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[16:59:03] <Occulus> Hello.
[16:59:38] <Occulus> Is anyone here?
[17:05:43] <psch> yes, hi
[17:12:02] <lynxlynxlynx> sdl2 is at rc stages, wee
[17:12:09] <psch> brada: i'll get to the build in about one or two hours; wrt to notifications not always having text, i'll have a look soon
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[17:23:11] <psch> is there any circumstance we could get GEMRB_ERROR from Init() without a FATAL or ERROR message?
[17:24:34] <psch> i mean, of course i don't believe my code is absolutely bullet proof, but it does not seem complex enough to have cases where the messages just disappear
[17:24:49] <psch> which probably means i'm either looking in the wrong place or simply not looking hard enough
[17:33:32] <lynxlynxlynx> there's not many places to check
[17:34:07] <lynxlynxlynx> did you try deliberately causing a failure?
[17:35:15] <brada> psch: the person reporting it says its a FATAL error just has no text and i didnt see any cases where that seems possible from the c++ side
[17:35:28] <brada> maybe something gets lost at the point you capture it
[17:35:35] <brada> might depend on android version?
[17:35:50] <Occulus> Oh,hi!
[17:35:55] <brada> hello
[17:36:54] <Occulus> So... have any of you bought Baldur's Gate: Extended Edition?
[17:37:11] <Occulus> I've been trying to get the mods to work on a Mac OSX.
[17:37:23] <psch> i know chitin.key get's through; reading through Interface.cpp i didn't find any GEM_ERROR returns without a Log() call before, and the levels match...
[17:37:37] <psch> as in, the chitin.key message
[17:37:49] <brada> Occulus: we arent really the people to ask about such things
[17:37:51] <Occulus> Ideally, I think I'd like to do some modding myself, but all of the modding resources seem to be microsoft biased...
[17:37:53] <brada> unless you are using gemrb
[17:38:12] <brada> afik BGEE doesnt work with gemrb
[17:38:55] <psch> android version could be it; but then, all i'm doing is handing strings from the native site into a java List and then writing them into a notification
[17:38:56] <Occulus> I don't care how I play with the engine, I'd play with GemRB if it was easily compilable and usable.
[17:39:04] <brada> the BGEE forums should have some modding guides and you can always use a winewrapper version of the tools
[17:39:10] <lynxlynxlynx> dltcep works in wine, so if you can still get the mac version, that's an option
[17:39:22] <lynxlynxlynx> near infinity may have been updated for some of the bgee stuff too
[17:39:48] <brada> you dont ven need to do the wine stuff yourself
[17:39:52] <lynxlynxlynx> psch: just try forcing a failure, there's no better test
[17:40:01] <Occulus> So then, how does GemRB work? Do you write your own games using this opensource engine?
[17:40:07] <brada> ive seen wineskin versions of lots of the tools dltcep included
[17:40:24] <lynxlynxlynx> gemrb is an engine, not a tool, so that's an odd question
[17:40:37] <lynxlynxlynx> we have a small demo slowly in the works
[17:40:50] <Occulus> Would you like some help developing the demo?
[17:40:57] <brada> other then the demo you need the original (non EE) games
[17:41:03] <lynxlynxlynx> sure
[17:41:18] <lynxlynxlynx> full bgee support is planned someday too, just nobody took a stab yet
[17:41:29] <brada> sure
[17:41:37] <brada> probably not a ton of work
[17:41:43] <lynxlynxlynx> lupine tested it recently and found some initial problems, but that's about it
[17:41:44] <Occulus> It takes time, manpower. Manpower is in short supply on opensource projects.
[17:42:24] <lynxlynxlynx> there's not that many changes though, just almost nobody bought bgee here
[17:42:41] <Occulus> The main difference that I've found is that the resources in the BG:EE seem to be compressed in a ".bif", ".Bif", ".BIF" format that I don't really know how to interact with.
[17:42:45] <brada> avenger has it im sure :p
[17:43:04] <lynxlynxlynx> he got it for free ;)
[17:43:04] <brada> but he hasnt done much with gemrb lately :(
[17:43:04] <brada> well id hope so
[17:43:21] <lynxlynxlynx> Occulus: http://gemrb.org/iesdp/file_formats/ie_formats/bif_v1.htm
[17:43:23] <Pepelka> BIF File Format
[17:43:38] <Occulus> Oooh... hello!
[17:43:43] <brada> bif is jsut an archive
[17:43:53] <lynxlynxlynx> i don't think they changed that, iirc they have a new compressor for the tiles
[17:44:18] <Occulus> Heh, this means that GemRB probably has libraries to deal with these suckers!
[17:44:23] <lynxlynxlynx> but if anyone cared, they could also just extract them with other tools
[17:44:31] <lynxlynxlynx> plugins, yes
[17:44:41] <brada> of course gemrb can open bifs
[17:44:49] <brada> but its a game engine...
