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[13:37:49] <Yoshimo> is gemrb supposed to not only highlight the barrel but also the door i have my cursor on in this picture? http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/8462/beregostt.jpg
[13:47:57] <Yoshimo> btw when i opened the journal i got an index out of range error and the game is frozen
[13:49:32] <Yoshimo> http://imageshack.us/f/31/journalcrash.jpg/
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[15:36:55] <Yoshimo> is gemrb supposed to not only highlight the barrel but also the door i have my cursor on in this picture? http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/8462/beregostt.jpg
[15:38:39] <lynxlynxlynx> there is probably no door there, just a travel region
[15:39:05] <lynxlynxlynx> & hi
[15:39:45] <Yoshimo> i have the feeling that it also happens if i already opened a door with the same orientation
[15:42:00] <Yoshimo> something else, what could cause an index out of range crash when i open my journal? http://imageshack.us/f/31/journalcrash.jpg/
[15:45:38] <lynxlynxlynx> a broken journal or an old bug
[15:45:49] <lynxlynxlynx> are you on git gemrb?
[15:48:30] <Yoshimo> yes i am
[15:53:14] <lynxlynxlynx> ok
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[15:56:29] <lynxlynxlynx> put this before line 188:
[15:56:37] <lynxlynxlynx> print je2
[15:56:52] <lynxlynxlynx> with the leading indentation tab
[15:57:04] <lynxlynxlynx> then retry
[16:03:36] <Yoshimo> btw can you highlight travelregions with some shortcut?
[16:04:33] <Yoshimo> http://pastie.org/private/sxnfulivxe00ldxv3azhvq
[16:18:21] <lynxlynxlynx> ctrl+4
[16:21:27] <lynxlynxlynx> looks like a mod or translation error
[16:22:02] <lynxlynxlynx> is that text something you'd expect as a journal entry?
[16:23:09] <Yoshimo> mhmm, more like the part of a conversation
[16:23:19] <Yoshimo> "i wouldnt have exspected the same from you"
[16:25:16] <lynxlynxlynx> yeah
[16:28:51] <Yoshimo> mhmm , this "minimal bgt" install with a few fixes only needs investigating. Dragonlance also shows "more" warnings than the unmodded install
[16:49:02] <lynxlynxlynx> you found a copy of the dragonlance tc?
[16:51:38] <Yoshimo> i mean the "check files for issues " of the dragonlance total conversion editor pro
[16:52:24] <Yoshimo> its 1,7mb with warnings ;)
[17:14:30] <lynxlynxlynx> more content = more warnings
[17:14:52] <lynxlynxlynx> bgt - 3 or 4 games in one
[17:54:04] <Yoshimo> well bg1 +tots + bg2 +tob ~4 , but that the amount of warnings is significantly more, is wrong
[17:59:59] <lynxlynxlynx> why? you're comparing it to only one game
[18:00:06] <lynxlynxlynx> 4+hacks vs 1
[18:11:34] <Yoshimo> maybe im wrong, i didnt exspect less than the original but its quite a big step up, and this amount makes me wonder
[18:11:42] <Yoshimo> especially if the journal crashes^^
[18:39:35] <tomprince> Well, bgt may be using behaviour of the original engine that we don't emulate, sine it isn't used in the original data.
[18:41:01] <tomprince> And, if it works in the original engine, that it doesn't really matter if there are warning, for the purpose of playing the game in the original engine
[18:46:51] <fuzzie> you generally end up with the joy of "the way we overflow the stack here in the original engine is fine, because it doesn't overwrite anything important!"
[18:47:55] <fuzzie> although i guess i've seen that happen with original data of other games, so alas.
[18:51:25] <Yoshimo> ill work on analysing the warnings with lollorian and for now, its not gemrbs fault.
[18:51:37] <fuzzie> it probably is :P
[18:51:51] <fuzzie> well, if it works in original
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[19:16:09] <tomprince> Certainly, I am not suggesting that it is good, simply explainig why it was that way.
