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[14:56:33] <Pepelka> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: AddSixSuffix: handle 15 here too https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/b7d9680c71f9d5e484679aa5a70414c2d90061bd
[14:56:34] <Pepelka> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: android: added api level param to prep_env.sh https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/cfa51f6907d159b42a33fb41ef1a115115f02f53
[14:56:35] <Pepelka> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: iwd2: fixed bashing https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/d47190fde75901268f00a8746f746e711de7b1bb
[14:56:36] <Pepelka> [commit] lynxlynxlynx: fx_control: fixed ea setting and made to only display the message once https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/308a740b71f487e5946a01b3bcc7cd28e85749a7
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[18:15:15] <decker^> hello
[18:16:10] <decker^> so i checked out the identify store part in pst, and you were right lynx the line could be removed. in fact it caused the same problems there.
[18:19:09] <lynxlynx> hey
[18:19:11] <lynxlynx> already did that
[18:20:04] <lynxlynx> i don't understand some of your other changes though
[18:26:24] <decker^> ah ok
[18:26:28] <decker^> like what
[18:27:34] <lynxlynx> like why you removed the radiobutton setting
[18:27:50] <lynxlynx> it's weird, since i can identify multiple items anyway
[18:28:37] <decker^> because of the todo:
[18:28:38] <decker^> When selecting multiple items for identification, only the last one is highlighted (but all are in fact selected).
[18:29:24] <decker^> The identification is store functions exactly the same as buying/selling, with just different results.
[18:29:32] <lynxlynx> that was a different bug, the whole button became black
[18:29:36] <lynxlynx> lemme check something
[18:30:31] <decker^> There should be like a orange border around the selected items.
[18:31:05] <decker^> But the radio button causes problems with that.
[18:31:08] <lynxlynx> yeah
[18:31:34] <lynxlynx> i see now, they're selectable anyway, but the border/frame is not there
[18:31:58] <decker^> I would think the OP_OR would make it work, but for some reason
[18:32:36] <decker^> so the way I figured it out was looking at the normal buying/selling store and seeing there is no RADIO button settings, in fact there is nothing set. I tried checkboxes and normal buttons but nothing.
[18:32:47] <decker^> yes, the border/frame
[18:32:53] <lynxlynx> ok, what about the item names? i think the fixme was about the fact that the description contains the name sometimes, but not always
[18:33:16] <decker^> That is possible.
[18:33:52] <lynxlynx> anyway, please make separate commits for the radio and for the rumor spacing
[18:34:16] <lynxlynx> this name thing is more of a data mining challenge
[18:34:52] <decker^> ok
[18:35:51] <decker^> The end result is if there is no name, then it just adds \n\n before description so looks like empty space.
[18:36:00] <decker^> i'll do the commits though.
[18:36:25] <lynxlynx> that's a separate thing though
[18:36:48] <decker^> I get you, just letting you know what the result is.
[18:37:08] <lynxlynx> the original comment should stay and yours is odd / redundant
[18:37:19] <lynxlynx> if you change that, it's shippable :)
[18:37:38] <lynxlynx> chiv tested pst in the meanwhile
[18:37:59] <decker^> what do you mean odd
[18:38:08] <lynxlynx> a few new todos there, but it's useless to test more for now
[18:39:07] <lynxlynx> odd? GeneralName is nothing in our sources, so it's confusing
[18:39:35] <lynxlynx> it would just use the unidentified name
[18:41:03] <decker^> oh
[18:41:15] <decker^> General Name is something I got from NearInfinity
[18:41:23] <decker^> it has General Name then Identified Name
[18:41:53] <lynxlynx> ItemName in gemrb
[18:42:56] <decker^> oh
[19:01:38] <decker^> ok those two commits are pushed up
[19:07:10] <lynxlynx> thanks!
[19:08:59] <decker^> np
[19:09:03] <decker^> and thank you
[19:09:15] <decker^> well gtg so bbl
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