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[04:24:25] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Mac GUI: be sure value is not nil before adding to the KV store. https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/bd25ab359ded538d31193d9d3dc4b1c808643a67
[04:24:26] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Mac GUI: add interface for defining additional data paths https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/9e7942adb302684b7e4dad057e416e8eab6b8c46
[04:24:28] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Mac GUI: if no cache path is registered, use a tmp. https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/be821e7d864c26ec1acd194242e4f94bd6c6da50
[04:36:42] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: Mac GUI: no sense in keeping useless dicts around https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/d8c0d5cdcf5a21f699aba814046c93d388ec0166
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[07:32:53] <edheldil> Good morning, folks
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[07:55:27] <lynxlynxlynx> oj
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[12:07:46] <fuzzie> gosh, Beamdog consume everyone :P
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[12:16:38] <cj_schnell2> psch and brada: Thanks for getting the android version up and running yesterday.
[12:18:24] <cj_schnell2> I can see the game start screen now, but the colors are off and I can only see part of the interface. Probably need to edit the config file and install the widescreen mod, but no matter. I am more interested in knowing that others get it to run :-)
[12:19:39] <fuzzie> can you provide a screenshot?
[12:21:20] <fuzzie> not too important but if the colours are a problem then it might be good to have one
[12:22:33] <cj_schnell2> Let me see if I can supply the screenshot
[12:27:26] <cj_schnell2> http://postimg.org/image/s3dsniqx9/
[12:27:28] <Pepelka> View image: 2013 04 30 14 26 15
[12:28:54] <fuzzie> ah, so not just wrong colours
[12:29:07] <fuzzie> you might try setting bpp to 32bpp in your config if that hasn't already been done
[12:29:49] <fuzzie> i thought we forced 32bpp nowadays though, but that looks an awful lot like 16bpp->32bpp fail
[12:29:51] <cj_schnell2> Bpp=32 in GemRB.cfg
[12:30:06] <cj_schnell2> Tried it with both 16 and 32 with same result
[12:31:04] <psch> that looks really broken
[12:31:06] <cj_schnell2> Oh. Fullscreen=1 seem to fix the issye
[12:31:11] <cj_schnell2> issue
[12:31:29] <psch> interesting
[12:31:51] <psch> out of curiousity, what device are you running on?
[12:33:08] <cj_schnell2> SG3
[12:35:11] <lynxlynxlynx> nice mosaic
[12:35:37] <psch> i guess Fullscreen=1 could be set in the template config
[12:35:45] <cj_schnell2> Thanks. First I thought it was your Demo that kicked in :-) It had some tiling ussues if I believe
[12:35:56] <psch> it doesn't make any difference on my device, but seeing as there's at least one case that breaks on 0...
[12:37:02] <psch> does un-widescreen game data stretch on your screen with Fullscreen=1?
[12:37:09] <cj_schnell2> The other people in the forum seem to have been successful, but we dont know what they changed in the config.
[12:39:02] <cj_schnell2> No. My un-WS BG install has the 4:3 format with black borders
[12:42:52] <psch> wrt widescreen, don't go straight to your display's native resolution; performance will be horrible
[12:43:43] <psch> i'd advice to mod for the lowest resolution the mod allows which fits your aspect ratio; i think there are some constraints like Y >= 482px or somesuch, i don't remember exactly
[12:44:03] <cj_schnell2> It seems as I have to double-cklick on the buttons to make them work, but that is perhaps an intended behaviout
[12:44:51] <psch> no, it's not
[12:45:07] <cj_schnell2> Damn, my spelling is really off today...
[12:45:26] <psch> but SDL2 touch input seems to be linked to framerate; brada mentioned it could be events timing out between frames
[12:45:56] <cj_schnell2> If i do a "long-click" I can see the button gets pressed in the GUI, but when I release nothing happens. Double-clicking works like a charm though.
[12:46:15] <psch> try touching very briefly
[12:46:54] <cj_schnell2> Brief-clicking works in 70% of the cases.
[12:48:15] <psch> what's your fps?
[12:48:25] <cj_schnell2> Let me enable it. Hold on.
[12:49:24] <cj_schnell2> A GemRB cfg-editor would have been so nice. Hurry up Brad :-)
[12:49:53] <cj_schnell2> Main menu: 30fps
[12:50:25] <psch> yeah, config editor on android isn't brad's thing, that's me...
[12:50:35] <cj_schnell2> 20-30 fps
[12:51:08] <psch> those fps do mirror my expectations; your device is about as powerful as mine
[12:51:09] <cj_schnell2> I guess he is building the iOS editor. Thanks for helping out with that.
