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[16:50:42] --- Topic for #gemrb is: Proudly bringing GemRB 0.4.0 to the gaming market | Gekz, it's at http://gemrb.sf.net
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[16:51:14] <wjp> ?logs
[16:51:14] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/gemrblog.php
[16:51:25] <fuzzie> great :)
[16:52:30] <fuzzie> now all my stupid assumptions will be recorded for posterity, i guess :)
[16:52:57] <wjp> strategic deletions are available at very reasonable rates ;-)
[16:53:40] <fuzzie> someone should link it from the wiki.
[16:54:07] --- lynxlynxlynx has changed the topic to: Proudly bringing GemRB 0.4.0 to the gaming market | Gekz, it's at http://gemrb.sf.net | Be wary of your words for there are extra ears in this channel: http://log.usecode.org/gemrblog.php
[16:59:56] <zefklop> http://linux.prinas.si/gemrb/doku.php?id=newgame:games:mystery_of_fangdoodle
[17:00:04] <zefklop> who does it?
[17:00:08] <danamin> In order to prevent 'reduplication' of all the code I'm running through, I've made a BGCommon file. Both GUICommonWindows import it. If I move a function from BG2 to BG1 it moves from GUICommonWindows to BGCommon. Is that a good plan?
[17:00:24] <Avenger> wjp: does it know something like <Avenger> @make_this_off_the_record@ you suck! ?
[17:00:39] <wjp> no
[17:01:11] <Avenger> it would be good to still be able to speak off the record
[17:01:12] <fuzzie> danamin: i think it makes sense, although you probably want to provide two seperate patches in that case, one which moves from BG2 into BGCommon, and one for the BG1 code
[17:01:32] <Avenger> zefklop: nick daly modified most of those
[17:01:42] <fuzzie> Avenger: is it not good enough to have it removed manually?
[17:02:05] <Avenger> fuzzie maybe it is too late then :)
[17:02:11] <fuzzie> i just think we have an awful lot of talk in here, and anyone who does not leave their client connected all day will maybe miss some things
[17:02:34] <wjp> hm, if I'm here I can easily ask it to leave the channel temporarily, but I don't think we really have any secret conversations, do we?
[17:02:53] <zefklop> in that case, we should not have it on IRC
[17:02:59] <Avenger> i don't know, i'm rarely here :D maybe when i'm not here everyone talks about me
[17:03:25] <wjp> mostly comments of the type "I bet Avenger would know" :-)
[17:03:25] <danamin> I'm going for a walk, see you people
[17:03:29] <fuzzie> i often mention you, Avenger, usually saying "But Avenger would know" :)
[17:03:34] <fuzzie> danamin: bye!
[17:03:42] <zefklop> bye danamin
[17:03:42] <Avenger> bye danamin
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[17:04:36] <zefklop> yeah, is this possible to add a qpecial mark to the "you should ask avenger" sentence?
[17:04:58] <fuzzie> hehe
[17:05:04] <Avenger> generally these things are useful, and i don't think it would cause me any problem. I just expect eventually someone will
[17:05:19] <zefklop> so that we don't forget our questions and avenger knows how much wez need and love him ?
[17:05:23] <fuzzie> well, i think that is why lynx mentioned it in the topic, so everyone knows they might be careful
[17:05:34] <Avenger> yes, that's a good idea
[17:06:21] <fuzzie> Avenger: do you know the round time for planescape torment?
[17:06:26] <Avenger> and where will this be available?
[17:06:27] <zefklop> wjp? is this possible?
[17:06:38] <fuzzie> Avenger: well, it is linked in the topic, so i guess anyone who visits :)
[17:06:48] <wjp> zefklop: no
[17:07:21] <zefklop> :( anyway, a browser search for avenger would tell us
[17:07:24] <Avenger> fuzzie: what is the round time
[17:07:31] <fuzzie> Avenger: the length of a combat round
[17:07:49] <Avenger> ahh, i don't know such things, do you expect it different from the other engines?
[17:07:55] <fuzzie> it seems to be different in pst
[17:08:02] <fuzzie> i just wondered if you had seen it in the engine, it is not important!
[17:08:13] <fuzzie> if you can work out the projectile flags that would be so infinitely useful :)
[17:08:30] <Avenger> no, i think i only peeked at the opcode code in pst.