[17:45:01] <lynxlynxlynx> if you like python, there's also iesh in our repo, which has many of the formats covered
[17:45:02] <Occulus> I was afraid I was going to have to write my own decompressor.
[17:45:23] <Occulus> iesh?
[17:45:38] <brada> yes
[17:46:00] <brada> command line python script for dealing with the IE formats
[17:46:23] <Occulus> Ah... that would be, tasty.
[17:46:37] <Occulus> What is the vision, the goal for GemRB?
[17:46:40] <lynxlynxlynx> look at our sourceforge page, it's not on hub
[17:46:49] <lynxlynxlynx> uhh
[17:46:50] <brada> it should be
[17:47:05] <lynxlynxlynx> Occulus: have you been to our site yet? :P
[17:47:17] <brada> i dont think gemrb is what you think it is
[17:48:18] <Occulus> Brada: What do you suppose I think gemrb is? Where is the misunderstanding? :)
[17:48:47] <brada> well you are here asking about modding for IE games and gemrb isnt a mod or a tool to help with such
[17:48:48] <Occulus> lynxlynxlynx: I suppose I need to do a little rtfm at this point...
[17:49:12] <lynxlynxlynx> gemrb is interesting for more invasive mods
[17:49:19] <lynxlynxlynx> or for stuff that was hardcoded
[17:49:24] <brada> true
[17:49:24] <Occulus> No... but if it has tools that I can use in languages that I can read, I can bend it to my will...
[17:49:31] <brada> tho didnt BGEE fix much of that
[17:49:55] <lynxlynxlynx> not that much
[17:50:02] <brada> thats a shame
[17:50:32] <psch> well, randomly moving files out of $GAMEPATH/data/ definitely appears in the notification, same for dialog.tlk and chitin.key
[17:50:34] <Occulus> I think I already know of a way to hack an engine into existence that can behave like the IE.
[17:50:51] <brada> you mean gemrb? :D
[17:50:52] <psch> $GAMEPATH/scripts does nothing, but those probably are only the AI scripts for party members?
[17:51:24] <brada> psch: it could be a problem with lesser android versions
[17:51:24] <lynxlynxlynx> psch: yep
[17:51:24] <Occulus> lol, that's what I mean, you folks seem to have already done the heavy lifting. :D
[17:51:31] <brada> i wouldnt worry too much about it
[17:51:56] <lynxlynxlynx> at least add a fallback if the message is empty
[17:52:34] <lynxlynxlynx> some message so the user will be less baffled
[17:53:06] <psch> alright; a generic "there seem to be files missing from you game data." should be ok i guess
[17:53:33] <lynxlynxlynx> is there a limit to the length? some instructions would be better if possible
[17:53:48] <Occulus> I'm going to get some lunch. Then I'm going to download and see if I can get GemRB to compile.
[17:54:41] <brada> should be easy
[17:54:45] <brada> you are on mac :D
[17:54:53] <brada> just click build
[17:55:09] <lynxlynxlynx> apple/
[17:55:24] <Occulus> Yep, I'm on a mac; that means that usually I have to bend over backwards to get something running. :) :)
[17:55:43] <Occulus> *or compiled...
[17:56:14] <Occulus> One question first: do any of your libraries rely on 64 bit hardware?
[17:56:39] <Occulus> *err... for gemrb
[17:56:48] <psch> i have about 25 non-fixed width character per line; i don't know about a hard limit wrt number of lines in a notification, but i imagine more than ~6 is hitting edges, especially considering the user might have a bunch of notifications already
[17:58:17] <brada> Occulus: gemrb builds for both 32bit and 64bit on mac with ease
[17:58:28] <brada> provided you have SDL in 32/64bit
[17:58:42] <brada> everything else (that is required) comes with the OS
[17:59:11] <Occulus> Oh, good. I tried doing some modding for TOME. Turns out it relied on the newest SDL libraries and refused to compile.
[17:59:53] <Occulus> Thank you for responding to me.
[18:00:09] <Occulus> I may show up again. :)
[18:00:10] <brada> well you would likely want to get the latest SDL 1.2 (not 2.0)
[18:00:27] <brada> we work with either but the mac target is setup for 1.2
[18:00:41] <Occulus> Not a problem, I have SDL 1.2 up and running on my computer.
[18:01:08] <Occulus> Wonderful. I may get to work with your engine. :) :)
[18:01:11] <brada> in framework?
[18:01:16] <brada> or dylib?
[18:01:23] <Occulus> Framework.
[18:01:27] <brada> good
[18:01:38] <Occulus> *I have a dylib hack-thing running on my computer.
[18:01:48] <Occulus> But it runs frameworks too.
[18:01:51] <brada> tho if you arent interested in coding for gemrb we provide downloads that are already built for mac
[18:02:24] <brada> gemrb expects SDL.framework in /Library/Frameworks
[18:02:34] <brada> to build
[18:02:42] <brada> to run we package the framework in the bundle
[18:02:48] <brada> so you can just downlaod and run it
[18:02:55] <Occulus> Well, I would need to buy the old BG I and BG II for my mac for the gemrb mac-build to be useful, right?
