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[00:19:28] --> Kirben has joined #nuvie
[00:25:21] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[00:25:30] <Yuv422> hi kirben
[00:25:34] <Kirben> Hi
[00:25:46] <Yuv422> I've just patched a somewhat serious bug
[00:26:06] <Yuv422> when loading a savegame in darkness
[00:26:15] <Yuv422> it would crash
[00:27:44] <Yuv422> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=874477&group_id=76419&atid=547063
[00:28:33] <Yuv422> does win98 create the stdin/out.txt files automaticaly?
[00:29:03] <Yuv422> I had to redirect > to a file to see any output while looking at ths bug under winXP
[00:30:04] <Kirben> hmm sdl usually does that but doesn't seem to be working.
[00:30:40] <Yuv422> strange
[00:32:33] <Kirben> Should the quit dialog be Yes/No rather than No/Yes ? games always seem to use first order.
[00:34:28] <Yuv422> hehe yeah
[00:34:32] <Yuv422> you're rigth
[00:34:34] <Yuv422> right
[00:34:42] <Yuv422> I'm not sure why I did i that way
[00:34:49] <Yuv422> it
[00:35:08] <Yuv422> I've got to fix up the GUI system
[00:35:19] <Yuv422> to add input focus
[00:36:14] <Yuv422> and the ability to move the views around with the mouse
[01:04:09] --> SB-X has joined #nuvie
[01:07:16] <Yuv422> hi SB-X
[01:07:27] <SB-X> hello
[01:09:54] <SB-X> did you make use:cow too? :)
[01:09:55] <Yuv422> I'm just working on use_beehive
[01:09:59] <Yuv422> yes
[01:10:02] <Yuv422> and use well
[01:10:18] <SB-X> oh that's excellent
[01:10:23] <SB-X> i didn't know you could use beehives
[01:10:27] <SB-X> or forgot
[01:10:44] <Yuv422> you need a honey jar
[01:11:27] <SB-X> you can just buy honey though
[01:11:46] <SB-X> if you didn't murder Zeke, the one armed beekeep
[01:12:14] <Yuv422> why buy it when you can collect it from other people's hives for free. ;)
[01:14:15] <SB-X> now in U7 you got a bit of danger going after it
[01:14:24] <SB-X> somehow the bees grew
[01:14:50] <SB-X> maybe they found the power source from SE
[01:15:41] <Yuv422> hehe
[01:18:40] <Yuv422> did you put in use_honey?
[01:20:03] <SB-X> hmm
[01:20:07] <SB-X> yeah looks like use food
[01:20:19] <SB-X> i made a list of all food items and made them use the same function
[01:20:53] <Yuv422> ah k
[01:21:20] <Yuv422> I haven't checked the original yet but I guess using a jar of honey will result in a honey jar in your inventory
[01:21:37] <SB-X> hmm
[01:21:45] <SB-X> yeah that probably needs its own
[01:22:13] <SB-X> i have thought about making U6Object classes similiar to the U6Actor class or U6ActorTypes you made, and definately using 1 function per object
[01:22:20] <SB-X> but don't know if that will be cleaner looking or not
[01:23:04] <Yuv422> hmm
[01:23:20] <Yuv422> maybe we should see how all the usecode works
[01:23:22] <Yuv422> +s
[01:23:31] <Yuv422> before reworking
[01:23:45] <SB-X> okay
[01:23:45] <Yuv422> incase we get some weird use requirements
[01:23:55] <SB-X> i wasn't thinking about doing it soon just an idea :)
[01:24:00] <Yuv422> if you use a honey jar in the original
[01:24:04] <SB-X> after looking at U6ActorTypes which is really nice btw
[01:24:04] <Yuv422> it just disappears
[01:24:09] <SB-X> heh
[01:24:11] <SB-X> ok
[01:24:15] <Yuv422> :)
[01:24:16] <SB-X> *whew*
[01:24:33] <Yuv422> should we give the player their jar back?
