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[00:17:33] <Hellcommander> How do I make gemrb not ignore any 2da files
[00:17:49] <Hellcommander> Thats one of the problems I see
[00:20:43] <Hellcommander> any developers on
[00:22:12] <tomprince> Have you tried with orignal data?
[00:23:56] <Hellcommander> I'm using a modded install I need to make it not ignore 2da files
[00:24:57] <Hellcommander> thats one of the errors thats messing with game
[00:25:13] <tomprince> Hellcommander: Please getting working with an unmodded install, before trying to get it working with your unmodded install.
[00:25:31] <tomprince> Please *try getting...
[00:25:44] <Hellcommander> ill ready tested with unmodded
[00:26:04] <tomprince> And it works without issue?
[00:26:48] <Hellcommander> trouble is not the 2da file but that it ignores it if it is missing while (*strp == ' ') strp++; if (strncmp( strp, "2DA V1.0", 8 ) != 0) { printMessage("2DAImporter", "Bad signature (%s)! Ignoring...\n",YELLOW, str->filename ); // we don't care about this, so exptable.2da of iwd2 won't cause a bigger problem // also, certain creatures are described by 2da's
[00:27:50] <tomprince> That is deliberate, since that we use that code for original data files that don't have that signature.
[00:28:06] <tomprince> And, if you are hitting that code, then the 2da is in fact there.
[00:28:25] <Hellcommander> its not like I'm not familiar with c++ I've had one year of Gt C++ in high school and got A
[00:28:43] <Hellcommander> how do I edit it to read them
[00:29:32] <tomprince> What do you mean? It is reading them. It is ignoring the bad signature.
[00:29:45] <Hellcommander> I've increase the max length for more combatibility already
[00:30:03] <Hellcommander> is it ready the 2da file though
[00:30:12] <Hellcommander> Reading
[00:30:37] <tomprince> Yes.
[00:31:37] <edheldil> if we ignored every not-to-spec file, no ie game would work :)
[00:32:20] <Hellcommander> so its only ignoring the signiture?
[00:33:36] <tomprince> yes.
[00:33:58] <Hellcommander> how about ignoring triggers?
[00:36:19] <tomprince> I suspect it is harmless. Our logging is a mess: we log a bunch of expected things as warnings or errors.
[00:36:55] <edheldil> good night
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[00:37:30] <Hellcommander> trigger ........ is too high, ignoring
[00:40:02] <Hellcommander> inparty(o:object*) is in collision with 16451ifvalidpartydialog?
[00:41:08] <Hellcommander> Couldn't assign function to trigger : 151 summoned
[00:44:19] <Hellcommander> for example bashdoor (o:object) overrides existing action 148 bashdoor
[00:44:39] <tomprince> Hellcommander: ignore it.
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[02:03:38] <gembot> build #211 of nmake-msvc++6 is complete: Failure [failed configure] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B6/builds/211 blamelist: bradallred@me.com, avenger_teambg@sourceforge.net, lynxlupodian@users.sourceforge.net, tom.prince@ualberta.net
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[02:53:05] <Hellcommander> I've got blue screen problem
[02:53:38] <tomprince> Post the *full* log.
[02:53:53] <tomprince> But, anyway, the problem is missing data, somewhere.
[02:54:02] <Hellcommander> How do I make it post the *full* log
[02:54:31] <Hellcommander> data isn't missing but gemrb might not be reading biffs
[02:54:50] <Hellcommander> I used generalized biffing
[02:55:17] <Hellcommander> I think it can't find data becuase of that
[02:55:49] <tomprince> generalized biffing shouldn't be an issue, so long as all the paths are right, and the chitin.key is pointing at the correct bifs.
[02:56:00] <Hellcommander> I built it with release with debug info but I still can't get it to log it
[02:56:27] <tomprince> The log is on the console.
[02:57:13] <Hellcommander> well I can run game pretty good without gemrb (only pretty good since widescreen mod is set for gemrb)
[02:57:38] <tomprince> So, then I suspect paths are wrong, but I can't tell without the log.
