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[00:28:45] --> brad_a has joined #gemrb
[01:15:33] <lloyd> brad_a: does that mean the fonts will work w/o patch?
[01:15:41] <brad_a> no
[01:16:21] <lloyd> so they just haven't implemented the thing you need in 1.3?
[01:16:31] <brad_a> what?
[01:16:34] <lloyd> it works in 1.2 w/o patch right?
[01:16:40] <brad_a> the font colors?
[01:16:45] <lloyd> ya
[01:17:04] <brad_a> palette versions are still broken in 1.3
[01:17:14] <brad_a> just apply the patch i gave you
[01:17:27] <lloyd> k
[01:23:59] <brad_a> lloyd: its been a known bug since june
[01:23:59] <brad_a> http://bugzilla.libsdl.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1224
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[01:40:24] <kamui> can't find a lot of helpful info on a few forums, so I figure I'd ask. The last info I could find on Gemrb with baldurs gate trilogy was 2009, and it was effectively not compatible. Is trilogy mostly playable now?
[01:40:51] <lloyd> yeah
[01:40:58] <kamui> oh sweet
[01:41:09] <lloyd> it requires you to run an additional script...
[01:41:25] <kamui> where can I find more info on what I need to do to get it configured
[01:41:26] <kamui> ?
[01:41:53] <lloyd> I actually don't remember...but this guy called yoshimo shows up in this cahnnel often
[01:42:00] <lloyd> he's playing trilogy right now
[01:42:20] <kamui> well, thats still really positive news, at the very least I can get trilogy setup
[01:43:04] <lloyd> yeah -- it should still run and be playable I think but a few things will be missing
[01:43:14] <kamui> on a side note, does the android version of gemrb support mulitplayer?
[01:43:26] <kamui> I intend to play across both pc and my tablet on the go :)
[01:43:28] <brad_a> no
[01:43:43] <brad_a> no version of gemrb supports multiplayer even a little
[01:43:47] <kamui> nyarg!
[01:43:51] <brad_a> nor are there plans for implementing it
[01:44:03] <brad_a> we need to finish the engine first
[01:44:04] <kamui> I didst not know that
[01:44:22] <kamui> well, can't have everything at once I suppose
[01:44:30] <kamui> still a net win tonight :)
[01:45:43] <brad_a> android gemrb doesnt even support multitouch yet and performance is pretty poor IMO
[02:15:31] <lloyd> I want to bundle the sounds for each actor into different lists -- ie SelectSounds, BattleCrys, etc.. inside the actor class
[02:15:41] <lloyd> initialised at cre import time
[02:20:53] <brad_a> for what purpose?
[02:21:07] <lloyd> because different types of sounds are at different places
[02:21:15] <brad_a> also do you know where the hell i can obtain a mac weidu binary?
[02:21:29] <lloyd> ie the rare select sound is different for different games
[02:21:49] <lloyd> you have to if bg do this if iwd do this
[02:22:05] <brad_a> really?
[02:22:10] <lloyd> ya
[02:22:23] <brad_a> i would have thought the game data would have all the references to waht is waht
[02:22:51] <lloyd> for voices each actor has a list of sounds it can make
[02:23:00] <brad_a> every fing link i find to weidu is a 404
[02:23:09] <lloyd> the indexes to each type are different for different games
[02:23:18] <brad_a> yes i know that
[02:23:23] <brad_a> but why is that a problem
[02:23:29] <brad_a> i figured it was like the strings
[02:23:45] <lloyd> because how do you know which sound to make when someone is selected?
[02:24:27] <brad_a> like i said i would have thought there was a data file that maintains which ref is which like the strings
[02:24:33] <brad_a> ie strings.2da
[02:24:52] <lloyd> vcremap is meant for this I think
[02:25:01] <lloyd> but it's not finished
[02:25:21] <lloyd> do you think that's a better idea?
