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[16:10:29] <brada> so how exactly is PST overhead text diffrent from BG2?
[16:21:00] <fuzzie> it's scrolling and this makes it tricky because you have to avoid overlap while actors are /moving/
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[17:15:07] <brada> overlap with what exactly?
[17:23:36] <brada> and by scrolling you mean like chapter text?
[17:23:50] <brada> or just pushes newlines
[17:38:35] <fuzzie> ..?
[17:38:46] <fuzzie> newlines
[17:38:50] <fuzzie> I mean, it adds new floating text as it goes
[17:38:53] <fuzzie> on multiple actors
[17:39:01] <fuzzie> and that overlaps with text on *other* actors
[17:39:29] <brada> i meant is the scrolling animated or not
[17:39:35] <fuzzie> well, it moves upwards
[17:39:42] <fuzzie> http://www.sorcerers.net/Games/Torment/Walkthrough/images/screens/curst-admin-guards-gehreleths.jpg
[17:40:03] <fuzzie> after some time of moving upwards, it fades out
[17:40:08] <brada> hmmm guess i should download and install this
[17:40:17] <fuzzie> there are probably good let's plays
[17:40:33] <fuzzie> I've been on my feet since 9am or so and it's now 7:38pm so I am going to eat and sleep :p
[17:40:48] <brada> ah sounds like a good idea
[17:40:53] <brada> i fixed all those leaks
[17:40:56] <fuzzie> great
[17:40:58] <fuzzie> thanks
[17:41:10] <brada> well most of them were my fault :p
[17:43:07] <fuzzie> still ;)
[17:43:11] <brada> oh good valgrind is finally able to run on newer versions of os x
[17:43:42] <brada> tho i must say now that ive figured out how to use it apples tool is better...
[17:44:33] <brada> for my purposes anyway
[17:49:43] <fuzzie> it's not very smart
[17:49:52] <brada> how so
[17:49:53] <brada> ?
[17:50:05] <fuzzie> it produces a lot of false positives on some code
[17:50:19] <fuzzie> I've battled with clueless users elsewhere complaining about "memory leaks" :-p
[17:50:23] <fuzzie> I mean, if this is the leaks tool
[17:50:56] <fuzzie> but valgrind is an absurdly heavy-weight tool if all you want is leaks
[17:51:12] <brada> well all the leaks it reported to me were valid :p except maybe that openal one...
[17:51:35] <brada> its just nice to get a full stack trace and see exactly what is leaked
[17:51:41] <fuzzie> sure
[17:51:47] <fuzzie> but you don't need valgrind for that
[17:51:56] <fuzzie> you can just hook malloc/new and store the stack
[17:52:04] <fuzzie> then check what got freed and complain about the rest
[17:53:10] <brada> sure. i was comparing to valgind tho
[17:53:22] <brada> valgrind is too slow to really be able to play around
[17:53:26] <fuzzie> while valgrind tracks real-time
[17:53:51] <fuzzie> and you can work out where the pointer which didn't get freed is still referenced
[17:54:50] <fuzzie> and so forth
[17:54:50] <brada> I recently fixed a bunch of static anylizer warnings too. we still have like 50 tho
[17:55:01] <fuzzie> yeah not surprised :(
[17:55:11] <fuzzie> maybe put them up somewhere, I don't run it regularly at all
[17:55:16] <fuzzie> buuut I have to go look at dinner
[17:55:21] <brada> mkay talk to you later
[17:55:36] <brada> hopefully you get a chance to poke at that branch and tell me all the things i broke
[19:56:45] <brada> this overhead text stuff shouldnt be too hard
[19:56:55] <brada> especially relative to what i just did :p
[20:02:37] <brada> should be fun right :)
[20:11:20] <fuzzie> haha
[20:11:24] <fuzzie> it's horrible
[20:11:25] <fuzzie> but sure
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