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[17:58:03] <Eagle_> hi, I have installed GemRB 0.8.4 and configured the cfg in accordance with the guide but once I run the exe GemRB seemingly loads the game (bg1) and then closes
[17:58:16] <Eagle_> I have double checked the game path to no avail
[17:58:23] <Eagle_> any ideas what might be wrong?
[18:09:14] <Eagle_> says in the log the game path is invalid but I entered E:\Baldur's Gate II and don't see what might be wrong with it (is it a problem if it is not on the same drive as windows?
[18:18:49] <wjp> Did you mix up bg1 and bg2?
[18:19:16] <wjp> Otherwise, please upload your config file somewhere so we can have a look at it
[18:19:17] <Eagle_> sry, I am on two computers
[18:19:31] <Eagle_> ok, will post to pastebin
[18:22:24] <Eagle_> https://pastebin.com/TVXAmw4J
[18:23:23] <Eagle_> got the games from GOG, they run with now issues on my Win 10 but my wife's Win 7 machine just turns off when she starts any of the games
[18:23:40] <Eagle_> hence I am trying GemRB
[18:23:48] <wjp> you missed the drive letter in GamePath
[18:24:10] <wjp> and GUIScriptsPath has two
[18:25:18] <wjp> I don't quite remember if you need to do anything with the CD#= lines with the GOG version
[18:26:29] <Eagle_> I watched the video on the GemRB page and that guy disabled them with the #
[18:26:42] <Eagle_> fixed both of the lines you pointed at, still the same issue
[18:27:34] <Eagle_> would the GemRB.log help?
[18:27:42] <Eagle_> that is saved in the game folder?
[18:27:50] <wjp> yes
[18:27:53] <wjp> I was about to ask :-)
[18:28:05] <wjp> (back in 10 minutes)
[18:28:29] <Eagle_> thx already for the help
[18:30:40] <Eagle_> https://pastebin.com/wRzFXrqt
[18:30:52] <Eagle_> seems like it it looking for the CD paths anyhow
[19:23:41] <Eagle_> any ideas?
[20:11:30] <wjp> sorry, long 10 minutes
[20:11:36] <wjp> is that the end of the .log?
[20:17:21] <Eagle_> yeah, it is
[20:18:23] <wjp> odd
[20:19:11] <wjp> none of the errors in there are necessarily fatal
[20:20:55] <wjp> what's in your directory D:\Games\GemRB\GemRB Unpacked ?
[20:57:21] <Eagle_> all the GemRB files
[20:57:49] <Eagle_> the GemRB folder holds the downloaded zip and the folder (GemRB Unpacked) where all the GemRB files are
[21:00:41] <wjp> which subdirectories are there in that Unpacked dir?
[21:02:27] <kujeger> you said earlyer that BG was in E:\Games\, but in the log it's D:\Games -- is D the right disk?
[21:03:34] <kujeger> (or was that a mixup between the two computers?)
[21:03:56] <Eagle_> was a mixup
[21:05:15] <Eagle_> in the Unpacked dir I have the following sub-directories: Cache, Cache2, doc, GUIScripts, man, minimal, override, plugins, unhardcoded
[21:10:29] <Eagle_> wonder whether it has something to do that running the game without the GemRB for whatever reason shuts off the computer after a few secs to about a min
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