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[03:49:05] <lupinIII> if Im having some problems with the android version, is that officially "supporteD"
[03:49:14] <lupinIII> it started since 2 updates ago
[03:49:40] <lupinIII> UI problems. I lose teh ability to click on UI elements
[03:50:24] <brad_a> sounds like you didnt update your gui scripts
[03:50:42] <lupinIII> brad, its teh market version
[03:50:50] <brad_a> so?
[03:51:07] <brad_a> i dont really know wht to tell you about android
[03:51:09] <lupinIII> should I delete my gemrb directory and redownload the supplemental data?
[03:51:34] <brad_a> you should probably delete everything but BG/IWD/PST game data
[03:51:39] <lupinIII> I didn't know I needed to redownload the supplemental every time there's an update
[03:51:43] <lupinIII> Ill try that
[03:51:55] <lupinIII> glad I asked, it sounds like a simple fix
[03:51:59] <brad_a> well i dont know how self contained the android distribution is
[04:17:17] <tomprince> lupinIII: We're happy to help as much as possible here, but beholder, who maintains the android port is probably best reached through g3
[04:18:30] <lupinIII> got ya
[04:18:59] <brad_a> is there reason the ndroid codeisnt in the repo?
[04:23:27] <tomprince> Well, some of it was in pelya's android sdl repo, I think.
[04:24:33] <lupinIII> brad
[04:24:34] <lupinIII> fixed it
[04:24:39] <lupinIII> thanks again for the advice
[04:26:29] <brad_a> yup
[04:27:07] <brad_a> its a pretty common problem unfortunately
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[05:20:22] <brad_a> tomprince: i know is super far from being done, but i want to know if im on the right track
[05:20:22] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/logger.patch
[05:20:36] <brad_a> interfacewise
[05:21:03] <brad_a> i know the implementation of the methods should replce the existing functions nd not use them
[05:21:17] <brad_a> i didnt comment much :(
[05:21:40] <brad_a> but the macros are handy because owner is automatically passed
[05:22:43] <brad_a> unfortunately there doesnt seem to be a class name equivalent of __func__ macro :-/
[05:22:44] <tomprince> Well, except, do we want the function name there? Or something like modules that we currently have?
[05:22:56] <brad_a> well i wnt both
[05:23:02] <brad_a> and a working a key
[05:23:47] <tomprince> And, I'd rather have the public interface be free functions, rather than have a global.
[05:24:01] <brad_a> im not sure what that means
[05:24:12] <tomprince> Rather than methods.
[05:24:59] <brad_a> oh i see
[05:25:39] <brad_a> except part of the reason i wanted to do this as a class is so i can subclass it
[05:25:45] <tomprince> Those functions could then just call a method on a global.
[05:25:57] <brad_a> oh
[05:26:06] <tomprince> But, I was actually pondering a day or two ago having multiple loggers.
[05:28:15] <brad_a> about logging module vs function name you can always pass the owner name yourself...
[05:28:31] <brad_a> tho i still wish there was a macro for class name
[05:28:52] <tomprince> Well, you don't always *have* a class name ...
[05:28:57] <brad_a> i know
[05:29:47] <brad_a> but i know there are implementation macros for it
[05:29:54] <brad_a> just not a standard one
[05:31:39] <brad_a> and __FILE__ unfortunately give the entire path...
[05:32:04] <brad_a> i guess if we really wanted we could use a path function on it
[05:32:51] <tomprince> I'd worry about that less then the rst of it.
[05:35:35] <brad_a> I would if i knew what i should do for the rest of it :-P
[05:36:16] <tomprince> brad_a: You aware that the order of colors is significant?
[05:36:34] <brad_a> well yes. i forgot to reorder the other part
[05:36:52] <brad_a> or is it significant in another way?
[05:37:02] <brad_a> i know its a key -> value type of thing
[05:37:11] <tomprince> Well, it also matches (or should match) ansi color codes.
[05:38:57] <tomprince> Also, with a free function interface, the Logger class doesn't need to be included everywhere, so it can go in seperate header.
[05:39:52] <brad_a> well the way i figured is logger class replacess alll (or almost all) the existing print functions
[05:41:03] <tomprince> Well, yes. But like I said, the public interface should still be free functions. Even if they simply call methods on some global object.
[05:41:19] <tomprince> (in my opinion)
[05:41:45] <tomprince> And, so since most code won't be calling methods, the class doesn't need to be public.
[05:41:58] <brad_a> i guess i dont understand the diffrence so much
[05:45:31] <tomprince> brad_a: https://gist.github.com/1749971
[05:47:21] <tomprince> Or https://gist.github.com/1749980
[05:47:26] <brad_a> i understand what you mean i just dont understand why its better.
