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[02:31:16] <jeremyagost> #log
[02:31:59] <jeremyagost> there a way to access channel logs
[02:31:59] <jeremyagost> ?
[02:35:01] <Maighstir> jeremyagost: sure, the link is in the topic
[02:35:28] <jeremyagost> oh duh, thanks
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[03:45:01] <jeremyagost> can someone tell me what the unit for the parameter radius is for Map::GetAllActorsInRadius()
[03:45:09] <jeremyagost> is it search map cell?
[04:07:33] <jeremyagost> right so I've got bouncing lightning implemented in a fashion
[04:08:01] <jeremyagost> the existing projectile speed code isn't ideal so it looks really wacky
[04:08:04] <jeremyagost> but it works
[04:08:36] <jeremyagost> it's difficult to tell how the original engine handled dealing damage to creatures touched
[04:09:04] <jeremyagost> I've written it so the same actor can't be hit twice in a row
[04:09:39] <jeremyagost> otherwise the lightning will hit the same creature a few times on one pass
[04:09:54] <jeremyagost> quick demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utkezBGVxsU
[04:11:00] <jeremyagost> the bouncing itself needs tweaking - I'm currently using the search map blocking to determine the wall impacts but they're much too rough
[04:11:28] <jeremyagost> although the original engine's bouncing could be pretty stupid too
[04:28:56] <lloyd> jeremyagost: someone was asking the same question about the unitis a few days ago iirc
[04:32:39] <jeremyagost> eh, can't find it in the archives..
[04:40:12] <jeremyagost> wow I just realized the git GUI I'm using has been spellchecking and autocorrecting my commit messages >.<
[04:44:44] <lloyd> hmm it might have been longer ago then
[04:45:05] <jeremyagost> never mind for now
[05:14:05] <lloyd> how can I stop gemrb compiling with optimisations
[05:14:40] <jeremyagost> probably change the make flags
[05:14:55] <lloyd> in cmake CMakeLists.txt right?
[05:15:25] <jeremyagost> yup
[05:16:00] <jeremyagost> CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_*
[05:16:11] <jeremyagost> and CMAKE_C_FLAGS_*
[05:16:29] <lloyd> which option is causing the optimisation :S
[05:17:15] <jeremyagost> pretty much all those places it has either -Os, -O2 or -O3
[05:17:22] <jeremyagost> the -O option is optimization
[05:17:33] <jeremyagost> and the s or number is the mode
[05:17:38] <lloyd> ya -- ok I'll look for it
[05:18:21] <jeremyagost> replace them with -O0 to turn off optimizations
[05:18:39] <jeremyagost> or you could just delete the -O flag
[05:18:40] <lloyd> thing is: I can't find them lol
[05:18:45] <jeremyagost> out of curiosity, why do you want to turn them off?
[05:19:03] <jeremyagost> pastebin your CMakeCache.txt
[05:19:03] <lloyd> hard to tell what is going on in gdb
[05:19:14] <lloyd> kk 1 sec
[05:20:01] <jeremyagost> are you building on Windows?
[05:20:06] <lloyd> mac
[05:20:15] <jeremyagost> oh good
[05:20:21] <lloyd> http://pastebin.com/TXeVQ7w2
[05:20:21] <jeremyagost> while in your build directory
[05:20:37] <jeremyagost> run 'ccmake .' in terminal
[05:20:45] <lloyd> ^^ can't see any -0
[05:20:54] <lloyd> isn't it cmake ..?
[05:20:58] <jeremyagost> no, ccmake
[05:21:03] <jeremyagost> it's a different utility
[05:21:15] <jeremyagost> it should open a GUI that lets you set the options
[05:21:16] <lloyd> ooo
[05:21:19] <lloyd> coll yeah
[05:21:22] <lloyd> cool*
[05:21:27] <jeremyagost> now press "t"
[05:21:34] <jeremyagost> that should make it show a lot more options
[05:21:39] <lloyd> yeah
[05:21:47] <jeremyagost> ok now halfway down the page or so
[05:21:55] <lloyd> yep I see it!!
[05:21:58] <jeremyagost> there should be CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS...
[05:21:59] <lloyd> thanks man
[05:22:02] <jeremyagost> for each line that has -O stuff
[05:22:13] <jeremyagost> move the cursor to the line and press enter to edit it
[05:22:33] <jeremyagost> after you change stuff
[05:22:50] <jeremyagost> press C to run the configure script again
[05:23:11] <tomprince> You can also set CAMEK_BUILD_TYPE to Debug
[05:23:11] <jeremyagost> alright I'm calling it a night
[05:23:14] <lloyd> sweet
[05:23:32] <lloyd> tomprince: that gets rid of optimisations?
