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[09:24:37] <Acqsen> Anyone can help me find effect that increases roll against fear in Icewind Dale 2? I was hoping to find that effect in paladins aura of courage, but cant find the aura in spells/ or effects neither
[09:43:08] <lynxlynxlynx> i hope they ignored their descriptions and just used a will save
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[11:21:41] <Acqsen> i manually looked through all effects, aura of courage is not there. (Icewind dale 2)
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[11:42:58] <edheldil> Acqsen: is Aura of Courage a spell or something like that?
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[17:09:06] <Acqsen> edheldil: Aura of courage is a spacial ability the paladin gets at lvl2 in Icewind Dale 2. It gives whle party in 5circle radius +2 agaisn fear, that is what the description says anyways
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