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[13:23:05] <fuzzie> afternoon
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[14:38:43] <lynxlynxlynx> hi, i'm back :)
[14:39:00] <fuzzie> hello!
[14:39:15] <lynxlynxlynx> got a stinking cloud effect of my own now! >>
[14:42:55] <lynxlynxlynx> time to wash it away
[15:13:34] <lynxlynxlynx> i got confirmation i was a geek on this trip: managed to fix the network at a remote (as in far away, not on-the-other-side-of-the-line) mountain cabin
[15:14:10] <fuzzie> congratulations :)
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[15:57:33] <lynxlynxlynx> heh
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[17:45:36] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6708 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/Projectile.cpp: fixed failure spell to work correctly for cone/ignore self AOE too
[17:47:35] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6709 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/override/how/ (gemprjtl.ids prtl_cl.pro prtl_cl.spl prtl_op.pro prtl_op.spl): finished unhardcoding the portal open/close hack projectiles
[18:04:14] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6710 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/IWDOpcodes/IWDOpc.cpp: implemented area animation change effect opcode (this is a new effect to generalize a HoW hack)
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[18:05:49] <fuzzie> hi
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[18:09:23] <Avenger> hi
[18:10:35] <Avenger> this area animation hack is not working atm, i just had the bright idea to use BM_ operations instead of straight xor
[18:11:28] <Avenger> the original engine always used a simple conversion table which could be simulated by xor 4
[18:20:49] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6711 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/ (4 files in 2 dirs): added new effect to effect list, corrected opcode parameters
[18:21:29] <Avenger> now we just need a modder with artistic talent
[18:22:31] <fuzzie> what for?
[18:23:35] <Avenger> i've created a new effect opcode, to support the portal cutscene in HoW. But i didn't want it to be so restricted, so i made it useful for area affecting spells
[18:23:59] <Avenger> the opcode simply can alter an area animation's cycle and play a projectile animation over it
[18:24:27] <fuzzie> ah :) so we cannot say "help, we need this for gemrb", just "this would be neat"
[18:25:04] <Avenger> well, i think we can add this to the mod ideas list
[18:25:21] <Avenger> spells affecting environment is one of those 'wanted' thingies
[18:26:26] <Avenger> in any case, this isn't a futile code. i'm sure i replicated the original code in less bytes written :)
[18:26:33] <fuzzie> :)
[18:27:03] <fuzzie> where is the spell casting effect projectile triggered?
[18:27:15] <Avenger> it is a long story :)
[18:27:22] <fuzzie> it is timed completely wrong
[18:27:28] <Avenger> PRTL_OP/PRTL_CL are the projectiles
[18:27:31] <fuzzie> so i am wondering how to fix that
[18:27:35] <Avenger> aah
[18:27:39] <Avenger> you mean in general
[18:27:57] <Avenger> lemme reconsider your question
[18:28:01] <fuzzie> ok :)
[18:28:39] <Avenger> hmm
[18:28:52] <Avenger> it should be a casting glow effect, which is added to the cfb, no?
[18:29:06] <fuzzie> ah, it is in every spell?
[18:29:16] <Avenger> yes
[18:29:23] <Avenger> it is automagically added to the cfb
[18:29:50] <fuzzie> ok, fx_casting_glow, i see it :)
[18:30:31] <fuzzie> thanks
[18:31:30] <Avenger> EffectQueue *fxqueue = spl->GetEffectBlock(-1, SpellHeader);
[18:31:42] <Avenger> this is the cfb query in ActorBlock
[18:32:29] <Avenger> the entire cfb should be applied at the beginning of casting
[18:32:38] <Avenger> then the casting time goes down
[18:32:56] <Avenger> and then the projectile needs to be created for the effect
[18:33:40] <fuzzie> mhm, I just didn't think to look in the individual spell cfb!
[18:34:21] <Avenger> there is no code for the casting glow in the cfb
[18:34:40] <Avenger> the cfb is rarely used
[18:34:46] <Avenger> pst has some neat use of it
[18:34:54] <Avenger> and dltc uses it for its mana system :)
[18:35:41] <Avenger> but it is a very convenient place to use for the casting glow
[18:36:02] <Avenger> i also use the item equipping effects in pst, for some similar trick
[18:36:30] <Avenger> pst items got some automatic avatar coloration based on an itm field
[18:36:58] <fuzzie> *nod*
[18:37:07] <fuzzie> i see the casting glow code now
[18:37:13] <fuzzie> and it is not very clever :-)
[18:37:17] <Avenger> meh
[18:37:22] <fuzzie> but that is easy to fix
[18:37:25] <Avenger> the fx itself?
[18:37:28] <Avenger> or what?
[18:37:35] <Avenger> or the code that adds it to the cfb
[18:37:48] <fuzzie> we can simply pass the casting time to the GetEffectBlock call, or modify the first effect returned
[18:38:26] <Avenger> hmm oh, i think i know what you mean, the casting glow effect duration isn't set to the spell's casting time?