[05:23:40] <lloyd> jermeyagost:thanks a lot
[05:23:42] <jeremyagost> yeah that'd do it too
[05:23:43] <jeremyagost> :P
[05:23:49] <tomprince> IT should.
[05:24:09] <lloyd> lol how do I uno
[05:24:11] <jeremyagost> you should see the debug mode flags lines don't have optimization flags
[05:24:12] <lloyd> undo*
[05:24:29] <lloyd> ah ok -- it uses each one depending on mode
[05:24:35] <jeremyagost> yeah
[05:26:19] <lloyd> so do I cmake .. again
[05:26:31] <lloyd> or make?
[05:26:54] <lloyd> after changing that
[05:27:20] <jeremyagost> if you pressed c in the ccame
[05:27:22] <jeremyagost> ccmake*
[05:27:26] <jeremyagost> then it ran cmake for you
[05:27:31] <jeremyagost> so you can do make install
[05:27:35] <lloyd> ah cool
[05:28:02] <jeremyagost> alright, g'night
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[08:38:05] <Avenger> hello...
[08:39:06] <Avenger> just wanted to thank jeremy for working on bouncing projectiles, anyway... bye :)
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[09:34:32] <lloyd> hmm so I've fixed the 2da thing and got the select sound working relatively well. Now I'm trying to make it only make the select sound if a previous select sound isn't already playing...
[09:36:48] <lynxlynxlynx> not sure if we have anything that returns the sound's duration in there
[09:37:10] <lynxlynxlynx> got a patch ready for that first thing?
[09:37:34] <fuzzie> is storing the sound handles per-actor sufficient?
[09:37:44] <lloyd> nope..I'll make one now
[09:38:33] <lloyd> well but how can the actor know when the sound is finished playing?
[09:38:44] <fuzzie> because you can store the sound handle
[09:39:06] <fuzzie> and then ask the handle if it's still playing
[09:39:11] <lloyd> oh havent looked into that class yet
[09:39:25] <fuzzie> it only works if per-actor checks are okay, though
[09:39:26] <lloyd> oh yeah :P
[09:58:58] <lloyd> so I've never made a git patch b4 http://linfiniti.com/2010/12/938/ -- is what this guy says what I should do?
[10:00:44] <lynxlynxlynx> hehe
[10:01:10] <lynxlynxlynx> git format-patch is the key
[10:01:28] <lynxlynxlynx> no need to do any checkouts, just commit the change and then it will do the rest
[10:01:46] <lloyd> so you don't need to make a new branch?
[10:03:33] <lynxlynxlynx> no
[10:07:12] <lynxlynxlynx> this is silly, i've lost hours trying to update a single tooltip ><
[10:07:31] <fuzzie> and it isn't the time one?
[10:07:47] <lynxlynxlynx> it is
[10:07:51] <fuzzie> that one is evil
[10:08:13] <lynxlynxlynx> it's like the control goes missing
[10:09:43] <fuzzie> oh?
[10:14:50] <lynxlynxlynx> i'm trying to reset the tooltip in updateactionswindow and accessing the same controls errors out
[10:14:58] <lynxlynxlynx> with guards it never executes
[10:15:13] <fuzzie> do you have a diff?
[10:15:26] <lynxlynxlynx> http://sprunge.us/jaSQ?diff
[10:15:38] <lynxlynxlynx> ignore the touch part
[10:16:12] <lynxlynxlynx> invalidate just causes a redraw, right?
[10:16:43] <fuzzie> yes
[10:17:09] <fuzzie> that's interesting
[10:17:54] <fuzzie> i assume OptionsWindow is not None?
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[10:18:27] <lynxlynxlynx> when it does print, it was ok; control 9 was there on start, not afterwards
[10:19:57] <lynxlynxlynx> the getstring part is fine too
[10:20:50] <fuzzie> but HasControl returns false?
[10:22:58] <fuzzie> oh
[10:23:14] <fuzzie> right, because control 9 doesn't exist
[10:23:56] <fuzzie> that's really weird. did you peer carefully at OpenActionsWindowControls?
[10:24:18] <lynxlynxlynx> just the setup part
[10:24:36] <lynxlynxlynx> trying to use the label on top has the same problem
[10:24:37] <fuzzie> (since it's using a different control id)
[10:24:51] <lynxlynxlynx> that's handled
[10:25:23] <fuzzie> well, without the output then i can't really tell what says what, obviously :)
[10:25:55] <fuzzie> but as i said, that is really weird -- i can't see what on earth would be going wrong
[10:26:24] <lynxlynxlynx> 32232342432 1 0 x2, afterwards it is always 0
[10:27:22] <fuzzie> and you're just testing it normally, in-game?
