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[06:27:39] <Hellcommander|2> hi
[06:28:13] <Hellcommander|2> anyone on know how to fix some errors in code?
[06:48:43] <wjp> hi; that would depend a lot on the errors
[06:49:47] <wjp> (all gemrb developers are European, by the way, and it's still a bit early here)
[06:50:15] <Hellcommander|2> there has been errors in sdlvideo that haven't been resolved
[06:50:54] <Hellcommander|2> gemrbsvn\gemrb\plugins\SDLVideo\SDLVideo.cpp(865): error C2039: 'colorkey' : is not a member of 'SDL_PixelFormat' for example
[06:51:36] <Hellcommander|2> 2:51 am here :) eastern U.S.A.
[06:54:05] <Hellcommander|2> many warnings that could cause loss of data too
[06:54:15] <wjp> is that SDL 1.3?
[06:54:25] <Hellcommander|2> yes
[06:54:31] <wjp> I don't think we support that
[06:54:50] <Hellcommander|2> it says on note added support
[06:55:48] <wjp> ah, yes, last week
[06:56:05] <wjp> but then you're probably using a version that's older than that
[06:56:15] <Hellcommander|2> I remember that error from long ago
[06:56:37] <Hellcommander|2> even with sdl 1.2
[06:57:25] <wjp> I'm pretty sure that the colorkey specs in SDL 1.2 haven't changed in ages
[06:57:34] <Hellcommander|2> gemrb\plugins\sdlvideo\SDLVideoDriver.inl(373): warning C4333: '>>' : right shift by too large amount, data loss been there for a while
[06:58:30] <Hellcommander|2> ill try with sdl 1.2
[07:00:00] <wjp> that warning is a false positive; the code is unreachable when the macro expands to a large shift
[07:00:11] <wjp> so harmless
[07:00:28] <wjp> time to go to work; see you later
[07:00:49] <fuzzie> that is indeed sdl 1.3 bug
[07:01:35] <Hellcommander|2> fixes error if you switch to 1.2 but warnings still are still present
[07:02:04] <fuzzie> and are you building in release mode?
[07:02:11] <Hellcommander|2> yes
[07:02:28] <Hellcommander|2> need the preformance
[07:02:35] <fuzzie> msvc10 didn't seem to be giving any warnings there, from memory
[07:05:00] <Hellcommander|2> what warning level do you have it one
[07:05:04] <fuzzie> but it does seem like an obvious compiler bug, as wjp says
[07:05:15] <Hellcommander|2> im using 2010 edition
[07:06:27] <fuzzie> the code isn't reachable, so no data loss possible
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[08:38:22] <Hellcommander> hi
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[08:40:19] <Hellcommander> Im having trouble with the png importer 4 errors
[08:40:56] <Hellcommander> gemrbsvn\gemrb\plugins\PNGImporter\PNGImporter.cpp(36): error C2065: 'voidp' : undeclared identifier is first one anyone know how to fix
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[08:43:11] <Hellcommander> last 3 1>..\..\..\..\gemrbsvn\gemrb\plugins\PNGImporter\PNGImporter.cpp(36): error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'read_io_ptr'
[08:43:11] <Hellcommander> 1>..\..\..\..\gemrbsvn\gemrb\plugins\PNGImporter\PNGImporter.cpp(36): error C2065: 'read_io_ptr' : undeclared identifier
[08:43:11] <Hellcommander> 1>..\..\..\..\gemrbsvn\gemrb\plugins\PNGImporter\PNGImporter.cpp(37): error C2065: 'read_io_ptr' : undeclared identifier
[08:49:22] <fuzzie> you should try a copy of gemrb which isn't a year old, I guess :)
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[08:50:51] <fuzzie> or, well, >6months
[08:51:19] <fuzzie> i guess the 'gemrbsvn' means you haven't updated to git, so that would be your problem
[08:51:34] <Hellcommander> lol I have latest update from server
[08:51:40] <Hellcommander> git
[08:53:41] <fuzzie> but the 'voidp' has been gone for a long time
[08:54:51] <Hellcommander> lol i targeted wrong file
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[09:00:42] <SiENcE> hey. whats the status of running gemrb on ipad? can you make an official appstore app?
