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[00:00:11] <rocket_hamster> Karst, mine is GamePath=C:/Program Files/IWD CD1=C:/Program Files/IWD/data CD2=C:/Program Files/IWD/data
[00:00:18] <rocket_hamster> just adapt it to your case
[00:00:21] <rocket_hamster> and use /
[00:02:27] <Karst> I changed to
[00:02:42] <rocket_hamster> success?
[00:02:49] <Karst> no
[00:02:52] <rocket_hamster> :/
[00:03:01] <brada> a log is needed to diagnose
[00:03:08] <Karst> errr use / or \? if I copy the path from windows explorer it gives me \
[00:03:11] <rocket_hamster> ok try running gemrb.exe from console and paste the output to pastebin
[00:03:13] <Karst> alright holdon
[00:03:16] <rocket_hamster> i know
[00:03:22] <rocket_hamster> im on windows now and i use /
[00:03:24] <rocket_hamster> it works
[00:03:31] <brada> well paths use \ but iirc gemrb will accept either
[00:03:47] <rocket_hamster> yeah but i wouldnt mix / and \ in same path
[00:03:49] <brada> then use internal magic to fix it
[00:03:49] <rocket_hamster> just to be sure
[00:04:08] <Karst> wiat whats the command, gemrb.exe -c GemRB.cfg?
[00:04:14] <rocket_hamster> yes
[00:04:25] <brada> assumeing GemRB.cfg is in your cwd
[00:06:03] <Karst> how do I copy it from the cmd box ;-;
[00:06:12] <brada> no idea on windows
[00:06:19] <Karst> I did it earlier
[00:06:20] <brada> but you ought to be able to redirect the output to a file
[00:06:37] <brada> gemrb.exe -c GemRB.cfg > log.txt
[00:08:27] <Karst> where do you think
[00:08:29] <Karst> it put log.txt
[00:08:37] <brada> in cwd
[00:08:41] <rocket_hamster> in directory with gemrb exe
[00:09:22] <Karst> http://pastebin.com/tTy9ByQe
[00:09:24] <Pepelka> Karstsuperhugelog - Pastebin.com
[00:09:30] <Karst> I loaded it up, made a character etc walked around
[00:10:19] <rocket_hamster> you!!!!
[00:10:27] <rocket_hamster> i told you to change GamePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Icewind Dale\data to GamePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Icewind Dale :D
[00:10:31] <rocket_hamster> lol
[00:10:55] <brada> lots of invalid paths :D
[00:11:05] <rocket_hamster> also change GamePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Icewind Dale\data to GamePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\Icewind Dale
[00:11:11] <Karst> you told me to change it back though, let me do that though
[00:11:16] <rocket_hamster> hmm
[00:11:21] <brada> but you said you put all data in single folder?
[00:11:33] <rocket_hamster> yes
[00:11:39] <brada> so you dont need CD paths
[00:11:47] <brada> i guess you do need one
[00:11:48] <rocket_hamster> really?
[00:11:54] <rocket_hamster> well i woldnt be so sure :)
[00:12:20] <brada> look at all that missing data lol
[00:12:35] <Karst> its still borked after taking /data off
[00:12:47] <rocket_hamster> can you paste output again?
[00:12:47] <brada> not sure how much of that is relevant tho
[00:13:13] <Karst> want to try fresh installs or something? or do you think we can fix it like this
[00:13:52] <rocket_hamster> hmm i get similiar warnings
[00:13:52] <brada> ANIMS.2da
[00:14:00] <brada> that would explain missing animations
[00:14:11] <rocket_hamster> hmm
[00:14:18] <brada> do you get missing ANIMS.2da?
[00:14:22] <rocket_hamster> Karst, actually i think you had it ok
[00:14:24] <brada> that is prolly a gemrb file
[00:14:33] <rocket_hamster> sec
[00:15:02] <brada> oh
[00:15:04] <brada> pfff
[00:15:08] <brada> maybe thats irrelevant
[00:15:13] <brada> looks like it is for pst
[00:15:48] <brada> unless it is in the actual game data for iwd/how
[00:16:01] <rocket_hamster> i dont get missing ANIMS.2da
[00:16:05] <brada> you could serch the game data for it, but it might be biffed
[00:16:08] <brada> ah
[00:16:19] <brada> but do you load and walk around?
