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[03:51:17] <servus> Coren: You said you rotate the light normal 3D texture so that the 'r' axis in the texture lines up with the normal of the face. Is that how you really do it? (I ask because I know you are using an extremely simple texture model right now for that.) Have you yet considered that there is an entire plane of orthoganality to the face normal? That is, even when the 3D Texture's r coordinate is lined up with the face normal, the 3D
[03:53:05] <servus> still 'spin' around on that normal vector and produce incorrect results? I've come upon the need for precalculated s or t vectors, as well as the r vector (the face normal). I use the s-or-t vector in conjunction with the r vector to calculate the third vector, and I then rotate the 3D texture in such a manner that the normal map's s,t,r vectors line up with the face's s,t,r vectors. Have you come up with a differing solution?
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