[02:26:24] <brad_a> im not really an expert on ie resrefs and the like so i would ask lynx/fuzzie/tomprince
[02:26:43] <brad_a> but i imagine a 2da would be the way to go
[02:27:14] <brad_a> i may be missing something
[02:27:47] <lloyd> yeah the vcremap.2da is basically there for what you are saying
[02:27:52] <brad_a> i do know we like to avoid having things hard coded
[02:28:15] <lloyd> it's not being used at all atm though
[02:28:29] <lloyd> which is where a lot of voice problems coe from
[02:28:32] <lloyd> come*
[02:28:33] <brad_a> where is it? i cant seem to see that file
[02:28:47] <lloyd> override/bg1
[02:28:59] <brad_a> hmm why doesnt bg2 have one?
[02:29:13] <lloyd> because it's hardcoded
[02:29:18] <brad_a> in gemrb?
[02:29:20] <brad_a> really?
[02:29:23] <brad_a> where?
[02:29:25] <lloyd> ya
[02:29:54] <lloyd> sec
[02:30:52] <lloyd> GameScript.h
[02:31:09] <lloyd> note the comment: //verbal constant (bg2), we have a lookup table (vcremap) for other games
[02:31:41] <lloyd> I'm thinking it should be for all games
[02:32:19] <brad_a> yes i would too, but im curious why it isnt that way. is BG2 somehow special? or has it just been neglected?
[02:32:29] <brad_a> is there a TODO?
[02:32:44] <lloyd> nope
[02:33:05] <lloyd> but it's every other game that has been neglected because the bg2 indexes are used for the other games
[02:33:18] <brad_a> well id ask about it when lynx and fuzzie are awake.
[02:33:26] <lloyd> vcremap is imported but never used
[02:33:30] <lloyd> kk
[02:33:44] <brad_a> well im assuming that is the future
[02:33:56] <brad_a> but i wouldnt want you to do something the wrong way
[02:34:32] <brad_a> so i take it you dont have weidu on your mac?
[02:34:42] <lloyd> nope
[02:34:51] <brad_a> i used to have it...
[02:35:07] <lloyd> yeah I got that 404 too btw I think
[02:35:49] <brad_a> yes. very irritating
[02:36:10] <brad_a> i cannot test that crasher for lynx without installing this mod...
[02:36:52] <lloyd> try this :)
[02:36:53] <lloyd> http://www.weidu.org/users/thebigg/old/WeiDU-Mac-229.zip
[02:37:04] <lloyd> or http://www.weidu.org/users/thebigg/old/
[02:37:04] <brad_a> nice :)
[02:38:56] <brad_a> :(
[02:39:15] <brad_a> why oh why are they still building weidu for PPC only?
[02:42:33] <brad_a> its not like its hard to compile a universal binary...
[02:43:13] <brad_a> meh
[02:43:22] <brad_a> ill just test without patchink the tlk
[02:45:10] <lloyd> dude PPC is the way of the future
[02:45:49] <brad_a> lol
[02:46:11] <brad_a> well this bites. i need to figure out how to manually enable casting...
[02:46:28] <brad_a> i was able to load the game and i have teh toolbar and spell books but they are disabled
[02:53:30] <brad_a> bah i think i got my extend2da.py arguments/files mixed up >_<
[02:56:42] <brad_a> yup :-P
[02:56:45] <brad_a> im good to go now
[03:01:57] <brad_a> lynx: i was able to load and cast remove magic 10-15 times in a row without a crash
[03:02:04] <brad_a> i am on revision 699271890864d7f548d5a6092865d820d29b79ce
[03:02:19] <brad_a> so perhapps something since then is the problem?
[03:02:39] <brad_a> i would test for you but i was supposed to be somewhere 5 min ago
[03:02:42] <brad_a> good luck
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[08:15:09] <fuzzie> hm, no coffee yet
[08:16:08] <fuzzie> but i have valgrind hits
[08:17:23] <fuzzie> sigh
[08:17:55] <fuzzie> silly
[08:18:07] <fuzzie> stomp stomp stomp over the heap, goes the code
[08:23:32] <fuzzie> so, good morning :)
[08:23:39] <fuzzie> i assume CIA-44 is asleep
[08:24:08] <fuzzie> but all fixed i hope.
