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[17:37:51] <fizzle> any suggestions on when would be a good time to purge the ambush maps?
[17:38:16] <fizzle> I have looked at a couple of places but found none that I'm really happy with
[17:38:43] <fizzle> it might actually be easiest to do it in LoadMap()
[17:39:18] <fizzle> although that would mean we'd also have to do it when saving
[17:40:34] <fuzzie> can't you just not save them?
[17:42:25] <fizzle> that would mean we'd reuse them when they haven't been swapped out
[17:43:36] <fizzle> also, I don't know what that would do for savegame compat with the original
[17:44:15] <fuzzie> the original doesn't save the maps
[17:44:38] <fuzzie> and it should be harmless to reuse them since they haven't been saved
[17:45:17] <fizzle> hm, but their in-memory representation isn't reset when you reenter the area
[17:45:58] <fizzle> so you get the already explored area unless you reload in between visits
[17:47:18] <fizzle> or I'm thinking of something else than you are when you say "save"
[17:54:11] <fuzzie> oh, I see
[17:54:27] <fuzzie> you mean that kind of purging
[17:54:41] <fuzzie> I think gemrb probably should be purging all maps when you travel with world map..
[17:55:12] <fizzle> I thought ChangeMap() would be a good time
[17:55:36] <fuzzie> I guess I don't have any good ideas, though. Sorry.
[17:55:44] <fizzle> but unfortunately, at that point there's no guarantee that the party has actually completely moved to the new loc
[17:56:07] <fuzzie> yes, I think I've documented some places where an old script needs to keep running a bit
[17:56:34] <fuzzie> hm, unhelpfully not
[17:56:53] <fuzzie> In fact I have *sabotaged* that case. :)
[17:57:08] <fuzzie> (see the way I set 'has_pcs' in Map::UpdateScripts, maybe it's helpful?)
[17:57:20] <fuzzie> dinnertime now though.
[17:59:01] <fizzle> okay, what's a master area?
[18:11:06] <fuzzie> I think the idea is that the 'master area' is the main area, and when you change it, all the PCs move.
[18:11:28] <fuzzie> And then you have sub-areas, like the inside of houses, which individual PCs can move to.
[18:11:48] <fizzle> figures
[18:25:02] <chiv> talking of the master area thing, is that just an arbitrary limit? I've often thought it would be cool to send people on completely different quests at the same time...
[18:28:37] <lynxlynxlynx> no, scripts could easily break
[18:28:56] <chiv> fair enough
[18:35:52] <fizzle> brada: [OPENAL]: Music in INITIAL State. AutoStarting
[18:35:55] <fizzle> [OpenAL/ERROR]: Error playing music source: 0xa004
[18:35:57] <fizzle> [OpenAL/ERROR]: Unable to buffer music data: 0xa004
[18:41:48] <brada> in that order o_O
[18:43:38] <traveler> i think this is usual order
[18:43:46] <traveler> or more 'iirc'
[18:44:43] <fizzle> yes, in that order
[18:45:59] <brada> but no earlier error about openal context?
[18:46:42] <fizzle> no, and music was working before
[18:47:02] <brada> before what?
[18:47:13] <fizzle> before that error turned up
[18:47:19] <brada> ah
[18:47:19] <fizzle> and it's *always* 0xa004
[18:47:23] <brada> yeah
[18:48:41] <brada> assuming that the Error playing music source error is for the AL_INITIAL case then that means there is no context...
[18:48:42] <traveler> same
[18:48:45] <traveler> as i noted on wiki
[18:48:46] <brada> according to the docs anyway
[18:50:54] <brada> did you leave/minimize gemrb at some point?
[18:51:14] <brada> i just dont know what would cause the context to be lost so mysteriously
[18:51:42] <fizzle> no, and it's not been running fullscreen
[18:51:56] <brada> i assume you are at git current
[18:52:08] <fizzle> +/- a couple commits
[18:52:20] <brada> well if its minus you should pull
[18:52:27] <fizzle> can't right now
[18:52:31] <traveler> i sinicerly don't get how gemrb imports characters. long time i see char i deleted days ago, new one with the same name has yet to appear. i get it had to do with 'caching' but caching where? cache dir is emptied upon restart.