[01:24:42] <Yuv422> in nuvie
[01:24:51] <SB-X> well i see no reason to
[01:24:53] <SB-X> but if you want to
[01:25:08] <SB-X> don't remember if i ever ate honey when i played u6
[01:25:16] <SB-X> maybe while camping
[01:25:33] <Yuv422> I guess it would make it easier to feed your party if you could refill honey jars
[01:25:42] * SB-X thinks he needs to include tgmath.h
[01:25:51] * SB-X shrugs.
[01:25:54] <Yuv422> tgmath??
[01:25:57] <Yuv422> what's that?
[01:26:04] <Yuv422> did you try my suggestion?
[01:26:37] <SB-X> -lm?
[01:27:13] <Yuv422> the type casting
[01:27:26] <Yuv422> return (float)round(weight);
[01:27:33] <SB-X> yes
[01:27:59] <SB-X> does round return double?
[01:28:01] <Yuv422> because on my system round returns double
[01:28:08] <Yuv422> but your error was speaking about int
[01:28:35] <SB-X> i think it says that for any function it has no decl for
[01:28:42] <SB-X> because it doesnt know the return
[01:29:09] <Yuv422> ah k
[01:29:59] <Yuv422> ok I've done use:beehive
[01:30:42] <SB-X> 1 in 10 chance of "You find some bees. You get stung!"
[01:30:45] <SB-X> heh
[01:30:46] <SB-X> or not
[01:30:56] <Yuv422> hehe sounds good
[01:31:15] <Yuv422> now all we need is a damage system
[01:33:01] <SB-X> you can subtract hp now but you'll have to handle the effects on the character
[01:33:08] <SB-X> and not underflowing
[01:33:18] <Yuv422> yeah
[01:33:21] <SB-X> going below a minimum i mean
[01:33:31] <SB-X> what about roundf() or floor()?
[01:33:36] <SB-X> in place of round()
[01:33:43] <Yuv422> did you try roundf
[01:33:58] <Yuv422> actually roundf is closer to what we want anyway
[01:34:03] <SB-X> i'll try that
[01:34:48] <Yuv422> SB-X: any thoughts on updating the sundial frames?
[01:35:13] <Yuv422> maybe an area use sundial
[01:35:34] <Yuv422> which updates the frame based on the time of the day when the player approaches
[01:36:36] <SB-X> NEAR
[01:36:56] <SB-X> with screen size as distance
[01:37:14] <Yuv422> year somthing like that
[01:37:24] <Yuv422> year=yeah
[01:38:31] <Yuv422> did roundf work?
[01:56:27] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
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[01:56:49] <Yuv422> did you try changing irc servers?
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[02:04:12] --> SB-X has joined #nuvie
[02:04:21] <SB-X> hello?
[02:05:24] <SB-X> this is tolkien.freenode.net
[02:11:36] <Yuv422> hey
[02:11:46] <Yuv422> any better?
[02:28:29] --> sbx has joined #nuvie
[02:28:37] <Yuv422> ping
[02:53:49] --> xbs has joined #nuvie
[02:53:53] <xbs> hello?
[02:54:01] <Yuv422> hi
[02:54:08] <xbs> hello
[02:54:12] <Yuv422> ping
[02:54:17] <xbs> im using mIRC now
[02:54:19] <xbs> in windows
[02:54:23] <Yuv422> ah k
[02:54:25] <xbs> sbx was using BitchX
[02:54:29] <xbs> i see he's still here
[02:54:39] <Yuv422> hehe
[02:55:00] <xbs> it is probably my problem, it seems to filter my outgoing traffic but i can see whatever is said here
[02:55:04] <-- sbx has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[02:55:08] <-- SB-X has left IRC (Nick collision from services.)
[02:55:11] --- xbs is now known as SB-X
[02:55:21] <Yuv422> ah k
[02:55:27] <SB-X> this is tolkien.freenode.net :)
[02:55:43] <Yuv422> do you have any firewall rules running?