[08:38:50] <CIA-44> GemRB: 03fuzzie * r8f6548e666c6 10gemrb/gemrb/core/Scriptable/Scriptable.cpp: fix malloc call in CreateProjectile
[08:57:05] <lynxlynxlynx> nice
[09:00:15] <fuzzie> works?
[09:54:29] <lynxlynxlynx> seems so :)
[10:37:13] <lloyd> lynx/fuzzie: I'm still seeking a method fix select sounds in a good way
[10:37:25] <lloyd> if you look at logs I was wondering about vcremap.2da
[10:37:34] <lloyd> and whether each game was meant to have one
[10:37:48] <lynxlynxlynx> at least one should be ok ;)
[10:37:51] <fuzzie> the idea of vcremap is to map everything onto bg2 slots, right?
[10:37:58] <fuzzie> so i guess everything should have one except for bg2
[10:38:24] <lloyd> right -- so can I go ahead and make them for each game except for bg2?
[10:38:35] <fuzzie> well, if you know the correct mappings
[10:38:45] <lloyd> well I can see from DLTC
[10:38:47] <fuzzie> since they seem to be missing only for pst and iwd2, i imagine that is non-trivial to do
[10:39:23] <fuzzie> DLTCEP just uses the data which comes with the games, i thought, which i think is always incorrect (but fixpacked)?
[10:40:37] <lloyd> the bg1 vcre is missing at least one
[10:41:10] <fuzzie> yeah, i can see from the source that it just loads the .ids files
[10:41:36] <lloyd> it doesn't use the vcre at all atm I don't think
[10:41:48] <fuzzie> well, the vcre is something completely internal to gemrb
[10:42:04] <fuzzie> DLTCEP doesn't care about what the sound slots mean
[10:42:32] <lloyd> it names them though?
[10:42:42] <lloyd> Inital meeting rare select etc
[10:42:45] <fuzzie> with names that aren't from the game data?
[10:42:55] <lloyd> they seem hard coded to me
[10:43:05] <lloyd> I mean they don't change with different cre files
[10:43:09] <fuzzie> yes..
[10:43:15] <fuzzie> why would they?
[10:43:23] <fuzzie> the sound slots are per-game
[10:43:31] <lloyd> yeah I know...
[10:44:16] <lloyd> Well you can tell if they are labled right by playing/looking at the sound
[10:44:21] <fuzzie> sure
[10:45:00] <lloyd> but you thinik that gemrb is actually using the vcremap.2da in bg1 override atm?
[10:45:05] <fuzzie> no
[10:45:10] <fuzzie> oh, gemrb
[10:45:15] <fuzzie> it should be
[10:45:41] <fuzzie> i mean, assuming you go via GetVerbalConstant
[10:45:50] <lloyd> ya
[10:45:55] <lloyd> ok leme have another look
[10:46:17] <fuzzie> GetVerbalConstant uses VCMap which is set from vcremap in InitActorTables
[10:47:05] <lloyd> ah yeah ur right
[10:48:11] <fuzzie> does DLTCEP really give you nice names rather than INITIAL_SELECT?
[10:48:25] <lloyd> no that's what I get
[10:48:45] <fuzzie> i mean, INITIAL_SELECT etc come from either sndslot.ids or soundoff.ids depending on which is present
[10:48:58] <lloyd> oh ok
[10:49:02] <fuzzie> and those come with the game, and those are always inaccurate pre-modding afaik
[10:49:16] <fuzzie> (but they are usually fixed by fixpacks/etc to help mod authors, of course)
[10:49:31] <lloyd> well they may be inaccurate for some things but for most things they seem to be right
[10:49:31] <fuzzie> so my original point stands, don't trust DLTCEP :-)
[10:50:02] <fuzzie> yeah, i don't remember the specifics.
[10:50:09] <fuzzie> but if you add vcremap files then please try and get them right.
[10:50:18] <fuzzie> as you said, you can presumably check it by playing the sounds.