[20:07:55] <brad_a> would it be alright for me to add Py_NoSiteFlag = 1; before Py_initialize();? as far as i can tell it doesnt cause a problem, but im no authority on python.
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[20:12:55] <esd> gemrb got multiplayer support?
[20:13:16] <joneirik> Nope
[20:14:47] <brad_a> there are no plans for implementing multiplayer either
[20:17:35] <lynxlynxlynx> not anytime soon at least
[20:17:36] <esd> oh, how come? afaik the original game had netplay
[20:18:27] <lynxlynxlynx> singleplayer needs to work practically perfectly for that first anyway
[20:19:08] <esd> oh, i thought that part was done
[20:20:06] <lynxlynxlynx> nope
[20:20:18] <esd> oh well, nvm then:>
[20:20:40] <lynxlynxlynx> you can finish some of the games, but there are various problems
[20:20:49] <joneirik> There is a bit of info about that, and why not, in the sticky threads iirc, forgot which of the forums they used.
[20:21:57] <esd> well i was more hoping to just pick up the end product and have some fun with friends in multiplayer :D
[20:23:02] <joneirik> Not like any of the infinity games was ever known for beeing very good in multiplayer. I've enjoyed IWD1 a bit in multi though
[20:25:42] <esd> well im looking for an rpg with a great story and ton of play time to play with friends online
[20:25:52] <esd> and that it isnt just boring beating up of the mobs
[20:26:22] <joneirik> Ah, I guess I just tend to look for that in singleplayer games, and rather deal with the usual hack-em-ups for the multiplayers
[20:26:54] <esd> dno, mmos (at least f2p ones) require too much cash to have some fun
[20:26:56] <brad_a> yeah i think diablo was the only rpg-like multiplayer
[20:27:04] <brad_a> fun
[20:27:10] <esd> and all my friends stopped playing guild wars
[20:27:14] <esd> so im kinda lost :>
[20:27:17] <joneirik> Always wanted bg1 to be better in multiplayer. But it had a few limitations that made it annoying.
[20:27:47] <esd> what do you guys play online?
[20:27:53] <joneirik> Well... Guild Wars :p
[20:28:00] <brad_a> TF2 :-P
[20:28:04] <esd> :>
[20:28:12] <esd> joneirik: often? :>
[20:28:12] <joneirik> Patiently waiting for GW2
[20:28:18] <esd> hehe
[20:28:20] <joneirik> Naah, very very spontaneous
[20:28:24] <esd> i'd need a run thru eotn :>
[20:28:32] <esd> one of these days that is :D
[20:28:52] <joneirik> Usually me and a freind of mine sits online in chat and goes "Ah.. we probably should play a bit GW again..." "Yeah....." "Feel up to it?" "ahh.. ok."
[20:28:55] <esd> brad_a: ah nice :> i play quake for years cause rpgs suck these days :D
[20:29:12] <esd> hehe nice :> well i hope gw2 will keep the f2p system
[20:29:12] <brad_a> yes they do
[20:29:20] <brad_a> and few make in to mac ;-)
[20:29:35] <esd> even worse for linux tbh
[20:29:36] <esd> :>
[20:29:56] <joneirik> GW2 is keeping the same system as gw1. no pay save the original box.
[20:30:04] <joneirik> (I love those guys!)
[20:30:05] <esd> <3
[20:30:30] <joneirik> I'm looking really forward to them actually making weapons fun, in comparission to gw1.
[20:30:30] <esd> well linux is just too fuckin limited when it comes to mmos :D
[20:30:52] <joneirik> Some of the games works through Wine, buddy plays GW through wine.