[17:08:42] <lynxlynxlynx> anyone objects to having another release one month after the previous? :)
[17:08:58] <lynxlynxlynx> it's also shaping to be 0.5.0 not 0.4.1
[17:09:00] <fuzzie> everyone else is working on bg2, so i have started fixing pst bugs again, as you can maybe see
[17:09:14] <Avenger> i work on them, and finally found the looping sound bit in the spark flags. Not like i didn't know about it, but now i see it confirmed, it feels good :)
[17:09:28] <Avenger> this has the potential to find new flags
[17:09:40] <fuzzie> the bouncing one would be nice :p
[17:10:38] <Avenger> yeah, new flag found
[17:10:45] <Avenger> dunno what it does :)
[17:11:01] <Avenger> i just see it is converted from the fileformat to the internal format
[17:11:02] <zefklop> now that big brother is watching me I fear to be there
[17:11:07] <zefklop> bye everybody :)
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[17:11:18] <Avenger> heh zefklop i hope you just joked :)
[17:11:28] <fuzzie> i think so :)
[17:11:45] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: i think a 0.5 sounds good
[17:12:30] <Avenger> ok spark flag value 0x8 is looping sound for the second sound resource (not like i know what that resource is used for). I just see it is handled alongside that one :)
[17:15:47] <fuzzie> Avenger: what must be done to implement pst graphical effects, do you have any idea where to start?
[17:16:12] <Avenger> huh
[17:16:15] <Avenger> well
[17:16:32] <Avenger> first i have to get familiar with the bg projectiles, this is the easiest part
[17:16:36] <Avenger> and i'm doing it now
[17:16:44] <fuzzie> i was just wondering if i could do anything :)
[17:16:44] <Avenger> then, implement the bg projectiles
[17:16:50] <Avenger> then find the same stuff in pst
[17:17:27] <Avenger> i don't know, how do you feel like about reverse engineering
[17:17:57] <Avenger> i could give you a huge initial info, i got lots of scraps and bits, even some about pst
[17:18:14] <Avenger> but then you are on your own on reading disassembly like i do
[17:18:57] <fuzzie> it has been a long time since i read disassembly :) i'll ask another time if you can find some pst info for me, maybe
[17:19:01] <Avenger> to be honest, i think your bugfixes are more valuable
[17:19:06] <lynxlynxlynx> oh, any luck with challenge1 floor fuzzie?
[17:19:31] <Avenger> but i definitely don't want to forbid you doing this :)
[17:19:48] <Avenger> wanna me mail you all my results on reverse engineering?
[17:19:56] <fuzzie> that would be great
[17:19:59] <Avenger> k
[17:20:10] <Avenger> gotta reboot in linux
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[17:27:24] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: the floor seems to work for me until I save/load, is that what you see?
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[17:27:31] <Avenger> sent it
[17:28:33] <Avenger> ?help
[17:28:50] <lynxlynxlynx> yes, pretty much
[17:29:01] <fuzzie> Avenger: that is great, thankyou
[17:29:53] <Avenger> ?url
[17:29:57] <fuzzie> ?logs
[17:29:57] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/gemrblog.php
[17:49:23] <Avenger> ok, i'm back to my reading. it just got interesting before i mailed you, fuzzie :D
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[18:01:03] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: it is very strange :)
[18:02:53] <lynxlynxlynx> the lava floor is supposed to be displayed after completion and forever more
[18:03:05] <lynxlynxlynx> (iirc)
[18:03:20] <fuzzie> yes, and ToggleTiles is called correctly on the door at load time, changing the overlay
[18:05:00] <Avenger> woo, there is another bit in the spark flag i don't know of
[18:05:18] <fuzzie> i guess something is changing it back, or we are modifying the wrong overlay
[18:07:16] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6350 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/Actions.cpp: DisplayStringNoNameHead takes a target parameter
[18:07:19] <fuzzie> so many bugs so little time :)
[18:08:51] <Avenger> heh it didn't call getactorfromtarget?
[18:09:07] <fuzzie> it didn't, i think you added it at the same time as an action which always displays over script owner
[18:09:12] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03lynxlupodian * r6351 10/gemrb/trunk/ (Makefile.am NEWS configure.in gemrb.spec gemrb.spec.in): [2802190] improve the rpm spec handling, patch by jbmetz
[18:10:10] <Avenger> yep, missed that it has an objectparameter
[18:11:03] <Avenger> i like that you fall back to Sender, i do that too in many places
[18:11:15] <fuzzie> hehe, i just copied some of your code :)
[18:11:43] <Avenger> that's why it was so familiar :D
[18:12:29] <Avenger> did you take a peek at the reengineering package?
