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[19:16:52] <Maighstir_laptop> Is there a way to get gemrb to output to a file instead of console/stdout, on Windows?
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[19:21:39] <Maighstir_laptop> Trying to create a dataset, and while it loads in one resolution that doesn't require letterboxing/borders, when I set height and width to a higher resolution that should include them, it just crashes and I get no chance to read the console log.
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[19:23:10] <fuzzie> you can't just run it from command-line with 'gemrb > logfile', as on unix?
[19:23:24] <fuzzie> there's nothing built into gemrb to do it, i think
[19:23:40] <wjp> and I assume the console wouldn't disappear if you start it from the command line
[19:25:03] <Maighstir_laptop> right... I was using a shortcut containing the command line, of course typing it in through the console would work
[19:25:39] <Maighstir_laptop> stupid of me, however adding >outfile.txt to the end of the shortcut doesn't do anything
[19:25:52] <fuzzie> yes, it's a shell (cmd.exe) feature
[19:26:16] <wjp> shortcuts don't do shell expansion stuff automatically when special chars are present?
[19:26:57] <wjp> but I guess not then
[19:27:07] <fuzzie> i think shell expansion stuff is a bit mixed on windows; the %blah% stuff is handled by the execution functions, i think
[19:27:10] <fuzzie> it has been a while though
[19:27:53] <fuzzie> google provides some results like http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/csharpide/thread/5e438448-9d85-4735-852c-9b674faaad5d
[19:28:19] <fuzzie> which say that VS does '%comspec%\cmd.exe "/c "<path>\app.exe" & pause"' to give a pause afterwards
[19:29:17] <Maighstir_laptop> hmm, it crashed just after loading the first (left) border. Which I htink is weird as I'm pretty sure I have managed to use png borders before
[19:30:19] <fuzzie> how large is your dataset?
[19:30:36] <fuzzie> if you could get it to one of us, it might be the easier debugging technique :)
[19:31:11] <Maighstir_laptop> really small... I'll upload it somewhere
[19:36:25] <Maighstir_laptop> http://dev.ops-area.net/ERNIE/ERNIE.zip it's about 6.5 MB so far
[19:39:18] <Maighstir_laptop> loads fine in 320x240, but not 480x320 or 480x272 (those use borders, higher resolutions are coming later, so don't try higher)
[19:39:42] <fuzzie> no guiscripts?
[19:39:57] <Maighstir_laptop> only the one, Start.py
[19:39:58] <wjp> they're in the zip
[19:40:10] <fuzzie> oh, right, in conf dir
[19:42:20] <Maighstir_laptop> also, it doesn't look pretty, and buttons don't work yet so it'll need to be quit through whatever means the OS gives you
[19:42:46] <wjp> it's crashing in the png palette code
[19:43:26] <fuzzie> indeed, null palette
[19:43:28] <Maighstir_laptop> doesn't like 24-bit pngs?
[19:44:49] <fuzzie> no, it is an 8-bit png
[19:45:37] <fuzzie> but "Color* pal = 0; GetPalette(0, 256, pal);" where GetPalette tries filling values in pal seems guaranteed to fail..
[19:46:11] <Maighstir_laptop> oh... I forget to check what photoshop wants to save it as, it should have been 24-bit
[19:46:50] <fuzzie> the code all dates back to wjp's initial checkin
[19:47:00] <fuzzie> don't know if it's fixed in one of tomprince's patches
[19:47:04] <wjp> hm, interesting
[19:48:32] <fuzzie> seems not; he's moved GetPalette to the core, that's all
[19:49:15] * wjp wonders what (and if) he was thinking :-)
[19:49:27] <wjp> (me, that is)
[19:50:44] <fuzzie> not sure why tomprince has done that, his implementation uses GetPixel(index, i) where GetPixel surely takes (x,y)..
[19:54:47] <fuzzie> same commit has GetPixelIndex disappearing, too, so perhaps i am misunderstanding the code
[19:55:23] <wjp> which commit?
[19:55:38] <wjp> or is that one not yet in SVN?
[19:56:33] <fuzzie> yes, not yet in svn
[19:56:55] <fuzzie> this kind of thing is why i haven't managed to find the time to merge it, not enough time to try working out what it *does*
[19:57:58] <fuzzie> although this commit also comments out code so i suppose it's just not finished
[19:59:48] <fuzzie> same issues with not understanding the one zapping the hand-coded hash table in KeyImp, which seems to modify it to be case-sensitive
[20:00:17] <fuzzie> oh, i suppose the constructor is calling strlwr.
[20:00:48] <fuzzie> Maighstir_laptop: does it work as 24-bit, anyway?
[20:04:43] <Maighstir_laptop> yes, I just resaved the images as 24-bit and that works
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