[18:54:48] <psch> put the build in there maybe, for visibility?
[18:56:38] <psch> http://filebin.ca/fk92TMWVxZO/GemRB-0.8.0-git-1b488a-touch7.apk md5 3b0e3d7eee235f804e17d164b995f546
[18:59:22] <brada> lynx: go ahead and upload that
[19:00:40] <lynxlynxlynx> same di
[19:00:41] <lynxlynxlynx> dir
[19:01:54] <lynxlynxlynx> http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Other%20Binaries/android/0.8.0/GemRB-0.8.0-git-1b488a-touch7.apk/download
[19:01:56] <Pepelka> Download GemRB Game Engine from SourceForge.net
[19:01:57] <Pepelka> »GemRB is a portable open-source implementation of the Infinity Engine«
[19:02:38] <fuzzie> can I have the relevant priv? docs say 'shell service'
[19:03:09] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: TouchInput: convert ignoreNextFingerUp to a counter https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/d83a5111f872134dbf09fc7881d11e72d8d4cb90
[19:12:53] <lynxlynxlynx> done
[19:13:10] <brada> thank you
[19:35:49] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Mac buildbot: buildbot expects the mac zip to be in a specific location https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/e6a3e332292a0138e0b9adf35c07045fffae2858
[19:39:32] --> thomas____ has joined #gemrb
[19:39:40] --- thomas____ is now known as decker^
[19:39:42] <decker^> hello
[19:41:04] <rocket_hamster> heya
[19:41:54] <decker^> anyone here use github?
[19:42:05] <fuzzie> yes.
[19:42:35] <decker^> so i have my forked repo from gemrb it's 11 months old
[19:42:48] <fuzzie> oh, we probably broke that
[19:42:49] <decker^> how do i have it pull the new updates
[19:43:10] <fuzzie> hm, maybe not
[19:43:12] <decker^> i tried fetch upstream
[19:43:29] <fuzzie> it depends on how you made the repo
[19:43:56] <decker^> i went to gemrb/gemrb repo on github and clicked fork
[19:43:56] <fuzzie> you can do 'git remote -v' to see which remotes are available to fetch from
[19:44:05] <fuzzie> yes, I mean, how you made your local copy, sorry :)
[19:44:37] <decker^> oh, i did git clone git@github.com:awesomethomas/gemrb.git
[19:45:11] <fuzzie> so, your upstream is yourself
[19:45:39] <decker^> i configured upstream to https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb.git
[19:45:42] <Pepelka> gemrb/gemrb · GitHub
[19:45:43] <Pepelka> »gemrb - Engine Made with preRendered Background«
[19:45:57] <fuzzie> oh, so you're probably good and I am being long-winded :P
[19:46:18] <decker^> my repo at: https://github.com/awesomethomas/gemrb still shows last commit at 11 months
[19:46:22] <Pepelka> awesomethomas/gemrb · GitHub
[19:46:24] <Pepelka> »gemrb - Engine Made with preRendered Background«
[19:46:27] <fuzzie> you should just be able to 'git pull upstream' then, and then 'git push' to push back to github?
[19:46:57] --> ToMaX has joined #gemrb
[19:47:26] <ToMaX> hello
[19:47:29] <fuzzie> so, the 'pull in upstream changes' and 'push commits' stages of https://help.github.com/articles/fork-a-repo
[19:47:32] <Pepelka> Fork A Repo · GitHub Help
[19:48:26] <ToMaX> i have some problems runnin 0.8 GemRB on Android, can anyone help?(0.7.2 worked)
[19:50:28] <-- decker^ has left IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[19:53:06] <-- ToMaX has left IRC ()
[19:59:43] --> decker^^ has joined #gemrb
[19:59:51] <decker^^> sorry power went out
[20:00:36] <decker^^> thank you for your help fuzzie
[20:00:49] --- decker^^ is now known as decker^
[20:00:55] <decker^> when does lynx usually come on
[20:01:57] <lynxlynxlynx> oj
[20:02:04] <decker^> hey lynx
[20:02:14] <lynxlynxlynx> did you manage to update your fork?