[18:52:33] <brada> there were openal changes to try and track down errors better
[18:52:55] <traveler> but Tue Feb 5
[18:53:01] <brada> what i said above only applies if you are on git head
[18:53:04] <traveler> so maybe he's already on tip?
[18:53:59] <fizzle> no, I don't have those yet
[18:54:22] <brada> ah
[18:54:30] <brada> then try to reproduce after you pull
[18:54:36] <brada> see if we cant get the actuall error
[18:57:07] <fizzle> will do
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[18:57:54] <fizzle> fuzzie: any idea what the IF_ACTIVE|IF_USEEXIT check in Map::CanFree is supposed to do?
[18:58:17] <fizzle> that is currently preventing ambush areas with monsters from being swapped out
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[18:59:15] <wjp> the commit it was added said "fixed npc following through exits"
[18:59:23] <wjp> (the USEEXIT, I mean)
[18:59:46] <traveler> brada: do you see a possibility of error grab altering the state? because i was unable to reproduce said error ever since
[18:59:49] <fizzle> I suppose it's the ACTIVE part that's the issue
[19:00:02] <wjp> the other part was "follow target into other areas..."
[19:00:36] <fizzle> sounds rather similar
[19:01:29] <lynxlynxlynx> this was likely added for bg2
[19:01:48] <lynxlynxlynx> there's a "dream" where a spirit has to follow you through areas
[19:01:56] <lynxlynxlynx> on the main plot, no less
[19:02:16] <lynxlynxlynx> not that it can't happen otherwise
[19:02:24] <lynxlynxlynx> which is good, much less cheesy
[19:02:26] <lynxlynxlynx> bbl
[19:02:50] <fizzle> but, supposedly if you have USEEXIT set you should be ACTIVE anyway?
[19:03:56] <fuzzie> presumably this should only check useexit
[19:04:28] <fuzzie> yes
[19:04:38] <fuzzie> you can remove the IF_ACTIVE.
[19:04:42] <fizzle> cool
[19:04:43] <fuzzie> that is a mistake, sorry.
[19:17:47] <brada> traveler: yes as i tried to explain a day or two ago we werent catching all possible errors so the exact issue you were having may be somewhat aliviated, but there should still be *some* error tho maybe with minute symptoms
[19:18:10] <brada> so im really looking for open al errors in general and not a particular problem
[19:18:27] <brada> tho that error should appear in trying to reproduce the previous problem i would think
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[19:32:54] <fizzle> removing IF_ACTIVE crashes the game if you have summons that don't follow you around...
[19:33:05] <fizzle> across map boundaries
[19:34:25] <fizzle> but it fixes the areas not swapping out :-P
[19:42:20] <traveler> if i would see something openal related, i would speak, but alas, not yet.
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[20:40:59] <fizzle> there's some funny thing going on with people attacking and killing non-scheduled actors
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[20:48:24] <fizzle> does this look sensible? http://nopaste.me/paste/9697796915115647ec04b9
[20:48:30] <Seniorita> ambush reset - Diff - NoPaste.me - Secure and Anonymous
[20:50:44] <fizzle> lynxlynxlynx: I suspect the fatigue spamming happens when lots of fatigue has piled up
[20:52:03] <brada> we need to fix some fundamental problem with fatigue
[20:52:14] <brada> isnt that the heart of the luck bug
[20:52:26] <fizzle> I thought lynx had done that already
[20:52:36] <brada> could be
[20:52:44] <brada> i dont always keep up with things :D
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[21:37:21] <lynxlynxlynx> fizzle: summons can't do interarea travel
[21:37:36] <fizzle> I am aware of that
[21:37:51] <lynxlynxlynx> so it always crashed?
[21:38:12] <fizzle> if you had summons selected when you left the area, yes
[21:38:28] <fizzle> because the area would then be swapped out, taking the summons with it
[21:38:30] <lynxlynxlynx> ah
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