[00:16:33] <rocket_hamster> yes
[00:16:36] <rocket_hamster> my game runs ok
[00:16:38] <Karst> yes
[00:16:38] <brada> something prolly is missing then
[00:16:56] <brada> so where does it find your anims.2da?
[00:17:00] <rocket_hamster> my game doesnt check ANIMS.2da at all
[00:17:11] <rocket_hamster> not in log at least
[00:17:28] <rocket_hamster> w8
[00:17:35] <rocket_hamster> is it checked only when i run around?
[00:18:15] <brada> id almost say riinstall and dont dump everything into one folder...
[00:18:21] <brada> are you sure you have how installed?
[00:18:39] <Karst> yes
[00:18:42] <Karst> I can uinstall and reinstall
[00:18:44] <rocket_hamster> [ResourceManager/WARNING]: 'ANIMS.2da' not found...
[00:18:46] <Karst> shall I do that?
[00:18:46] <rocket_hamster> i got it
[00:18:57] <rocket_hamster> but game works ok
[00:19:18] <Karst> well yea I guess so but its choppy and not very comfortable to play
[00:19:29] <rocket_hamster> well not for me :)
[00:19:46] <Karst> hmm
[00:19:52] <Karst> can you right click to move?
[00:19:56] <rocket_hamster> yes
[00:20:03] <rocket_hamster> do you see al characters?
[00:20:07] <rocket_hamster> or are they invisible?
[00:20:09] <Karst> yes?
[00:20:15] <Karst> no? I dont believe so
[00:20:36] <rocket_hamster> i mean can you see your character?
[00:20:48] <Karst> I can see my character yes
[00:20:54] <Karst> I only made 1 character when I was testing it
[00:21:26] <brada> by choppy do you mean like everything runs normally excep animation seems to be missing?
[00:21:33] <brada> or that the whole game is slwo?
[00:21:40] <Karst> i'd say teh whole game is slow
[00:21:51] <brada> then thats a separate issue entirely
[00:21:57] <Karst> feels disjointed and broken and commands sometimes dont work
[00:22:03] <rocket_hamster> hmm
[00:22:18] <rocket_hamster> what PC is that?
[00:22:20] <rocket_hamster> specs?
[00:22:55] <brada> its running win 7 so...
[00:23:01] <brada> prolly good enough for gemrb
[00:23:02] <Karst> high specs?
[00:23:36] <brada> what happens if you run at a lower resolution?
[00:23:49] <brada> does it get better?
[00:24:23] <brada> but also you may as well tell us your PC specs
[00:24:35] <brada> CPU primarily
[00:24:42] <Karst> nvidia gforce 660 TI, 250GB SSD, 16gb DDR3, icore 5 3570k
[00:25:00] <brada> what speed tho?
[00:25:24] <rocket_hamster> thats good enough im running it on laptop
[00:25:25] <Karst> 3.4ghz 4core
[00:25:25] <brada> shouldnt be an issue
[00:25:40] <brada> yeah way more than needed...
[00:25:40] <rocket_hamster> maybe its too fast?
[00:25:45] <brada> im not a windows user so im not sure what to think
[00:26:02] <Karst> I can run the game without GemRB or at least I could before I dumped everything into one folder
[00:26:04] <brada> check task manager and see what % gemrb takes
[00:26:19] <Karst> but I get some wierd fog of war gfx errors and I imagine it would end up crashing constantly like it does when I play BG2
[00:26:39] <brada> i doubt it
[00:26:55] <brada> and you can probably work around crashing in BG2
[00:27:05] <brada> using the bg2 config.exe thingy
[00:27:12] <brada> turn off hardware acceleration
[00:27:52] <brada> gemrb shouldnt crash (at least not for the same reason)
[00:28:06] <rocket_hamster> i played nearly wthrough whole BG2 on Win7
[00:28:09] <rocket_hamster> without problems
[00:28:26] <Karst> I never tried playing BG2 in GemRB, I meant that it does not work normally without GemRB
[00:28:33] <brada> i just cant possibly think what would cause gemrb to run so slowly on that machine
[00:28:41] <Lightkey> uhm.. it's capped at 30 fps for me on the Pandora with an ARM7 at 1 GHz, low CPU performance is *really* not the issue here
[00:28:53] <brada> karst: right, but i mean you should be able to solve that issue without gemrb
[00:29:03] <brada> by disabling hardware accel in baldur.ini
[00:29:07] <Karst> I did try to do a failed manual install of GemRB I dont know if that has anything to do with it [originally I thought that was necessary -.-]
[00:29:10] <brada> among some other possible settings
[00:29:33] <rocket_hamster> he tried to compile from source
[00:29:35] <Karst> I see, so perhaps I shouldn't use GemRB at all?