[18:12:44] <fuzzie> yes, i like the structure layout bit very much :)
[18:13:19] <Avenger> i just started to read the travel projectile loader
[18:13:29] <Avenger> that's where the better parts should be
[18:14:59] --> barra_away has joined #gemrb
[18:29:01] <fuzzie> hehe, ok, i guess the ARE is a bit corrupt here
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[18:34:42] <fuzzie> oh, hm, maybe this never worked :(
[18:34:57] <Avenger> fuzzie: what?
[18:35:04] <fuzzie> reading door tiles
[18:35:16] <fuzzie> it retrieves indices by a non-unique name
[18:35:28] <fuzzie> testing it now
[18:35:37] <Avenger> you mean, the are/wed door reference?
[18:35:40] <fuzzie> yes
[18:35:54] <Avenger> that could be non unique and unreferenced, etc
[18:36:07] <fuzzie> but GetDoorIndices takes a resref :)
[18:36:08] <Avenger> it is a huge bug source
[18:36:09] <fuzzie> this is not so clever
[18:36:40] <Avenger> well, the wed/are reference is a resref in the original fileformats
[18:36:40] <fuzzie> although DLTCEP shows a perfectly fine name, so i don't understand
[18:36:56] <fuzzie> the wed editor shows "DOOR 1", which is unique
[18:37:27] <Avenger> well, doors worked before
[18:37:42] <Avenger> so it could be area specific
[18:37:47] <fuzzie> i'll work it out :)
[18:37:52] <Avenger> k
[18:38:20] <Avenger> btw, a lot of this projectile code is exactly like we do it :)
[18:38:24] <fuzzie> neat
[18:38:40] <Avenger> they also got some kind of 'animationfactory'
[18:38:42] <fuzzie> although that is not always good, some of their other code is bug-riddled :)
[18:39:05] <Avenger> and get an 'animation' object and store it in the internal projectile struct
[18:40:41] <fuzzie> so, ReadResRef is broken
[18:41:01] <fuzzie> that is sort of a surprise :)
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[18:50:06] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6352 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/Core/DataStream.cpp: don't terminate resrefs at the first space
[18:50:08] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: old savegames with ar4500 are corrupt
[18:50:52] <Avenger> uh you got space in the door reference?
[18:50:56] <fuzzie> Avenger: yes
[18:51:01] <fuzzie> 'DOOR 1', 'DOOR 2', 'DOOR 3', etc.
[18:51:10] <Avenger> doh
[18:51:19] <Avenger> then there is a problem
[18:51:31] <Avenger> i'm 99% sure, those spaces are thrown away
[18:51:39] <Avenger> so it will be door1 internally
[18:51:44] <fuzzie> i throw away spaces at the *end*, now
[18:51:50] <Avenger> oh you do?
[18:51:54] <Avenger> good
[18:51:56] <fuzzie> but not in the middle
[18:51:59] <fuzzie> this seems the same as bg2
[18:52:06] <fuzzie> or, bg2's savegames anyway :)
[18:52:08] --> Gekz has joined #GemRB
[18:52:11] <fuzzie> i hope it is ok
[18:52:16] <lynxlynxlynx> ar4500 is the starting area or pp?
[18:52:19] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: pp
[18:52:32] <Avenger> i mean, 'Door 1' would be good where 'DOOR1' is good
[18:52:42] <fuzzie> Avenger: ok, i will test that
[18:52:49] <lynxlynxlynx> i reconfirmed the bug with a save that started in the woods earlier
[18:52:54] <Avenger> just like with scripting names
[18:53:21] <Avenger> they are case insensitive, and space is removed from it
[18:53:27] <fuzzie> it is simple to strip spaces instead
[18:53:37] <Avenger> yes, i guess
[18:53:51] <Avenger> in resrefs they don't do that, though
[18:54:25] <Avenger> i'm not 100% sure about the door reference, just almost sure
[18:55:39] <Avenger> which area is this? still ar4500?