[20:30:58] <joneirik> But, yeah, it isn't optimal
[20:31:08] <esd> i liked weapons & armor system in gw. no grind to get the best one, everyone has the same aside for appearances
[20:31:14] <esd> mm ye i play gw thru wine, works great
[20:31:49] <joneirik> Heh I hated that playing say a warrior, you had to put lots of skillpoints into say axe, and dress half your skillbar with axe skills. Then you basically could not change weapons in combat.
[20:32:12] <joneirik> If you equiped a sword, you where screwed :p
[20:32:55] <esd> yup :D
[20:32:57] <joneirik> GW2 is fixing that, so I'm looking forward to it
[20:33:06] <esd> well i played an assassin
[20:33:12] <esd> so i dont have much to worry about :>
[20:33:21] <joneirik> stabbystabbystabbystabbystabbystabby
[20:33:28] <esd> ye just spiking ppl :>
[20:33:34] <joneirik> Glasscannon
[20:33:49] <joneirik> played a ranger/assassin, as stabby
[20:33:52] <esd> hehe
[20:33:56] <esd> btw did you play darkfall
[20:33:57] <esd> ?
[20:34:05] <esd> i heard a ton of mixed things about that
[20:34:08] <joneirik> I could kill darn near anything, and died gloriously in the attempt
[20:34:13] <esd> mostly from one extreme to the other, either it being great or total crap
[20:34:13] <joneirik> darkfall ? Nightfall ?
[20:34:41] <esd> no no
[20:34:42] <esd> darkfall
[20:34:49] <joneirik> Sorry then nope
[20:34:50] <esd> the supposed to be-all-end-all sandbox mmorpg
[20:35:01] <joneirik> Never even heard of, but I'm not to big on mmo's
[20:35:02] <esd> http://www.darkfallonline.com/
[20:35:15] <joneirik> I tend to get so bored with any kinda grinding that I stay away from most of them
[20:36:05] <esd> same
[20:36:08] <esd> thats why i wanted bg2
[20:36:11] <esd> questing ftw
[20:36:23] <joneirik> :)
[20:36:37] <joneirik> Give me bg1 online, I want to run around and explore wildlife forever!
[20:36:43] <esd> hehe
[20:37:39] <joneirik> That really was what catched me first time with bg1. Ended up playing as aranger and just wandering around exploring and surviving all the wilderness. Only went to towns when I desperatedly eede healing, sleeping or selling loot.
[20:38:37] <esd> :> my bg experience started with bg2, the nbg1 ... nwn 1 was also great, didnt play the 2nd part tho :S
[20:38:55] <joneirik> Oh man darkfall page have "Most epic!" in it's description, sure way to make me want to gag!
[20:39:00] <esd> :>>
[20:39:16] <esd> man this is just so horrible
[20:39:20] <esd> cant find a single decent rpg
[20:39:21] <DrMcCoy> Meh, NWN's OC was disappointing. The two expansions where great, though
[20:39:23] <esd> like witcher
[20:39:30] <esd> to work on linux
[20:39:33] <esd> and have badass storyline
[20:39:37] <DrMcCoy> NWN 2's OC was meh too, but the first XP was awesome
[20:39:44] <esd> DrMcCoy: ye original campaign was borin the shit out of me
[20:40:08] <joneirik> Oh NWN1..... That OC was so horrible...
[20:40:22] <esd> yup
[20:40:29] <esd> but exp1 & exp2 were badass
[20:40:31] <joneirik> Though NWN would be a good example of a multiplayer rpg though
[20:40:37] <esd> well
[20:40:47] <esd> it would be, if i hadn't completed it at least 5 times
[20:40:48] <esd> :D
[20:40:51] <joneirik> I never got around to try the exp's, bought them, but I refuse to play exp's before completing original
[20:40:59] <esd> ahaha you still haven't ? :>>
[20:41:03] <DrMcCoy> joneirik: I dunno, I only tried it once, and it bugged the hell out of me that the other in the party could not see the dialog box
[20:41:10] <joneirik> Well, there are so many modules for NWN that there is no way you can't find something new
[20:41:29] <DrMcCoy> Yeah, the NWN community is awesome
[20:41:48] <DrMcCoy> There's still modules coming out to this day
[20:41:56] <DrMcCoy> (It slowed down, though :P)
[20:42:01] <joneirik> DrMcCoy: Better than bg1 multi, where you talking to a commoner or shopkeeper stopped everyone in the group to watch what you where doing and saying!