[02:55:59] <SB-X> not here
[02:56:10] <SB-X> in linux i don't think i've touched ipchains at all
[02:56:18] <SB-X> or whatever it uses
[02:56:28] <Yuv422> hehe ipchains is old school these days
[02:56:34] <Yuv422> iptables
[02:56:36] <SB-X> ip*
[02:56:39] <SB-X> oh there we go
[02:56:53] <Yuv422> I use ipfw
[02:56:58] <SB-X> oh
[02:56:58] <Yuv422> under darwin
[02:57:12] <SB-X> and the current linux kernel is 1.4.5 right?
[02:57:12] <SB-X> jk
[02:57:16] <Yuv422> hehe
[02:57:37] <Yuv422> how'd you go with the roundf?
[02:57:52] <Yuv422> I'm going to change to roundf as it eliminates the typecasting
[02:57:54] <SB-X> Actor.cpp compiled after defining _ISOC99_SOURCE
[02:58:01] <SB-X> -D_ISOC99_SOURCE
[02:58:07] <Yuv422> interesting
[02:58:11] <SB-X> to command ling
[02:58:13] <SB-X> line*
[02:58:19] <SB-X> can we add that to makefile?
[02:58:23] <Yuv422> what linux distro are you using?
[02:58:43] <SB-X> slackware 8.0 gcc 2.95.3
[02:58:57] <Yuv422> ah k
[02:59:03] <SB-X> -D_GNU_SOURCE also works
[03:00:02] * SB-X had to comment out animmanager stuff he forgot he even added
[03:00:13] <Yuv422> :)
[03:00:13] * SB-X will work on finishing that later.
[03:00:42] <Yuv422> would animmanager handle actor hit animations?
[03:00:47] <SB-X> yeah
[03:00:52] <SB-X> there is a HitAnim class
[03:01:09] <Yuv422> do these animations use timers?
[03:01:20] <SB-X> you'd just declare a new one with the coords and it would disappear after some time
[03:01:37] <SB-X> i don't remember if it uses Timer or animmanager has it's own timing
[03:01:47] <Yuv422> How'd we go with the game time timer?
[03:02:00] <SB-X> ?
[03:02:10] <SB-X> there is a game time timer?
[03:02:19] <Yuv422> along the lines. let me know when 5 game cycles have elapsed.
[03:02:51] <Yuv422> we need this sort of thing for powder kegs
[03:03:04] <SB-X> oh!
[03:03:08] <Yuv422> and I'm sure it would be useful for other things too
[03:03:09] <SB-X> alright
[03:03:39] <Yuv422> also we'd need to lock the actor down for the length of the hit animation
[03:03:42] <SB-X> you'd add a timedevent for it (and we have to update that to use game ticks inplace of milliseconds) then it will call the timed usecode for powder keg
[03:04:01] <Yuv422> we don't want the actor moving out from under the hit frame. ;)
[03:04:13] <SB-X> no that would look odd definately
[03:04:29] <Yuv422> want me to add game time events?
[03:04:54] <SB-X> the original was just blocking the game when something happen but of course nuvie works different
[03:04:58] <Yuv422> I might do some more work on eggs first I think
[03:05:04] <SB-X> ok
[03:05:17] <SB-X> i dont know what work is a priority atm
[03:05:20] <SB-X> just i need to fix some bugs
[03:05:37] <SB-X> did you look at the walk-frame increment thing?
[03:05:38] <Yuv422> I'm going to add those new obj status fields to the egg manager
[03:05:39] <SB-X> for actors
[03:05:43] <Yuv422> not yet
[03:06:07] <Yuv422> also I think you might have inadvertantly broken walk over/under actors
[03:06:17] <SB-X> i hacked up some changes to test why it was doing that, and put my findings in the bug report
[03:06:21] <SB-X> really?