[00:29:37] <rocket_hamster> that shouldnt be a problem
[00:30:22] <brada> windows users have little to gain from gemrb (for now)
[00:30:29] <Karst> ah -.- well shame on me
[00:30:41] <brada> if your only goal is to play the games that is
[00:30:53] <Karst> my only goal is indeed to play the games
[00:31:13] <brada> then you would be better off playing the originals most likely
[00:31:19] <brada> esp how
[00:31:25] <Karst> well I guess i'll uninstall everything and reinstall IWD and hope I'm able to get through the game without crashes
[00:31:38] <Karst> sorry for all the trouble :/
[00:31:46] <brada> no worries
[00:32:01] <rocket_hamster> Karst, im can 100% say you can play all icw and bg games on win7
[00:32:05] <rocket_hamster> a played through them
[00:32:16] <rocket_hamster> maybe look on google for win7 issues with bg and iwd
[00:32:28] <rocket_hamster> but then again im playing GOG
[00:32:31] <rocket_hamster> that might be it
[00:32:38] <Karst> interesting, BG2 crashes non-stop, like I can be in it for 20seconds to a minute before it crashes, i'll try disabling hardware accel
[00:32:47] <rocket_hamster> GOG does a really good job with their releases
[00:32:54] <Karst> yea its possible the GOG versions are more updated than the 3-in-1 boxset
[00:33:10] <rocket_hamster> highly possible imo
[00:33:31] <rocket_hamster> i can run windows GOG games on linux without any problems :D
[00:33:33] <rocket_hamster> out of box
[00:33:49] <rocket_hamster> it just works, everything from GOG
[00:33:52] <brada> karst: use the config exe that comes with bg2 to tweak the graphics options
[00:33:59] <brada> you should be able to solve the crashing
[00:34:09] <brada> also make sure it is fully patched
[00:34:27] <Lightkey> GemRB replaces the original engine, missing bug fixes is *really* not the issue here either
[00:34:36] <brada> tho if you cant solve them BG2 does run very well in gemrb
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[00:38:53] <Karst> oh, question brada
[00:38:57] <brada> ok
[00:39:33] <Karst> when I was playing IWDHoW before GemRB, the colors are super washed out etc, but when I used GemRB, they looked fantastic, like they are supposed to, do you might know why that is, and my Fog of War 'erodes' in lines
[00:39:51] <brada> i assume some graphics settings
[00:39:59] <brada> like 16bpp instead of 32bpp
[00:40:12] <brada> not sure what options in dale.ini deal with that
[00:40:23] <brada> or if IWD how has a config exe like bg2 has
[00:41:03] <Karst> so the .ini files have options that the config doesn't? interesting
[00:41:05] <brada> bpp a.k.a. color depth
[00:41:20] <brada> yes the ini can have many options not accessable in game
[00:41:21] <Karst> well anyways, thanks again for all the help, sorry it was so troublesome -.-
[00:41:33] <brada> tho you often have to manually add them
[00:41:50] <brada> internet/google can guide you form here
[00:41:59] <brada> i personally dont have iwd series
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[15:04:13] <brada> psch: here?
