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[05:25:38] <luteijn> hi
[05:26:44] <sbx> heya
[05:27:10] <sbx> I was just writing a feature request for U6O. :)
[05:27:31] <sbx> And writing up the design for a Nuvie feature.
[05:27:34] <luteijn> ah, I just got up saw I just missed you on my test server ;)
[05:28:00] <sbx> that was a while ago... oh I did reconnect briefly not too long ago
[05:28:31] <luteijn> I figured out most of the message 5 format, although there's still some holes, especially in type 1 and 2
[05:29:30] <sbx> I had to decode your explanation of it. You're missing more newlines.
[05:29:54] <luteijn> it was rather late when I wrote it ;)
[05:30:03] <sbx> I still don't understand anything up to the 255.
[05:30:18] <luteijn> probably have to decode it myself again too, still it's better than the back of this envelope
[05:30:57] <sbx> clicking at the top-left screen corner echos 169/184/199/214/ 152/1/20/0/5/255/
[05:31:16] <sbx> evelope?
[05:31:29] <luteijn> the first 4 are teh message id (see 'general message format'),
[05:31:34] <sbx> envelope?
[05:31:34] <sbx> whats on the back of this envelope?
[05:31:54] <luteijn> back of enveloppe has notes on decoding the windchange message
[05:32:26] <sbx> hehe
[05:32:34] <luteijn> i wrote them with one of those cd-markers, so it's all spread out and bloty
[05:33:06] <sbx> a pen works better
[05:33:29] <luteijn> that marker was in reach, the pen wasn't... ;)
[05:34:11] <sbx> i sometimes pick up a pen that's out of ink since it looks just like the one that has ink
[05:34:28] <sbx> maybe I should throw that one away, but sometimes it works
[05:34:42] <sbx> what is after the message id?
[05:34:46] <luteijn> anyway the first 4 bytes is what identifies it as a u6o message, afaik then tehre's a 16 nit checksum over the rest of the message, 2 nytes of length of the rest of the message, then the type (type 5 in this case) and then the payload
[05:35:07] <luteijn> and I seem to have typed n for b a few types there
[05:35:20] <luteijn> ok, I probably should have slept a little longer...
[05:35:20] <servus> I was wondering anout that
[05:35:40] <sbx> oh,... I should have noticed by the 5, this follows the format of all the other messages
[05:36:09] <sbx> my b is by my n too
[05:36:48] <luteijn> the payload is usually the only thing I bother digging into deeper, its the part after the format string in my ECHO command.
[05:38:01] <sbx> I tested the music command again, and the music numbers correspond to the song list in alphabetical order. (look in the midi directory)
[05:38:13] <luteijn> for the type 5 message, 'they' are always going on about a lack of space for keys to encode, but so far I've seen quite a few bytes that seem to do nothing.
[05:38:24] <luteijn> ah I'll add that music info to the document
[05:38:24] <sbx> Starting at 0. The combat music starts immediately unlike the others.
[05:39:05] <luteijn> ah it's that simple... should have tried... ;)
[05:39:08] <sbx> heh, 'they'
[05:40:18] <sbx> They should have used another message for starting immediately (and other music commands). This must be why the combat music lingers on too long after combat.
[05:40:33] <luteijn> message 22 is a big spoiler.
[05:41:16] <sbx> hmm
[05:41:36] * sbx goes to try it.
[05:41:53] <sbx> An evil server admin could send that as a global to everyone playing.
[05:42:31] <sbx> your server is frozen
[05:42:35] <sbx> nevermind there it goes
[05:42:38] <luteijn> do a JUMP to the shrine first (ECHO JUMP 908,841) or you'll miss some of it.
[05:43:08] <sbx> ok
[05:43:18] <sbx> how do I update the screen?
[05:44:11] <luteijn> test1 still does that, but I made the walking test2-5 also do it
[05:44:23] <sbx> its frozen
[05:45:11] <luteijn> hmm ,did you send anything interesting to make it freeze?
[05:45:22] <sbx> no, I can quit and reconnect
[05:45:27] <sbx> and it works until that jump
[05:46:49] <sbx> oh
[05:46:53] <sbx> the command is JUMP not ECHO JUMP
[05:49:04] <luteijn> hmm i really should have slept more I gguess
[05:49:59] <sbx> i cant send global messages anymore
[05:50:16] <sbx> something broke (the amulet shattered but I dont have an amulet) then after the scene everyone vanishes
[05:50:37] <sbx> I take it this is all done by the client?
[05:51:00] <luteijn> the whole sequence is triggered by the message yes, it's totally local to you
[05:51:37] <sbx> It's really cool... I like the full animated one, but this way you get to see it "really happening" in the game world.
[05:51:56] <sbx> If only they would use moongates to leave instead of vanishing.