[10:27:55] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, load + sleep
[10:28:21] <fuzzie> and it breaks after sleep?
[10:28:22] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll try bg2, bg1 is trickier since there's no button for rest on the default setup
[10:29:19] <fuzzie> if so, maybe HideGUI/UnhideGUI is called for a video or something, and that breaks it somehow, but i don't see where it'd happen and i don't see how, so i am not much help :)
[10:35:09] <lynxlynxlynx> videos are involved, though in bg1 it isn't found here
[10:35:30] <lynxlynxlynx> but there's more, bg2 has all the controls but doesn't update
[10:35:45] <lynxlynxlynx> however there the tokens don't update :s
[10:36:06] <lynxlynxlynx> and now that i've rechecked bg1, 8h is treated as 1h
[10:36:18] <lynxlynxlynx> yesterday it was fine
[10:37:34] <lynxlynxlynx> anyway, the videos can't matter, since updateactionswindow is called later too
[10:53:56] <lloyd> my fix for select sounds uses actor->VerbalConstant instead of directly calling DisplayStringCore
[10:54:24] <lloyd> but the original DisplayStringCore uses a the DS_CONST flag
[10:54:49] <lloyd> where as VerbalConstant doesn't when it call DisplayStringCore
[10:54:56] <lloyd> is that important?
[10:57:45] <lynxlynxlynx> should be fine, especially if you still get sound
[10:57:58] <lloyd> yep just checking
[11:01:35] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: it is calling GUICommon.SetGamedaysAndHourToken() somewhere?
[11:02:02] <lynxlynxlynx> just before setting the tooltip
[11:02:46] <lynxlynxlynx> wait, not anymore
[11:02:58] <lynxlynxlynx> too many iterations :|
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[11:04:39] <lynxlynxlynx> that fixes it for bg2
[11:05:01] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll try without the widescreen mod, though the window looked fine in dltcep
[11:08:11] <lynxlynxlynx> nah, no change
[11:13:00] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r0b383d09a2c1 10gemrb/gemrb/GUIScripts/GUICommonWindows.py:
[11:13:00] <CIA-44> GemRB: GUICommonWindows: update the time tooltip more often
[11:13:00] <CIA-44> GemRB: now it is updated after rest; works in bg2, no effect in bg1
[11:13:00] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * rd348bd359173 10gemrb/gemrb/core/GUI/GameControl.cpp: GameControl::OnMouseUp: reset the action bar on right click
[11:14:12] <fuzzie> well, some progress then :)
[11:15:15] <lynxlynxlynx> not really
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[11:48:00] <lynxlynxlynx> uploading new android builds
[12:27:56] <lloyd> DLTC is showing that gorion has ajantis and drizzt sounds in his soundset o.o
[12:32:18] <lynxlynxlynx> probably a copy/paste leftover
[12:34:23] <lloyd> it's annoying because in my fixed version of the select he actually says them O.o
[12:37:41] <fuzzie> this is in plain bg1?
[12:37:43] <lloyd> still working on patch btw -- found some more quirks i need to test
[12:37:45] <lloyd> yes
[12:37:57] <fuzzie> that seems odd
[12:38:08] <lloyd> yep no mods at all
[12:38:13] <fuzzie> which sound slots?
[12:38:56] <lloyd> 30-31
[12:39:33] <lloyd> as long as its just mine its fine I guess lol
[12:40:00] <lloyd> I'm still working on the patch btw! found some more quirks to test
[12:40:25] <fuzzie> hm, 29 is fine though?
[12:40:32] <lloyd> ya
[12:40:35] <fuzzie> that's interesting
[12:41:23] <fuzzie> but should any of them be used on gorion anyway?
[12:41:55] <lloyd> well 26-29 should
[12:42:00] <fuzzie> why?
[12:42:10] <fuzzie> you can't select him, right?
[12:42:10] <lloyd> well they are his select sounds?
[12:42:16] <lloyd> I mean
[12:42:28] <lloyd> when you click on him
[12:42:30] <lloyd> he says stuff
[12:42:36] <lloyd> that's a select sound
[12:42:38] <fuzzie> shouldn't you get 62 then?
[12:43:07] <lloyd> 62? that's his cutscene sound?
[12:43:33] <fuzzie> dialog-on-clicked sound
[12:43:37] <fuzzie> as far as i recall
[12:43:48] <lloyd> afaik 26+ are select sounds regardless of whether they are in group or not?
[12:43:55] <fuzzie> in bg1?
