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[08:34:28] <fuzzie> mmh
[08:38:14] <edheldil> mmh? Mean Man Hours? Massachusetts Memorial Hospital? Monomethyl Hydrazine? Masters in Military History?
[08:39:28] <fuzzie> an expression of frustration and/or annoyance :P
[08:39:33] <edheldil> ah :)
[08:39:49] <edheldil> what are you frustrated with? :)
[08:39:54] <fuzzie> gemrb, as usual
[08:40:16] <fuzzie> i don't have as much time as expected and am not sure what to do with the scripting
[08:40:54] <fuzzie> possibly just commit what i have and deal with the fallout in the long-term, as long as i make sure triggers are in
[08:41:21] <edheldil> ah
[08:41:54] <edheldil> you can also push TP's changes and enjoy the repercussions :)
[08:42:21] <fuzzie> well i think he can push them himself :P i didn't look at anything recent, although we should get the spell stuff merged at least
[08:44:48] <fuzzie> but the triggers turn out to be pretty easy
[08:44:55] <edheldil> have you managed to get the japanese version running?
[08:44:59] <edheldil> good :)
[08:45:02] <fuzzie> i don't know about the spell ones, maybe we need resrefs
[08:45:04] <fuzzie> i have not even tried
[08:45:58] <edheldil> bg2 under wine crashes on startup for me, unfortunately
[08:46:08] <edheldil> regardless of Japanese patches
[08:48:26] <fuzzie> i have no idea how good wine's widechar support is anyway
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[09:00:13] <edheldil> I guess it has to be a good enough one, windows use utc2 for many many years
[09:00:25] <edheldil> internally
[09:01:44] <fuzzie> this isn't utc2, though
[09:02:20] <fuzzie> which makes it trickier
[09:42:57] <edheldil> not really - we don't need to know what unicode codepoints a string contains (with the exception of tokens) and glyphs are determined by a font we have
[09:58:49] <fuzzie> yes, i mean, for wine
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[11:42:46] <lynxlynxlynx> i was mucking around with the save glitching yesterday
[11:43:31] <lynxlynxlynx> it works if i close the windows beforehand, remove the hiding, but also the scaling is needed
[11:43:56] <lynxlynxlynx> somehow a strip of the save window persists on the right otherwise
[11:44:39] <lynxlynxlynx> which is odd, of course, since most of the preview shows the area just fine
[11:56:18] <lynxlynxlynx> like the whole screen isn't redrawn yet, actually
[12:02:19] <lynxlynxlynx> yep, that's it; apparent when you put some sleep in the guiscript
[12:03:51] <lynxlynxlynx> victory :)
[13:09:39] <edheldil> strange... Why did not it surface earlier?
[13:09:49] <edheldil> congrats, anyway :)
[13:13:02] <CIA-31> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * rab842112bcbb 10gemrb/gemrb/ (GUIScripts/GUISAVE.py core/GUI/GameControl.cpp):
[13:13:02] <CIA-31> GemRB: guisave: don't start the loadscreen, it only causes problems
[13:13:02] <CIA-31> GemRB: don't hide the gui from the core
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[22:15:20] <Mr_L> Hi! Where do I find the './auto-installer.sh' for installing Neverwinter Nights directly from CD with gemrb 0.6.4?
[22:15:49] <fuzzie> DrMcCoy: this is your cue, right? :P
[22:15:58] <edheldil_> gemrb is not designed to work with nwn
[22:16:49] <Mr_L> Oh. Hmmm... Ok. Thanks anyway edheldil_
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[22:29:19] <edheldil_> fuzzie: do you think that making scrollbars use paging in addtion to the direct jumping would be useful?
[22:29:34] <fuzzie> how would you implement it?
[22:31:25] <edheldil_> e.g. LMB would do paging, rmb/mmb would do direct jump
[22:31:38] <fuzzie> ask lynx, i think
[22:32:01] <fuzzie> i wanted to switch to paging a while ago but no-one expressed interest and lynx wanted it to stay as direct jump :P
[22:32:11] <fuzzie> doing both via mouse buttons sounds like a nice suggestion though!
[22:33:06] <fuzzie> of course i can't trust anything anyone says on the internet now i suppose, given the day
[22:33:42] <edheldil_> eh :)
[22:33:56] <fuzzie> but if it was a serious suggestion, the lack of paging drives me mad :-P
[22:34:18] <edheldil_> maybe Mr_L meant it as an april fools joke as well? :)
[22:34:41] <fuzzie> well DrMcCoy has an actual nwn engine so i was hoping for some fun there, but i guess he is not around :)
[22:42:05] <edheldil_> too much work with gimp :)
[22:47:46] <edheldil_> btw, one has to love this cliche in monster slashflicks: let's divide and search (densely foliaged terrain) for it (the monster)
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[23:40:12] <pupnik> hail