[18:55:42] <fuzzie> well, i crashed bg2, but maybe it is another bug
[18:56:08] <Avenger> don't use gemrb saved areas in bg2 yet
[18:56:14] <Avenger> if that's what you did :)
[18:56:28] <fuzzie> no, i removed the space in the WED and tried moving to the area.
[18:56:54] <fuzzie> it is not happy, it freezes at load time.
[18:57:26] <fuzzie> i wish dltcep would let me just edit the wed
[18:59:59] <Avenger> can you just add the space back?
[19:00:34] <Avenger> i think the problem for the crash is: you have the wed/are extracted now
[19:01:06] <fuzzie> yes
[19:01:15] <fuzzie> no, i delete all of override/ every time now
[19:01:23] <fuzzie> if i remove the space, it freezes at area load
[19:01:29] <fuzzie> if i put it back and save again, it works
[19:01:36] <Avenger> hmm then it counts
[19:01:45] <Avenger> good to know
[19:01:55] <Avenger> maybe this is what causes gemrb savegames crash
[19:02:19] <Avenger> at least, this is one of them :)
[19:02:47] <fuzzie> well, DLTCEP leaves trailing spaces intact
[19:03:00] <fuzzie> while gemrb terminates the string with nulls
[19:03:06] <Avenger> i intentionally put that space thing in the resref reader
[19:03:09] <fuzzie> so that is probably also a difference
[19:03:30] <Avenger> well, try to add a trailing space too
[19:03:48] <Avenger> or, alter the case ;)
[19:04:08] <Avenger> if it also crashes on room vs ROOM , then it should be handled like a simple 8 char field
[19:04:13] <fuzzie> dltcep won't let me alter the case :P
[19:04:20] <Avenger> oh hehe
[19:04:21] <fuzzie> and i am lazy
[19:04:29] <fuzzie> something to experiment with when i am not, i think
[19:04:35] <Avenger> ok
[19:04:48] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: does it still break for you?
[19:05:19] <Avenger> wjp: do you know if there are different 'blend' algorithms?
[19:05:50] <Avenger> i mean, different algorithms that alter transparency, based on pixel rgb value.
[19:06:02] <fuzzie> wjp: your script does not cope well with CIA's irc colours :)
[19:06:06] <Avenger> looks like i found something like that
[19:06:09] <lynxlynxlynx> fuzzie: the floor? yes
[19:06:27] <fuzzie> lynxlynxlynx: that is strange, it works consistently for me now :(
[19:06:41] <lynxlynxlynx> i didn't try with your latest patch
[19:06:47] <fuzzie> oh, well, it is the fix :)
[19:06:47] <lynxlynxlynx> i'll try again later
[19:06:52] <fuzzie> ok, thanks
[19:06:52] <wjp> Avenger: hm, no, only one in gemrb at the moment
[19:08:34] <Avenger> i know we have one, but are there more than one ways for it, generally?
[19:08:50] <wjp> fuzzie: yeah, true; it just copies those verbatim
[19:08:54] <Avenger> because there is some bit in the projectiles, which is used only when the blend bit is set
[19:09:18] <Avenger> i assume it determines which subclass of blend will be applied
[19:09:46] <Avenger> it also explains why i didn't find this bit's usage
[19:10:00] <Avenger> usually i set only one bit when i test its effects
[19:11:48] <Avenger> ok, maybe this is not for a subclass
[19:12:09] <Avenger> maybe it just tells the engine to prepare the bam immediatelly at load, or later at render time
[19:26:51] <Avenger> ok, there is one dword in the normal travel projectile i don't know about, but it is used for something :)
[20:00:56] <Avenger> wow, i found something interesting. In the AOE flags, there is something that does something about an actor's status.This field is completely unknown to me :) I don't even know if this is the caster's state or the victim's.
[20:01:48] <Avenger> in dltcep it is the '9' bit in the AOE flags field
[20:02:46] <lynxlynxlynx> nice that you're having fun
[20:04:07] <Avenger> ok, not status, something even more exciting :D
[20:05:11] <Avenger> caster level dependent explosion count
[20:05:16] <Avenger> i think that is it
[20:09:09] <Avenger> also it gives some insight how caster level is determined in the IE
[20:09:45] <lynxlynxlynx> nice
[20:09:53] <Avenger> it has a class dependent lookup table, based on class, it picks one of 3 stats (level1/level2/level3), if it is monster class then picks from one field
[20:10:12] <lynxlynxlynx> magic missile on the horizon :D
[20:22:42] <fuzzie> we have a similar lookup table now, i think
[20:23:19] <fuzzie> or maybe not
[20:23:39] <fuzzie> yay for understanding more fields, in any case :)
[20:27:56] <Avenger> magic missile is different a bit. That is handled by the spell headers, it is different spell header for each level, and different projectile ID in each header.