[18:38:30] <fuzzie> yes
[18:38:34] <fuzzie> and the spell itself cannot know that
[18:38:39] <Avenger> you could have said that :)
[18:39:06] <fuzzie> sorry :)
[18:39:45] <fuzzie> maybe you have a preference for how it should work?
[18:40:13] <Avenger> not really, i was happy to add it in its crude form :) not stupid, but crude i admit
[18:40:32] <Avenger> i didn't know how the various effects will affect spell casting time
[18:40:45] <Avenger> and also, there is spell failure by getting hit
[18:40:57] <fuzzie> my code only takes IE_MENTALSPEED into account now, but we also need to terminate it if the spell is interrupted
[18:41:05] <Avenger> hmm, wait, i think that isn't affecting the casting glow
[18:41:16] <fuzzie> i didn't look at the interruption behaviour yet
[18:41:39] <Avenger> well, this is something for you :) you are pretty good at refining the axed up code
[18:42:10] <Avenger> just don't say stupid when it is only unrefined :) stupid is for something that needs to be removed, not refined :)
[18:43:04] <fuzzie> sorry, i didn't mean stupid by 'not clever', just unrefined
[18:43:24] * lynxlynxlynx gives fuzzie a ring of diplomacy +1
[18:43:32] <Avenger> :)
[18:43:43] <fuzzie> yes, i'm sure i was gifted with a terrible charisma stat at chargen
[18:45:47] <fuzzie> and i never stop being amazed at how much of this code works, unrefined or not :)
[18:47:16] <Avenger> well, it really started to work this year. I knew the stuff is there, but it didn't really work.
[18:49:10] <Avenger> ok, back to windows and the projectiles
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[18:54:55] <fuzzie> hm
[18:55:01] <fuzzie> whenever I look for information about this spell casting
[18:55:07] <fuzzie> Avenger has already worked it out
[18:55:22] <fuzzie> and put it in a forum post somewhere that i can only find by google :)
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[18:57:59] <fuzzie> (not that that is bad, it is ideal, the forums are easy to search)
[19:00:24] <pupnik> yep
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[19:16:10] <Avenger> HoW got a dynamic searchmap bug :) When one of my pc's died, they left behind an unwalkable point :)
[19:16:47] <Avenger> after reload, it worked fine
[19:17:09] <Avenger> uhh, i forgot to say, this IS the original game
[19:17:32] <fuzzie> heh :)
[19:17:54] <fuzzie> i never worked out how the dynamic searchmap is meant to work with dying
[19:19:26] <Avenger> what's the problem with it?
[19:19:53] <fuzzie> is it cleared at death, or after the death anim?
[19:20:12] <Avenger> ahh, well, i would pick whichever is easier
[19:20:27] <Avenger> the death anim takes less than a second
[19:20:35] <Avenger> so it isn't a game breaker for sure
[19:20:38] <fuzzie> i did :) just wondering what it's meant to be
[19:21:10] <Avenger> well, if you really really want to know, alter one avatar's death sequence with lots of new frames
[19:21:14] <Avenger> so it takes some time
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[19:21:33] <Avenger> then try to walk over them after a ctrl-y
[19:22:02] <Avenger> i think their feet circle vanishes at death, even with full feedback?
[19:22:31] <fuzzie> yes, as far as i could see
[19:22:49] <Avenger> i believe that is the point where they stop taking up space
[19:24:34] <Avenger> huh, the smashing wave projectile affects the caster
[19:24:39] <Avenger> it is an aggro spell
[19:24:49] <Avenger> i wonder how it is working out for the caster :)
[19:38:47] <Avenger> now i know :)
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[21:08:03] <fuzzie> Hm, casting glows are a little silly.
[21:08:14] <fuzzie> Start one in the original engine and then immediately run away..
[21:08:19] <fuzzie> They just stay there :)
[21:09:01] <wjp> won't they move after finishing the spell?
[21:09:22] <fuzzie> moving cancels the spell
[21:09:38] <fuzzie> but, i mean, they stay there for the casting time, which can be a good 6 seconds :)
[21:09:48] <wjp> ah
[21:10:11] <wjp> that's somewhat suboptimal :-)
[21:16:40] <Avenger> well, i'm glad they are so crappy in the IE, at least we don't have to care with them too much ;)
[21:16:53] <Avenger> i just fixed the cone area of effect, i hope
[21:17:08] <Avenger> i still have some problem with line area of effects
[21:17:23] <Avenger> i hope one of you will take a peek at it ;)
[21:17:31] <Avenger> i'll upload what i did
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[21:17:50] * fuzzie puts the bugfixing hat on wjp's head.
[21:18:26] * wjp puts it on his desk and goes to bed :-)
[21:18:30] <wjp> good night
[21:18:35] <fuzzie> night :)
[21:22:36] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6712 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/Projectile.cpp: fixed cone area of effect
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[21:57:34] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6713 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/override/how/ (swave.pro tspray.pro): new projectiles
[21:58:06] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6714 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/Projectile.cpp: fixed cycle settings of child projectiles
[22:01:29] <CIA-19> gemrb: 03avenger_teambg * r6715 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/override/how/swave.pro: fixed orientation of smashing wave
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