[12:44:18] <lloyd> I'm looking at bg1 atm
[12:44:20] <fuzzie> afaik not, but presumably this is simple enough to check in the original if there are ajantis/drizzt sounds in there :)
[12:45:42] <fuzzie> my recollection is that for NPCs you should get 0 on first talk, 62 on normal click, and 69-73 in background
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[12:46:33] <lloyd> hmm....leme check
[12:49:26] <lloyd> hmm it seems your wrong -- random commoner has their dialog at 26
[12:49:38] <lloyd> and nothing at 62
[12:50:20] <lloyd> same with gorion
[12:50:28] <lloyd> in bg1
[12:51:03] <lloyd> 62 is marked as default dialogue though but I can't find anyone with it
[12:51:49] <fuzzie> what else is there? 60?
[12:52:34] <lloyd> well this random commoner in athlatka has all null at 27+
[12:52:41] <fuzzie> nothing at 0?
[12:52:54] <lloyd> he has 0 yep
[12:53:03] <lloyd> it's a copy of 26
[12:53:22] <fuzzie> you're right though, SELECT_COMMON clearly used in some situations at least. hmph.
[12:54:00] <lloyd> well it's what gemrb seems to use as well
[12:54:04] <fuzzie> oh right, slot 62 is presumably only when *no* dialog is present
[12:54:13] <fuzzie> well, gemrb's code is written for bg2, i expect
[12:54:21] <fuzzie> i didn't look though, does it check for bg1?
[12:54:34] <lloyd> nope it doesn't check but it's the same it seems
[12:54:43] <fuzzie> it definitely isn't
[12:55:07] <lloyd> current gemrb uses 26-28 when you click on any actor
[12:55:11] <fuzzie> well, maybe for this specific bit :)
[12:55:27] <fuzzie> 26-28 sounds like what i'd expect for bg1 (i.e. only 3 select slots)
[12:55:28] <lloyd> i mean that is dialogueable
[12:55:38] <lloyd> acutally bg1 has more than 3
[12:55:48] <fuzzie> yeah, that doesn't sound right for NPCs..
[12:55:49] <lloyd> I think..
[12:56:32] <lynxlynxlynx> there are differences between bg1 and bg2 btw
[12:56:42] <lynxlynxlynx> that's why we have vcremap.2da
[12:57:04] <lloyd> in sound set slot locations?
[12:57:12] <fuzzie> yeah
[12:57:39] <lloyd> well all the npcs I've come accross have their select sounds at 26+ in both BG1 and BG2
[12:57:55] <fuzzie> those should be the same
[12:58:13] <fuzzie> just, you really think slots 29-31 are used in original bg1?
[12:58:20] <lloyd> you mean their should be a difference whether they're in your group right?
[12:58:55] <lloyd> 26-29 is at least
[12:59:18] <fuzzie> oh right, bg1 skips slot 28?
[12:59:19] <lloyd> it's 4 slots at least as far as i can tell
[12:59:26] <fuzzie> that's one difference right there
[12:59:40] <fuzzie> if true
[13:00:18] <lloyd> it doesn't skip it just uses all 26-29
[13:00:52] <fuzzie> hm, ok. this is very incorrectly documented from all sources, then.
[13:01:17] <lloyd> ya it doesn't just use 3
[13:01:22] <lloyd> or it might
[13:01:27] <lloyd> but there is a 4th one there
[13:01:38] <fuzzie> well, if it uses 26,27,29 then that would be 3
[13:01:48] <fuzzie> looking at the data files is not a great idea for working this stuff out
[13:01:48] <lloyd> not it uses 28 as well lol
[13:01:56] <fuzzie> nor is reading iesdp
[13:02:01] <fuzzie> really got to try it in original engine
[13:02:10] <lloyd> yep ur right
[13:02:13] <fuzzie> click on gorion a bunch of times and see what he says?
[13:02:33] <lloyd> that's what I would do but my virtualbox won't run bg for some reason
[13:03:01] <lloyd> ur right though I'm going to have to compare them to the original eventually :P
[13:03:09] <lynxlynxlynx> wine works fine
[13:03:27] <fuzzie> wine doesn't work *that* fine, but it should be fine for debugging audio
[13:03:38] <lloyd> anything special I need to do.. it didn't start up for me
[13:03:49] <fuzzie> but what fails when you try?
[13:04:54] <lloyd> maybe it's because I'm using vnc :P
[13:06:24] <lynxlynxlynx> make sure you start it from the game dir
[13:07:12] <fuzzie> for wine, as long as Software\Wine\AppDefaults\Direct3D\DirectDrawRenderer="gdi" it shouldn't matter
[13:07:39] <fuzzie> oh, i guess no AppDefaults
[13:09:25] <lloyd> its giving me a no cd drive error
[13:09:47] <lloyd> TOSC is
[13:13:40] <lloyd> lol got passed that do I have to edit baldur.ini where the cd paths are at all now it wants a cd
[13:14:46] <fuzzie> i can't make any sense of that sentence :)
[13:15:04] <lloyd> lol same
[13:16:16] <lloyd> it's asking for a cd -- 'insert your TOSC cd' -- is there something I can do like a no-cd crack or something?