[10:50:28] <lloyd> at least the actual sound at that number seems to be in the file in the same place
[10:50:30] <lloyd> yeah sure
[10:51:04] <edheldil> even if he does errors, Avenger will fix it :)
[10:51:16] <fuzzie> well, maybe
[10:51:38] <fuzzie> i dunno, last time we discussed this, neither myself nor Avenger were sure even of the basic bg2 behaviour :/
[10:53:05] <fuzzie> iwd2's soundoff.ids is certainly .. different
[10:53:17] <fuzzie> so that seems hopeful for its accuracy
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[11:03:48] <lloyd> fuzzie: vcremap works it's just missing a few things but I can fix it
[11:04:05] <lloyd> but another problem I remembered is that different games have different numbers of some type of sounds
[11:04:59] <lloyd> I was thinking about moving making lists of sounds of a certain type in actor class initialised at cre import time
[11:05:25] <lloyd> seeing as they are separted into game type already
[11:05:59] <lloyd> otherwise every time a certain type of sound needs to be played you have to do ifs to figure out which game you are in
[11:06:11] <lloyd> and therefore how many sounds you have to choose from
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[11:46:46] <edheldil> lloyd: vcremap does not handle that?
[11:49:21] <lloyd> edheldil: vcremap can't tell you if there is a difference between how many rare select sounds there are in bg1 or bg2
[11:49:33] <lloyd> just where they start
[11:54:43] <edheldil> so would not it be better to add a field to vcremap?
[11:56:49] <lloyd> It wouldn't really make sense in vcremap....but it could be done
[11:57:25] <lloyd> I guess SELR1 (select rare ) could have the number of select rares
[11:58:12] <lloyd> I think it would be better to put it in a new file
[12:10:45] <fuzzie> the idea, i think, is that you should have an internal slot list which has the maximum number of slots needed
[12:10:58] <fuzzie> then you just map the game slots onto those slots
[12:11:14] <fuzzie> and the remaining ones are automatically unused because they don't map onto anything.
[12:11:47] <lloyd> but each game would need a different maximum
[12:11:53] <lloyd> is that what you mean?
[12:11:56] <fuzzie> no
[12:12:09] <fuzzie> you just have internally, say, SELECT_NORMAL1 to SELECT_NORMAL10
[12:12:22] <lloyd> ya
[12:12:24] <fuzzie> then for a game with 4 slots, map them to SELECT_NORMAL1 to SELECT_NORMAL4
[12:13:02] <lloyd> but how could you map 2 slots to 4?
[12:13:24] <lloyd> i mean if BG2 has less slots for a certain thing than bg1
[12:13:24] <lloyd> which is does in terms of rare selects
[12:13:38] <fuzzie> then for bg2, map to slots 1 and 2 only
[12:13:45] <lloyd> we can
[12:14:12] <lloyd> can't put the NUM_RARE_SELECT = 2
[12:14:14] <fuzzie> yes
[12:14:24] <fuzzie> NUM_RARE_SELECT should be the maximum for any game
[12:14:48] <fuzzie> then if GetVerbalConstant returns -1 (no such constant), you should wrap to 0.
[12:15:04] <lloyd> because not all BG1 sounds would be heard
[12:15:04] <lloyd> but we can't put it as 4 because then rare selects would choose the sounds directly after the 2 rare selects of bg2 when playing bg2
[12:15:28] <fuzzie> for my example, NUM_RARE_SELECT is 10
[12:15:56] <fuzzie> and vcremap should map bg2's 2 rare selects onto the first two internal slots
[12:15:57] <lloyd> ie the problem is that the equivilent of the 3rd rare select in bg2 is not null
[12:16:03] <fuzzie> yes, so remap bg2 :)
[12:16:50] <lloyd> its the critcal hit sound
[12:17:43] <lloyd> I don't see how anything in vcre can fix that problem
[12:17:43] <lloyd> you can do it if bg2 has more sounds than the other game
[12:17:44] <lloyd> of a certain group
[12:17:54] <fuzzie> why not?
[12:18:09] <fuzzie> i think perhaps you don't understand how vcre works
[12:18:14] <lloyd> ya becayse GetVerbalConstant won't return -1
[12:18:22] <lloyd> it will return the critical hit sound
[12:18:49] <lloyd> for bg2 which is the 3rd slot after the start of rare select
[12:18:51] <fuzzie> no
[12:19:05] <fuzzie> it won't do that, because you've remapped it.