[03:06:32] <Yuv422> you should be able to walk on mice and under dragons
[03:06:37] <SB-X> you cant?
[03:06:41] <Yuv422> not any more
[03:06:46] <Yuv422> I fixed it a while back
[03:06:51] <Yuv422> but it is broken again
[03:06:54] <Yuv422> I'll look into it
[03:07:03] <SB-X> i havnt changed anything since a while back :)
[03:07:05] <Yuv422> we need to do the passable check on the actor obj_n
[03:07:05] <SB-X> but probably
[03:07:17] <Yuv422> yeah it has been broken for awhile I think
[03:07:41] <Yuv422> hehe I'll probably break somthing you added by fixing it. ;)
[03:07:53] <SB-X> heh
[03:07:55] <SB-X> no worries
[03:07:57] <SB-X> brb
[03:08:00] <Yuv422> k
[03:28:23] <SB-X> b
[03:28:46] <Yuv422> only 2 unknown flags in status nw
[03:28:48] <Yuv422> now
[03:29:40] <SB-X> egg status?
[03:29:45] <Yuv422> I can't find and objects with status flag 0x4
[03:30:29] <SB-X> or normal status?
[03:30:41] <SB-X> non-egg status
[03:30:46] <Yuv422> egg status is normal status I think
[03:31:04] <Yuv422> I think they are just unused in normal eggs
[03:31:14] <Yuv422> I haven't checked yet though
[03:31:26] <SB-X> ah
[03:31:31] <SB-X> thats good
[03:32:23] <Yuv422> hmm having said that
[03:32:42] <Yuv422> some egg actor objects have egg active flag set
[03:32:52] <Yuv422> this might mean they are currently spawned
[03:33:30] <Yuv422> there are two egg flags
[03:33:37] <Yuv422> egg seen and egg active
[03:33:58] <Yuv422> if the player goes near an egg it sets its seen flag
[03:34:08] <Yuv422> which is always set from then on
[03:34:30] <Yuv422> the other flag 'active' is set if the player is near by and the egg has been checked.
[03:34:44] <Yuv422> so even if the egg didn't spawn it will still be active
[03:34:51] <Yuv422> if the player is near
[03:35:01] <SB-X> hmm ok... i noticed that too many actors are spawned from the egg near skara brae, the one on the road
[03:35:14] <SB-X> it spawned 5 swashbucklers 5 fighters and 5 mongbats
[03:35:20] <SB-X> and stacked them together in a row
[03:35:58] <SB-X> do other objects have an active flag?
[03:36:19] <SB-X> it might be useful
[03:37:26] <Yuv422> nope
[03:37:36] <Yuv422> just eggs and objects in eggs
[03:37:55] <Yuv422> I'm not sure how the original works out how many objects to spawn
[03:38:05] <Yuv422> we are deffinatly spawning too many at the moment
[03:48:02] <Yuv422> hmm
[03:48:21] <Yuv422> there are eggs which have active flag but not seen flag.
[03:48:55] <SB-X> it is possible for it not to hatch because of probability right?
[03:49:07] <Yuv422> yes
[03:50:28] <SB-X> oh i had that backwards
[03:53:13] <SB-X> how do you know active is not "hatched" (possibly can stay that way after unloading) or that seen can reset to try and hatch it again?
[03:53:48] <Yuv422> seen doesn't mean the egg will stop hatching
[03:54:08] <Yuv422> active means the egg won't be checked again till the player moves away
[03:54:40] <Yuv422> you can have a look at the flags yourself
[03:54:59] <Yuv422> they are seen 0x2 seen
[03:55:04] <Yuv422> 0x40 active
[03:55:48] <Yuv422> if you have a new game load it up in nuvie and go to an egg you know you've not been near yet.
[03:55:57] <Yuv422> it shouldn't have it's seen flag set
[03:56:17] <Yuv422> then go near it and the very far away in the original and save
[03:56:25] <Yuv422> it should then have it's seen flag set.