[13:18:21] <fuzzie> you can use infinitycracker, or just configure a cd-rom drive in winecfg and point it at your disk and/or image, i thought
[13:18:47] <lloyd> yep I did the winecfg thing
[13:18:48] <lloyd> thanks
[13:19:35] <lloyd> urgh the resolution is insane
[13:19:51] <lloyd> can only see a quarter of the screen lol
[13:21:55] <lloyd> ok that's partially sorted...now I can test!
[13:21:59] <lloyd> good ol wine
[13:24:34] <Yoshimo> planescape is a nightmare regarding resolution too^^
[13:25:01] <lloyd> in wine?
[13:25:57] <lloyd> confirmed! BG1 uses 26-29 at least
[13:26:19] <lloyd> I got gorion to say all 4 of his sounds mentioned in DTLC
[13:27:06] <lloyd> LOL! I got him to say his ajantis thing as well
[13:27:14] <lloyd> yep must be my corrupt data
[13:29:21] <lloyd> also! things in BG rather than playing a random select sound play them in order and loop around
[13:29:30] <lloyd> gemrb uses a random one atm
[13:29:39] <lloyd> this actually simplfies things a bit
[13:32:16] <lloyd> but well have to abstract it a bit more...add Actor::MakeSelectSound or something
[13:33:23] <lloyd> anyway I'll work on it tomorrow
[13:35:14] <lynxlynxlynx> random is better, no need to worry about that
[13:37:34] <fuzzie> there aren't any sound sets which only make sense in-order?
[13:37:40] <fuzzie> i thought there were
[13:40:28] <lynxlynxlynx> no idea
[13:40:37] <lloyd> hmm from my experice just then in order seemed nicer -- no one says the same thing twice
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[14:31:39] <Beholder> hi all
[14:35:59] <Yoshimo> hi
[14:38:26] <Beholder> There are many bugs with SDL 1.3. Wrong palettes, broken dialogs and other...
[14:41:34] <jeremyagost> are you building on a Mac?
[14:41:55] <jeremyagost> recent revisions of 1.3 are broken on Macs
[14:42:59] <jeremyagost> Yoshimo, you talked about a pickpocketing bug yesterday
[14:44:40] <jeremyagost> were people also easier to PP or was it just that you could steal things you shouldn't be able to?
[14:45:38] <Yoshimo> i cant say something about difficulty, i just saw you can get stuff you shouldnt
[14:45:55] <jeremyagost> huh, that's weird
[14:48:24] <Yoshimo> well the 17500 gold drop when you kill ratava but you cant pocket them
[14:48:35] <jeremyagost> yeah I know what you mean
[14:48:58] <jeremyagost> ratava, is that BG1?
[14:50:08] <Beholder> On Linux, for Android
[14:51:02] <Yoshimo> that is friendly arm bg1 with dark horizonts
[14:51:36] <jeremyagost> oh ok
[14:51:54] <jeremyagost> I don't suppose you can send me that CRE file
[14:52:53] <Beholder> but multitouch works)
[14:54:08] <Yoshimo> i can, in a few minutes
[14:54:18] <Yoshimo> also happens with bg2s ribald
[15:02:26] <jeremyagost> wow
[15:02:37] <jeremyagost> NearInfinity is freaking out because NTFS is case sensitive
[15:04:41] <jeremyagost> Yoshimo: what'd you manage to steal from Ribald?
[15:05:00] <Yoshimo> 2000gold
[15:05:29] <jeremyagost> that's it?
[15:05:30] <jeremyagost> \
[15:06:03] <Yoshimo> yes , and a few npcs in the friendly arm have +1 +2 and +3 weapons that you can steal
[15:06:19] <Yoshimo> so you have quite some stuff and 22k gold early in the game
[15:06:20] <jeremyagost> their equipped weapons I gather?
[15:07:28] <Yoshimo> i cant say that for sure, has been a while, but looking back at it, its rather likely that you shouldnt be able to steal them either
[15:07:52] <jeremyagost> well the steal checking code only looks at the active melee slot
[15:08:32] <jeremyagost> so theoretically you can still steal off-hand weapons, etc
[15:09:03] <jeremyagost> also it's weird but my ribald.cre doesn't have any gold in his inventory
[15:11:24] <Yoshimo> as far as i understand its just some sort of stat on the creature, which if you steal it turns into a misc item, that if clicked adds gold to your fortune
[15:13:15] <jeremyagost> oh right, weird that NI doesn't show that stat in the base view
[15:13:26] <jeremyagost> hmm yep
[15:13:34] <jeremyagost> so how the hell does that get stolen?
