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[01:40:45] <tomprince> What's happening with GetPalette in PNGImporter, is that GetPalette is that it had completely different meaning in BMPImporter vs. PNGImporter, despite being a virtual function. I just pushed a fix to repo.or.cz that fixes PNGImporter, so it doesn't crash, and fixes the generic implementation. It also get rid of the implementation in BMPImporter, and makes the generic version non-virtual.
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[09:18:40] <fuzzie> tomprince: aha! thankyou. and for the other thing, I guess you've just removed the original GetPixel/SetPixel entirely? seems like the 24bpp codepath for Bitmap is going to lose data, but (again) haven't looked in detail
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[14:28:30] <tomprince> As far as I can tell, the GetPixel/SetPixel interface only worked sanely for palettized images. There was code for RGB images, which I tried to duplicate in GetBitmap, which does lose data.
[14:28:44] <tomprince> I don't know if that code is ever used, or if it works in that case.
[14:29:18] <tomprince> The only use for Bitmap, is for things like searchmap, that use the index into the palette, rather than the color.
[14:31:33] <tomprince> Also, feel free to ask me about any of the other code, whether I am here or not. I do track the logs here.
[14:33:08] <fuzzie> well, another obvious thing is the disabled searchmap debug code
[14:34:13] <tomprince> That is mostly just me being lazy.
[14:34:39] <tomprince> Since the searchmap is now a Bitmap, not an image, there is no easy way to display it.
[14:35:17] <tomprince> It wouldn't be to hard to code a function to take a Bitmap and a Palette and turn it into and Sprite and print it.
[14:36:19] <tomprince> I didn't have any use for it at the time, and did not know how useful it was, so I didn't bother to add that bit of code.
[14:37:30] <fuzzie> not sure how useful it is either; FOG_DRAWSEARCHMAP is the important one, which is still fine
[14:40:35] <tomprince> I commented it out to show that it was dropping functionallity, and because it is too hard to add it back.
[14:43:45] <fuzzie> The less messy design is definitely worth it. I seem to remember the searchmap accesses are high on the profile list, too; since Bitmap::GetPixel will be inlinable, I hope it vastly improves that.
[14:50:54] <tomprince> That is what I am trying to do, decreasing the coupling and the subtle interactions.
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