[15:21:31] <brada> when you get a bit try this: http://paste.debian.net/7593/
[15:21:31] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[15:24:05] <brada> :/
[15:24:20] <brada> i dont understand the problems you reported with the prior patch tho
[15:24:28] <brada> that one worked great for me
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[18:36:56] <psch> the main problem i had with the previous patch was that scrolling sometimes was a bit hard to achieve
[18:37:26] <psch> as i said, the way it worked out for me i'd have to move the first finger down before bringing the second one down to scroll, otherwise i'd get formation rotation
[18:37:53] <psch> this new one crashes
[18:38:02] <psch> F/libc (18223): jni/src/main/gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/SDL20Video.cpp:597: virtual int GemRB::SDL20VideoDriver::ProcessEvent(const SDL_Event&): assertion "formationRotation" failed
[18:38:23] <psch> seems to happen at the end of a formation rotation or scroll, hard to pin point
[18:39:58] <psch> it definitely doesn't happen all the time, but i'm not sure under what conditions the assert fails
[18:57:01] <brada> psch: aside from that assert does it work?
[18:57:10] <brada> and how well?
[18:58:27] <brada> that assert can be safely removed anyway
[18:58:43] <psch> formation rotation often gives me a moment scrolling before triggering
[18:58:49] <brada> sure
[18:58:52] <brada> i figured that
[18:58:58] <brada> is it bad/noticeable?
[18:59:12] <brada> i can play with the parameters
[18:59:19] <psch> i'd say it's moving the view port about 1/10th or so of the viewable area
[18:59:26] <psch> it's definitely noticeable
[19:00:03] <psch> i'd pick the previous patch, at with the knowledge of having to move the first finger when i want to scroll
[19:00:09] <psch> *at least
[19:00:18] <psch> as a user, that is
[19:03:59] <brada> try one more for me
[19:04:43] <brada> fyi i upped the delay time for RC to 600
[19:05:26] <brada> try and stop RC from inturrupting people when they want to do formation rotation
[19:05:47] <brada> there are other things i could do to avoid it
[19:05:52] <brada> if its a problem
[19:06:01] <brada> or if 600 is too big a delay
[19:06:59] <psch> okay
[19:10:34] <brada> in fact im gonna take a stab at avoiding it now
[19:28:21] <brada> i def need to make this delay configurable
[19:28:28] <brada> same with the delta
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[20:34:43] <brada> psch: http://paste.debian.net/7689/
[20:34:45] <Pepelka> debian Pastezone
[20:37:57] <brada> i need to add a method to get control under cursor
[20:38:08] <brada> that would help alot
[20:46:11] <psch> latest patch feels pretty good to me
[20:46:28] <psch> scrolling and rotation are both equally consistent to achieve
[20:47:19] <psch> second finger for rotation has to be rather quick (probably RC delay?) or it turns into scrolling
[20:47:56] <psch> there's still a scrolling jump when starting rotation though
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[21:08:41] <lynxlynxlynx> don't we already store that control?
[21:09:09] <lynxlynxlynx> oh, probably just the one with the focus
[21:09:30] <lynxlynxlynx> or last focus or something to that effect
[21:09:47] <lynxlynxlynx> fizzle added it to fix one of the inventory bugs
[21:14:33] <brada> psch: yes RC delay
[21:14:39] <brada> i set it back to 500
[21:14:48] <brada> we need to make it configurable
[21:15:25] <brada> lynx: we have had last focus for a long long time. if fizzle added it again its redundant
[21:16:09] <brada> but alas i need to be able to get a control at a given set of screen coordinates...
[21:17:03] <brada> that would avod having to click controls before interacting with them using gestures
[21:17:33] <brada> its not a huge deal imo, but not always apparent why you cant scroll the viewport for example
[21:17:40] <brada> dito with a textarea
[21:18:20] <brada> psch: the jump is minor i hope
[21:18:31] <brada> as in not annoying
[21:19:02] <psch> well, it's definitely noticeable
[21:19:23] <psch> but it doesn't jump very much, still around 1/10 of the displayed area maybe
[21:20:22] <brada> well the jumping is surely based on how big of a motion you do
[21:22:15] <psch> seems like it, yeah; in any case it's never more than about 1/10th of the view port
[21:22:38] <psch> or rather, i haven't managed to produce bigger jumps
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