[18:03:27] <Occulus> *Because you don't have the demo up and running yet...
[18:03:29] <brada> you dont need the mac versions
[18:03:40] <brada> PC versions work nicely
[18:03:51] <brada> or any other IE game
[18:03:57] <brada> not just BG series
[18:04:39] <brada> http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot%20Binaries/Apple/OSX/GemRB-osx-v0.8.0-96-g70ef24a.zip
[18:04:41] <Pepelka> Download GemRB Game Engine from SourceForge.net
[18:04:42] <Pepelka> »GemRB is a portable open-source implementation of the Infinity Engine«
[18:04:49] <brada> thats the latest mac build already compiles
[18:04:53] <lynxlynxlynx> and the bg2 demo can be used for testing some of it
[18:04:56] <lynxlynxlynx> bbl
[18:05:13] <Occulus> Oh, that'll work fine. :)
[18:05:53] <Occulus> Thanks folks. You'll hear from me if I get gemrb to compile. :) Adios.
[18:06:18] <brada> typically we hear back from those that *don't* get gemrb to compile ;)
[18:06:46] <Occulus> Well... you might get some of that to. Typically I like to swear at it awhile first.
[18:06:58] <Occulus> *too
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[18:58:59] <fizzle> lynxlynxlynx: if you've got a minute I have a weapon slot bug for you
[18:59:12] <fizzle> looks like there's a SetEquippedSlot missing somewhere
[18:59:23] <fizzle> but not quite sure where
[18:59:35] <fizzle> and the code's a maze for the unwary...
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[19:22:45] <brada> what exactly is the problem?
[19:26:30] <fizzle> equip someone with a missile weapon
[19:26:34] <fizzle> pause the game
[19:26:41] <fizzle> go to inventory
[19:26:45] <fizzle> unequip weapon
[19:26:54] <fizzle> try to go to character screen
[19:27:01] <fizzle> *boom*
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[19:29:56] <Empirical> Strange syntax.
[19:30:24] <brada> yes...
[19:30:30] <Empirical> Font.cpp:274: warning: NULL used in arithmetic
[19:30:37] <Empirical> g++ doesn't like it.
[19:31:03] <Empirical> Pops up again:
[19:31:27] <Empirical> gemrb/gemrb/core/Font.cpp:433: warning: NULL used in arithmetic
[19:31:57] <brada> seems bogus
[19:32:11] <Empirical> It's wierd. This is the line that's causing it:
[19:32:27] <brada> clearly its complaining about the expanded macro
[19:32:31] <brada> but still bogus
[19:32:48] <Empirical> line 274: SET_BLIT_PALETTE(NULL);
[19:33:15] <Empirical> line 433: SET_BLIT_PALETTE(NULL);
[19:33:57] <Empirical> So what is SET_BLIT_PALETTE? Where is it defined? Palette.cpp? No. Palette.h? No.
[19:34:03] <wjp> why isn't that a regular function?
[19:34:14] <Empirical> It's defined on line 33 of Font.cpp.
[19:34:31] <Empirical> Not as a function... nope.
[19:34:34] <wjp> oh, blitPalette is a local
[19:34:34] <brada> something about the constness of that function
[19:34:35] <wjp> ugh
[19:34:41] <Empirical> But as a definition....
[19:34:56] <brada> constness of PrintFromLine
[19:34:59] <Empirical> #define SET_BLIT_PALETTE( palette )\ if (palette != NULL) ((Palette*)palette)->IncRef();\ if (blitPalette != NULL) blitPalette->Release();\ blitPalette = palette;
[19:35:36] <Empirical> Will it break anything if I rewrite this definition as a function?
[19:36:02] <brada> iirc you get at least a warning in some compiler
[19:36:24] <wjp> brada: ?
[19:36:32] <Empirical> Yes, I've never touched clang. But g++ has been my constant bedfellow.
[19:36:39] <brada> i originally wrote it without const but i was told to leave that function const
[19:36:40] <brada> so...
[19:37:00] <wjp> oh, you're talking about something else than SET_BLIT_PALETTE
[19:37:06] <brada> wjp: yes
[19:37:29] <brada> PrintFromLine is const
[19:37:36] <brada> so it cant call anything that alters the ivars
[19:38:24] <brada> fizzle: i dont seem to get a boom
[19:38:40] <Empirical> Hmm... well. I'm using a mac.
[19:38:46] <brada> as am i
[19:38:49] <brada> so what?
[19:38:50] <Empirical> But this seems like a compiler issue...
[19:38:55] <fizzle> brada: then you're not doing it right ;)
[19:39:12] <fizzle> which game, btw?
