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[05:09:54] <hotguy> how do you run games in gemrb?
[05:10:05] <hotguy> i just have a terminal window
[05:12:18] <kandros> Currently I just cd into the dir with the game files and run the engine with the appropriate config file
[05:12:57] <kandros> I'll add "&>/dev/null &" if I feel fancy
[05:16:12] <hotguy> i am a total noob
[05:16:16] <hotguy> so i installed BD
[05:16:22] <hotguy> from ubuntu software center
[05:16:30] <hotguy> when i open up badlurs gate gemrb from my games directory
[05:16:33] <hotguy> i just ge ta terminal window
[05:16:41] <hotguy> it says "to run a command as administrator..."
[05:16:43] <hotguy> sorry
[05:16:45] <hotguy> i am a noob
[05:17:07] <kandros> Oh, I thought you meant that you used a terminal window to launch games, my bad
[05:17:07] <hotguy> so i need like
[05:17:09] <hotguy> an actual cd?
[05:17:20] <kandros> Not necessarily
[05:17:31] <kandros> I don't have a CD drive, but I got my hands on the files through GOG
[05:18:16] <kandros> You can put the game's directory anywhere your used can read them, and then you launch gemrb from the same folder
[05:18:27] <kandros> I do not know how to do that without a terminal, though
[05:18:37] <kandros> I'm not familiar with Ubuntu
[05:20:16] <hotguy> ah so when you download it
[05:20:25] <hotguy> through software center you are not actually downloading the game?
[05:20:30] <hotguy> sorry for afk
[05:20:34] <hotguy> messing around on the desktop
[05:20:47] <kandros> Don't worry, it's IRC
[05:20:49] <hotguy> yeah it's a linux problem
[05:20:53] <hotguy> i believe
[05:21:17] <kandros> Game files are not distributed through the Software Center as they are copy-righted
[05:21:33] <kandros> You'll have to buy the game to aquire the files, and then use them in the gemrb engine
[05:21:41] <hotguy> ahh, okay
[05:21:43] <hotguy> lol that makes sense
[05:21:53] <kandros> Which game are you trying to play?
[05:21:59] <hotguy> icewind dale
[05:22:15] <hotguy> atm
[05:22:30] <hotguy> but have been trying to get BD working today and yesterday
[05:22:36] <kandros> I believe both Icewind Dales are available on Steam, in the Enhanced Edition
[05:22:41] <kandros> at least the first game is
[05:23:02] <kandros> Not to draw away focus from gemrb, but there i no hassle with the Steam version
[05:23:09] <kandros> BD?
[05:24:12] <hotguy> ah nice
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[08:53:49] <edheldil> Hi all
[09:18:04] <kandros> heyo
[09:39:19] <lynxlynxlynx> thanks for helping back there, kandros
[09:39:51] <kandros> You're welcome
[09:40:42] <kandros> or "thanks"
[09:40:44] <kandros> sounds nicer
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[23:07:16] <PraiseSatin> Hey
[23:07:29] <PraiseSatin> I bought baldur's gate 1, and I'm having some problems installing it
[23:07:36] <PraiseSatin> for instance, I literally can't install it
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