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[01:17:41] <Coren_> GL without SDL: at 90Hz (and 90 fps) CPU usage dropped from 100% to 38%
[04:11:07] <servus> What do you mean?
[04:11:23] <servus> Ooh I got my GF4-TI4800 back for my Linux box so I can now not only compile, but link as well!
[04:30:20] <servus> But... I don't wanna reboot right now, so I'm going to compile in Linux on my GF6800
[04:39:07] <servus> ... As soon as it boots
[05:05:08] * servus install libraries... and libraries... and libraries...
[05:40:37] <servus> NVidia drivers are a pain to compile...
[05:55:58] <servus> Done. Stupid NVidia-installer...
[06:19:03] <servus> Whoa. GLXgears at 10,000 FPS
[06:49:58] <servus> A case-insensitive fopen for Linux would be nice :P
[06:55:00] <servus> OK! Got it running :) Now... why aren't any of my widgets showing? :P
[07:09:56] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/images/The%20Abyss/Abyss16.jpg It's crossplatform! I Swear!
[07:10:21] <servus> The fragment shader water slaps the Linux version with a wet trout, though. Wonder if it's the texcopy or what.
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[22:34:56] <coren_> Ah. No more xenon-arc spotlights. :-) But damn your rocks are shiny!
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