[02:58:14] <Hellcommander> How do I set it so It can log cmake doesn't give option for stdio
[02:58:35] <Hellcommander> how do I get it to log
[03:04:33] <Hellcommander> it for somereason only log some of the info
[03:06:02] <tomprince> What do you mean?
[03:09:35] <Hellcommander> I mean it did manage to put some of the log in a logfile but only near the end where it crashed on resting
[03:09:55] <Hellcommander> does it need to be a debug build
[03:10:16] <tomprince> That doesn't have any effect on logging.
[03:10:57] <Hellcommander> so how do I get it to make a full log I managed to make it make a log months back
[03:11:29] <tomprince> I don't know. I don't use windows.
[03:12:48] <tomprince> I gave you my best guess.
[03:26:22] <Hellcommander> How is it that the game can find all the files but gemrb can't?
[03:28:04] <tomprince> http://catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
[03:28:18] <tomprince> I don't have enough information to answer you.
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[04:13:22] <gembot> build #212 of nmake-msvc++6 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B6/builds/212
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[05:04:22] <Hellcommander> Managed to get a copy of the log finally. Anyone on the gemrb team on?
[05:05:56] <tomprince> Even if nobody is, you should post it. This channel is logged, and people will look at it when they have a chance.
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[05:08:05] <Hellcommander> http://paste.debian.net/154035
[05:10:12] <Hellcommander> Managed to make it not "forget" the buffer history by changing the buffer height to 999999 temporarily
[05:19:20] <tomprince> Some thing wierd is going on, or there is more to the log. It doesn't seem to be trying loading any area.
[05:29:09] <Hellcommander> thats the log everything that was on the console anyway
[05:29:45] <Hellcommander> for some reason its ignoring them I believe
[05:30:25] <Hellcommander> the game even reruns fine with tobex
[05:33:11] <Hellcommander> any idea how I can get it to work?
[05:34:11] <Hellcommander> I've even got screenshots to prove it works with the mod installed
[05:35:07] <Hellcommander> *mods
[05:37:59] <Hellcommander> I think it might be avoiding some .2da files and tlk/area files
[05:52:55] <brad_a> your paths are all messed up
[05:53:15] <brad_a> Invalid path given:
[05:53:16] <brad_a> D:\Hel
[05:53:16] <brad_a> lcommande-PC\games\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\CD1\data
[05:53:30] <brad_a> makes it look like there is a newline in that path
[05:54:43] <brad_a> maybe not tho cuz later on i see more single lines split like that
[06:02:31] <brad_a> tho i will kinda laugh if it does have a newline and you dont notice because windows needs a CRLF to show a newline ;-)
[06:03:36] <brad_a> also isnt D usuall the optical drive?
[06:08:40] <Hellcommander> Drive D is my 2nd drive
[06:09:27] <Hellcommander> I don't have a cd1 in my install
[06:09:46] <Hellcommander> It just automatically adds that when it runs
[06:10:34] <Hellcommander> should I just delete that line altogether in the .cfg?
[06:14:23] <Hellcommander> http://paste.debian.net/154036 is a link to a copy of my cfg
[06:15:44] <Hellcommander> And of course I see that its referencing a nonexistent location
[06:24:35] <Hellcommander> wheres a good place to post screen shots?
[06:28:12] <brad_a> some of your paths have / instead of \
[06:28:36] <brad_a> why are you even setting some of these?
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[06:29:22] <Hellcommander> sample cfg had those set
[06:32:09] <Hellcommander> ill try changing them to forward slashes ill see if that fixes it thanks
[06:40:09] <Hellcommander> changing that does not fix the problem
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[07:45:30] <wjp> do we even support this CD2:= syntax?
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[08:04:54] <Hellcommander> found the cause of the screen being blue everywhere . For some reason it decides to not us the tis importer is not loading any of the tis files that are in bif files I would guess.