[09:01:22] <fuzzie> you can't make an official appstore app
[09:01:38] <fuzzie> i imagine someone will put it in cydia though
[09:02:16] <SiENcE> why the hell not?
[09:02:27] <SiENcE> because of pyhton?
[09:02:34] <fuzzie> because of the game scripts
[09:02:53] <fuzzie> the app store rules say you're not allowed to run any scripts which aren't bundled inside the app itself
[09:02:54] <SiENcE> i understand :(
[09:03:02] <SiENcE> yes i know
[09:03:07] <fuzzie> scummvm has the same problem, of course
[09:03:11] <SiENcE> :(
[09:34:46] * lynxlynxlynx prods fuzzie and scurries away
[09:35:23] <fuzzie> hehe
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[10:42:20] <Hellcommander> it seems 1.3 of sdl works for everything in Gemrb but the Open AL module
[10:43:02] <Hellcommander> since 4 symbols are not found in 1.3 but are in 1.2
[10:43:45] <Hellcommander> used cmake on wrong folders before btw
[10:47:49] <fuzzie> it shouldn't fail on anything except SDL_KillThread
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[11:10:44] <Hellcommander> I looked in both compiles of sdl the 4 symbols are missing in 1.3 but are in 1.2
[11:11:05] <Hellcommander> I have current gemrb from git
[11:11:29] <Hellcommander> sdl 1.3 is latest too
[11:12:18] <fuzzie> well, without the symbols there's no help
[11:12:28] <fuzzie> but it's not really surprising that SDL 1.3 is incompatible
[11:15:16] <Hellcommander> does 1.2 work with current setup
[11:16:30] <fuzzie> we officially support SDL 1.2.9+ or so
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[11:42:04] <Hellcommander> got open al module to build with sdl 3
[11:42:34] <Hellcommander> seems cmake didn't show all fields to fill :(
[11:43:32] <Hellcommander> so now need to reoptimize and rebuild.
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[17:41:33] <brad_a> any idea if fuzzie is going to be on today?
[17:46:54] <lynxlynxlynx> nope, but she usually is
[18:26:29] <fuzzie> hi
[18:27:35] <brad_a> hey
[18:27:37] <brad_a> good news
[18:28:21] <brad_a> im pretty confidant i have fixed mosimporter and plt importer to produce correct results under sdl 1.2 and 1.3 without any ifdefs
[18:48:00] <brad_a> oh yes just tested on sdl 12 everything is super. im very excited about this no more slightly wrong colors
[18:48:32] <brad_a> ill get a patch together right away
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[18:55:03] <Avenger> that sounds good, brad
[18:56:16] <brad_a> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13866402/SDLPixelPatch.txt
[18:56:25] <brad_a> there ya go. thanks guys
[18:56:37] <Avenger> meh, endian?
[18:56:42] <brad_a> what?
[18:56:52] <brad_a> that endian stuff was already in there
[18:57:07] <brad_a> i just altered it in the same way
[18:57:15] <Avenger> i see
[18:57:28] <brad_a> i certainly dont need it ;-)
[18:57:51] <Avenger> i just wonder how this will affect me :)
[18:57:58] <brad_a> you on big endian?
[18:58:19] <brad_a> it should be fine unless i dont understant how to convert little to big :O
[18:58:21] <Avenger> intel cpu
[18:58:31] <brad_a> im on intel
[18:58:42] <brad_a> worked great for me
[18:58:56] <fuzzie> the last chunk of the commit looks wrong, though?
[18:59:18] <brad_a> how so?
[18:59:28] <Avenger> it doesn't work well with intensity
[18:59:44] <Avenger> the else part of intensity
[18:59:56] <brad_a> oh did i miss something
[19:00:33] <Avenger> i just don't understand if you are on the same endian as me, why it works for me (and everyone else on intel)
[19:00:47] <fuzzie> it doesn't, if you use SDL 1.3, which doesn't accept those bitmasks
[19:00:48] <Avenger> except the ios simulator
[19:00:50] <brad_a> i am also on intel
[19:00:59] <brad_a> i tested the mac os x build
[19:01:03] <brad_a> and the ios one
[19:01:24] <brad_a> both should be little endian tho im not sure about arm, but the simulator is i386 anyway
[19:01:53] <Avenger> fuzzie: it doesn't accept a mask combination? Afaik, he just read the bytes in a different order and swapped the masks around
[19:01:55] <fuzzie> ios arm is little-endian too
[19:02:02] <fuzzie> Avenger: it only accepts hard-coded masks
[19:02:09] <fuzzie> the one we were using is not in the accepted list
[19:02:14] <Avenger> lol
[19:02:18] <brad_a> yeah
[19:02:40] <Avenger> the sdl people started to smoke some new stuff?
