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[04:37:37] <Gekz> lol
[04:37:41] <Gekz> i just threatened a priest
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[06:01:28] <pupnik_> Usually the priests end up telling on you anyway.
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[07:34:59] <Gekz> lol
[07:35:06] <Gekz> his game has homosexual prostitutes
[07:35:09] <Gekz> this
[07:45:03] <pupnik_> is it integratged well or awkward?
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[09:12:56] <lynxlynxlynx> hah
[09:13:08] <lynxlynxlynx> the sneaking strategy worked
[09:14:20] <lynxlynxlynx> two logo attempts, too bad they're more like wallpapers
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[11:14:03] <pupnik_> :)
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[11:49:28] <Gekz_> I'm getting well acquainted with the loading screen ...
[11:49:30] <Gekz_> too many deaths
[12:08:33] <pupnik_> i killed something too Gekz_ :/
[12:08:45] <pupnik_> you still playing new Dragon game?
[12:09:15] <Gekz_> yes
[12:11:44] <pupnik_> dying many times?!
[12:11:47] <pupnik_> coooool
[12:12:30] <pupnik_> just looking through the relics of my parents
[12:21:38] <Gekz_> lol
[12:21:45] <Gekz_> I bumped my eeepc on my chair
[12:21:48] <Gekz_> and the screen detached
[12:21:49] <Gekz_> haha
[12:21:56] <Gekz_> cheap chinese shit
[12:22:10] <fuzzie> The battery keeps on falling out of this Aspire One, which is .. annoying. :)
[12:22:30] <Gekz_> that is far worze
[12:22:33] <Gekz_> lol
[12:22:33] <fuzzie> I quite like it otherwise, I can manage 150wpm on the keyboard.
[12:22:41] <Gekz_> 150wpm? lies
[12:22:44] <Gekz_> humans cant do that
[12:24:57] <fuzzie> It manages to dazzle all my friends with their big hands!
[12:27:03] <Gekz_> lol
[12:27:05] <Gekz_> nah
[12:27:08] <Gekz_> I had an eeepc 701
[12:27:11] <Gekz_> it has a smaller keyboard
[12:27:14] <Gekz_> :D
[12:27:21] <Gekz_> I could write 120WPM laying down
[12:27:25] <Gekz_> _that_ scared peopel
[12:27:44] <Gekz_> it also scared people when I told them I developed software on it exclusively
[12:27:45] <Gekz_> for 9 months
[12:27:46] <Gekz_> xD
[12:27:47] <fuzzie> ok, that is neat :)
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[12:27:56] <Gekz> I'm sure I have evidence somewhere
[12:28:06] <Gekz> http://superiorchicken.info/images
[12:28:09] <Gekz> look for the images somewhere
[12:28:09] <Gekz> lol
[12:28:16] <Gekz> also, enjoy my thumbnails script :D
[12:29:20] <fuzzie> i think the resolution on the smaller machines would drive me mad
[12:29:29] <fuzzie> this one isn't actually mine, because the person who owns it refuses to actually sell it to me
[12:29:40] <Gekz> http://superiorchicken.info/images/sc/vimpython.png
[12:29:40] <fuzzie> but insists that I keep it
[12:29:51] <Gekz> 800x480
[12:29:53] <Gekz> I loved it
[12:29:55] <Gekz> lol
[12:30:06] <fuzzie> this is .. 1024x600
[12:30:16] <Gekz> yes, so is mine
[12:30:18] <Gekz> and I hate it
[12:30:27] <Gekz> too distracting
[12:30:31] <Gekz> I cant see everything at once
[12:30:31] <Gekz> xD
[12:30:43] <fuzzie> those terminals have a really nice font for the small screen
[12:30:55] <Gekz> lol
[12:30:57] <Gekz> indeed
[12:31:02] <Gekz> it's terminus size 8
[12:31:22] <Gekz> I couldnt program without that colour scheme either
[12:31:23] <Gekz> :O
[12:31:30] <Gekz> I can't see without syntax highlighting
[13:58:46] <Gekz> hm
[13:58:57] <Gekz> I just noticed that I never noticed loading screens in Baldurs Gate
[13:59:02] <Gekz> like, I was aware they were there
[13:59:08] <Gekz> but I liked them
[13:59:09] <Gekz> lol
[14:01:55] <fuzzie> with their promises of importing your character into NWN
[14:04:24] <Gekz> lol
[14:04:28] <Gekz> they promised that?
[14:05:36] <fuzzie> in one of the bg2 loading screen texts :)
[14:05:50] <fuzzie> some fixpack release patched it out
[14:06:10] <Gekz> haah
[14:06:12] <Gekz> nice.
