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[03:18:53] <brada> kujeger: yes that is needed for mobile. the entire SDL2 driver was originally only written with mobile in mind. other things needed to be done before worrying about desktops.
[03:19:19] <brada> you can use git blame/log to get details on when/why something was added
[03:20:23] <brada> However, I cant see how removing that would help you. shouldnt SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID only match touchscreens?
[03:22:02] <brada> just remove it for your own purposes and wait till this rewrite is merged or ifdef it for ios/android
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[06:51:37] <kujeger> brada: yeah, it matching SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID is surprising, but I have verified it actually does fix it. so an ifdef is a good idea, I'll try it out later.
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[15:05:31] <brada> what games use the BIK videos?
[15:07:49] <fuzzie> iwd2 I think?
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[15:11:38] <brada> thats what I thought...
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[17:07:44] <kujeger> brada: ah, the mouse thing: since the if in SDL_MOUSEMOTION/SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN/SDL_MOUSEBUTTONUP does not trigger a break unless the event is SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID, they all continue down the the if-s under SDL_KEYDOWN. Clicking the mousebuttons, moving while holding and such put values in event.key.keysym.scancode . These are usually outside the ranges that are checked for breaks under SDL_KEYDOWN, but it just
[17:07:46] <kujeger> so happens that RMB+moving mouse generates scancode 4, which is keycode 97. Which triggers a break -- stopping mouse movement.
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