[08:06:26] <Hellcommander> Should I just extract them manually from the game with a something like DLTCEP
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[08:13:14] <Hellcommander> I count 560 bifs but according to the log it for some reason only finds 547
[08:13:50] <Hellcommander> 15.5 GB of bifs
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[08:31:34] <wjp> Hellcommander: try replacing CD2:= by CD2=
[08:31:41] <wjp> (and same for the other CD#'s)
[08:33:41] <Hellcommander> ill see thanks
[08:35:31] <Hellcommander> still blue :(
[08:36:25] <Hellcommander> where does the biff importer look for biffs?
[08:37:40] <fuzzie> the "C:\Program Files\gemrb\Cache" is writeable, right?
[08:37:50] <Hellcommander> it not finding 13 biffs makes a big difference
[08:38:08] <Hellcommander> whole folder is writeable
[08:38:31] <edheldil> still no luck?
[08:38:34] <fuzzie> gemrb looks inside the GamePath and all the CD1,CD2,etc paths, usually for bifs named like data\filename.bif
[08:38:35] <edheldil> Hi all
[08:39:06] <fuzzie> then if it's compressed (and the bif files with tis inside usually are), it decompresses the result into gemrb\Cache and reads from there
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[08:43:51] <Hellcommander> no luck just like months ago
[08:47:30] <Hellcommander> found two bifs in the cache moved them back to the data
[08:48:08] <wjp> putting random files in your data directory will only make things more difficult
[08:48:34] <wjp> if something ends up in the cache that by definition means gemrb could find it
[08:48:39] <Hellcommander> undid
[08:48:51] <Hellcommander> didn't fix problem :(
[08:49:22] <wjp> did you already try running at 640x480 ?
[08:49:42] <Hellcommander> running widescreen mod at 1400 x 900
[08:49:43] <wjp> (instead of 1400x900)
[08:51:08] <Hellcommander> tried still all blue
[08:52:00] <fuzzie> yeah, blue can't really be anything except missing .tis I think
[08:52:37] <Hellcommander> messed up spell book too
[08:53:02] <Hellcommander> disappearing spellslots and invalid icons
[08:53:29] <Hellcommander> tooltips missing and spells messing some of their desciptions
[08:54:13] <Hellcommander> main character was loaded with a unequiped staff
[08:55:49] <Hellcommander> character shows up with messed up professions too
[09:01:38] <Hellcommander> cya goodnight
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[09:32:18] <edheldil> poor soul :)
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[17:56:39] <brad_a> im thinking i may as well expand my cd path patch and make it so passing gamepath and gametype be enough to run gemrb if no gemrb.cfg is found
[17:56:46] <brad_a> i cant think of a reason not to
[17:58:15] <lynxlynxlynx> that's not always possible, but sure
[17:58:18] <tomprince> Well, in fact the only thing you should need is the game path. Since we do have auto detection support.
[17:58:40] <brad_a> oh! i forget about auto detection
[17:58:45] <brad_a> does it work very well?
[17:58:47] <lynxlynxlynx> the autodetection still fails for some people though
[17:58:51] <brad_a> say with modded games
[17:58:53] <brad_a> ah
[17:59:06] <lynxlynxlynx> modded or not shouldn't matter
[17:59:26] <tomprince> We should even be able to detect bgt/tutu that way.
[17:59:51] <brad_a> then yes i think i will do that.
[18:01:09] <brad_a> question tho. in variables::lookup there are asserts about the m_type
[18:01:18] <brad_a> why not just set the m_type there
[18:02:40] <tomprince> I'd guess cause the usage of Variables isn't well defined.
[18:03:26] <brad_a> i just find it cumbersome to have to keep setting the type
[18:03:49] <brad_a> you ought to perhapps be able to pass the type in as an optional parameter?
[18:04:10] <brad_a> then again
[18:04:39] <brad_a> i dont see how there is ambiguity about what you want since ints and stings have diffrent lookups
[18:04:39] <tomprince> Well, I think the intention is that any particular instances of Variables only holds one type fo data.