[12:19:27] <lloyd> ohh are you saying make a vcremap for bg2?
[12:20:20] <fuzzie> yes :P
[12:20:43] <lloyd> lol sure that works :P
[12:22:33] <lloyd> hmm still a minor issue -- if the one with the larger pool of sounds of a type is not divisible by the samller one it will have to bias one entry over another
[12:24:11] <fuzzie> why?
[12:24:17] <fuzzie> your code should just be checking for -1 entries
[12:25:18] <lloyd> oh I suppose you could map something to a -1 slot to make the difference....I mean in vcremap if you have 3 things to make but only 2 things to map to
[12:25:44] <lloyd> make = map*
[12:29:24] <lloyd> ah I found a mislabled voice ref -- in bg1 selct sounds are labled as action sounds and vice versa
[12:30:35] <lloyd> oh wait no I was looking at not-in-party imoen
[12:49:16] <lloyd> can someone explain why the main character doesn't get his/her StrRefs initialised.....they are all -1 for me
[12:50:54] <lloyd> instead it uses ResolveStringConstant with the "female1h" string to find the sound rather than the StrRef
[12:52:07] <tomprince> I would be tempted to suggest, just create a vector for each type of sound, (which thus know its own length).
[12:53:26] <fuzzie> well, that requires a lot more rearchitecting
[12:53:38] <fuzzie> since you'd no longer just be mapping slots
[12:55:34] <lloyd> ya it would require some work -- you would just have to have a 2da for each game which mapped like SELECT -> 26 etc
[12:56:22] <lloyd> and then at cre import time you use those entries to load the strrefs into separate lists/arrays
[12:56:40] <lloyd> one for each type
[13:01:11] <lloyd> by load I mean when the actor calss is created
[13:02:52] <lloyd> gah I mean import time
[13:09:42] <lynxlynxlynx> re pc: if we want consistency, we're just missing the setting in chargen
[13:27:01] <lloyd> lynx was that a response to my question about the StrRefs being blank for the pc?
[13:27:57] <lynxlynxlynx> yes
[13:28:39] <fuzzie> are they not meant to be blank?
[13:28:54] <lloyd> ah ok cool
[13:29:30] <fuzzie> how does that code work?
[13:29:34] <lloyd> it would be easier if they were like other characters
[13:30:18] <lloyd> I'm trying to get the OnMouseUp vector to use Actor::SelectActor
[13:30:44] <lloyd> Actor::SelectActor uses GetVerbalConstant which uses StrRefs array
[13:30:58] <fuzzie> yeah, i'm just wondering at a higher level
[13:30:59] <lloyd> but you can't do that for the pc atm because the StrRefs array is all -1
[13:31:14] <fuzzie> i.e. whether it would be easier to just modify GetVerbalConstant
[13:31:29] <lloyd> to look in two places?
[13:31:46] <fuzzie> yeah
[13:32:44] <lloyd> right now GetStringCore does the looking in two places....
[13:32:51] <lloyd> hmm
[13:33:19] <lloyd> woudn't it be nicer just to have everything in the same place -- at least for these simple things like select etc
[13:33:36] <fuzzie> but can you do that?
[13:34:11] <lloyd> well if its possible to have the pc strrefs to the pcs sounds in the strrefs array
[13:34:18] <fuzzie> but there are no strrefs
[13:34:22] <lloyd> unless the pc sounds are special
[13:34:27] <fuzzie> ah
[13:34:33] <fuzzie> i see :) yes, they are.
[13:34:44] <lloyd> ah
[13:34:52] <fuzzie> csound.2da (in the original game data) maps from sound slot to a letter.
[13:35:10] <fuzzie> or, a character.
[13:35:21] <fuzzie> then that character is used to make a filename for the sound set being used.
[13:36:04] <fuzzie> e.g. bg2 slot 27 --> 'g', and then if your sound set is 'female2', then that becomes 'sounds/female2g.wav'
[13:36:46] <lloyd> ah ok -- yeah I see the separate "Sounds" folder in the root game dir
[13:38:40] <lloyd> so then it would make sense to use Actor::SelectActor do the searching? seeing as that is where the dice is rolled atm
[13:38:50] <lloyd> or just use GetStringCore?
