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[20:46:30] <Yuv422> hi wjp
[20:46:41] <Yuv422> you might want to look at remote_get_memory_info()
[20:47:06] <Yuv422> I might be setting the memory areas incorrectly for larger extended apps
[20:47:34] <Yuv422> this could cause ida to see code segments as data etc
[20:48:48] <wjp> I already tries phys_readb instead of mem_readb, but that didn't seem to help much for u8
[20:52:41] <Yuv422> the get memory function tells ida where the data/text/stack segments are in memory
[20:53:09] <Yuv422> I sort of hard coded this based on the u6 exe
[20:53:21] <Yuv422> eg data segment before code segment
[20:53:22] <Yuv422> etc
[20:53:30] <Yuv422> this might be wrong for the u8 app
[20:53:35] <Yuv422> with its dos extender
[20:53:58] <Yuv422> so ida might think memory at eip is data for example
[20:54:23] <Yuv422> because we told it that it was data in remote_get_memory_info()
[20:54:56] <wjp> oh, I misread what you said
[20:55:07] <wjp> get_memory_info, hmm
[20:55:14] <Yuv422> hehe just a thought
[20:55:18] <Yuv422> I had thismorning
[20:55:35] <Yuv422> I'd better get going
[20:55:42] <wjp> interesting
[20:55:44] <Yuv422> time for work
[20:55:46] <wjp> I'll take a look
[20:55:48] <wjp> goodbye
[20:55:50] <Yuv422> cya
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