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[01:02:51] <Coren_> Woot! Woot! I managed to beat qbsp3 into giving me what I needed :-)
[05:17:51] <Coren_> Hhmph. How annoying. I have a bug I couldn't have found with my toy world. Things break when the light can shine through one sector through more than one opening.
[06:00:47] <servus> YOur portalization is too strict :)
[06:03:02] <Coren_> No, that part is correct. It's a minor design flaw-- I precache only one light projection per surface. I'm rewriting things the other way around now.
[06:04:28] <Coren_> Hm. Interresting-- I hadn't considered this: if you clip a convex polygon with a plane, you are garanteed to be left with a convex polygon.
[06:15:18] <Coren_> (or no polygon at all)
[10:18:48] <servus> This is a nice voxel engine! http://www.advsys.net/ken/voxlap/voxlap03.htm Neato
[12:05:35] <servus> Off-by-one errors are NOT fun with matrices :(
[14:16:20] <servus> =D
[14:16:43] <servus> Once I get my bumpmapping working, you will pee your panties when you see it! Honest! Here, wear these panties! =D
[18:50:20] <Coren_> Yeay. Found a way to reorganize the data such that (a) the one light shines multiple times in sector bug is gone abd (b) about 20% improvement in speed ensues.
[21:51:28] <Coren_> And it simplifies the code to boot.
[23:53:54] <servus> I'm still using GL_TRIANGLES but due to the complexity of my objects (concaves allowed, etc, hehehe), I think it'll stay that way for a long time.