[20:29:06] <fuzzie> do any projectiles use the caster level dependent explosion count?
[20:29:23] <Avenger> good question, i just try to find one
[20:30:05] <fuzzie> the magic missile is obvious when you look, heh
[20:30:09] <fuzzie> i hadn't understood it until now :)
[20:31:05] <Avenger> ok, i didn't find by trial and error
[20:31:21] <Avenger> gotta hack dltcep to show me
[20:44:02] <lynxlynxlynx> melf's minute meteors? flame arrow?
[20:47:13] <Avenger> none, hmm
[20:47:39] <Avenger> or just my hacking skills are not working :)
[20:49:44] --> nickdaly has joined #gemrb
[20:58:05] <fuzzie> hi, nickdaly
[20:58:32] <Avenger> heh, no such projectile
[20:58:49] <fuzzie> maybe used interally?
[20:58:53] <Avenger> maybe
[20:59:00] <Avenger> in that case, it is promising
[20:59:08] <Avenger> maybe i'll find the bounce flag too :)
[21:01:15] <fuzzie> wjp: busy?
[21:02:51] <fuzzie> oh, nm
[21:03:15] <wjp> ok :-)
[21:06:50] <Avenger> cool, it truly works
[21:07:03] <Avenger> it works even in items
[21:07:24] <Avenger> so, it is possible to make some stuff that works for mages better, but still works somewhat for non-mages
[21:08:00] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6353 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/OpenALAudio/OpenALAudio.cpp: allow restarting of music after we run out
[21:08:45] <fuzzie> area music doesn't auto-restart, but that is another bug
[21:12:12] <fuzzie> we need a 'playing music' function, either in MusicMgr or in Audio .. i guess MusicMgr makes more sense
[21:14:49] <-- Gekz has left IRC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[21:17:30] --> Gekz has joined #GemRB
[21:19:35] <Avenger> are you sure it doesn't restart?
[21:19:42] <fuzzie> Avenger: i mean, once it has stopped.
[21:19:55] <Avenger> there is a huge silent gap in the area music playlist
[21:20:00] <Avenger> spc1
[21:20:03] <fuzzie> yes, it is actually stopping here
[21:20:12] <Avenger> hmm, i thought looping works
[21:20:14] <fuzzie> in pst, at least, actions play one-time pieces of music
[21:20:20] <fuzzie> but they do not loop, so the music ends
[21:20:37] <Avenger> there is code for looping
[21:20:48] <fuzzie> i mean, they are not meant to loop :)
[21:21:04] <fuzzie> sorry, i didn't mean to confuse, this is a simple bug that you only see when actions interfere with music
[21:21:17] <Avenger> battle music?
[21:21:24] <Avenger> or what actions
[21:21:28] <fuzzie> no, specific pieces of music
[21:21:45] <fuzzie> the StartMusic action :
[21:21:46] <fuzzie> :)
[21:22:13] <fuzzie> so the area needs to call ChangeSong if there is no music currently playing. then it matches original engine behaviour.
[21:22:28] <fuzzie> the game, even
[21:22:52] <Avenger> ok, so let me recap: the problem is that the area music doesn't resume after a StartMusic action?
[21:22:57] <fuzzie> yes
[21:23:30] <Avenger> difficult
[21:23:30] <fuzzie> and that is because the playlist is the new music. so we need to restart the old music when the specific piece is not playing any more.
[21:24:12] <fuzzie> i don't think it is difficult :)
[21:24:22] <Avenger> yes, changesong should be called in some polling routine (maybe in the area's action execution)
[21:24:38] <Avenger> if there is no current music, restart the area's music
[21:24:41] <fuzzie> yes, somewhere like that
[21:24:53] <Avenger> you can remove it from the other place
[21:25:03] <Avenger> i think it is in the changemap code
[21:25:07] <Avenger> that is not needed then
[21:25:14] <fuzzie> no, we need to force the change there
[21:25:24] <fuzzie> because otherwise the previous area music keeps playing
[21:25:31] <Avenger> hmm right
[21:28:26] <Avenger> hmm, anyone knows how caster level affects the find familiar spell?