[20:42:12] <esd> you know
[20:42:16] <esd> bioware drives me crazy
[20:42:21] <esd> they port aurora to linux
[20:42:22] <DrMcCoy> A few weeks ago, a great campaign was finished, Prophet. Awesome modules
[20:42:23] <esd> and make the game work
[20:42:25] <joneirik> Hahaha,
[20:42:26] <esd> but editor fails
[20:42:59] <joneirik> Frankly, I've grown rather tired of Bioware. They deliver so sporadically that I just don't trust them :)
[20:43:23] <DrMcCoy> esd: Well, the editor uses the Borland C++ components. Whatstheirname, the same Delphi uses
[20:43:32] <esd> ye
[20:43:34] <esd> that's just gay
[20:43:37] <esd> i wanted to make my own campaigns
[20:43:38] <DrMcCoy> So it's probably a bit hard to port
[20:43:41] <esd> and then editor started failing :((
[20:43:55] <DrMcCoy> esd: The editor does work with wine, though. If you can stand random crashes :P
[20:44:30] <esd> ye, im not the kind of guy that does frequent saves
[20:44:35] <esd> so not my thing :/
[20:45:06] <DrMcCoy> There's also a Python-based editor, NeverEdit
[20:45:14] <DrMcCoy> It's quite buggy and slow and broken, though
[20:45:23] <DrMcCoy> I hated it back in the days, I still hate it :P
[20:46:36] <joneirik> Oy ful pvp with looting.... I can' see quite alot of people hating that
[20:47:00] <DrMcCoy> Anyway, gonna be away for a while, need to change locations :P
[20:47:30] <joneirik> "Darkfall is different from most other MMO games as it uses a mouse controlled camera paired with WASD movement similar to shooters like Doom, Quake, and Counterstrike, to fire spells, bows, and control melee attacks."
[20:47:52] <joneirik> Ey, I resent that! DooM was released before the mouse was used to control shooters!
[20:47:55] <joneirik> :p
[20:48:46] <esd> haha
[20:50:44] <joneirik> Iirc, Duke Nukem 3D was the first fps with actual mouselook option, so that you could play with the mouse as we now know it. Quake 1 was the first where this was considered teh norm.
[20:50:55] <joneirik> It wasn't even possible in DooM
[20:51:21] <joneirik> But yeah, basically Darkfall uses more oblivion/Elder Scrolls like controls. Interesting and boring at the same time.
[20:53:02] <joneirik> Love the idea of the stealth system there though
[20:55:48] <brad_a> lynxlynxlynx: would you care if i moved the console to the top of the screen so it can be used in conjunction with the android/ios soft keyboards? do i need an option or anything?
[20:56:21] <esd> mmh
[20:56:24] <esd> ill give darkfall a try
[20:56:28] <esd> need to check it's wine rating
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[21:01:25] <Avenger> hey
[21:01:27] <joneirik> Heh, so far a couple of hte things sounds interesting, but the rest sounds dull in the extreme
[21:01:30] <joneirik> Howdy
[21:01:40] <Avenger> lynx you don't have the dltc?
[21:02:55] <lynxlynxlynx> brad_a: no, just let the users know
[21:03:04] <lynxlynxlynx> Avenger: nope
[21:08:14] <tomprince> brad_a: why do you want NoSiteFlag?
[21:09:01] <brad_a> because ios has no propper python installation
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[21:10:51] <tomprince> I just ask, 'cuase I have done some crazy things, like runnning a webserver with twisted, from inside gemrb, to do introspection.
