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[13:03:52] <mikeyA> Thanks Malignant Manor!
[13:08:12] <mikeyA> Looks like I've done something weird (or there is something weird in SE), though. In SE, it says my character has 56 stones of weight. In Nuvie it says 57. The weird part is: I can trade away most items without issue and then trade them back. But if I trade the fishing pole, it says I'm carrying to much and can't trade it back.
[13:09:50] <mikeyA> Actually, looks like if I trade anything in my bags away, I can't pick it back up (including a feather)
[13:11:43] <mikeyA> Anyways, just wanted to thank Malignant Manor for the response.
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[16:04:56] <Malignant_Manor> mikeyA: I think I also changed some rounding for inventory display or something a long time ago too.
[16:07:16] <Malignant_Manor> I think Savage Empire and Martian Dreams had bad inventory systems because of removing scrolling inventories.
[16:09:22] <Malignant_Manor> Yeah, I changed rounding in 17150ec6eec7b64bd4b79ad3e6ee3878df30efdc.
[16:11:13] <Malignant_Manor> The functions used roundf and I used ceil.
[16:11:31] <Malignant_Manor> I have no idea why I used ceil. That is the likely cause.
[16:13:53] <Malignant_Manor> If I remember correctly, usecode and picking up items might have even had different conditions for if you could pick up and object or not.
[16:33:43] <Malignant_Manor> Changelog says I specifically rounded up for some reason.
[16:38:54] <Malignant_Manor> Equipment rounds down in U6. Inventory rounds up.
[16:44:01] <Malignant_Manor> hmm I guess only weights that would round down to zero round up. Others roundf.
[16:44:27] <Malignant_Manor> I wish it would just use the decimal point.
[16:45:06] <Malignant_Manor> I guess that would be too big though.
[17:41:04] <Malignant_Manor> 6cc1d34bed1f12d53027d272ddb10ad72abe1b52 causes a compile error for SDL2 for me. It initializes floats in the header and gives ISO C++ forbids in-class initialization of non-const static member errors.
[17:43:36] <Malignant_Manor> I thought that I compiled it, but maybe I used a snapshot.
[18:22:14] <Malignant_Manor> Yuv422: should I check if the floating point weight == 0 and get a warning? Is it alright now to require C++11 and use fpclassify (which is probably negligibly slower).
[18:25:47] <Malignant_Manor> Here is the pastebin example using C++11 version. http://pastebin.com/HQPcBCy0
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