[19:39:16] <brada> BG2
[19:39:25] <fizzle> same here
[19:39:50] <fizzle> do you have missiles equipped?
[19:40:03] <brada> i equip crossbow then even select it then pause then unequip
[19:40:06] <brada> nothing
[19:40:10] <brada> yes missles are there
[19:40:36] <brada> i have a dirty tree but nothing that shuld change this i assume
[19:40:48] <fizzle> do you try to go to the character screen from the inventory
[19:40:51] <fizzle> ?
[19:41:11] <Empirical> Ok... if there are no objections, I'm going to rewrite this little boomer as a function so that my compiler stops calling me funny names. I hope it works. ;)
[19:41:26] <brada> empirical: like i said you cant do that
[19:41:40] <brada> at least not if the palette is an ivar to font
[19:42:11] <brada> i dont remember the objections to making that function non const tho.. some optimization i assume
[19:42:31] <Empirical> Can you suggest a work-around?
[19:42:50] <wjp> brada: I'm sure I'm completely missing something, but why are you suddenly talking about making that function non-const?
[19:42:57] <brada> well for one id like to know what about that macro causes gcc to complain
[19:43:06] <wjp> I scrolled back a bit, but can't see anything relevant in the logs...
[19:43:13] <wjp> probably just the NULL != NULL
[19:43:22] <wjp> but dunno
[19:43:41] <brada> if blitpallete were an ivar to font you couldnt have const
[19:43:51] <Empirical> How is "palette"-defined?
[19:44:10] <Empirical> What type of an object/variable is palette?
[19:44:22] <brada> a Palette object
[19:44:35] <Empirical> From SDL?
[19:44:38] <brada> no
[19:44:44] <brada> internal
[19:45:00] <Empirical> Ok... I think I know where I can track it, then...
[19:45:04] <wjp> brada: there is zero reason to make blitpalette that
[19:45:08] <brada> just do an inline function definition without ivar and it will be fine
[19:45:28] <brada> wjp: i know im just letting him know he cant do that
[19:45:36] <brada> probably confusing the poor guy tho
[19:45:46] <Empirical> :) Indeed. :)
[19:46:02] <brada> basicallyy rewrite as a func but beware not to try using an ivar for blitpalette
[19:46:28] <brada> was jsut trying to give a helpful warning
[19:46:30] <brada> sorry
[19:47:01] <Empirical> I really appreciate the help, folks. :)
[19:47:27] <Empirical> Oh.. of course...
[19:48:11] <brada> hopefully my ramblings make sense now
[19:49:12] <Empirical> Ok... if I intend to release my build any time in the future... should I just comment out this old macro?
[19:49:21] <brada> fizzle: am i missing something to reproduce?
[19:49:34] <fizzle> the final step, maybe?
[19:50:05] <Empirical> Hmm... I don't have all of the optional libraries on my computer. Could that cause the issue?
[19:50:16] <brada> fizzle: which is?
[19:50:17] <Empirical> Which one am I missing?
[19:50:39] <fizzle> brada: try to go to the character screen
[19:50:44] <brada> i am
[19:50:46] <brada> nothing happens
[19:50:53] <Empirical> I don't have "iconv"
[19:51:02] <fizzle> then I don't know
[19:51:02] <brada> empirical: you dont need it
[19:51:06] <brada> thats optional
[19:51:17] <brada> fizzle: ill stash my changes just to be sure
[19:52:32] <brada> hmmm
[19:52:38] <brada> now i get the python crash
[19:52:43] <brada> interesting
[19:55:56] <brada> nothing to do with my changes
[19:56:06] <brada> has to be active weap
[19:56:33] <Empirical> Oh... I understand how it knows who blitPalette is now...
[19:57:03] <brada> empirical: how do you not have iconv if you are on a mac???
[19:57:13] <Empirical> The precompiler puts in that line of code for ever instances of SET_BLIT_PALLETE(pal)
[19:57:23] <Empirical> I just know that I haven't installed it, brada. :)
[19:57:45] <Empirical> It might be there if it gets wrapped into the regular tools.
[19:58:10] <Empirical> *regular mac tools.
[20:02:00] <brada> just send me a patch that removes the macro and uses a function without needing to alter the constness of the calling function and ill commit it
[20:04:01] <Empirical> Ok.
[20:04:19] <Empirical> I'll see if I can get it to work. I just want it to compile. :P
[20:06:04] <brada> what version of mac os?
[20:06:18] <brada> you are still using gcc...
[20:06:21] <brada> so old?
[20:06:54] <brada> or are you for some reason using cmake?
[20:07:35] <Empirical> Hmm... oh.
[20:07:47] <Empirical> I'm using Mac 10.6.8
[20:07:55] <brada> oh
[20:08:25] <Empirical> The makefile was generated by cmake.
[20:08:35] <Empirical> Was that ill-advised?