[14:06:32] <Gekz> if NWN was built upon Infinity, it wouldnt have sucked so much
[14:22:38] <pupnik_> were
[14:22:57] <pupnik_> don't let the language lose the subjunctive
[14:23:10] <pupnik_> reduces expressivity
[14:23:17] <Gekz> fuck English subjunctive
[14:23:22] <pupnik_> :)
[14:23:26] <Gekz> nothing could be more useless than the English subjunctive
[14:23:45] <Gekz> the difference between subjunctive and past is too subtle to care about
[14:23:49] <Gekz> it's contextually understood
[14:24:06] <pupnik_> it is completely different and it is completely ugly to have people too stupid to know the difference
[14:24:10] <pupnik_> that is what americans are now
[14:24:10] <fuzzie> i am delighted to understand nothing at all of English grammar
[14:24:15] <Gekz> the subjunctive basically morphed into "if <phrase> was, then ... "
[14:24:35] <Gekz> pupnik_: I know the difference
[14:24:39] <Gekz> I choose to actively ignore it
[14:24:42] <pupnik_> :)
[14:25:00] <Gekz> if you want a language with a valid subjunctive
[14:25:04] <Gekz> touch french
[14:25:09] <Gekz> and it's not even close to how english uses it
[14:25:18] <Gekz> our subjunctive is their past conditional
[14:25:29] <pupnik_> ohhh this is starting to come back
[14:25:46] <Gekz> I need a piss so badly
[14:25:50] <Gekz> brb
[14:27:27] <pupnik_> it's like saying IF () DO {} when you should be saying IF () THEN {}
[14:27:43] <pupnik_> it's precisely like it, in fact :0
[14:28:12] <Gekz> not at all
[14:28:35] <Gekz> you're doing it wrong
[14:29:23] <pupnik_> fuzzie when you're postulating something that didn't happen you say "if it had been so, we would have seen a different result" - Gekz wants to say "if it was so, we would have seen a different result"
[14:29:55] <pupnik_> but was is the past tense of is. was is used when the situation we describe actually happened or *was*
[14:30:11] <pupnik_> was / were
[14:30:11] <Gekz> yeah
[14:30:16] <pupnik_> or something like that
[14:30:23] <pupnik_> you seem to have studied foreign languages
[14:30:26] <Gekz> and were is a fucking 3rd person plural conjugation of to be
[14:30:27] <pupnik_> :)
[14:30:38] <Gekz> so If I were going to the park
[14:30:39] <pupnik_> oh ya etre
[14:30:42] <Gekz> is flawedflawedflawed
[14:30:58] <pupnik_> were to be
[14:31:06] <Gekz> IF I WERE YOU WHEN YOU WAS ME
[14:31:06] <pupnik_> is how i know it
[14:31:08] <fuzzie> to me, conjugation is something which only happens to foreign languages :)
[14:31:13] <Gekz> fuzzie:
[14:31:14] <Gekz> lol
[14:31:19] <fuzzie> mostly it brings nightmares of trying to learn Dutch
[14:31:20] <pupnik_> that is well aid
[14:31:25] <pupnik_> said
[14:31:37] <Gekz> lol
[14:31:38] <Gekz> Dutch
[14:31:41] <Gekz> is not a language
[14:31:44] <Gekz> it's a fail
[14:31:47] <Gekz> ij
[14:31:51] <Gekz> what's ij
[14:32:53] <pupnik_> mij is mine, ij is 'i'?
[14:32:56] <fuzzie> it is ij!
[14:33:02] <pupnik_> whoah
[14:33:33] <pupnik_> at least dutch don't have genders for nouns :)
[14:33:42] <wjp> yes we do
[14:33:43] <fuzzie> well, it sort of does
[14:33:45] <pupnik_> oh
[14:33:54] <pupnik_> well you don't have the der/die/das
[14:34:04] <wjp> we cut it down to de/het
[14:34:05] <fuzzie> but only the gendered vs neuter distinction really matters, and yes, no cases :)
[14:34:06] <pupnik_> that is what i have been told
[14:34:31] <Gekz> lol
[14:34:37] <Gekz> neuter and gender
[14:34:42] <Gekz> like in swedish
[14:34:44] <Gekz> neuter and common
[14:35:08] <Gekz> fuzzie: you still have a SOV language
[14:35:20] <Gekz> I him gave a present
[14:35:32] <Gekz> maybe naut
[14:35:36] <Gekz> I a present gave to him
[14:35:38] <Gekz> makes more sense
[14:36:12] <wjp> which language are you talking about now?
[14:36:43] <wjp> apparently not about english or dutch...
[14:37:21] <Gekz> I'm not sure
[14:37:24] <Gekz> I completely forgot
[14:37:41] <Gekz> wjp: Dutch doesnt have the second place verb rule of german does it?
[14:37:42] <Gekz> like
[14:37:46] <Gekz> Ich muss ins Kino gehen
[14:37:56] <Gekz> bad example
[14:38:09] <Gekz> am Morgen, gehe ich ins Kino.
[14:38:14] <Gekz> that
[14:38:38] <wjp> in dutch the word order would be the same (but without the comma)
[14:39:04] <Gekz> o.o
[14:39:09] <Gekz> I hate Dutch more now
[14:39:29] <fuzzie> i have a lovely English-language book which manages to summarise Dutch word order in a mere 50 pages or so
[14:39:53] <Gekz> lol.
[14:43:08] <wjp> not bad :-)
[14:43:47] <Gekz> why are there so many naz^Wgermanic people in here
[14:46:29] <pupnik_> :/
[14:46:31] <pupnik_> lol
[14:46:51] <Gekz> coincidentally
[14:46:57] <Gekz> my entire family line is german and dutch
[14:46:57] <Gekz> lol
[14:47:03] <Gekz> and I speak german a bit
[14:47:19] <pupnik_> das ist gut ve mast have ein beer ja
[14:47:28] <pupnik_> :)
[14:47:39] <pupnik_> me 2
[14:47:51] <Gekz> lol
[14:47:58] <Gekz> Es gut bei mir
[14:49:27] <pupnik_> sun is almost down. leaves must be raked. ttyl!
[14:50:12] <Gekz> lol
[14:50:13] <Gekz> bais
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[15:18:12] <pupnik_> i need you guys to tell me about things you want to be able to do on a star-trek cellphone
[15:19:11] <Gekz> fap
[15:19:58] <fuzzie> have the source code to the battery charging app? :)
[15:25:10] <pupnik_> haah
[15:25:37] <pupnik_> need a fartlet revenue strem
[15:25:42] <pupnik_> stream
[15:25:58] <pupnik_> apps/applets
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