[13:38:55] <fuzzie> honestly i don't know
[13:39:12] <lloyd> seeing as that searches anyway...
[13:39:24] <lloyd> ok well I'll figure it out
[13:39:27] <fuzzie> that is a design decision, right? :)
[13:39:38] <fuzzie> so best thought about by you, if you're fiddling with it
[13:39:44] <fuzzie> i just thought i'd better clarify the situation with the soundsets!
[13:40:15] <lloyd> that definatley helps -- who knows how many hours I could have spent figuring that out lol
[13:53:41] <tomprince> So ... might it make sense to populate strrefs, when changing soundsets?
[13:53:54] * tomprince losing power in a few minutes
[13:54:01] <fuzzie> tomprince: there's no strrefs.
[13:55:18] <lloyd> each actor has their own strrefs except the pc's is blank....I don't know how you could populate it because I don't know how the pc sounds work
[13:55:30] <fuzzie> you could populate the same field with other data, and then add a check everywhere for which type you should use..
[13:56:09] <fuzzie> but if you're going to check anyway then i think there's no point in (ab)using the strrefs field.
[13:56:11] <lloyd> could you not load the pc sounds and give them strrefs and put those in?
[13:56:28] <lloyd> would that be hell?
[13:56:39] <fuzzie> it sounds incredibly overcomplicated
[13:57:34] <lloyd> well it seems like the most eloquent solution -- but yeah I have no idea where to start and probs wouldn't be worth it
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[13:59:32] <lloyd> anyway I think the code I need to get it to work is already there just need to figure out how to use it
[14:04:49] <lloyd> is there a way to check from Actor whether this is the PC?
[14:05:27] <fuzzie> check if PCStats is non-null, i assume
[14:05:33] <lloyd> k ty
[14:05:43] <fuzzie> i don't know though :P
[14:08:45] <lynxlynxlynx> by the PC you mean mainchar?
[14:08:53] <lloyd> ya
[14:09:04] <lynxlynxlynx> the best we came up with is to check the exportable bit
[14:09:16] <lynxlynxlynx> in MC_FLAGS
[14:09:32] <lynxlynxlynx> only chargened actors will have it set
[14:09:58] <lloyd> but it looks like fuzzie said is used here:
[14:10:00] <lloyd> PCStatsStruct *stat = act->PCStats;
[14:10:00] <lloyd> if (stat) {
[14:10:00] <lloyd> stat->NotifyKill(Modified[IE_XPVALUE], ShortStrRef);
[14:10:00] <lloyd> }
[14:10:56] <fuzzie> oh, you mean 'characters with a sound set'?
[14:11:10] <lloyd> yeah that's what I'm looking for
[14:11:35] <fuzzie> i mean, there's not necessarily 'the PC', iwd/iwd2 have all custom chars (+ bg1/bg2 multiplay) and pst has no custom chars, right?
[14:11:57] <lloyd> that's true
[14:12:03] <fuzzie> you want to check 'PCStats && PCStats->SoundSet[0]'.
[14:12:21] <fuzzie> i mean, sorry, i sound really snotty there
[14:12:33] <fuzzie> i just mean, i was confused by what you meant by 'the PC' :)
[14:12:55] <lloyd> no you're right
[14:13:37] <lloyd> lol the plot thickens, what is this SoundSet
[14:13:59] <fuzzie> that is the name for prefixing
[14:14:09] <fuzzie> like 'female2' for 'female2g.wav'
[14:14:10] <lloyd> oh like female
[14:14:13] <lloyd> ah ok
[14:14:14] <fuzzie> yep
[14:14:25] <lloyd> so it should be null if they use strrefs instead
[14:14:36] <fuzzie> well, an empty string
[14:14:49] <lloyd> right
[14:15:07] <lloyd> so this PCStats is only for PCs?