[15:14:01] <Yoshimo> ask imoen, she managed to pick it^^
[15:14:06] <jeremyagost> oh here we go
[15:14:16] <jeremyagost> if it can't find items, go for money
[15:14:39] <jeremyagost> but is that original engine behavior?
[15:14:46] <Yoshimo> bg2 will say: target has no items
[15:14:51] <jeremyagost> I feel like you can steam gems and such but no money
[15:16:23] <Yoshimo> you can steal ratavas fireprotection scroll and the gem, but to get gold and the armor, you need to kill her
[15:16:36] <Yoshimo> and she will give you hell for that^^
[15:17:08] <Yoshimo> there are also items like boo, that you cannot pick
[15:17:35] <jeremyagost> ahah
[15:17:55] <jeremyagost> the file slottype.2da is supposed to define which item slots can't be stolen from
[15:18:24] <Yoshimo> which are, fist, armor, belt, boots, cloak, gauntlet, helmet, shield and ammo as far as i see
[15:18:30] <jeremyagost> but the look like they are defined backwards
[15:18:39] <jeremyagost> you can ONLY steal from those slots?
[15:18:54] <Yoshimo> no you CANNOT^^
[15:19:00] <jeremyagost> that's my point
[15:19:02] <jeremyagost> this is backwards
[15:19:17] <jeremyagost> or at least somewhat backwards
[15:19:47] <Yoshimo> its like you roll a random inventory slot, and check if you chose something that is forbidden
[15:19:56] <Yoshimo> if its not on the forbidden list, go on
[15:20:05] <jeremyagost> the checks are there
[15:20:13] <jeremyagost> but I think the slots are misdefined
[15:21:14] <Yoshimo> which would also explain how i got the really powerful +3 weapon
[15:27:44] <jeremyagost> when they were taken did the creatures lose them out of their hands?
[15:28:17] <Yoshimo> i dont remember
[15:28:47] <jeremyagost> how many regular inventory slots are there?
[15:28:50] <jeremyagost> 16?
[15:28:55] <Beholder> what reason for this error:
[15:29:01] <Beholder> I/GemRB ( 3033): Searching for START.chu...
[15:29:01] <Beholder> I/GemRB ( 3033): [chitin.key]
[15:29:01] <Beholder> I/GemRB ( 3033): Runtime Error:
[15:29:43] <jeremyagost> what were you doing when it happened?
[15:29:53] <jeremyagost> loading a new game?
[15:29:54] <Beholder> I have never seen this before
[15:30:20] <Yoshimo> 15 or 16 , not sure if they start at 1 or 0 with counting
[15:30:47] <tomprince> Beholder: 'Runtime Error' comes from python. There should be a python error printed after that.
[15:30:49] <Beholder> no, error occurs after playing movies
[15:30:58] <Beholder> hm
[15:31:00] <Beholder> odd
[15:31:03] <jeremyagost> sounds like you don't have a gui loaded
[15:31:10] <tomprince> Although the android interface may not be capturing it.
[15:31:30] <Beholder> yes, stdout not captured
[15:31:32] <jeremyagost> or the gui script is breaking?
[15:32:12] <Beholder> why this error may occurs, missing scripts? unworkable python?
[15:32:16] <jeremyagost> so does anyone know why the 16 regular inventory slots are defined to be unstealable in BG1/2
[15:32:27] <jeremyagost> you'd have to see the specific python error
[15:32:37] <Yoshimo> we have inventory1-16 in NI
[15:33:39] <Yoshimo> 4 weapons , 4 quiver, 3 quick, 1 cloak 4 weapons, boots, belt, amulet , left and right ring, gloves shield armor and helmet
[15:33:43] <tomprince> Beholder: There are lots of reasons. Hard to tell without seeing the error.
[15:33:49] <jeremyagost> on Android is gemrb using system python?
[15:33:55] <Beholder> no
[15:34:04] <Beholder> shared library in apk
[15:34:11] <jeremyagost> what version?