[05:48:02] <brad_a> also what would we do with multiple loggers?
[05:48:08] <brad_a> just log to more than one place?
[05:48:18] <tomprince> Yes.
[05:48:30] <tomprince> file+console for example.
[05:48:39] <tomprince> Perhaps with different log levels.
[05:48:53] <tomprince> Maybe have in game access to the logs...
[05:49:16] <brad_a> that sounds good
[05:49:25] <tomprince> (crazy idea) expose the log over http
[05:51:05] <tomprince> I already have code to run a webserver from inside gemrb.
[05:51:33] <brad_a> i recall
[05:51:47] <brad_a> tho i dont know how easy it is to run :)
[05:52:50] <brad_a> so i guess the reason using functions is better is so we can use multiple loggers?
[05:53:50] <tomprince> That is part of the reason.
[05:54:40] <brad_a> so construct like Logger(stream*)?
[05:54:56] <brad_a> im not familiar enough with C++ to know
[05:55:01] <brad_a> use FILE?
[05:56:09] <tomprince> I'm not sure.
[05:56:42] <brad_a> i guess we can use both :-P
[05:56:43] <tomprince> For logging to a file, I'd be inclined to use a datastream.
[05:56:57] <tomprince> Although, that wouldn't work for stdio.
[05:57:25] <brad_a> well we can have more than one constructor and do some magic
[05:57:57] <tomprince> Well, but I guess we probabably don't want color in logfiles, so they will need differnt handling anyway.
[05:58:03] <brad_a> yes
[05:58:08] <brad_a> and the subclasses
[05:58:12] <brad_a> like for android
[05:58:16] <brad_a> or mac/ios
[05:58:23] <tomprince> Huh? Isn't the point of having a class, so you can use subclasses, rather than having multiple constructors?
[05:58:41] <brad_a> yes that would be nice
[05:59:22] <brad_a> so a diffrent subclass for logging to a file
[06:00:24] <tomprince> That seems reasonable.
[06:02:50] <brad_a> im trying to figure out how platforms with spicific needs/incompatibilities fit in
[06:03:38] <tomprince> Are there any specific needs?
[06:03:51] <brad_a> well i see a bunch of android stuff in here
[06:04:06] <brad_a> not sure about windows
[06:04:34] <brad_a> i was hoping to not have a bunch of ifdefs
[06:04:49] <brad_a> and jsut do subclasses somehow
[06:11:19] <tomprince> You'll need some ifdefs, or something. But probably just to compile or not entire classes, and then register them.
[06:11:47] <brad_a> right but not the mess we have now
[06:15:11] <tomprince> No.
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[08:41:16] <edheldil> tomprince: will __VA_ARGS__ work with msvc6, our feature nemesis? :)
[08:41:39] <fuzzie> no
[08:42:20] <edheldil> too bad brad is always offline when I read backlog :)
[08:42:41] <edheldil> good morning, everyone
[08:43:00] <fuzzie> in fact msvc6 is pre-1999 even :)
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[16:14:23] <sataniac> I try to play BG2 with gemrb, but it doesnt find progtest.bif, ProgTes2.bif, DeSound.bif. i couldn't find the propblem yet. any ideas?
[16:14:56] <sataniac> pastebin: http://pastebin.com/NX1LnYQb
[16:14:59] <tomprince> There isn't a problem, they just don't exist
[16:15:24] <tomprince> They still exists in the index, but nothing uses them.
[16:15:54] <tomprince> (We don't have a blacklist of known non-existing bifs, in the code)
[16:15:59] <sataniac> how can i solve this?
[16:18:25] <edheldil> sataniac: just ignore it
[16:19:17] <tomprince> sataniac: Have you installed gemrb, or are you just running it from the build dir. It looks like the latter.
[16:19:46] <sataniac> tomprince: installed
[16:19:52] <tomprince> You need to point GemRBPath at the gemrb folder in the source, if you want that.
[16:20:09] <tomprince> Does the named file exist?
[16:20:15] <sataniac> no
[16:20:29] <sataniac> maybe if i create blank files?
[16:20:49] <tomprince> Where did you install it?
[16:21:04] <tomprince> No, don't just create blank files.
[16:21:49] <tomprince> sataniac: Ignore the bif errors, that has nothing to do with gemrb not working.
[16:22:52] <sataniac> oh, I thoght that was the problem :-( well, now I see the problem is after that :-(
[16:23:08] <tomprince> Does that file exist?
[16:24:08] <tomprince> Also, there is a newer version of gemrb than you are apperntly using.