[20:08:40] <brada> no
[20:08:45] <brada> we have an xcode project tho
[20:09:03] <brada> and you can build without warnings causing build failure if thats all you want to do
[20:09:10] <brada> also prebuilt binaries...
[20:09:56] <Empirical> Well... I think I may want to build something with this in the future.
[20:11:03] <Empirical> I tend to prefer the command line over XCode... but... I'll give it a shot.
[20:11:41] <brada> cmake ought to work fine
[20:11:47] <brada> just saying if you like xcode :p
[20:13:00] <Empirical> error: no matching function for call to ‘GemRB::GameData::FreePalette(GemRB::Palette*&, GemRB::Palette*&)
[20:13:18] <brada> yeah
[20:13:25] <brada> yu are passinga pointer to a pointer
[20:13:53] <brada> i believe freePalette takes a single palette*
[20:13:54] <Empirical> Oh blat! You're right.
[20:14:13] <Empirical> blitPalette gets returned.
[20:14:56] <Empirical> If it doesn't get returned things crash.
[20:17:10] <brada> yeah you will always need a blitpalette
[20:17:26] <brada> er
[20:17:28] <brada> i guess not
[20:17:46] <brada> since the NULL was what was causing all the problems in the first place :p
[20:18:59] <brada> er actuall that SET_BLIT_PALETTE(NULL) is only there for memory management
[20:26:44] <Empirical> whimpers: error: no matching function for call to ‘GemRB::GameData::FreePalette(GemRB::Palette*&, GemRB::Palette*&)
[20:27:22] <Empirical> Again. Ok... can't treat it like a black box.
[20:27:39] <Empirical> What the heck is it doing? Looking it up.
[20:28:15] <brada> im not sure what you are asking
[20:28:31] <brada> FreePalette takes only one palette parameter tho
[20:28:43] <Empirical> I'm mostly muttering to myself. Sorry about that.
[20:28:43] <brada> and an optional resref (string)
[20:29:07] <brada> that error implies you are trying to pass 2 palettes
[21:15:13] <Empirical> This has become an ugly hack... but... I think I can get it to work.
[21:16:16] <Empirical> For every line that contained: SET_BLIT_PALETTE(palette); I've simply replaced it with the three lines that were defined in the original macro.
[21:16:40] <lynxlynxlynx> fizzle: yep, i can reproduce
[21:17:11] <lynxlynxlynx> and yes, it's a jungle, but at least this bit is looking out from a tame point
[21:17:34] <fizzle> if you say so... :P
[21:18:05] <lynxlynxlynx> i've added this code to the binding during the iwd2 rewrites
[21:19:44] <Empirical> Where is gamedata?
[21:20:02] <Empirical> Where is gamedata first defined?
[21:20:38] <lynxlynxlynx> i think it's just an extern
[21:21:10] <Empirical> Oh. Found it.
[21:24:41] <-- GoGi has left IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:28:41] <brada> Empirical: if you use xcode you can right click any symbol and choose "jump to definition"
[21:29:02] <brada> quite helpful for navigating our 150,000+ lines of code
[21:29:16] <Empirical> brada: Thanks.
[21:29:21] --> GoGi has joined #gemrb
[21:32:58] <lynxlynxlynx> yeah, it breaks even if unpaused
[21:33:34] <lynxlynxlynx> instead of reequipping fists or the next weapon, we keep Equipped still at ammo
[21:34:36] <Empirical> Hmm... Xcode failed at exactly the same place.
[21:34:45] <lynxlynxlynx> the data is needed only for iwd2, so the warning can easily be downgraded, however that would mostly just hide the underlying issue
[21:35:49] <Empirical> Brada, did you write Font.cpp?
[21:35:59] <brada> parts
[21:36:25] <Empirical> Ok. So this:
[21:36:45] <Empirical> gamedata->FreePalette( newPal, blitPalette);
[21:36:53] <Empirical> This is the line that everything crashes on.
[21:37:31] <Empirical> The issue, I think is that the second input variable is supposed to be a const.
[21:37:51] <Empirical> blitPalette has type "Palette".
[21:38:32] <lynxlynxlynx> void GameData::FreePalette(Palette *&pal, const ieResRef name)
[21:38:42] <brada> i told you already
[21:38:44] <Empirical> :) That's the one!
[21:38:57] <brada> you are passing the wrong arguments
[21:39:02] <lynxlynxlynx> doesn't the compiler tell you too?
[21:39:06] <brada> it did
[21:39:12] <Empirical> I know that. I don't know how to fix it. :)
[21:39:12] <brada> he posted the error
[21:39:29] <brada> dont pass more than one palette to the function
[21:39:42] <brada> and how does it crash?
[21:39:46] <brada> that shouldnt even compile
[21:40:07] <Empirical> I've just spent the past 2 hours trying to fix this.
[21:40:19] <Empirical> The compiler does tell me that is the issue.
[21:40:21] <Empirical> Hmm...
[21:40:22] <Empirical> Ok.