[21:11:33] <fuzzie> i wonder how painful making that all work on android is
[21:11:42] <brad_a> i had to hack python together myself without the lib scripts and if i just set that variable then no hacking of the python code is required.
[21:11:45] <tomprince> And it probably depends on the site file for proper paths.
[21:12:33] <brad_a> well testing with BG2 + TOB didnt reveal any problems
[21:12:40] <brad_a> and iOS has never had a site module
[21:12:52] <fuzzie> we deliberately try and avoid importing anything non-essential, right?
[21:13:01] <brad_a> it looks like
[21:13:19] <fuzzie> since there are a lot of platforms without anything except a core python .so
[21:13:31] <brad_a> cuz iOS is totally lacking anything that isnt compiled into gemrb or in the guiscripts
[21:13:46] <fuzzie> afaik we use the 'os' module in a few places
[21:13:55] <brad_a> yes but there is a check
[21:14:07] <fuzzie> ah.
[21:14:19] <brad_a> apparently it is non-essential
[21:15:02] <fuzzie> yes
[21:15:13] <fuzzie> hmm.
[21:16:31] <fuzzie> ah yes, the gemrb android app is the one which will download the bg2 demo automatically.
[21:21:08] <tomprince> brad_a: Could you not compile python with an appropriate PYTHONPATH, and empty site file? Or at least put it behind a config option.
[21:21:31] <brad_a> an empty site file would no cause a problem?
[21:22:10] <brad_a> i can just ifdef it
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[21:23:22] <fuzzie> brad_a: how is performance on iOS, do you know?
[21:23:34] <brad_a> i hear its totally smooth
[21:24:04] <brad_a> i have only ever had it on a device once and it was smooth as could be but i only play for a few min inside the BG2 start dungeon
[21:24:50] <brad_a> way better than on android for sure
[21:25:43] <fuzzie> what did you try it on for android?
[21:27:12] <brad_a> oh im speaking second hand. so many people complain about performance on android
[21:27:35] <brad_a> i dont think an N1 has a big enough screen does it?
[21:27:41] <fuzzie> i have no idea :p
[21:29:04] <fuzzie> pelya's SDL 1.2 performance on android doesn't seem so bad in general
[21:29:16] <fuzzie> i can't find an .apk file of gemrb though
[21:29:49] <fuzzie> oh i guess there's a few on sf
[21:29:56] <brad_a> if the android port supported multitouch i might try it but i have no desire to play with the clumsy touch interface
[21:30:20] <fuzzie> ok, so it is built with armeabi-v7a supported..
[21:30:33] <brad_a> and throw in my TTF plugin so i can actually read things
[21:31:47] <fuzzie> ot
[21:32:04] <fuzzie> it's probably not spectacularly hard to hack in multitouch if you need a custom SDL anyway
[21:32:19] <tomprince> brad_a: the site file just sets some paths, and default encodings
[21:32:50] <tomprince> You could probably also set NoSiteFile in your wrapper.
[21:33:55] <brad_a> well at anyrate ill just ifdef it for now and investigate the best solution later
[21:34:00] <fuzzie> i was pondering trying the opengl thing again though w/NativeActivity
[21:34:27] <fuzzie> but annoyingly android 2.2 is still ridiculously common
[21:38:17] <brad_a> well the way i see it any device that will remain stuck on android 2.x probably wont run gemrb anyway
[21:38:34] <brad_a> at least no well enough to be concerned with
[21:38:40] <fuzzie> some of the 2.3 devices are great
[21:39:07] <fuzzie> but yes, i guess they will likely all get cyanogenmodded.
[21:40:52] <brad_a> exactly
[21:42:45] <fuzzie> well, gemrb for android launched for me after a first-run crash
[21:42:52] <fuzzie> complete fail on the alpha on the load screen..
[21:46:58] <fuzzie> the controls are indeed unusable without multitouch
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