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[21:35:42] <CIA-66> nuvie: 03efry * r1169 10/nuvie/trunk/ (10 files in 4 dirs):
[21:35:42] <CIA-66> nuvie: * Fixed vortex cube container. You can now move moonstones into the vortex cube
[21:35:42] <CIA-66> nuvie: * Fixed talking to shrines/statues. Bug [1534935] We talk to the object not
[21:51:15] <Yuv422> hmm smooth lighting seems to have a yellow tinge to it now
[21:54:34] <Yuv422> http://tinypic.com/r/2pyq36c/7
[21:57:38] <Dominus> yeah, make it a bit browner and I'd play with that lighting :)
[21:58:03] <Yuv422> it used to be ok
[21:58:08] <Yuv422> not too sure what's gone wrong
[21:58:46] <Dominus> yes, I remember it being ok, too
[21:59:17] <Yuv422> I wonder if it is mac only
[22:01:42] <Dominus> what's the setting again for smooth lighting?
[22:01:52] <Dominus> <lighting>smooth ?
[22:02:02] <Yuv422> yeah
[22:02:05] <Yuv422> in general
[22:02:22] <Dominus> yes, got it
[22:02:44] <Dominus> yep, in the build I have here from the 9th of march also yellowish
[22:03:07] <Dominus> I'm not sure now if I *did* see it different before
[22:03:37] <Dominus> now that I see it here, I think I saw the yellowish and thought it was on purpose
[22:03:45] <Yuv422> ah k
[22:03:59] <Yuv422> let me see if there are any shots on the website
[22:04:23] <Dominus> just noticed that the companions will detect and kill enemies through closed doors and walls
[22:04:46] <Yuv422> are you runing the latest code?
[22:04:58] <Yuv422> I fixed an issue relating to that the other day
[22:05:10] <Dominus> no, the build from march 9th
[22:05:15] <Dominus> so likely fixed
[22:06:05] <Yuv422> hehe we don't have any screenshots of smooth lighting on the webpage
[22:06:17] <Dominus> I had just fired up this old build and while fighting the gargoyles went to castle britains cellar through the ladder to the southwest and then iolo shot the rat :)
[22:06:17] <Yuv422> I would have thought we'd put some up
[22:06:34] <Yuv422> cool
[22:07:12] <Yuv422> combat still needs a bit of tweaking
[22:07:22] <Yuv422> but I think it's vastly better than what we had before
[22:09:30] <Dominus> can't compare, been too long that I had used nuvie before the latest burst of activity :)
[22:10:10] <Yuv422> hehe understandable there was a long gap in development.
[22:33:49] <Yuv422> I'm off now
[22:33:50] <Yuv422> cya
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