[15:34:28] <Beholder> 2.6
[15:35:03] <Beholder> it works fine typically
[15:35:31] <jeremyagost> the fix to make it print the python error should be relatively simple
[15:36:06] <jeremyagost> in GuiScript.cpp after line 159 try putting error("Python Error:%s", msg);
[15:36:20] <jeremyagost> that should make sure it's also printed to stderr
[15:36:47] <Beholder> thanks, i'll try
[15:37:31] <Beholder> it's hard a redirect stderr to android log,
[15:38:08] <jeremyagost> ah, the joys of mobile devices
[15:39:04] <jeremyagost> alright well this stealing stuff is confusing
[15:39:36] <jeremyagost> in Inventory::FindStealableItem() it says that if slot flag Bit 1 is set then it IS stealable
[15:39:49] <jeremyagost> but in slotflags.txt it says that Bit 1 is UNstealable
[15:41:01] <jeremyagost> the slottype.2da overrides have all the regular inventory squares with Bit 1 set
[15:41:27] <jeremyagost> but things like quick items and weapons also have it set
[15:41:47] <jeremyagost> the smart way to do it, IMO would be Bit 1 = unstealable
[15:42:01] <jeremyagost> either way the 2da files need to be changed
[15:43:38] <Yoshimo> so basically you can strip a npc from all his items including the stuff it wears and if thats no longer the case , his gold is yours too?
[15:43:44] <jeremyagost> yup
[15:44:09] <jeremyagost> so just to review
[15:44:20] <jeremyagost> armor, weapons, offhand definitely unstealable
[15:44:35] <jeremyagost> boots, bracers, belts unstealable
[15:44:39] <jeremyagost> rings, amul?
[15:45:09] <jeremyagost> quiver unstealable
[15:45:23] <jeremyagost> quickitems unstealable?
[15:45:41] <tomprince> Beholder: Try https://gist.github.com/1430493
[15:45:56] <tomprince> It is a bit ugly, but it should get you the output
[15:46:58] <jeremyagost> helmets, cloaks?
[15:47:02] <Yoshimo> i cant see a note about rings and the rest in the decompiled code, but im not good at coding yet
[15:47:15] <Yoshimo> cloak and helmet seem part of exceptionlist
[15:47:55] <jeremyagost> easiest way to test is create a creature with one of every item type
[15:48:07] <jeremyagost> and a thief with uber stealing
[15:48:33] <Yoshimo> meanwhile you can have a look here: http://paste2.org/p/1808120
[15:48:49] <jeremyagost> oh yay decomps
[15:49:14] <jeremyagost> around 203?
[15:49:30] <Yoshimo> i guess thats the exceptionlist
[15:50:06] <jeremyagost> looks like there's another one that doesn't have a symbol
[15:50:16] <Yoshimo> since they are checking for minscs boo, i guess you can steal quickslot items
[15:50:34] <jeremyagost> ah yes
[15:50:37] <jeremyagost> interesting
[15:50:49] <jeremyagost> but you said that person's scroll...
[15:50:50] <Beholder> tomprince, thanks
[15:51:03] <jeremyagost> ah yes you CAN steal the scroll
[15:51:10] <jeremyagost> ok so I guess quick slots makes sense
[15:51:34] <jeremyagost> fists are slot 10 right?
[15:54:33] <Yoshimo> in ni its called weapon 1
[15:58:53] <Beholder> i'll try to build windows version of GemRB with SDL 1.3 to check specific 1.3 bugs
[16:00:02] <Beholder> windows build is more easy for debug, then android one
[16:14:41] <jeremyagost> IWD2 and PST are a bit different then BG2
[16:28:25] <jeremyagost> Patch for quirky stealing behavior: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17088718/fix_unstealables.patch
[16:46:31] <Yoshimo> jeremyagost : what do you mean by "[16:50] jeremyagost: looks like there's another one that doesn't have a symbol"?
[16:46:46] <jeremyagost> oh uh
[16:46:55] <jeremyagost> in the decomp you posted
[16:47:08] <jeremyagost> line 211
[16:47:15] <jeremyagost> it follows the same format as the previous lines
[16:47:27] <jeremyagost> but it just has a pointer offset
[16:47:36] <jeremyagost> no symbol for the slot name
[16:47:42] <jeremyagost> like slot_shield, etc
[16:53:31] <Beholder> damn, I got some link errors with SDL 1.3
[16:54:08] <Beholder> AmbientMgrAL.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _SDL_CondSignal
[16:54:08] <Beholder> AmbientMgrAL.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _SDL_CondWaitTimeout
[16:54:08] <Beholder> OpenALAudio.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _SDL_CreateCond
[16:54:08] <Beholder> OpenALAudio.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _SDL_DestroyCond
[16:54:56] <Beholder> anyone know how i can fix it?
[17:08:42] <jeremyagost> wrong SDL version?
[17:08:42] <jeremyagost> |
[17:09:32] <jeremyagost> maybe your headers and library are two different builds?
