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[01:59:45] <tomprince> hopefully the windows builds should be more stable ... I installed virtio drivers on the vm, and the sped thing up x2 or more ... a number of the errors being timeouts
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[04:03:30] <kamui> anyone awake atm
[04:03:35] <kamui> question about bgt
[04:03:57] <kamui> mainly, I can't find any good docs on what to do to get it working in gemrb
[04:04:09] <kamui> Im sure its not "officially" supported, but a hint to a doc would be awesome
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[04:16:57] <tomprince> kamui: The only thing you should need to do is modify clskills.2da (from gemrb) to get the starting xp right.
[04:17:13] <kamui> awesome! so the starting location bug has been fixed?
[04:17:20] <kamui> thats is such good news!!!
[04:19:33] <tomprince> It should be. I think that bug was simply because bgt reordered the starting points in the 2da.
[04:19:39] <tomprince> We now go by the name, instaed.
[04:19:53] <kamui> cool
[04:20:14] <kamui> maybe a silly question, but do custom scripts work?
[04:20:29] <tomprince> ai scripts? Yes.
[04:20:34] <kamui> awesome
[04:20:42] <kamui> you sir, just made my day
[04:23:08] <tomprince> Any issues, report them here, forum, or sf.
[04:24:05] <tomprince> bgt isn't actively supported, but we do want gemrb to work with it.
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[04:28:08] <brad_a> so many people ask about BGT it would probably be worthwhile for us to make a mod compatibility guide on the wiki
[04:30:07] <brad_a> tomprince: do you know off the top of your head how auto gametype works?
[04:30:53] <kamui> well, Ill tell you right now I perused a bunch of forums, mostly gibberlings for the last 45 mintues before deciding to ask outright
[04:31:18] <kamui> all I was finding were posts from 09 and a few in 10 that said start location, xp, and random UI were broken
[04:31:35] <kamui> some random fixes were posted, with their own side effects, so I wasn't sure if I was gonna be in luck
[04:31:59] <kamui> really I want to play bg1 with the enhancements of bg2 mostly, not so concerned about the seamless story component
[04:32:01] <brad_a> strange there have been several more recent inquiries on the forum
[04:32:29] <kamui> might not have gotten that far, or it was luck of the draw from my google searhes
[04:33:45] <brad_a> well gemrb has come a long long way since 2010 :-P
[04:40:42] <brad_a> i see autodetect is a guiscript function
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[04:47:42] <tomprince> brad_a: There is also some c++ code involved.
[04:48:36] <tomprince> kamui: I suspect that it got fixed, and no big deal was made of it.
[04:49:23] <tomprince> There are enough little things not working, that we don't keep a detailed list (other than the commit logs)
[04:50:07] <tomprince> You could post a success story on the forum/wiki.
[04:50:33] <tomprince> (I don't pay much attention to the forum mysellf)
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[08:06:00] <CIA-41> GemRB: 03lynxlupodian * r601e49a54575 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Actor.cpp: it wasn't crashing due to act being null, but it doesn't hurt to check that too
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[14:36:46] <Yoshimo> how well supported is pst atm?
[14:42:13] <lynxlynxlynx> better than before
[14:42:20] <lynxlynxlynx> still lots to do
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[16:21:45] <brad_a> im not sure if its broken, but gametype auto doesnt work for me using BG2 + TOB from discs. (i stashed all my uncommitted changes)
[16:22:55] <fuzzie> with real python?
[16:25:58] <brad_a> well yes :-P mac os x with python 2.7
[16:26:13] <fuzzie> well, you weren't shipping a real python on iOS, right?
[16:26:30] <fuzzie> so i don't feel it's a stupid question..
[16:26:36] <brad_a> i guess not :) its python without the supporting py files
[16:26:41] <brad_a> no its not
[16:26:50] <brad_a> i didnt mean to imply that :O
[16:33:17] <fuzzie> but if you have a python with the right modules it should work, no errors?
[16:42:44] <brad_a> let me run it again and check
[16:45:19] <brad_a> im wondering if its mac specific...
[16:45:34] <fuzzie> quite possibly not, but I can't check
[16:45:46] <fuzzie> I broke it a few times, but I thought it was working atm.
[16:45:51] <brad_a> because first error i get is: Searching for gemrb.ini
[16:45:59] <brad_a> error
[16:46:24] <brad_a> oh i guess there are a few seraching for X not found messages actually
[16:46:30] <fuzzie> Do you get the "Detecting GameType:"?
[16:47:15] <brad_a> Detecting GameType: [ResourceManager]: Searching for benevent.bmp...[NOT FOUND]
[16:47:22] <fuzzie> Right.
[16:47:32] <brad_a> but a few lines don i get this: [bg2]
[16:47:48] <fuzzie> So, the detection runs fine.