[18:05:05] <brad_a> heh i broke that intent then :-P
[18:05:12] <fuzzie> did you commit that?
[18:05:15] <brad_a> no
[18:05:18] <tomprince> And so, for any given instance, you should only be calling one or the other of the functions.
[18:05:41] <brad_a> i havent expirience any ill sideefects from mixing...
[18:05:51] <brad_a> but i dont understand the implementation probably
[18:06:02] <fuzzie> won't you get random junk out of it if you ask it for the wrong type?
[18:06:31] <brad_a> i never tried so i guess probably
[18:06:39] <fuzzie> it seems like a really bad thing to do
[18:06:58] <brad_a> well then i guess i would need 2 instances?
[18:07:08] <fuzzie> i don't remember why you needed any
[18:07:21] <tomprince> Reading strings from baldur.ini
[18:07:31] <brad_a> i may not but that seemed to be the way we get data from baldur.ini
[18:07:31] <fuzzie> but why put those in a Variables instance?
[18:07:45] <tomprince> I suspect now, some of the uses of variables should be changed to hashmap.
[18:07:49] <brad_a> like i said i may not need to thats just how it waas being done
[18:08:59] <fuzzie> i think you should ignore the whole of LoadINI as-is
[18:09:29] <fuzzie> i would do a whitelist for variables we want to import into the vars dictionary (options settable from the UI, I guess?)
[18:09:30] <brad_a> and do what instead? :)
[18:09:48] <fuzzie> and then make the whole thing use INIImporter
[18:10:01] <fuzzie> at which point you can dump all the strings into a std::map or whatever for your own use
[18:10:07] <brad_a> ok
[18:10:13] <fuzzie> or just use the INIImporter directly if possible?
[18:10:19] <brad_a> may as well
[18:10:20] <fuzzie> i mean i haven't looked at it, this is just my first thought
[18:10:24] <brad_a> sure
[18:10:47] <tomprince> Probably just use it directly, to get any config we need, then drop it.
[18:10:52] <brad_a> yes
[18:13:16] <fuzzie> and yes, we should probably use HashMap instead in some cases, but it's not ready yet I think
[18:13:47] <fuzzie> oh gosh I hate std::string :-p
[18:14:02] <brad_a> why?
[18:14:21] <fuzzie> it allocates memory every time
[18:14:43] <fuzzie> which can get ridiculously inefficient if you're not careful
[18:14:54] <brad_a> i see
[18:15:31] <fuzzie> (i.e. "std::string myString = otherString;" does a heap allocation)
[18:15:49] <brad_a> because = is overloaded to copy?
[18:16:00] <fuzzie> well,
[18:16:05] <fuzzie> *that* is how it should be :)
[18:16:40] <tomprince> You sure? I though libstdc++ was had COW-strings.
[18:17:14] <tomprince> libc++ does the small string optimization.
[18:18:13] <fuzzie> i thought COW-strings were out of libstdc++ a long time ago
[18:19:19] <fuzzie> if not then I'm not sure I really prefer that :-p
[18:19:26] <fuzzie> but was more thinking of non-linux lands
[18:19:41] <wjp> c_str() on a copy of a string seems to stay the same here
[18:19:43] <fuzzie> there is indeed a _M_refcount in libstdc++'s basic_string
[18:19:44] <fuzzie> ouch
[18:19:56] <fuzzie> who needs thread safety when the string class can just lie to you?
[18:20:05] <brad_a> it appears i should basically trash loadINI() and rewrite using iniimporter? among other things
[18:20:12] <fuzzie> brad_a: that is what I would do
[18:20:18] <brad_a> good :)
[18:20:49] <tomprince> Well, I think the reasons they haven't changed it, is that it would break abi compatability. Which is why libc++ can get away with doing small-string-opt instead.
[18:20:59] <fuzzie> <3 small-string-opt
[18:21:37] <tomprince> I wouldn't be suprised if cow-strings are on the top of the chopping block for the next abi break in libstdc++, if there is ever such a thing.