[03:57:47] <Yuv422> hmm with a new game
[03:57:53] <Yuv422> no eggs have seen status
[03:58:03] <Yuv422> but loads of traps and spikes do
[04:00:24] <Yuv422> only traps and spikes
[04:00:50] <SB-X> does "seen" do anything apparent?
[04:01:00] <Yuv422> not sure
[04:02:02] <Yuv422> hmm a new game doesn't have any eggs active
[04:02:20] <Yuv422> but some actor objects in egg containers have that flag set.
[04:02:57] <Yuv422> they are all 2 tile actors too
[04:03:36] <Yuv422> giant scorpion, giant ant, cow and alligator
[04:06:04] <Yuv422> hmm
[04:06:13] <Yuv422> maybe I've got them the wrong way around
[04:06:18] <Yuv422> let me double check
[04:14:39] <Yuv422> interesting
[04:15:01] <Yuv422> I'm right next to an egg and it doesn't have and flags set.
[04:15:18] <Yuv422> it's the guard egg in LB's castle
[04:16:47] <Yuv422> can you remember is some eggs only spawn at night?
[04:17:01] <Yuv422> or at certain times?
[04:23:05] <Yuv422> maybe seen is actually can_spawn
[04:26:33] <SB-X> did some reagents only appear at night?
[04:27:23] <SB-X> oh
[04:27:24] <SB-X> right
[04:27:36] <SB-X> the guard was only at certain times
[04:27:40] <SB-X> at other times geoffrey guarded the castle
[04:31:40] <SB-X> don't see how that affects traps
[04:34:30] <Yuv422> traps are always on
[04:34:46] <Yuv422> maybe?
[04:35:53] <Yuv422> maybe egg object quality is the time the egg activates
[04:36:06] <Yuv422> and spawn object z is the duration?
[04:36:42] * Yuv422 wonders what time the castle guard comes on duty?
[04:37:14] * SB-X checks.
[04:39:13] <SB-X> bout 8
[04:39:24] <SB-X> 20:00
[04:39:34] <SB-X> maybe 7
[04:39:40] <Yuv422> hmm
[04:39:54] <Yuv422> when does he stand down
[04:41:17] <SB-X> its 19:00 he starts
[04:41:20] <SB-X> or 19:30
[04:42:08] <SB-X> and he is only there 1 or 2 hours
[04:42:17] <SB-X> i went to the gate and alt-215 and went back and he was gone
[04:42:31] <SB-X> and it was 9:28 (21:28)
[04:44:45] <SB-X> now i tried it and he didnt show up at all
[04:45:09] <Yuv422> save the game and check the egg in nuvie
[04:45:32] <Yuv422> I tried that and he was in the corridor outside the avatar's room
[04:45:48] <Yuv422> at about 8:30
[04:47:27] <SB-X> hrmm
[04:47:31] <SB-X> my nuvie here is not up to date
[04:48:53] <SB-X> but he is in the main hall at 7:30 again
[04:49:29] <SB-X> haha
[04:49:34] <SB-X> forgot i edited his conversation
[04:49:41] <Yuv422> ?
[04:49:48] <SB-X> name -> "Richard."
[04:49:58] <Yuv422> hehe
[04:50:03] <SB-X> job -> "What's it look like? I'm `Guarding'"
[04:50:33] <Yuv422> do you have support for guard conversations now?
[04:50:50] <SB-X> guard -> "We're supposed to be guarding the cities. As if anyone really expects us to stop the gargoyles. I'm just trying to get by, if you know what I mean."
[04:50:52] <SB-X> (and it gets stranger from there on)
[04:50:55] <SB-X> no
[04:51:07] <SB-X> this is in original u6
[04:51:14] <Yuv422> ah k
[04:51:50] <SB-X> bye -> "Yeah, keep it real yo." Richard turns away to continue his guard duty.