[12:51:26] <psch> the "windowed" mosaic is interesting, but not crucial i guess
[12:52:35] <cj_schnell2> Small bug report: When starting a new game and it's time to select gender the Done-button does not get highlighted when I press "male". I have to select "male" twice on order to enable "Done"
[12:52:45] <cj_schnell2> in order...
[12:53:01] <psch> that's probably the same touch input event thing
[12:53:19] <psch> at least i'd assume so; it doesn't ever happen with female?
[12:53:21] <cj_schnell2> I don't think so.
[12:54:22] <cj_schnell2> Selecing female first enables Done. "Male" is buggy :-)
[12:55:23] <cj_schnell2> When selecting Male the icon gets highlighted, but the description text does not appear. Next male select shows the description and the Done-button is highlighted
[12:57:28] <psch> i can't reproduce that here, to be honest; i don't really know where in the codebase that stuff gets handled, so i can't really comment on that
[12:58:21] <psch> oh hold on
[12:58:28] <fuzzie> sounds like it's not getting an actual click, just a mousedown, maybe?
[12:58:56] <cj_schnell2> Not sure if this is anything to worry about, but my GemRB.log last three lines look like this:
[12:59:03] <cj_schnell2> [ResourceManager]: Found 'instant.ids' in 'chitin.key'.
[12:59:09] <cj_schnell2> [GameScript/WARNING]: instant action 1 (actionoverride(o:actor*,a:action*)) doesn't exist, ignoring
[12:59:14] <cj_schnell2> [ResourceManager/ERROR]: Cou
[12:59:16] <psch> there's at least on touch length i can reproduce with
[12:59:25] <fuzzie> we should really suppress the instant action 1 warning
[12:59:41] <psch> man, touch interfaces...
[13:00:06] <fuzzie> hm, no, highlight shouldn't appear then
[13:00:12] <psch> long touches on male OR female give me the selected icon, but Done disabled
[13:00:19] <psch> long as in about 1 second
[13:00:28] <fuzzie> right-click :)
[13:00:44] <fuzzie> i wonder why we highlight on right click
[13:01:14] <psch> i think the touch time for single clicks needs to be higher
[13:01:29] <psch> i do remember brada and me testing some stuff there, but i forgot what came of it
[13:01:29] <fuzzie> I guess OnMouseUp doesn't check which button it was.
[13:02:11] <fuzzie> TOUCH_RC_NUM_TICKS is 500
[13:02:19] <fuzzie> which I'd assume to be about 500ms
[13:02:38] <psch> right
[13:02:59] <fuzzie> maybe that'd be nicer as a config option
[13:03:05] <psch> i just remember we did stuff wrt MIN_GESTURE_DELTA_PIXELS
[13:03:15] <psch> for the keyboard swipe
[13:03:36] <psch> agreed, probably should be configurable
[13:08:39] <cj_schnell2> What I wanted to mention in the log file was that the last line was abruptly cut off. Most likely nothing to worry about.
[13:17:44] <cj_schnell2> psch: When I exit the gane via the Quit-button I get sent to the desktop, but the game still seem to be running in the background so I have to kill it manually
[13:18:06] <psch> kind of, yes
[13:18:22] <psch> they sdl process gets shutdown when you click Quit
[13:18:39] <psch> but the Activity lingers, because Android doesn't allow Activities to terminate themselves
[13:19:41] <psch> you shouldn't have any problem leaving it "running" after pressing Quit, restarting should still get you a "fresh start" of the app
[13:19:54] <cj_schnell2> Yeah, that seems to work fine.
[13:20:02] <psch> that's pretty completely out of our control though, it's just how android works
[13:20:14] <psch> *pretty much
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[15:52:14] <brada> fyi touch events dont get sent till either finger up or it morphs into RC
[15:53:04] <brada> so if he was holding in expectation that it ought to be a left click that explains his troubles
[15:53:18] <brada> and why "double click" works
[15:53:42] <brada> sound like he is dragging his finger around like its a mouse
[15:53:55] <brada> presumably thats ho the old version worked
[15:54:35] <brada> we probably ought to not highlight buttons on RC tho
[15:58:20] <brada> oh we dont
[15:58:42] <brada> must be then it sees a finger drag while he is holding his finger
[15:59:06] <brada> and for whatever reason dragging completely outside the bounds of the button
[15:59:28] <brada> possibly he things the button doesnt work unless it is in its down state
[15:59:43] <brada> so… we definately need to link users to the touch input guide
[15:59:55] <brada> and enhance said guide with information like that
[16:00:43] <brada> </monologue>
[16:39:09] <lynxlynxlynx> make it happen :)
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