[19:02:50] <fuzzie> well, arbitary masks are really slow
[19:02:51] <brad_a> i guess so
[19:03:20] <fuzzie> because you have to waste a lot of time shifting stuff around inside SDL, you can't just say "this is the sensible set of masks, we will deal with bytes here"
[19:04:09] <brad_a> oh you are talking about why sdl 1.3 doesnt accept the masks we were using
[19:04:12] <Avenger> they could still keep the versatile slow method and the new fast methods and do some conditional jumps
[19:04:39] <Avenger> anyway, if we can tweak our code to work with both, it is good enough
[19:04:44] <fuzzie> yeah, but then things like the iphone use opengl only
[19:04:59] <fuzzie> so it's not a conditional jump there, it's a whole software fallback method
[19:05:15] <fuzzie> it would be nice if they made it obvious in the docs, though! i had to look at the SDL source
[19:05:21] <brad_a> me too lol
[19:05:29] <brad_a> thats how i knew what to do
[19:05:34] <fuzzie> but SDL 1.3 is still super experimental and you're not meant to use it really, unless you are desperate
[19:05:39] <brad_a> i am
[19:05:53] <Avenger> well, it is a good pre-emptive step
[19:06:00] <brad_a> no iOS build without it. especially because multitouch is in 1.3 only
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[19:07:50] <Beh0lder> hi all
[19:07:56] <Avenger> hi Beholder
[19:08:01] <brad_a> hey there
[19:09:10] <brad_a> if that pixel patch i just posted works it will fix all my mask hacks in sdl video and that would be grand
[19:10:12] <Avenger> yep
[19:10:31] <Avenger> that one won't but with some small mods it is surely great :)
[19:10:52] <brad_a> the intensity stuff?
[19:11:25] <Avenger> yes
[19:12:39] <Avenger> fuzzie do you add the patch, or wanna me do it?
[19:12:54] <fuzzie> you should prbly do it :)
[19:13:15] <Avenger> the mos part is working for sure
[19:14:48] <brad_a> the other does too if the avatar in the inventory screen is any indication
[19:15:30] <Beh0lder> what about my patch? I can't continue my work while patch not applied to sources((( If it contains any bad code I can fix it.
[19:15:49] <CIA-40> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r811b4ba7de62 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/ (MOSImporter/MOSImporter.cpp PLTImporter/PLTImporter.cpp): reordered masks to be sdl 1.3 compliant (thanks Brad)
[19:16:24] <Avenger> what patch is it?
[19:16:59] <Beh0lder> http://pastebin.com/HBNVWYfx
[19:18:17] <Beh0lder> This patch adds TouchScrollAreas variable to config to switching this feature and removes my old volume control code
[19:18:19] <Avenger> you just removed the hardcoded volume stuff?
[19:18:26] <Beh0lder> yes
[19:18:42] <Beh0lder> volume adjusting by SDL now
[19:19:26] <Avenger> i'm not good at applying patches :(
[19:20:37] <Avenger> how can i do it simply, if i got the pastebin data
[19:21:12] <Avenger> well i guess, i will do it by hand...
[19:22:05] <Beh0lder> I can post diff file in any filesharing site if needed
[19:22:44] <Avenger> not needed. at least i get familiar with it
[19:22:51] <Beh0lder> ok
[19:37:34] <Beh0lder> Avenger, any chance to some of bugs from my list will be fixed in next release?
