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[01:35:37] <GemRBDiscord> <psilynt> About a commit a day. Amazed work is progressing so fast.
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[06:26:36] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> i don't know the overall average, but this long weekend it was more like 10 per day — here you see only the main branch stuff
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[13:48:08] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Well, it seems that I´m in need of help again. My IWD installation seems to be plenty of bug and my skills with the console are pretty poor. Using NearInfiniy I can see that the trigger to obtain the result I´m looking for is: GlobalGT("Yxunomei_Dead", "GLOBAL", 0)Global("Dying_Arundel", "LOCALS", 1)
[13:49:31] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> you can check the variables quickly via the gemrb console (prints to the log): cv("Yxunomei_Dead")
[13:49:43] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> and cv("Dying_Arundel", "LOCALS")
[13:50:05] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Thanks, I´ll try.
[13:53:20] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Thanks again, the variable for Yxunomei is 1. So I can change it using: ExecuteString('SetGlobal("Yxunomei_Dead","GLOBAL",0)')
[13:53:27] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> No?
[13:53:48] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> yes and no
[13:53:53] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> did you kill her yet?
[13:53:57] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Yes
[13:54:07] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> It´s dead dead
[13:54:13] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> so a value of 1 makes sense
[13:55:30] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> So I´m losing then. I´ve killed her, but somewhat it doesn´t trigger the action.
[13:56:29] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> The command cv says GLOBAL Yxunomei_Dead=1
[13:56:52] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> And LOCALS Dying_Arundel=0
[13:57:14] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> yes, the first var sounds fine. Just checked that it's never used with 2 or higher
[13:57:41] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> btw, for setting, you can do it directly, since the binding has the same name: SetGlobal("var","context",value)
[13:58:13] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> Dying_Arundel is also only checked for being set to 1 or not
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[13:58:29] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> are you saying you need it to be 1?
[13:59:50] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Yes, at least is what nearinfinity tells me
[13:59:55] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> it's set to 1 by one of his other scripts, not sure where it's attached
[14:00:03] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> so just set that to 1 then
[14:01:27] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> About this, I´m sorry but I don´t understand it very well. I thought that I have to use the command ExecuteString...
[14:07:48] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> i'm saying it's also a shorthand
[14:07:57] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> you can do it the long way if you want
[14:11:37] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Ahhh, ok ok
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[15:22:17] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Well, I must doing something wrong. I´ve checked the var and they are ok, but the action is not triggered.
[15:22:40] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Maybe it´s something more complicated
[15:24:12] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> When we arrived to Kuldahar before killing Ixunomei, first Arundel doesn´t acknowledged that we have killed Ixunomei and that we haver returned with the Heartstone.
[15:25:10] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> So I used nearinfnity to see what triggers the answer and I managed to use the console to unlock that answer.
[15:27:44] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> So now, Arundel is the badguy in disguise, talks with us and he goes away, so I go upstairs, and there the dying Arundel must talk with us. But the dying Arundel doesn´t appear at all. No matters what I´ve done throught the console. I have checked the variables and they seems to be ok.
[15:28:21] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Any help will be appreciate. Maybe I was too ambitious with the modding...
[15:28:28] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> what area is that top floor?
[15:28:34] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> ctrl-m somewhere to see it
[15:28:37] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> or just jump
[15:28:46] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> I´ll check
[15:31:51] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> what's the value of ARUNDEL_OUTSIDE?
[15:32:05] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> the area should be ar2112
[15:32:40] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Upfloor is ar2116
[15:34:10] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> and also ARUNDEL_DEAD?
[15:39:36] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> 0
[15:39:57] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> 1
[15:40:03] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Sorry for the delay
[15:48:14] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> he committed suicide, that's why he's not there
[15:48:32] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> 😅
[15:49:20] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> he does that if you speak to him twice
[15:51:01] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> 😭
[15:51:30] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Any way to fix this? Or try from a previous save?
[15:51:47] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> SetGlobal("Severed_Hand_Reveal", "GLOBAL", 1)
[15:52:17] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> I´ll try that
[15:55:32] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> does it appear on the world map?
[15:55:46] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> i actually don't see any code for that ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[15:56:33] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> and that's all the dialog does 🙂
[15:56:46] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Nope, no luck with this
[15:57:47] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Yes yes, It appears
[15:58:13] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Sorry, it´s very down in the world map
[15:58:50] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> just travel there
[15:59:34] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> So, with travelling there the story will go on, isn´t it?
[15:59:54] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> I think that it must begin chapter three
[16:00:02] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> sure
[16:00:13] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> So, thank you very much
[16:00:56] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> I there some place where to learn all this commands? Or is it just a lot of experience, tinkering and answering?
[16:01:50] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Not the commands, that I know that they are in gemRB webplace
[16:02:25] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> The variables, tha actions, and so on...
[16:02:45] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> easiest to use NearInfinity and look at the files involved
[16:02:59] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> i also have a text dump of the dialogs and scripts for fast searching
[16:08:12] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> It´s a good idea
[16:09:30] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Well, thank for the help and your patience
[16:12:59] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> I have still the doubt about wich of the mods that I´ve installed is the cause for all this bugs, or is gemRB fault. Is my first time using gemRB and I don´t know if all of this is normal. I´ve found no orcs attacking Kuldahar neither at the return of killing Ixunomei...
[16:28:29] <GemRBDiscord> <WanderingQuill> iwd should be normally finishable, but it's been a while since i tried. Same for another dev. And I doubt we used any script mods
[16:33:12] <GemRBDiscord> <dagdha2002> Well, my IWD installation is modded with Unfinished business, Auril´s Bane, some cdtweaks and some 1pp, so I have a lot of potential sources for my bugs...
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