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[00:07:30] --> _Coren has joined #low
[01:12:00] <servus> Seeeeeeeee I've kept vigil here.
[02:32:30] <_Coren> So I see. :-)
[02:33:31] <_Coren> I finally have time to work on LoW again. You'd like my new engine. :-)
[02:40:58] <_Coren> I've got shadows, bump mapping, and specular highlights at true per-pixel precision. :-)
[02:44:47] <_Coren> *and* the new engine is integrated in LoW. I rewrote the physics code so that it is now clean and fast...
[02:45:03] <_Coren> It's getting back to something fun now. :-)
[02:55:05] <_Coren> * note to self: when rendering to the stencil buffer, turning off expensive fragment programs improve performance. :-)
[06:05:26] --- _Coren is now known as coren_
[06:07:03] --- coren_ is now known as Coren_
[10:06:19] --> Khelz has joined #low
[14:45:23] <servus> Yep, I've got my own new engine or two, too. Off to work now! Bye.
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