[21:28:59] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't remember anything from the description
[21:32:55] <nickdaly> According to how I understand the description, it looks like the only thing that changes is the summoner's hp bonus
[21:33:15] <nickdaly> the description doesn't even say if the caster level affects the familiar's level
[21:34:54] <nickdaly> Does anyone know what .cbf files are?
[21:35:08] <Avenger> well, it is the only opcode that uses the same mage level routine i found in projectiles
[21:35:18] <Avenger> yes, cbf is a kind of compressed bif
[21:35:36] <Avenger> it is the first version of compressed bifs
[21:35:40] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6354 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/ (Core/Game.cpp Core/MusicMgr.h MUSImporter/MUSImp.h): restart area music when there's no music playing
[21:35:58] <fuzzie> that seems to work identically to the original engine in PST, at least
[21:36:02] <Avenger> it doesn't work well with retrieving files from it on the fly
[21:36:03] <fuzzie> which is where it was bugging me :)
[21:36:45] <Avenger> fuzzie, you didn't make all music looping, right?
[21:37:12] <fuzzie> Avenger: i think i have to fix that bit :)
[21:37:25] <Avenger> r6353 ?
[21:38:01] <fuzzie> r6353 just fixes the openaldriver permanently destroying the music player when the music runs out
[21:38:28] <Avenger> oh that's evil :)
[21:38:40] <fuzzie> is there non-looping area music to test against?
[21:38:43] <Avenger> i didn't imagine it would do that
[21:38:45] <nickdaly> I'm attempting to create a BG2-SOA installer for Nick White's installer scripts, but GemRB crashes because it can't find GUIMosc.cbf even though GUIMosc.bif exists. GUIMosc.cbf doesn't seem to exist in a standard/full SOA install in Windows either.
[21:39:14] <Avenger> it is probably case sensitivity
[21:39:26] <Avenger> it looks for cbf only if it cannot find a bif
[21:39:34] <fuzzie> nickdaly: it tries cbf as a last try before giving up
[21:39:37] <wjp> what is the data dir called?
[21:39:39] <fuzzie> so what Avenger said :)
[21:39:46] <wjp> data? Data? DATA?
[21:40:16] <wjp> (I have data/GUIMosc.bif, by the way, and no crash)
[21:40:27] <nickdaly> interesting... and kinda problematic... As files are arbitrarily cased in patches / different versions, we just convert everything to lower case in the installers, to allow proper overwriting
[21:40:46] <lynxlynxlynx> mattinm: a level 18 fighter wielding a 2h sword with 5 stars and i get 2,5 apr shown - shouldn't that be 1 base + 1 for levels + 1 for profs (IE_TOHIT is 3)?
[21:40:54] <Avenger> check what gemrb looks for
[21:41:22] <Avenger> maybe the data dir isn't configured properly
[21:41:38] <lynxlynxlynx> ch1 is pretty broken for me :/
[21:41:39] <nickdaly> wait, it might be the data dir too...
[21:41:50] <lynxlynxlynx> the area overlay is consistent now though :)
[21:41:53] <fuzzie> nickdaly: the filenames themselves are handled with CaseSensitive=1 in the cfg file, but the paths in the cfg file need to have the right case.
[21:44:59] <nickdaly> it looks like a few of the paths are messed up. I'll attempt to fix that and try it again...
[21:45:34] <lynxlynxlynx> lowercase everything and you'll be safe
[21:46:29] <lynxlynxlynx> zzz()
[21:46:42] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[21:49:19] <Avenger> omg
[21:50:21] <Avenger> there is another bit, i just called 'multiple set off' in dltcep. it is also some level based thing
[21:50:44] <Avenger> very similar to the caster level flag
[21:52:20] <nickdaly> Yup, that was it. The paths were off. Thanks guys!
[21:52:25] <fuzzie> yay :)
[21:52:36] <nickdaly> ...now to just go and fix it.