[16:47:49] <brad_a> so it seems like it does detect it
[16:47:51] <brad_a> yes
[16:48:22] <brad_a> so why does the search for gemrb.ini fail i wonder. probably mac specific from my path chnges i guess
[16:48:37] <brad_a> it works fine if i set type to bg2 myself
[16:49:03] <fuzzie> It uses GemRBOverridePath in both cases..
[16:49:33] <fuzzie> So it should be fine if you're not messing with something really low-level.
[16:49:56] <brad_a> well thats one of the paths i do mess with for the mac build
[16:50:10] <brad_a> so yes i think this probably is mac specific at this point
[16:50:42] <fuzzie> So you didn't actually stash all your changes..? Or is your repo not matching master?
[16:50:53] <brad_a> no i did stash everything
[16:51:07] <fuzzie> Oh, you just mean the TARGET_OS_MAC stuff.
[16:51:11] <brad_a> yes
[16:51:20] <fuzzie> Shouldn't be a problem.
[16:51:41] <brad_a> hmmm
[16:51:53] <brad_a> even though its a relative path?
[16:52:09] <fuzzie> If it works for 'bg2'.
[16:52:10] <brad_a> and cwd isnt the same dir as the exe
[16:52:24] <brad_a> ok
[16:52:33] <brad_a> then i wonder when it broke
[16:54:25] <fuzzie> Are you using a default config, i.e. no CustomFontPath?
[16:59:04] <brad_a> yup
[16:59:24] <fuzzie> I guess probably it's the relative path thing and something is chdir()ing secretly.
[17:00:33] <fuzzie> But that's just a guess.
[17:00:49] <brad_a> yeah. i searched for chir but came up empty
[17:01:21] <brad_a> i should print out cwd and gemrboverride
[17:06:08] <brad_a> they look normal...
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[17:24:49] <brad_a> and i cant test using ios because of the gimped python :-P
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[18:12:58] <brad_a> im a bit stumped at how to get the fullscreen setting from gemrb.cfg to always trump the setting in baldur.ini
[18:18:29] <CIA-41> GemRB: 03bradallred * rb3b5b4236087 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Interface.cpp: Interface: no need to set these vars here if we read from game.ini. only set them if we re ignoring the ini.
[18:19:42] <fuzzie> that is not a good patch
[18:19:47] <brad_a> ?
[18:19:53] <fuzzie> you have to fix LoadINI to add always valid entries first
[18:20:28] <brad_a> it does… i thought :-P
[18:20:30] <fuzzie> nope
[18:20:55] <fuzzie> i have no game .ini and soit sets no entries
[18:21:33] <brad_a> then maybe we hould to if !ignore ini and ini exists?
[18:21:41] <fuzzie> no
[18:21:49] <fuzzie> you should just make LoadINI not return if it fails to load the ini
[18:21:51] <fuzzie> imo at least
[18:22:10] <fuzzie> also if you're going to make NullSound optional then you need to remove your
[18:22:14] <fuzzie> 'AudioDriverName = "null";'.
[18:22:29] <fuzzie> unless that is handled properly?
[18:22:44] <fuzzie> doesn't look like it though.
[18:22:50] <brad_a> are you talking about the mac install?
[18:22:53] <fuzzie> ye
[18:23:02] <fuzzie> sorry that last bit is a bit of an aside obviously :)
[18:23:05] <brad_a> ill just put null sound in there
[18:23:31] <brad_a> it shouldnt be an optional install logically
[18:23:51] <fuzzie> mostly I would just like my volume back please ;p
[18:23:51] <brad_a> i also should add ogg while im at it
[18:23:56] <brad_a> yes :-P
[18:23:59] <brad_a> im thinking
[18:29:30] <brad_a> fuzzie: maybe loadINI should take the file stream as a parameter? then we can check htat it exists in the conditional
[18:29:45] <fuzzie> that doesn't help
[18:29:57] <fuzzie> i mean, the only point of having all the defaults in LoadINI is if they're defaults
[18:30:06] <fuzzie> in which case you need to set them in all cases, right?
[18:30:29] <fuzzie> unless I am misunderstanding your proposal here
[18:32:01] <brad_a> well the problem as i understand it is trying to load from a non-existant ini
[18:32:20] <fuzzie> yes
[18:32:43] <tomprince> And in that case, the defaults from LoadINI should be set.