[21:40:46] <Empirical> I'll comment out: gamedata->FreePalette( newPal, blitPalette );
[21:40:53] <Empirical> And I'll replace it with:
[21:40:59] <brada> well you will probably have a leak on your hands
[21:41:01] <Empirical> gamedata->FreePalette( newPal );
[21:41:08] <brada> something like that
[21:41:35] <Empirical> At first I was just trying to fix the macro.
[21:42:05] <Empirical> I just replaced every instance of the macro with the appropriate 3 lines that the macro should have put in there.
[21:42:10] <brada> if thats all you want then just replace NULL with 0
[21:44:01] <Empirical> It's building!!!!!!
[21:44:12] <Empirical> I hope I didn't break anything.
[21:44:23] <brada> it would build with no changes jsut fine
[21:44:33] <brada> just disable warnings as errors
[21:44:35] <Empirical> Well, I didn't make a change.
[21:44:41] <Empirical> *I did make a change.
[21:45:03] <brada> or replace all SET_BLIT_PALETTE(NULL) lines with SET_BLIT_PALETTE(0)
[21:45:36] <lynxlynxlynx> wouldn't that cause other warnings?
[21:45:48] <lynxlynxlynx> i forget what got it started
[21:46:24] <brada> apparently it didnt like NULL != NULL
[21:46:51] <brada> but ill just rewrite as an inline func
[21:46:55] <brada> then everybody is hapy
[21:49:36] <Empirical> I'm sorry about causing you problems brada. It wasn't the intent. :)
[21:49:46] <brada> you arent
[21:49:56] <brada> macros are yucky anyway
[21:49:58] <brada> :p
[21:51:54] <Empirical> [ 66%] Building CXX object gemrb/CMakeFiles/gemrb.dir/__/apple/CocoaWrapper/mac/CocoaWrapper.mm.o cc1objplus: warnings being treated as errors /Users/jonn/programs/gemrb/apple/CocoaWrapper/mac/CocoaWrapper.mm:221: warning: unused parameter ‘argv’
[21:52:26] <Empirical> Warnings being treated as errors? That seems a little stiff.
[21:52:44] <brada> no its the way devs like it
[21:52:56] <brada> but you probably fail there due to 10.6
[21:53:13] <brada> cuz i clearly have argv marked as unused there
[21:53:41] <brada> what version of gcc?
[21:54:00] <Empirical> i686-apple-darwin10-g++-4.2.1 (GCC) 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5666) (dot 3)
[21:54:08] <brada> ah
[21:54:22] <brada> look at like 22 on CocoaWrapper.h
[21:55:05] <brada> probably should be 40300 instead
[21:55:06] <brada> try that
[21:55:12] <Lightkey> wow that's old :-D
[21:55:18] <brada> right?!
[21:55:42] <brada> change #if GCC_VERSION < 40200 to #if GCC_VERSION < 40300
[21:55:53] <Empirical> 7 years. The next update will allow me to play with OpenCL. :)
[21:56:04] <brada> on the line i noted
[21:56:37] <brada> of course all that is going to do is give you another warning
[21:56:49] <brada> telling you you need to build without errors as warnings :p
[21:57:15] <Empirical> is there a flag to turn that off?
[21:57:26] <brada> unless somebody here knows how to mark objective-c parameters as unused for gcc < 4.3
[21:57:30] <brada> yes
[21:57:49] <brada> dont remember the exact syntax
[21:57:54] <brada> should be in the help
[21:58:01] <brada> or just use xcode :p
[21:58:07] <brada> or a prebuilt binary...
[21:58:12] <brada> or upgrade your gcc :p
[21:58:13] <Empirical> Ok.
[21:58:16] <Lightkey> Empirical: actually only 6 years, thought it would be older :o
[21:58:47] <Empirical> Build succeeded!
[21:59:05] <Empirical> I'm feeling giddy.
[21:59:19] <Empirical> Now to test the build.
[21:59:27] <Empirical> Thank you for your help, folks. :)
[22:00:12] <brada> yup
[22:02:36] <Empirical> The BG2 demo should work.
[22:02:55] <Empirical> *For testing purposes.
[22:02:59] <brada> yes
[22:06:48] <-- fizzle has left #gemrb
[22:16:57] <Empirical> Since I don't really use XCode that much: It says that the build succeeded, but I can't find the executable/application that was built. Or does it mean that all of the object files were built successfully?
[22:18:53] <brada> it goes into the build dir
[22:19:04] <brada> you can click the play button to build then run
[22:19:09] <brada> or select run from the menu
[22:19:32] <Empirical> No launchable executable present at path.
[22:20:08] <Empirical> Ah, I see, that was for compiling the core.
[22:20:15] <-- kingron has left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[22:20:23] <brada> you need to switch the target to GemRB Mac
[22:20:43] <brada> er GemRB OS X
[22:40:56] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:52:42] <Empirical> Ok. The build using XCode seems to be broken. It's the core that builds successfully.