[20:02:26] <decker^> yeah looks like it's working, i didn't do the merge portion
[20:02:43] <decker^> i confused "master" ;)
[20:03:03] <decker^> thought it referred to the original branch rather than my own
[20:03:25] <decker^> so if i make changes, do you still want me to just send a patch via pastebin or should i do a pull request now on github
[20:03:35] <lynxlynxlynx> pull request
[20:03:44] <decker^> all right, thank you :)
[20:04:06] <decker^> hopefully now with school over i'll have more time this summer to offer some contribution
[20:04:51] <lynxlynxlynx> it makes it trivial to accept patches, can't fail in their generation, forces authorship info, enables line-by-line commenting AND acceptance with just a few clicks
[20:04:57] <lynxlynxlynx> cool
[20:05:31] <decker^> yup it works, thank you fuzzie and lynx
[20:06:25] <lynxlynxlynx> glad to be of help
[20:12:34] <lynxlynxlynx> heh, we also have beholder's direct email on the wiki, in case the forum one is the same dead one
[20:13:52] <brada> psch has done a good job of replacing him :p
[20:15:03] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[20:24:58] <psch> yay im useful
[20:26:03] <decker^> do you guys prefer windows endline format or what
[20:27:42] <decker^> i dont see that in the coding guidelines so asking here
[20:30:52] <psch> afaik, most devs are on *nix systems
[20:31:01] <psch> like, at least one mac and many linuxes
[20:32:21] <decker^> all right :)
[20:35:23] <brada> mac using nix EOL so...
[20:35:28] <brada> uses
[20:35:36] <brada> but yes should be \n
[20:37:00] <fuzzie> well, your mac does :P
[20:37:18] <brada> any mac that gemrb will run on then :p
[20:37:25] <fuzzie> there's line-endings called 'mac line-endings' for a reason ;p
[20:37:35] <brada> thats prior to os x
[20:37:39] <brada> im sure you know
[20:37:40] <fuzzie> yes, yes it is
[20:37:44] <fuzzie> you young whippersnappers
[20:37:47] <brada> lol
[20:38:24] <brada> you cant be much older than me!
[20:38:47] <brada> i jsut didnt get a computer till finishing school or whatever you europeans call it
[20:40:06] <fuzzie> > A finishing school (or charm school) is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social skills and cultural norms as a preparation for entry into adult society.
[20:40:27] <fuzzie> wikipedia disambiguation also not really helping me here.. :)
[20:40:56] <psch> "finishing school" = end of high school, before college?
[20:40:58] <brada> what do you call highschool in europe?
[20:41:11] <brada> psch: thats what i mean yes
[20:41:38] <fuzzie> ah.
[20:41:46] <fuzzie> highschool is fine
[20:42:27] <psch> i guess what correlates closest to american high school in germany is one of gesamtschule, hauptschule, volksschule, realschule and sekundarstufe I gymnasium
[20:42:34] <psch> or rather, all them
[20:42:51] <brada> gymnasium huh?
[20:42:59] <psch> they're all from either 11 or 13 till around 17
[20:43:15] <psch> yes, gymnasium
[20:43:22] <psch> it's not for sports, although you do have to have sports too
[20:43:31] <psch> unless you're a girl in puberty, then you don't
[20:43:55] <fuzzie> you don't have a generic term?
[20:44:18] <psch> well, there's been a few reforms since im out of school; i think it pretty much boiled down to gesamtschule by now
[20:45:07] <psch> all of those other school forms offer a different extent of education; the realschule and sekundarstufe I gymnasium (used to?) allow student access to sekundarstufe II, which qualifies for studying at research universities
[20:46:12] <psch> but yeah, i think it's pretty much down to the integrierte gesamtschule by now, which has to be attented from grade 5 or 7, depending on state, to grade 9, with the possibility for 3 more years to qualify for research universities
[20:46:38] <psch> or, alternatively until grade 11 plus an apprenticeship to qualify for universities of applied science
[20:47:21] <rocket_hamster> schools are just shops selling their comodity and promising better life
[20:47:28] <fuzzie> it seems like it would equate better to Sekundarstufe II
[20:47:47] <psch> maybe, i forgot quite a bit about the american system
[20:48:04] <psch> HS is from 14 to 17, isn't it?
[20:48:07] <fuzzie> highschool is the level before university
[20:48:20] <fuzzie> is I think the most equivalent way to think about it
[20:48:27] <psch> hm
[20:48:38] <psch> i guess that's true, age doesn't really make sense as a categorization
[20:49:25] <psch> yeah, im not sure what i was thinking; you're correct
[20:49:34] <fuzzie> well it doesn't matter anyway :P
[20:50:12] <psch> right
[20:53:03] <psch> is there subject-linked university admissions in the US?
[20:53:39] <psch> not the sport-sponsorship kind, i know that's a thing
[20:56:39] <psch> ...not that that does matter much either
[21:07:49] <brada> tomprince: when you get a min, would you mind changing the mac cmake build to use this command for the minimal test
[21:07:50] <brada> open gemrb/gemrb.app ../gemrb/tests/minimal/
[21:08:10] <brada> not 100% on those paths, but you will probably know if thats wrong
[21:13:53] <-- decker^ has left IRC (Quit: Page closed)
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[21:23:24] --> edheldil__ has joined #gemrb
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