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[21:28:02] <brada> oi lynx
[21:45:46] <brada> re text bugs: “multiline labels
[21:45:48] <brada> don't do middle alignment yet” <- they dont?
[21:46:02] <brada> bg2 loading screen is a label, no?
[21:46:26] <brada> i know they didnt used to, but now we should support all alignments on everythin
[21:47:52] <brada> however, there is a FIXME in the Label constructor about determining IE_FONT_SINGLE_LINE
[21:48:07] <brada> maybe that is getting set at times when is shouldnt?
[21:50:17] <brada> what kind of control is the contingency sequencer?
[21:50:54] <brada> you said something about the on change event firing all the time, but i dont know what sort of control it is
[21:51:24] <brada> oh, i think you say TextArea?
[21:52:06] <brada> if so, OnChange should only get fired if IE_GUI_TEXTAREA_EDITABLE is set… should that be editable (editing isnt implemented yet of course)?
[21:52:35] <brada> or perhapps you mean the OnSelect event?
[21:54:29] <brada> the comment on TextArea line 555 makes it sound like dialog always need it to run… which makes sense because you could select the first option of dialong then on the nex screen select the first again… probably a better way to deal with it tho
[21:56:28] <brada> for PST map notes i would suspect AREImporter lines 2154-2157
[21:56:52] <brada> oh
[21:57:09] <brada> line 2156 looks very wrong…
[21:57:31] <brada> that should be a call to std::min...
[21:58:01] <brada> dont know how those parens got there...
[22:01:07] <brada> back to the text alignmet… remember we where handling that incredibly wrong before… and we were compensating by aligning things middle instead of top/bottom (or viceversa ) like they should have been… so maybe try changing the alignment to something else? Look at the alignment changes i made to BG2 GUIINV for example.
[22:03:22] <brada> anyway… sunday i can maybe find some time to look into some of this if you can teach me how to reproduce and maybe provide some saves
[22:19:21] <brada> mbtowc is the wrong function to call… that is why you are getting a single char
[22:20:23] <brada> should be mbstowcs
[22:24:49] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: AREImporter: should be calling mbstowcs instead of mbtowc https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/d13c9b8a54694b33f7c223df2adcfea7c3e49412
[22:30:54] <brada> bah that wont do
[22:36:31] <brada> are we supposed to be writing the null byte for map notes?
[23:04:17] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: AREImporter: last fix was bad. also adding comments and checking/logging. https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/32637fbfac700444b128e33c0615e2df6ba4eef3
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[23:25:44] <gembot> build #818 of nmake-msvc++10 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.gemrb.org/builders/nmake-msvc%2B%2B10/builds/818 blamelist: Brad Allred <bradallred@me.com>
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[23:38:29] <brada> what the devil is msvc’s problem here?
[23:39:12] <brada> does it not like function style casting?
[23:42:44] <Pepelka> [commit] bradallred: try to make msvc happy and fix dyslexic typos https://github.com/gemrb/gemrb/commit/3c39b04421dcd21cd81ef856fe8701b64e6eb6e2
[23:56:32] <wjp> is min a macro?
[23:57:06] <wjp> I can't see why it would give this specific error message otherwise