[18:21:54] <fuzzie> yeah, like I said, I thought that had already happened, so now I am confused
[18:22:21] <tomprince> At least, that is the impression I got for Howard Hinnit, when libc++ was announced.
[18:23:33] <fuzzie> libc++ is quite amazingly unreadable, *not* what I would expect
[18:24:49] --> Yoshimo has joined #gemrb
[18:25:24] <fuzzie> but libc++'s string::__raw is clearly some inline thing
[18:26:03] <fuzzie> cool
[18:27:34] <tomprince> I suspect that libc++ may be as readable a possible, without having helper functions. plus all the __ is ugly, but that is to avoid name clashses, since __ is reserved for implementations.
[18:28:00] <fuzzie> well, it has an amazing lack of comments
[18:28:11] <tomprince> true, that.
[18:28:16] <fuzzie> as opposed to llvm and clang, which are spectacularly well commented
[18:29:47] <tomprince> I'd guess that due to lattner being in charge of llvm/clang.
[18:30:04] <fuzzie> but also it's very dense, difficult to see at a glance which attributes belong to what on a line-by-line basis, etc
[18:30:08] <tomprince> The other projects are under the llvm umbrella, but are different groups.
[18:30:08] <fuzzie> i mean, libc++
[18:30:34] <fuzzie> well, I am not familiar at all with how the project works, obviously :)
[18:30:56] <fuzzie> just have been spoiled by llvm/clang, clearly
[18:31:11] <tomprince> I think h-h, who is mostly responsible for libc++, has written several c++ std libs, so doesn't need the comments for himself. :)
[18:31:54] <fuzzie> oh hey, look, the short-sting vs COW thing is on the libc++ webpage :)
[18:32:08] <fuzzie> so indeed you are quite right there, it discusses the ABI thing.
[18:34:20] <fuzzie> anyway.. the reason I was thinking about this was the hoops in StringMap
[18:34:35] <fuzzie> since presumably for some Variables stuff we'd also want a HashMap<std::string, int>
[18:35:36] <tomprince> Yes.
[18:35:43] <fuzzie> and was pondering why it was jumping through such hoops
[18:36:35] <tomprince> If I had to guess, it was you or me complaining about construct strings just to hash them.
[18:36:55] <fuzzie> since if we're specialising anyway then I'd think that "get a string, whether it exists or not" would be the common case
[18:38:02] <fuzzie> but I think possibly I must be missing something.
[18:39:05] <fuzzie> I am missing something! Carry on, then.
[18:46:47] <brad_a> i think i forgot to rince my coffe cup out after washing. this coffee tastes like soap :-&
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[22:44:18] <CIA-36> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r971bee7f571b 10gemrb/gemrb/core/ (Inventory.cpp Inventory.h): return the item type held in left hand (this isn't trivial in IWD2)
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[23:00:03] <CIA-36> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * rfb697391a2ac 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Actor.cpp: tenser's transformation (in iwd2) gives virtual weapon proficiencies
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[23:02:45] <CIA-36> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * rb97cf8c7c555 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Actor.cpp: made all verbalconstant call the same, added weapon unusable autopause/feedback
[23:08:19] <lynxlynxlynx> uhhh
[23:08:28] <lynxlynxlynx> the feat*5 change looks bad too
[23:09:31] <lynxlynxlynx> armor penalty can get wrongly multiplied by 5, eg. if you don't have any proficiency
[23:15:05] <gembot> build #459 of cmake clang++ is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/cmake%20clang%2B%2B/builds/459 blamelist: avenger_teambg@sourceforge.net
[23:17:54] <gembot> build #460 of cmake clang++ is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/cmake%20clang%2B%2B/builds/460
[23:18:11] <lynxlynxlynx> and must not forget yesterday's comment, but zzz
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[23:23:31] <CIA-36> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r0299361e3afe 10gemrb/gemrb/ (4 files in 3 dirs): ac calculation closer to iwd2 compatibility + some bugfixes
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