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[21:31:14] <brada> so im guessing there isnt really a such thing as editable textareas in IE
[21:38:59] <brada> the last thing im struggling with to finish the work ive been doing is trying to figure out a good way to to keep the same message window around and simply resize it, instead of clumsily trying to copy its contents into a new one when the “resize” buttons are pressed
[21:41:26] <brada> the complication there seems to be that the diffrent sizes are diffrent winows :/
[21:45:49] <brada> so did the original engine really destroy and recreate windows/controls like this?
[21:46:17] <brada> i guess it must have right?
[21:46:57] <brada> seems clumsy and ineffitient to do this instead of being able to just resize windows/controls on the fly
[21:50:54] <brada> I’m also completely unsure of why windows/controls are accessed via an index rather than by their ID…
[21:51:19] <brada> seems fragile...
[21:58:42] <fuzzie> it does
[21:59:09] <fuzzie> and the original engine is fully hardcoded so it can do all kinds of horrible things
[22:02:01] <brada> :(
[22:02:17] <brada> fuzzie: do you have any ideas how we might deal with that better?
[22:02:27] <brada> specifically the message window thing
[22:03:41] <brada> let me explain my problem a bit better
[22:05:12] <brada> hang on i need to find a power adapter :p
[22:06:49] <brada> ok, right now in MessageWindow.py I am simply doing TMessageTA.Append(MessageTA.QueryText());
[22:08:24] <brada> the problems with that are (asside from the obvious inefficiency): 1. this doesnt do anything for the images (speaker portraits are lost) 2. the formatting is lost so we get one gigantic string with no colors etc
[22:14:38] <brada> is the cleanest thing for me to do (that doesnt requre a massive rewrite) something akin to what we do in GUIScript::GemRB_TextEdit_ConvertEdit()
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