[22:15:55] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03fuzzie * r6355 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/plugins/ (7 files in 2 dirs): try not to force-restart non-looping area music
[22:17:39] <fuzzie> that is perhaps a bit hacky, but i think not
[22:19:31] <Avenger> see you later
[22:19:33] <-- Avenger has left IRC ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.10/2009042316]")
[22:25:40] <nickdaly> as a side note, the file structure of a full BG2 install is REALLY annoying and arbitrary.
[22:26:19] <fuzzie> oh? i noticed that the cab file was full of junk
[22:28:33] <nickdaly> it is. the junk's easy to remove though. the real problem is that each CD's data directory is copied pretty arbitrarily in the final installation
[22:35:10] <nickdaly> I might about have it fixed though, so we'll see if this works.
[22:37:29] <mattinm> to answer lynx question, though he's not hear anymore, 2.5apr would be correct in bg2
[22:37:38] <mattinm> it would be 3 in all the others
[22:40:27] <mattinm> i'll investigate some more though to try and figure it out
[22:42:34] <fuzzie> we're logging the channel now, so people can read back to see replies when they're next online
[22:43:15] <mattinm> yay! :)
[22:43:30] <mattinm> yep, wspatck is adding the warrior gains in to each level
[22:43:56] <mattinm> actually, it looks like only warriors should use it at all
[22:44:32] <mattinm> because it includes bonuses for even 0 and 1 star, which you wouldn't normally get unless you were a warrior
[22:44:45] <fuzzie> oh? the manual seems to imply that some other classes get them up to 2 stars
[22:45:10] <fuzzie> [rangers and paladins]
[22:45:14] <mattinm> they're warriors
[22:45:20] <mattinm> for the sake of proficiencies
[22:45:25] <fuzzie> oh, ok :)
[22:45:30] <mattinm> rangers, paladins, fighters, and barbarians :)
[22:45:36] <mattinm> anyone who can specialize
[22:45:48] <fuzzie> i guess you have it all worked out already, sorry :)
[22:46:05] <mattinm> for the *most* part, but there's always something else to find
[22:46:27] <mattinm> just gotta look at all the other wspatck's before i do use only warrior levels
[22:46:54] <fuzzie> other ones?
[22:47:23] <mattinm> for all the games, not just bg2
[22:47:36] <fuzzie> i have all the games here in theory, can i upload files for you?
[22:47:38] <mattinm> and they all look the same; they look like they just effect warriors
[22:47:46] <mattinm> they were on iesdp, kindly
[22:47:51] <mattinm> except PS:T
[22:47:52] <fuzzie> oh, neat :)
[22:48:01] <fuzzie> i think the pst one is identical to the bg1 one
[22:48:13] <mattinm> the thing to look for would be 0 and 1 profs; if they get bonuses at level 7 and higher, then it's warrior only
[22:49:10] <fuzzie> http://fuzzie.org/pst_wspatck.2da
[22:50:21] <mattinm> yep :)
[22:50:24] <mattinm> thanks fuzzie
[22:52:28] <fuzzie> TNO is special-cased for profs only in the max number of prof slots
[22:53:47] <mattinm> poor imoen now has 1 apr like she should :(
[22:54:24] <fuzzie> a victory for accuracy
[23:04:56] <-- Gekz has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:07:20] --> Gekz has joined #GemRB
[23:09:23] <fuzzie> ninight
[23:09:27] <mattinm> night
[23:09:49] <CIA-2> gemrb: 03mattinm * r6356 10/gemrb/trunk/gemrb/ (GUIScripts/bg2/GUICommonWindows.py plugins/Core/Actor.cpp):
[23:09:49] <CIA-2> gemrb: limited wspatck to only account for warriors as this appears to be it's function
[23:09:49] <CIA-2> gemrb: fixed regression in CanLevelUp to account for backward dual'd characters
[23:22:03] <-- Gekz has left IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[23:26:14] --> Gekz has joined #GemRB
[23:26:54] --> jdm has joined #gemrb
[23:37:56] <Edheldil> Uff, I just finished reading channel conversation for last two days ... great work, guys
[23:39:09] <Edheldil> for the initiative, I think you should look at how it was specified in AD&D rules
[23:40:42] <Edheldil> in D&D 3e (i.e. IWD), it's a base initiative (which is level, class, dex based) + d20 roll
[23:41:17] <Edheldil> if two inis are the same, higher dex is first
[23:41:29] <Edheldil> good night
[23:41:32] <-- Edheldil has left IRC ("Really?")