[04:51:52] <SB-X> o_O
[04:51:59] <Yuv422> hehe
[04:54:56] <SB-X> after 8 he is gone, it didnt happen exactly at 8 because the egg was still considered active (guessing)
[04:55:29] <Yuv422> in the moarning?
[04:55:33] <Yuv422> morning
[04:55:41] <SB-X> so the times are not absolute maybe
[04:55:41] <SB-X> 8pm
[04:55:41] <SB-X> he was only there an hour
[04:55:51] <SB-X> maybe it unloaded him then the egg didnt hatch again because of probability
[04:56:04] <SB-X> but if i were to go back a few times he would reappear?
[04:56:07] <SB-X> havnt tested that
[04:56:26] <Yuv422> his quality is a strange value
[04:56:31] <Yuv422> most have a quality of 1
[04:56:41] <Yuv422> the a y and z of 0 in the actor object
[05:00:26] <SB-X> his is 0?
[05:00:42] <Yuv422> the egg?
[05:00:50] <SB-X> the guard
[05:01:00] <SB-X> wait nm
[05:01:00] <SB-X> heh
[05:01:14] <SB-X> what are his values in the egg?
[05:01:39] <Yuv422> guard
[05:01:40] <Yuv422> objblk_n: 406
[05:01:40] <Yuv422> obj_n: 382
[05:01:40] <Yuv422> frame_n: 0
[05:01:40] <Yuv422> Tile: 1632
[05:01:40] <Yuv422> Status: 00001000 ( CONT )
[05:01:42] <Yuv422> parent_id = 405, y = 768, z = 10
[05:01:44] <Yuv422> Quantity: 1
[05:01:46] <Yuv422> Quality: 12
[05:02:07] <Yuv422> y and z are unaccounted for
[05:02:07] <SB-X> what does quality do?
[05:02:13] <Yuv422> worktype
[05:02:30] <SB-X> oh right
[05:02:35] <SB-X> whats animal_wander?
[05:02:53] <Yuv422> wander but don't cross fences
[05:03:02] <SB-X> i mean what number
[05:03:03] <Yuv422> used for farm animals
[05:03:05] <SB-X> forgot
[05:03:07] <Yuv422> ah k
[05:03:33] <SB-X> forgot for sure but i think it was 12
[05:03:40] <Yuv422> yeah 12
[05:03:56] <Yuv422> weird
[05:04:05] <SB-X> other NPCs dont cross fences either normally
[05:04:13] <SB-X> unless in your party and you are on the other side
[05:04:22] <Yuv422> ah k
[05:04:59] <SB-X> noticed in New Magincia that if they walk a path across a fence it blocks them, like an actor would
[05:05:13] <SB-X> when going to next worktype location
[05:05:28] <SB-X> hopefully i'm not remember that wrong
[05:05:53] <Yuv422> in nuvie or the original u6?
[05:09:56] <SB-X> original
[05:10:26] <SB-X> have to go for a bit, bbl
[05:10:31] --- SB-X is now known as sbx|afk
[05:10:41] <Yuv422> k cya
[06:38:59] <Yuv422> egg quality could be the egg type
[06:39:08] <Yuv422> 4 hatch only once
[06:39:18] <Yuv422> 2 animated object
[06:47:51] <Yuv422> there is a chest that attacks you in sutek's castle with an egg quality = 2
[06:48:31] <Yuv422> the monsters that have the status of 2 are double headed
[06:48:42] <Yuv422> that's probably what that value means
[07:08:10] <Yuv422> time to go
[07:08:11] <Yuv422> cya
[07:08:12] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ("[BX] This BitchX's for you")
[07:14:19] <sbx|afk> what
[07:14:23] <sbx|afk> noo
[07:14:28] --- sbx|afk is now known as SB-X
[07:15:17] <SB-X> now i'm back
[07:15:50] <SB-X> attacking chests eh?
[07:16:01] <SB-X> tricky
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