[22:53:10] <Empirical> It's alright. I found the command line error that breaks the build using cmake.
[23:02:26] <brada> its not broken
[23:02:33] <brada> thats how we build the binaries
[23:02:37] <brada> and i use it every day
[23:03:01] <brada> and cmake builds successfully daily too tho i dont test on 10.6
[23:03:08] <brada> so what is the error?
[23:03:53] <brada> did you even try to change the build target to the correct one?
[23:06:47] <Empirical> What was the error...
[23:06:59] <Empirical> There were about 133 of them...
[23:07:42] <Empirical> Ft2build.h: No such file or directory
[23:08:01] <Empirical> #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
[23:08:03] <Empirical> #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
[23:08:05] <brada> you said you found the cli error...
[23:08:18] <Empirical> Variable or field 'LogFTError' declared void
[23:08:33] <Empirical> There are lots of others.
[23:08:48] <Empirical> I prefer to avoid Xcode whenever I can.
[23:09:12] <Empirical> I have no idea how it really operates under the hood.
[23:09:18] <brada> you are clearly doing something wrng
[23:09:24] <Empirical> Probably.
[23:09:42] <brada> like trying to buld the TTF plugin with no freetype
[23:10:00] <Empirical> It's ok, though.
[23:10:12] <Empirical> I have the GemRB application up and running now.
[23:10:32] <Empirical> It installs from the command line without a problem.
[23:10:36] <brada> right, but if that was you only goal you should have just downloaded the binary i posted for you
[23:10:48] <Empirical> make VERBOSE=1 showed me the issue.
[23:11:08] <Empirical> There was a -Werror flag amongst others that were stopping the build in it's tracks.
[23:11:31] <brada> among others?
[23:11:36] <Empirical> Since I can compile it now, I can alter the code. This was my goal.
[23:11:51] <Empirical> Among others. 133 of them in total.
[23:12:13] <brada> 133 errors? form?
[23:12:23] <brada> using cmake?
[23:12:32] <Empirical> 133 errors on Xcode.
[23:12:55] <Empirical> cmake via command line builds it without issues... with some alteration of the compile line.
[23:12:55] <brada> right cuz you were trying to build a plugin you didnt have dependancies for
[23:13:03] <brada> and cmake detects that
[23:14:01] <brada> and editing the script is the wrong way to do it
[23:14:13] <brada> just disable warnings as errors when you run the cmake command
[23:14:16] <brada> its that simple
[23:14:23] <brada> i suggested that forever ago
[23:14:26] <Empirical> That's what I did.
[23:14:47] <Empirical> I removed the flags that told the compiler to treat the warnings as errors.
[23:16:46] <brada> right but you did it in a very silly way
[23:17:49] <Empirical> Probably, which way would have been preferable?
[23:18:32] <brada> there is an option you can pass to the cmake script
[23:18:37] <brada> something like DISABLE_WERROR
[23:18:48] <Empirical> Oh.
[23:18:54] <brada> its in the docs iirc
[23:19:04] <Empirical> I guess I'll need to read more about cmake...
[23:19:26] <brada> its not a cmake thing
[23:19:41] <brada> its part of our cmake file
[23:24:02] <brada> Empirical: this command should work for you for future ref: cmake $PATH_TO_ROOT -DDISABLE_WERROR=Yes
[23:24:38] <brada> where $PATH_TO_ROOT is the path to the gemrb source
[23:25:03] <Empirical> Alright. I'll remember that you can do that.
[23:28:46] <Empirical> It appears that there is a command line gemrb that one can create: gemrb -c /usr/share/gemrb/minimal/fhs.cfg
[23:30:35] <brada> not on mac
[23:32:28] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)
[23:32:32] <Empirical> That's unfortunate.
[23:32:53] <brada> why?
[23:33:24] <Empirical> I think it would be useful for testing purposes.
[23:33:46] <Empirical> But then, I prefer to use the command line.
[23:34:06] <brada> why do you use a mac again? ;)
[23:34:29] <Empirical> It's unix under the hood. :)
[23:34:52] <brada> i suppose it would be useful for me to add a mchanisim to store multiple game configurations in the GUI
[23:35:00] <brada> currently its jsut one at a time
[23:35:05] <Empirical> Are you the main developer?
[23:35:09] <brada> for mac
[23:35:28] <Empirical> Hey, I really appreciate your help.
[23:35:38] <brada> oh wait
[23:35:41] <brada> there is a cli
[23:35:48] <Empirical> What is a cli?
[23:36:06] <Empirical> cli command line interface
[23:36:07] <brada> you can just do open /path/to/gemrb.app /path/to/game/data
[23:36:10] <brada> yes
[23:36:17] <brada> you wanted to use -c
[23:36:29] <brada> that wuld be the closest equivalent on mac currently
[23:36:52] <brada> wouldnt work with GoG installs tho :/
[23:37:25] <Empirical> Hmm... is there anything visible that one can play with on your demo.