[19:39:26] <Avenger> i don't know
[19:40:27] <Avenger> well, i got confused by the diff :(
[19:40:52] <Avenger> the part in OnMouseOver
[19:41:43] <Avenger> yea, i deleted too much :)
[19:41:50] <Beh0lder> ))
[19:45:36] <Beh0lder> What about PS:T implementation? I know you do it. What part of the game is completed? There is a chance that will be playable in near future.
[19:56:06] <brad_a> beholder: did you see i changed the textarea scrolling to work with 1 finger?
[19:57:39] --> edheldil_ has joined #gemrb
[19:59:13] <Avenger> yes beholder, most of pst is working
[19:59:14] <Beh0lder> brad_a, no I cant update my copy before my patches does not applied
[19:59:54] <Avenger> the last major missing part was the maze stuff, but i that was already in the previous version
[20:00:05] <Avenger> i did a lot of projectiles
[20:00:19] <Avenger> some may be still ugly or not the same as the original
[20:00:24] <Avenger> maybe 1-2 are still missing
[20:00:50] <Avenger> there is some hardcoded overlay + effect
[20:00:57] <Avenger> that is not implemented yet
[20:01:02] <Avenger> that affects a few spells
[20:01:12] <Beh0lder> brad_a, merging latest git with my changes manually is a very painful and useless
[20:02:05] <Beh0lder> Avenger, can I test PS:T for bugs? Or much early now?
[20:03:59] <Avenger> beholder, it seems SCROLL_BORDER is not used anymore, can you confirm?
[20:04:09] <Avenger> sure you can test for bugs
[20:05:55] <Beh0lder> not used for my code, but still used for normal scrolling (PC variant)
[20:07:24] <Avenger> i somehow removed it :)
[20:08:58] <Beh0lder> you changed this macro to constant variable?
[20:09:38] <Avenger> where is it used?
[20:11:04] <Avenger> i found it only in ifdef TOUCHSCREEN
[20:11:41] <Beh0lder> wait, I check
[20:13:00] <Beh0lder> Look at OnGlobalMouseMove
[20:13:25] <Beh0lder> this macro used there
[20:13:46] <Beh0lder> it's needed for scrolling
[20:14:41] <Avenger> that is inside a touchscreen ifdef
[20:14:54] <Avenger> ok
[20:15:46] <Avenger> i applied it, with some modifications
[20:15:50] <CIA-40> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r47d6afc78cd3 10gemrb/gemrb/core/ (7 files in 2 dirs): touchscreen update from Beholder (with small mods)
[20:15:53] <Avenger> hopefully, i didn't leave anything important out
[20:15:54] <Beh0lder> not ifdef, ifndef
[20:16:38] <Beh0lder> ok tank you, i'll test
[20:16:42] <Avenger> oh, i see
[20:17:36] <Beh0lder> it's a normal scrolling implementation, disabled for touchscreen
[20:17:58] <CIA-40> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r0e8f91dfcd4a 10gemrb/gemrb/core/GUI/GameControl.cpp: oops
[20:18:02] <Avenger> i glanced over that
[20:20:50] <Beh0lder> I completing BG1 walkthrough.
[20:21:00] <Beh0lder> No more critical bugs
[20:23:56] <Beh0lder> bye all
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[20:26:05] <brad_a> avenger there is one more fix for sdl 1.3 that is needed
[20:26:25] <Avenger> what is it?
[20:26:47] <brad_a> the masks in sdlvideo in CreateDisplay
[20:26:57] <brad_a> they are still 0xff for red
[20:27:04] <brad_a> it should now be 0x00ff
[20:27:12] <brad_a> etc
[20:27:33] <brad_a> SDL_Surface* tmp = SDL_CreateRGBSurface( SDL_SWSURFACE, width, height,
[20:27:34] <brad_a> - bpp, 0xff000000, 0x00ff0000, 0x0000ff00, 0x000000ff );
[20:27:34] <brad_a> + bpp, 0, 0, 0, 0 );
[20:27:42] <brad_a> that is waht im using
[20:27:44] <Avenger> 0?