[18:32:46] <fuzzie> yes :)
[18:33:03] <fuzzie> in fact I imagine that even when IgnoreOriginalINI is set, the defaults should still be set
[18:33:10] <fuzzie> although I have no idea why IgnoreOriginalINI exists
[18:33:38] <fuzzie> so I guess you could make loadINI take the file stream as a parameter and only call Open() if the file stream is non-null, if that is what you meant
[18:33:49] <fuzzie> then simply pass NULL always in the ignore case
[18:34:31] <gembot> build #164 of nmake-msvc++10 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B10/builds/164 blamelist: bradallred@me.com
[18:34:42] <brad_a> well in the ignore case htey are getting set by the else in interface::init
[18:35:00] <tomprince> Well, we don't really want defaults in 2 places though.
[18:35:16] <brad_a> alright
[18:35:26] <fuzzie> yes, I mean, you could put *all* your defaults there
[18:35:34] <fuzzie> or you could remove all the defaults from LoadINI
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[18:40:16] <brad_a> well before we only had the audio defaults, but i guess that doesnt matter
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[18:56:49] <brad_a> if i dont return from loadini when there is no file then will ini->GetKey still work?
[18:58:40] <fuzzie> yes
[19:10:26] <brad_a> we should rename this method i think
[19:10:58] <fuzzie> clearly what you need here is a CreateSettingInitializationFactory
[19:11:10] <brad_a> i dont know what that means :(
[19:11:37] <fuzzie> i mean, sure, rename it to something sensible :)
[19:11:43] <brad_a> :_P
[19:14:18] <brad_a> how about InitializeVarsWithINI?
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[19:15:04] <fuzzie> this is where you really find yourself wanting a [initializeVars: withIni:]
[19:15:15] <fuzzie> it doesn't really make as much sense all one word :/
[19:15:29] <brad_a> i do like objective-d :-P
[19:15:32] <brad_a> c
[19:16:37] <fuzzie> well, it's really nice for reverse-engineering
[19:17:01] <fuzzie> all this delicious inefficiency and unnecessary information, spilling over the sides of the binary
[19:17:08] <brad_a> oh yes :) any dynamic language really
[19:17:27] <fuzzie> well it's a lot more painful than most dynamic languages :)
[19:17:46] <brad_a> well kinda
[19:17:52] <brad_a> i mean python is simple
[19:18:03] <brad_a> but obj-c does have advantages
[19:18:38] <brad_a> i dont really find it painful, but i like verbosity :-P
[19:18:54] <brad_a> i imagine python people hate it because of that reason
[19:19:06] <fuzzie> i mean, from a reversing point of view, since it actually compiles code
[19:19:13] <fuzzie> but yes it is also hideously complicated since it is C of course :)
[19:20:12] <brad_a> javascript and visual basic are the languages i find painful :)
[19:21:34] <brad_a> so about the method name :-P
[19:22:08] <fuzzie> well if I had a better idea than I wouldn't be rambling on
[19:22:10] <fuzzie> ask tomprince maybe :)
[19:22:15] <fuzzie> always a safe option
[19:29:16] <tomprince> Well, my first comment is that I still don't like the use of a Variables dict for all those options. But I don't have any better ideas.
[19:29:48] <tomprince> If they were all instances variables somewhere, they could be initialized like normal, and only modified if the ini has them.
[19:30:06] <fuzzie> well, you'd have to convert them back/forth for the UI
[19:30:30] <fuzzie> and for saving
[19:30:37] <brad_a> yes
[19:30:44] <fuzzie> so it's a rather more tricky thing to do
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[19:30:53] <fuzzie> although looking them up every time you use them is obviously kind of horrible
[19:32:55] <tomprince> Use a table of pointers? I guess they'd be member-variable pointers, which is one of the darker corners of C++, but not too bad.
[19:33:05] <brad_a> rock and a hardplace i think we call that
[20:04:55] <gembot> build #165 of nmake-msvc++10 is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B10/builds/165
[20:05:57] <brad_a> tomprince, fuzzie: somethng still doesnt feel right but i cant quite put my finger on it :-/
[20:05:58] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/loadini.patch
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[20:07:12] <brad_a> ignore that
[20:07:17] <brad_a> i uploaed the wrong thing
[20:07:38] <Avenger> hmm, anyone experienced problems with firefox on linux recently?
[20:08:52] <Avenger> since the last automatic upgrade on ubuntu, firefox totally freezes. I had to download a firefox from mozilla, it works.
[20:08:56] <tomprince> I just upgraded to ff10, and it shutdown in seconds, rather than 10s minutes now.
[20:09:56] <Avenger> i don't know how to fix this, as i need to press the reset button to revive my system, this is totally odd. I didn't expect linux to freeze from a usermode program
[20:10:30] <tomprince> Can you access it via ssh, and is firefox just eating up the processor?
[20:11:02] <tomprince> I have found FF hogs io/cpu quite a bit, although 9 and 10 have been somewhat better than earlier.
