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[02:31:59] <Malignant_Manor> Should walking with the left mouse button be disabled by default?
[02:33:17] <Malignant_Manor> It can make you walk when you want to grab but can't. The original walks with that button though and the right button can be used for commands.
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[21:11:22] <CIA-35> nuvie: 03malignantmanor * r1501 10/ (11 files in 4 dirs): (log message trimmed)
[21:11:22] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Fix drag and drop from map to map deleting leftover quantity
[21:11:22] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Add interface setting that controls how far you can drag, drop, get, use,
[21:11:22] <CIA-35> nuvie: and move objects and actors.
[21:11:22] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Add walk_with_left_button settings (disable or enable walking)
[21:11:22] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Fix look on left click having the wrong cursor location for search range.
[21:11:23] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Fix drag and drop with readied items (1458 regression)
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[21:42:06] <Dominus> hmm, if a commit is to both the trunk and some other part like the web svn, my script is no longer triggered since it triggers on the subject nuvie/trunk :)
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[21:49:04] <Malignant_Manor> That's all the more reason you should be doing the documentation work.
[21:52:22] <Malignant_Manor> With the last commit, Nuvie can act more like Ultima 7.
[21:53:46] <Dominus> he he, yeah, documentation work is something I intend to do at some point, when I have enough time to actually play test more and understand what you two are doing atm :)
[21:54:13] <Dominus> I love that you are looking after the WoU from time to time :)
[21:55:21] <Malignant_Manor> There's still a lot of problems with them.
[21:56:19] <Dominus> that's one of the things I really want to try out soonish anyway
[21:56:58] <Dominus> if you are bored, I think nuvie could use an option to quit the app from the menu
[21:57:09] <Dominus> right now you need to be in-game to quit
[21:57:30] <Malignant_Manor> I thought there was.
[21:57:36] <Dominus> but that's probably something for the future when nuvie has a general options gump/menu
[21:58:17] <Malignant_Manor> If you mean the intro menu.
[21:58:20] <Dominus> doesn't quit from the u6 menu
[22:00:13] <Malignant_Manor> Oh, the quit enters the game first.
[22:01:10] <Dominus> yep and then does nothing :)
[22:01:46] <Malignant_Manor> I'm not sure if I could do it right.
[22:02:47] <Malignant_Manor> I'll look into it after I fix a fail drag with walking on left click disabled causing a look.
[22:03:12] <Dominus> thanks
[22:32:46] <Malignant_Manor> Deleting an unused local variable caused a crash. You've got to love mingw make.
[22:33:47] <Dominus> if I'm really really bored I'll go through the pain of setting up a working mingw/msys thing again
[22:48:27] <Malignant_Manor> I don't know a good way to do it.
[22:50:26] <Dominus> kirben provided some rudimentary instructions in the readme.mingw but I found it always a pain to set up, mostly because of the little things that didn't play nice...
[22:50:56] <Malignant_Manor> The normal quit will wait since I was in the middle of dehardcoding keybinding in all intefaces.
[22:51:08] <Dominus> of course
[22:51:19] <Malignant_Manor> In Windows, I think you can pretty much get it to work right with the downloads.
[22:51:44] <Dominus> yeah, probably things changed in the last three years
[22:51:56] <Malignant_Manor> Getting Clang to get the right paths would be a problem.
[22:52:51] <Malignant_Manor> I gave up after I just coppied the files into the directory and it failed to link.
[22:55:44] <Dominus> phew, yeah, wouldn't want to mess with this.
[22:56:20] <Malignant_Manor> It was there first release build for Windows.
[22:58:10] <Malignant_Manor> Experimental Clang Binaries for Mingw32/x86 (still the latest release)
[22:58:45] <Dominus> that might work
[22:59:05] <Dominus> clang is quite nice as it gives a real good speed boost
[22:59:05] <Malignant_Manor> That's the one I tried.
[22:59:21] <Dominus> compiling pentagram takes ages compared to exult
[23:00:02] <Dominus> pentagram can't be compiled with clang - the reason why is known by wjp, I quickly decided I'dd rather not know :)
[23:10:13] <Malignant_Manor> Thou dost see a lit torch. They weigh 100.0 stones.
[23:10:55] <Dominus> heavy torch...
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[23:11:47] <Malignant_Manor> That's the description when lit on the map.
[23:14:39] <Malignant_Manor> You're not allowed to light one on the ground in the original (with use anyway).
[23:17:22] <Malignant_Manor> Nuvie allows you douse them and keep them if they are on the map and you use them but have no inventory room.
[23:18:00] <Dominus> tsk tsk tsk, what nuvie allows...
[23:18:01] <Dominus> :)
[23:19:17] <Malignant_Manor> Have you tried the new interface modes?
[23:19:38] <Dominus> no, no time to do anything besides building nuvie atm
[23:19:49] <Dominus> right now... I should go to bed...
[23:24:23] <CIA-35> nuvie: 03malignantmanor * r1502 10/nuvie/trunk/ (ChangeLog MapWindow.cpp MapWindow.h usecode/U6UseCode.cpp):
[23:24:24] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Fix disabled walk_with_left_button causing look_on_left_click on a failed
[23:24:24] <CIA-35> nuvie: drag
[23:24:24] <CIA-35> nuvie: * Fix crash when using the balloon inside a container
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