[14:15:13] <fuzzie> ah i guess ResolveStringConstant does exactly this
[14:15:20] <fuzzie> yes, PCStats is only for PCs, but PCs means party members
[14:15:29] <lloyd> ohhh
[14:15:57] <lloyd> but ResolveStringConstant acutally just checks if GetStringConstant fails
[14:16:09] <lloyd> and then goes by the soundset thing
[14:16:53] <fuzzie> you must be looking at different code to me
[14:17:38] <lloyd> nope I'm just confused carry on
[14:17:55] <lloyd> too many things with String in their name
[14:19:09] <fuzzie> it is all confusing and maybe badly designed
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[21:31:30] <Yoshimo> can you destroy doors instead of picking them, or what does the bashdoor function do? ;)
[21:33:52] <fuzzie> it is just what it says, bash door? :)
[21:34:05] <brad_a> it unlocks it but doesnt destroy it
[21:34:07] <fuzzie> you never tried it?
[21:34:24] <brad_a> it rarely succeeds even with high strength
[21:35:21] <fuzzie> in iwd/bg1 it's more useful
[21:35:32] <fuzzie> esp. with strength potions etc
[21:35:45] <Yoshimo> well i dont even know you can, since i have a skilled thief
[21:35:57] <fuzzie> you obviously aren't obsessive enough :)
[21:37:01] <Yoshimo> there is life, there are other games, work, school, its a good game, but there are other things too^^
[21:37:12] <fuzzie> yes, but it's been over a decade
[21:37:15] <fuzzie> lots of time
[21:37:18] <-- Drakkar has left IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:38:32] <Yoshimo> i didnt buy it when it came out, rather a year or 2 ago and then i forgot about it
[21:39:42] <Yoshimo> then i found gemrb and the bigworldproject and fetched my cds
[21:40:38] --> Drakkar has joined #gemrb
[21:44:06] <Yoshimo> and as a result we have fixes in bws and we have pickpocketing in gemrb pending for fix-status
[21:56:18] <lynxlynxlynx> you bash the lock, not the door
[21:56:33] <lynxlynxlynx> but of course it's so small the change is not visible
[22:09:58] <-- lloyd has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:10:50] --> lloyd has joined #gemrb
[22:23:42] <Yoshimo> that might explain why my char constantly forgets to herb
[22:26:24] <Yoshimo> wrong game sry
[22:32:57] <Yoshimo> how about the ingame option screen btw, is it supported in any , even small, way by gemrb or just not functioning at all?
[22:33:26] <fuzzie> it just doesn't seem to actually set the right vars in the end
[22:35:30] <lynxlynxlynx> i think it does some, but you can't tell from the gui
[22:35:53] <fuzzie> maybe a silly issue with spaces or something?
[22:36:05] <fuzzie> i never quite found the time to hunt and it's my bedtime again
[22:36:15] <lynxlynxlynx> they're beasts
[22:36:30] <lynxlynxlynx> i need to merge them first or it will only get worse
[22:36:45] <lynxlynxlynx> not sure if anything is missing on the engine side
[22:37:04] <Yoshimo> more details in chat i think are missing
[22:37:11] <Yoshimo> like rolls and such
[22:37:36] <lynxlynxlynx> sure, some specific stuff is not implemented; i was talking in general
[22:37:56] <Yoshimo> graphics from the ingame ui too i think
[22:38:24] <-- SiENcE has left IRC (Quit: cya)
[22:38:42] <lynxlynxlynx> what do you mean?
[22:41:09] <Yoshimo> bg2 ui has the possibility to configure transparent shadows, fullscreen/windowed, colors 16 32bit and such things, i doubt gemrb does handle that
[22:43:19] <fuzzie> some of those ui elements we should disable
[22:44:09] <fuzzie> wow, fullscreen works.
[22:48:17] <lynxlynxlynx> be back in a few days
[22:48:25] <fuzzie> have fun!
[22:48:32] <Yoshimo> cu around lynx
[22:48:49] <-- lynxlynxlynx has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:51:03] <Yoshimo> i remember that i asked the question earlier, but what was "nested event handlers are not supported" all about? it was a plague back when i started in candlekeep
[23:02:32] <-- Yoshimo has left IRC (Quit: Yoshimo)