[23:37:28] <Empirical> *?
[23:37:35] <brada> i plan on letting you have multiple game configurations you can switch between in the future
[23:37:44] <brada> the demo is just a small area
[23:37:57] <brada> i dont think you can even control the character
[23:37:57] <Empirical> How can I get that running?
[23:38:10] <brada> its seriously nothing
[23:38:14] <brada> unless you mean BG2 demo
[23:38:37] <Empirical> Well sure. You show me how to open one, and it should work for the other.
[23:39:06] <brada> you cant run the demo
[23:39:12] <brada> because you need the ttf plugin for it
[23:39:12] <Empirical> No?
[23:39:20] <brada> and you clearly dont have freetype
[23:39:38] <brada> or at least not where xcode expects
[23:39:58] <brada> what does your cmake output say about the ttf plugin?
[23:39:59] <Empirical> So, let's pretend that I did have freetype.
[23:40:55] <Empirical> Detected version: 0.8.0-git -- Looking for Python libraries and headers: found -- Looking for SDL: found -- Looking for Zlib: found -- Looking for OpenAL: found -- Looking for SDL_mixer: found CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:212 (MESSAGE): Looking for VLC: not found!
[23:41:06] <brada> what else?
[23:41:09] <brada> should have more
[23:41:13] <brada> abotu freetype
[23:41:20] <Empirical> -- Looking for Freetype: found -- Looking for libPNG: found -- Looking for Ogg Vorbis support: found
[23:41:24] <brada> hmm
[23:41:40] <brada> apple must have moved it between 10.6 and 10.8 then
[23:41:58] <Empirical> Aye, it does have an agitating habit of doing that. ;)
[23:41:59] <brada> so you have the ttf plugin
[23:42:04] <Empirical> Yep.
[23:42:51] <brada> maybe it didnt used to be a framework
[23:43:52] <brada> what about png importer?
[23:43:57] <brada> you need that for the demo too
[23:44:08] <brada> ah
[23:44:11] <brada> i see you listed that
[23:44:18] <brada> so yes you should have everything you need
[23:44:45] <brada> in that case jsut launch gemrb then click the open button and choose the folder containing the demo data i suppose
[23:45:27] <Empirical> Fatal Error in Core
[23:45:37] <Empirical> Plugin Loading Failed, check path...
[23:47:42] <brada> curious
[23:47:48] <brada> since the plugins are part of the bundle
[23:48:19] <brada> what do you have in GemRB.app/Contents/Plugins?
[23:48:59] <Empirical> 2DAImporter BIKPlayer.so DLGImporter.so IDSImporter MOSImporter.so OGGReader.so SAVImporter TISImporter.so WMPImporter.so 2DAImporter.so BMPImporter DirectoryImporter IDSImporter.so MUSImporter OpenALAudio SAVImporter.so TLKImporter ZLibManager ACMReader BMPImporter.so DirectoryImporter.so INIImpor
[23:49:31] <Empirical> Hmm... that didn't translate very well.
[23:51:08] <Empirical> It has TTFImporter.so
[23:51:25] <Empirical> TISImporter.so
[23:51:30] <Empirical> ZLibManager.so
[23:51:36] <Empirical> WAVReader.so
[23:51:42] <Empirical> WEDImporter.so
[23:52:02] <Empirical> BIFImporter.so
[23:52:34] <brada> so probably a permission error
[23:52:37] <Empirical> There is no VLCPlayer.so. It's the only unpaired.
[23:52:42] <brada> yeah thats fine
[23:53:00] <brada> totally useless unless you need it for your own mans or are using a mac version of BG
[23:53:18] <brada> *means
[23:53:30] <brada> like developing your own gemrb game/mod
[23:53:50] <brada> i guess currently its the only way we have to play bgee movies too
[23:53:50] <Empirical> Hmm.
[23:53:59] <brada> but since bgee doesnt work for other reasons its moot
[23:54:06] <-- Coriander2 has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:54:33] <Empirical> BGEE doesn't seem to lend itself to mods as easilly. I don't know if that was intentional or accidental.
[23:56:44] <brada> i thought they were trying hard to be mod friendly
[23:56:56] <brada> i cant see how its any worse anyway
[23:57:09] <brada> tho i dont know much about IE modding
[23:57:31] <brada> empirical: did you cmake install?
[23:57:35] <brada> using sudo?
[23:57:49] <Empirical> Err... no.
[23:57:51] <brada> could be permission on the plugins
[23:58:21] <brada> look at the console when you try to launch it and see what the output is
[23:59:02] <Empirical> Not a problem.
[23:59:10] <Empirical> It installed without a hitch.
[23:59:34] <brada> sure, but i still question if it cant load plugins due to permissions getting messed up
[23:59:57] <brada> when i test the cmake build i do it in the build dir