[16:25:07] <sataniac> should i compile a newer version or just find where is the config problem? first time I try to use this
[16:25:24] <edheldil> what does /home/lorand/.gemrb/gemrb.cfg look like?
[16:25:45] <tomprince> Well, I'd suggest using a newer version, but that won't magically make a config problem go away.
[16:26:03] <sataniac> edheldil: http://pastebin.com/LrH2iCgu
[16:26:28] <sataniac> i think i just have to find where is the gemrb directory :-D
[16:27:45] <edheldil> We should discourage touching GUIScriptsPat , IMO
[16:27:57] <tomprince> You have lines there that suggest both /usr/share/gemrb and /usr/share/games/gemrb
[16:28:50] <edheldil> Good spot, Tom
[16:29:52] <sataniac> tomprince: i replaced that lines to /etc/games/gemrb, but there is no GUIDefines.py
[16:30:43] <edheldil> Comment out GUIScriptsPath line
[16:31:24] <sataniac> edheldil: ok. still the same error
[16:31:48] <edheldil> ok.... WHERE is GUIDefines.py installed?
[16:32:35] <sataniac> edheldil: I have no idea where should I find it, normally where should it be?
[16:33:10] <tomprince> Well, how did you install it? Also, try /usr/share/gemrb and /usr/share/games/gemrb
[16:33:11] <edheldil> either /usr/share/games/gemrb/GUIScripts or /usr/share/gemrb/GUIScripts , probably
[16:33:48] <sataniac> the first
[16:36:07] <edheldil> then the GemRBPath should be /usr/share/games/gemrb, probably. But please start by commenting out GemRBPath, GUIScriptsPath, GameOverridePath, GemRBOverridePath
[16:37:31] <sataniac> okay. it works :-D
[16:37:55] <sataniac> Thank you!
[16:38:02] <edheldil> and now upgrade ;-P
[16:38:22] <sataniac> no way :-D
[16:38:41] <sataniac> upgrade just screw up my system every second time :-D
[16:38:58] <edheldil> I meant upgrade GemRB :)
[16:39:29] <sataniac> I know, but if it works now, then its good enough for me :-D
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[18:34:08] <brad_a> we should come up with a way to do version sanity checks on gui scripts
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[18:35:26] <MTpitre> Hi there, just have another quick question about gemrb
[18:36:08] <MTpitre> Was fiddling witg Dragonlance editor and was wondering if there is a way I can add my own menus and game mechanics to the game?
[18:36:54] <MTpitre> for instance I was thinking of introducing a alternative advancement system for my game but not too sure if this is possible in gemrb?
[18:38:16] <MTpitre> for instance a class like a cleric levels up past a certain level like level 10, a new menu in the character menu becomes available allowing the player to spend points accumalted from experience to further specialize the character through bought ailities
[18:40:03] <MTpitre> this menu is really seperate from anything else in the game, it adds abilities that are bought through AA points either gotten from regular experience or from completing quests
[18:41:43] <tomprince> In principle, you can do anything, since the source is all there.
[18:41:52] <tomprince> All the gui is controlled via python scripts.
[18:42:20] <MTpitre> Very nice, so in doing so I can compile the source and modify the engine to my liking?
[18:42:24] <tomprince> I think the level up procedure is handled entirely (or at least mostly there)
[18:42:37] <MTpitre> interesting indeed
[18:42:39] <tomprince> Yes.
[18:43:00] <MTpitre> Thank you, is the engine built with python scripts or another language?
[18:43:20] <tomprince> Although, it'd probably make sesne to contribute your changes back upstream, so they remain compatible.
[18:43:25] <tomprince> A mix of C++ and python.
[18:43:37] <MTpitre> it would be a great learning experiencing for me if I can change a few things to understand things better
[18:43:40] <MTpitre> gotcha
[18:43:51] <MTpitre> upstream sounds good
[18:44:09] <brad_a> have a look at "chivs usability patches" on the forum
[18:44:36] <MTpitre> Thank you, will do
[18:44:47] <brad_a> speaking of what ever happened to him? for that matter the guy who was working on bouncing projectiles
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[19:06:11] <tomprince> Easiest, but not most polished ...
[19:07:40] <brad_a> IIRC there are already BG mods for lvl up advancement using dialogues with diffrent behavior from the standard way
[19:08:45] <tomprince> If you are making a new game, you need to create all the screens, and wire them up anyway...
[19:21:16] <lynxlynxlynx> you need to start small or you won't get far
[19:21:25] <tomprince> True.
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[21:00:23] <CIA-41> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r417013ab48e2 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/FXOpcodes/FXOpcodes.cpp: cleaned up fxopcodes, added envenom option to poison
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