[17:12:04] <jeremyagost> yeah
[17:12:10] <jeremyagost> those are SDL 1.2 functions
[17:18:51] <Beholder> I use 1.3
[17:18:57] <jeremyagost> they're defined in 1.3 in SDL_mutex.h
[17:19:17] <jeremyagost> did you build the copy of 1.3 you're using?
[17:20:06] <jeremyagost> and are you sure you're linking with it properly?
[17:20:23] <Beholder> i compile 1.3 itself
[17:20:51] <Beholder> i excluded this plugin
[17:21:06] <Beholder> it's not needed for me
[17:21:46] <jeremyagost> alright
[17:22:38] <Beholder> i check why GemRB with SDL 1.3 has text coloring issues
[17:23:00] <lynxlynxlynx> that was/is a problem on ios too
[17:23:24] <Beholder> is a problem of SDL 1.3, i think in all systems
[17:23:37] <Beholder> ios, windows, android
[17:23:38] <jeremyagost> where in GemRB is text colored?
[17:23:44] <Beholder> dialogs
[17:24:03] <jeremyagost> that sounds like an API change
[17:24:11] <-- jeremyagost has left #gemrb
[17:24:19] --> jeremyagost has joined #gemrb
[17:24:26] <Beholder> but journal and inventory may get wrong palettes too
[17:24:35] <Yoshimo> jeremy if we have a Unstealable flag for an item, why do the check for misc88, misc84 and misc89 itm?
[17:25:29] <Beholder> not always, but often
[17:26:24] <jeremyagost> Yoshimo: Unstealable flag? an ITM file has no unstealable flag, an item block in a CRE can have unstealable set IIRC
[17:26:48] <Beholder> any ideas?
[17:27:17] <jeremyagost> Beholder: I bet it's an API change, I need to track down whatever calls to SDL involve color
[17:27:33] <jeremyagost> Yoshimo: why the game designers didn't just set that flag in say the minsc CREs I don't know
[17:28:01] <Yoshimo> that was i meant, item marked in the cre as not stealable and it should be fine
[17:28:31] <Yoshimo> wonder what the non defined things are here
[17:28:42] <Beholder> what part of gemrb code draws dialogs?
[17:28:45] <jeremyagost> could've been a lazy hack
[17:28:56] <jeremyagost> Beholder: GUI/TextArea.cpp?
[17:29:00] <jeremyagost> that's what I'm looking at right now
[17:31:00] <jeremyagost> other place to look is SDLVideo plugin
[17:31:21] <Beholder> may be a problem in CreatePalette?
[18:25:17] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
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[19:51:18] <brad_a> Beholder: you have to use the sdl patch i gave lloyd and jeremyagost to fix the font palettes
[19:52:01] <Beholder> is a SDL issue?
[19:52:09] <brad_a> yes
[19:52:50] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/SDLPatches.txt
[19:52:58] <brad_a> just the one for font colors
[19:53:12] <Beholder> SDL developers knows about it?
[19:53:20] <brad_a> yes
[19:53:29] <brad_a> they dont seem to care
[19:54:49] <Beholder> stupidly(
[19:55:05] <brad_a> well its not too hard to just apply the patch manually
[19:57:42] <Beholder> i'll do
[19:57:59] <DrMcCoy> I generally have lost quite a bit of respect for the SDL main dev after he removed Audio CD support in SDL 1.3
[19:58:13] <DrMcCoy> For very stupid reasons
[19:58:51] <Beholder> Brad, do you know about any other problems with 1.3?
[19:59:53] <brad_a> well not for android
[20:00:02] <brad_a> there were/are ios problems
[20:00:06] <brad_a> with landscape mode
[20:00:15] <brad_a> i have patches for those too :)
[20:00:36] <brad_a> but i think those have been fixed in source now
[20:01:01] <brad_a> all the other sdl 1.3 issues we worked out in gemrb source
[20:02:50] <Beholder> do you check fps on ios (ipad)? I got max 26 fps on my device. slow(((
[20:03:06] <brad_a> i dont have an ios device
[20:03:30] <brad_a> but i hear performance is quite good
[20:03:56] <brad_a> but ipad has a very powerful processor and SDL dvs seem to be taking better care of it than android
[20:04:56] <brad_a> you could try tweaking the gl setup as fuzzie has implied that is faulty
[20:05:21] <Beholder> first ipad has similar hardware as my device...
[20:06:15] <brad_a> ios doesnt have a jvm tho
[20:06:21] <brad_a> so that probably helps
[20:06:49] <Beholder> what gl setup? i tried to force GLES2, but it does not work for me
[20:09:10] <brad_a> oh i dont know i am probably poorly regurgitating something fuzzie said
[20:15:34] <-- brad_a has left IRC (Quit: brad_a)
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[22:05:35] <lynxlynxlynx> only hard problems today :|
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