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[03:45:17] <servus> I think you should make a requirement on the forum a server-side map "Click the bunny in this photo"
[03:45:35] <servus> Fun, cute, and easy to implement!
[03:50:18] <servus> How many forums are people going to manually tune spambots for?
[04:23:06] <servus> Of you could even have a small image of a "Submit Post" button within a large image with lots of transparent padding, and they have to click within the coloured area to submit a post. <input type="image" src="button.jpg" name="submit_button"> and then check $_REQUEST['submit_button']['x'], etc.
[05:29:45] <SB-X> Why a bunny?
[05:31:32] <SB-X> shouldn't be asking so long after you said it
[05:47:38] <servus> It could be a cave troll too
[05:54:17] <servus> A cave bunny, but that'd scare the little 'uns away.
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