[20:27:53] <brad_a> 0 just defaults to rgb888
[20:28:02] <Avenger> ok, let me test it :0
[20:28:11] <brad_a> which is the same as 0x00ff for red and so on
[20:29:47] <Avenger> interesting, what about the one in SDLVideoDriver::GetScreenshot
[20:30:01] <Avenger> they seem to be one less byte, but if 0,0,0 is the same
[20:30:08] <Avenger> i would go for simplicity
[20:30:32] <brad_a> i didnt change the screenshot one but it does need to be
[20:30:59] <Avenger> it is red = 0x00ff0000, though
[20:31:07] <brad_a> yes
[20:31:15] <brad_a> if it is then its fine
[20:31:42] <Avenger> ok, i won't change it now, but i guess it would work with zeros
[20:31:45] <brad_a> i hadnt even thought about screenshots so i have no idea if they work
[20:32:08] <brad_a> i know the one i sent does work with 0
[20:32:37] <CIA-40> GemRB: 03avenger_teambg * r5df4d85f1d73 10gemrb/gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/SDLVideo.cpp: one more rgb mask change from Brad
[20:33:07] <brad_a> I THINK that is the very last thing needed to work with SDL 1.3
[20:33:23] <brad_a> im going though my diffs now and i dont see anything SDL related
[20:33:39] <Avenger> fine :)
[20:33:44] <brad_a> tho i have no idea about sdl audio or any of that junk
[20:33:52] <brad_a> im using open al so
[20:33:57] <fuzzie> beware that i might revert stuff if i can't make it work portably
[20:34:08] <brad_a> sure
[20:34:13] <fuzzie> but i can't imagine it's an issue
[20:34:22] <brad_a> i am testing everything i do in 1.2 and 1.3
[20:34:26] <Avenger> see you
[20:34:29] <fuzzie> and otherwise, ifdef time i guess
[20:34:29] <-- Avenger has left IRC (Quit: bye!)
[20:36:20] <brad_a> oh yeah the colorkey thing that guy was on about earlier is fixed in git btw as of commit 2572723d4faef0dd255353039fda010fbd126101
[20:36:33] <brad_a> that is the only ifdef fix for sdl 1.3
[20:36:51] <fuzzie> yeah, but there were worse problems in that build, i think building the svn files by accident
[20:37:00] <fuzzie> fingers crossed all good nw
[20:37:01] <brad_a> i have so if def 1.3 stuff for some new event handling tho
[20:37:05] <fuzzie> cool
[20:46:06] --> SiENcE has joined #gemrb
[20:54:58] <brad_a> SiENcE: i saw you were asking about gemrb for ipad
[20:55:10] <brad_a> have you been following the forum thread?
[20:56:28] <fuzzie> i built git, all seems fine
[20:56:40] <SiENcE> brad_a, yes
[20:56:50] <SiENcE> i read the last posts
[20:57:09] <brad_a> yeah ill be putting out another build today that fixes the wonky colors
[20:57:12] <SiENcE> i'm thinking of jailbreaking my ipad2 with the newest jailbreak
[20:57:16] <SiENcE> i'm not shure
[20:57:18] <brad_a> and some more scroll bar tweaks
[20:57:25] <SiENcE> ah great
[20:57:30] <brad_a> yea they just put one out today that can do it from safari
[20:57:32] <SiENcE> another device for gemrb :)
[20:57:55] <SiENcE> yep i know. but i'm curious to try
[20:58:05] <fuzzie> ok, i checked PLT and BAM stuff on big-endian, all is fine
[20:58:12] <fuzzie> did anything else significant change?
[20:58:23] <brad_a> it should be completely painless if its like the one i used to jailbrak the girlfriends iphone
[20:58:39] <brad_a> fuzzie: nope thats everything for today
[20:59:11] <fuzzie> jailbreakme.com is doing insta-jailbreaks now for ipad2, right?
[20:59:28] <SiENcE> yes
[20:59:43] <fuzzie> oh i guess that's what brad_a meant:P
[20:59:52] <brad_a> yeah lol
[20:59:57] <SiENcE> :)
[21:00:07] <SiENcE> did someone tried it ?
[21:00:43] <SiENcE> did you added something for touchscreen since 0.63?
[21:00:59] <SiENcE> maybe i can use it for my Caanoo port
[21:01:02] <brad_a> yeah the touchscreen stuff works great
[21:01:14] <brad_a> use 2 fingers scrolls just like a regular iphone app
[21:01:24] <brad_a> im pretty pleased with it
[21:01:36] <SiENcE> so bg2 is playable?