[20:11:06] <Avenger> how can i do that
[20:11:28] <Avenger> i got no two computers
[20:11:39] <fuzzie> isn't there a sysrq keystroke for killing app?
[20:12:00] <Avenger> if i knew it, i'm sure i forgot it by now
[20:12:53] <Avenger> i can't believe ubuntu turned against me :D
[20:12:56] <fuzzie> I suppose there's no way for it to know which app to kill, but you can force a OOM via SysRq (alt-sysrq-f?) and hope it hits the right process.
[20:13:28] <fuzzie> although if it really freezes your whole system and you can't e.g. move the mouse any more, maybe linux died underneath
[20:13:44] <Avenger> there were cases when mouse died
[20:13:47] <Avenger> but not always
[20:14:00] <wjp> sometimes you can still switch to a virtual console
[20:14:19] <Avenger> i experienced about three different types of freeze. one just rebooted the graphic environment
[20:14:42] <fuzzie> which graphics drivers?
[20:14:42] <Avenger> one freezes it, mouse is still moving, but nothng, even switching to terminals, works
[20:15:16] <Avenger> hmm, yes, i use some proprietary driver for 2 months
[20:15:28] <Avenger> since the new graphic card
[20:16:04] <Avenger> fglrx
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[20:16:54] <Avenger> the firefox version i got from mozilla works perfectly
[20:17:39] <fuzzie> different version?
[20:17:57] <Avenger> this one is ff10
[20:18:06] <Avenger> the ubuntu one is 9, i think
[20:18:13] <fuzzie> the ubuntu one should be 10
[20:18:21] <fuzzie> since 7 days ago or so
[20:19:04] <Avenger> maybe, gui changed since a few days, but first it was working
[20:19:17] <Avenger> i noticed the problem only today
[20:20:15] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/initializeVars.patch
[20:20:55] <Avenger> yes, the old one is firefox 10 too, installed on jan 30
[20:21:37] <fuzzie> brad_a: looks okay
[20:22:03] <brad_a> edheldil: manifest from classic mac BG1: http://daniel.chiaramello.free.fr/Download/BG1_french_full_1999.txt
[20:22:06] <fuzzie> probably we should really comment what's important to the GUI etc
[20:22:06] <brad_a> french
[20:22:22] <fuzzie> brad_a: with slashes?! :)
[20:22:33] <brad_a> slashes?
[20:22:49] <fuzzie> (classic macos paths are separated with colons)
[20:23:00] <brad_a> oh i never used classic mc :-P
[20:23:07] <brad_a> damn my a key
[20:23:15] <fuzzie> it is kind of important because the filenames are like that in the data
[20:23:23] <fuzzie> but if I remember correctly that is also the case for the OS X ports of bioware games
[20:23:38] <fuzzie> since they are Carbon
[20:23:40] <brad_a> sounds familiar...
[20:24:34] <Avenger> meh, it looks like this ff is not working perfectly. wtf is this: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64. Does this mean, i downloaded a 32 bit version which doesn't work with 64 bit libs?
[20:25:12] <tomprince> char ini_path[MAX_PATH] = { '\0' }; ?
[20:25:16] <brad_a> does GOG not sell anything other than english versions o_O
[20:25:38] <brad_a> tomprince: yes i forget that :-P
[20:25:41] <tomprince> But, I'd rather pass NULL there, than an empty string.
[20:25:57] <brad_a> ok
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[20:33:45] <CIA-41> GemRB: 03bradallred * rd1b9a39af21f 10gemrb/gemrb/core/ (Interface.cpp Interface.h):
[20:33:45] <CIA-41> GemRB: Interface: rename LoadINI to InitializeVarsWithINI and always call it despite IgnoreOriginalINI flag
[20:33:45] <CIA-41> GemRB: we rely on this method to set defaults in our dictionary so we need it to succeed even when there is no ini. If ignore ini is set then we pass a NULL path and get GemRB defaults.
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[21:44:46] <brad_a> great i updated xcode and i forgot how to hack the iOS sdk to allow me to build :-/
[21:49:19] <brad_a> ok i think i got it back… but i get annoying build warnings now
[21:52:50] <lupinIII> https://market.android.com/details?id=com.justsystems.atokmobile.service&hl=en
[22:19:06] <CIA-41> GemRB: 03bradallred * ra06c7afc0ebe 10gemrb/apple/ (19 files in 2 dirs): Mac Build: add OGG plugin, make NullSound a required plugin. add OGG, TTF, and PNG plugins to the release package build.
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[22:24:13] <gembot> build #116 of osx-xcode-binary is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/osx-xcode-binary/builds/116 blamelist: bradallred@me.com
[22:35:25] <brad_a> something is messed up with xcode o_O
[22:35:45] <brad_a> i see TTFImporter in the list of buildables but im unable to select it to build it
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