[21:01:48] <brad_a> its as playable on ipad as it is on pc
[21:02:05] <SiENcE> great
[21:02:31] <brad_a> except i havent synced with git in a couple weeks so some things that are fixed in git are still broken
[21:02:46] <brad_a> like traps
[21:02:53] <brad_a> and a bunch of stuff from lynx
[21:04:42] <lynxlynxlynx> SiENcE: do you have anything left to merge with us? I think we didn't include the downscaler yet
[21:06:13] <SiENcE> i think thats the only thing i need. the touchscreen additions are already in
[21:06:25] <SiENcE> what i really need
[21:06:38] <SiENcE> an config file for keymappings :)
[21:06:53] <SiENcE> my mappings where hardcoded
[21:06:55] <SiENcE> :/
[21:09:31] <SiENcE> the changes i made are only in git_gemrb\src_changes\GameControl.cpp and of couse in SDLVideo.cpp/h to add the downscaler
[21:11:12] <brad_a> downscaler? you mean to play on a screen that is normally too small?
[21:11:23] <SiENcE> yes 320x240 ;)
[21:11:41] <SiENcE> my ports where for Dingoo and Caanoo handhelds
[21:11:43] <brad_a> hmm then this could work on a non 4g iphone
[21:11:49] <SiENcE> 32mb ram on dingoo ;)
[21:12:13] <brad_a> i heard! thats slim compared to the 00+ bg2 takes on ipad!
[21:12:19] <brad_a> 100+
[21:12:26] <SiENcE> yep
[21:18:27] <brad_a> fuzzie do you know if there is an existing way to get the line height from a textarea?
[21:18:51] <SiENcE> ah one thing. i read in the forum that you have the same issue on ipad as i on dingoo
[21:19:06] <brad_a> what do you mean?
[21:19:27] <SiENcE> everytime a bunch of text appears in the textarea...its scrolled down to the end
[21:19:40] <SiENcE> and you have to scroll it up for reading everytime
[21:19:44] <SiENcE> is this fixed?
[21:19:51] <brad_a> i fixed it yes
[21:20:04] <SiENcE> can you share me this fix?
[21:20:17] <brad_a> well i dont know if you are talking about the same thing as i am thinking tho
[21:21:48] <brad_a> i can send you my scrollbar.cpp and you can see if its fixed
[21:21:56] <SiENcE> good :)
[21:22:31] <brad_a> except i added a new event method called OnMouseWheelScroll
[21:22:40] <brad_a> and its not in git
[21:23:05] <lynxlynxlynx> some of the keymappings are now adjustable
[21:23:31] <lynxlynxlynx> the work just started, so not that many - don't know if all you need are covered yet
[21:24:02] <lynxlynxlynx> the downscaler is still interesting, especially since there are other such devices
[21:24:49] <lynxlynxlynx> someone ported gemrb to a motorola linux phone and redid the scaling/zooming himself, which was partly a waste of time
[21:25:39] <SiENcE> you know my github fork?
[21:25:50] <SiENcE> patches are in
[21:26:19] <lynxlynxlynx> is it synced?
[21:27:05] <lynxlynxlynx> and what's the url, so i can add a git remote
[21:28:30] <SiENcE> its not up to date
[21:28:30] <brad_a> Sience i see the line in scrollbar.cpp that scroll the text to the bottom. its the SetMax method that is doing it.
[21:28:53] <SiENcE> ah thx
[21:29:13] <SiENcE> https://github.com/SiENcE/gemrb
[21:35:14] <brad_a> i actually take that back... maybe its the UpdateControls method of textarea
[21:35:38] <SiENcE> mh do you have an git repo?
[21:36:31] <brad_a> just my local one. nothing accessale via the net
[21:38:46] <brad_a> if i had a save near where i could initiate an offending dialogue id just set a breakpoint int the scrollbar setpos method and you would know
[21:41:04] <-- edheldil_ has left IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:45:59] <SiENcE> good night. cu
[21:46:03] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Quit: cya)
[21:53:28] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Remote host closed the connection)