[05:52:05] <sbx> im not getting any updates from server anymore
[05:52:09] <sbx> froze again
[05:52:29] <luteijn> I think it's crashed, probably one of us send it a bougs message that it choked on.
[05:52:52] <luteijn> it ought to restart by it self after everyone closes their client.
[05:53:10] <sbx> no it still works if I reconnect
[05:53:40] <sbx> did you like the new endgame sequence?
[05:54:28] <luteijn> it was sort of what I expected from the teaser screen shot. Of course, I tried to use the moongates while they were speaking, but they don't really work..
[05:54:44] <sbx> oh you can move? :)
[05:54:45] <sbx> They could do the opening sequence the same, but you'd probably see other players wandering around the stone tablet as your friends are rescuing you.
[05:55:31] <luteijn> the client doesn't stop responding to keys etc. so you can just walk out on them
[05:55:42] <sbx> hehe
[05:56:14] <luteijn> the opening scene would be fun, the host could just suppress the updates about everyone else, and give you a bogus time to make it happen at night.
[05:57:18] <sbx> should the game start in the throne room, or sometime after that. (just explaining what happened to you)
[05:58:44] <luteijn> well I still think it should start in the throne room, too bad if you arrive at night and the king isn't there. maybe put up 1 or 2 (weakened) gargoyles there too. but then the walkthrough would probabbly not make much sense
[05:59:40] <sbx> How about giving you a scroll from the king briefly explaining things, and asking you to see him as soon as possible.
[06:00:12] <sbx> and gargoyles should be weakened anyway
[06:00:30] <sbx> but yeah, those would probably have to be much weaker :)
[06:01:06] <luteijn> scroll is a good idea, maybe start location should be the inn, where you where dropped off by your friends, and they left a note for you "we're off to the king, lazy-head, join us ASAP)
[06:02:35] <sbx> but only dupre and shamino are in the throneroom :)
[06:03:21] <sbx> anyway the walkthrough doesn't need to match the online game
[06:03:29] <luteijn> you slept so long recovering from your ordeal, that iolo got bored and went to feed his horse
[06:07:51] <servus> He fed you to Smith? :oO
[06:08:31] <sbx> I wonder if Smith's quest works.
[06:09:15] <luteijn> I don't think you can look in the statue of the lion. but he does give you the clue if you ask him
[06:11:33] <sbx> Does he have a complete body now?
[06:11:46] <luteijn> yes he does.
[06:17:00] <sbx> What do you mean by the High byte of "way of selection" if it's only byte to begin with?
[06:17:18] <sbx> only 1 byte*
[06:17:36] <sbx> just the last 7 bits?
[06:17:49] <sbx> or did I misread this?
[06:18:21] <luteijn> I'll reread it, it probably means bit there
[06:19:10] <luteijn> is that in the section on 8 spell cast?
[06:19:33] <sbx> read the html version :)
[06:20:05] <sbx> hmm
[06:20:21] <sbx> yes its after that
[06:20:33] <luteijn> ok updated that part. reload and all shall become clearer
[06:21:03] <luteijn> it was an unfinished bit, I put the information in the entry about the coordinates, forgot to finish it in that spot though
[06:21:43] <luteijn> basically, when you request to cast a spell, it will give coordinates in tiles from the top left corner of the screen
[06:22:05] <luteijn> and it uses the freed up high byte of the Y coordiate to stuff the spell number in.
[06:22:48] <sbx> about text effect length, it might be high if they decide to send all text of a book at once, and let the client display it however it wants
[06:23:16] <luteijn> Yeah I thought about that too, I think they do, and use the \ to put pauses.
[06:23:41] <luteijn> that's why you can have an npc talk two things at the same time, if you just go on with the conversation
[06:23:51] <sbx> Alright the new explanation makes sense and has newlines now, thanks. :)
[06:24:00] <sbx> My interpretation was close except for that part.
[06:24:33] <luteijn> if any newlines are missing, just 'view source', I usually have carriage returns there
[06:24:43] <sbx> I thought the the server was just constantly sending you the new data in the case of NPC's. :)
[06:24:43] <sbx> ok
[06:25:39] <luteijn> to test spells, you'll need to trick the client into thinking you have a spellbook readied, use message 3, with a what word of 128,
[06:26:11] <sbx> where is "bit 128 labeled 'selection' below"?
[06:26:23] <sbx> did you completely figure out world update?
[06:28:31] <luteijn> I haven't lokoed at world update anymore, need to make a few more dumps of the real client and server to figure it out I think
[06:29:23] <sbx> oh it looked like you added more information for it
[06:29:57] <luteijn> that selection bit thing is just under where I describe the coordinates in the type 5 message. search for "128 selection" (without quotes
[06:30:31] <sbx> oh ok
[06:30:42] <sbx> also what does "(16 ORred with character number)" mean for "way of selection"? What is the character number? Are 17-23 just examples of this?
[06:31:02] <sbx> In that case character number for 1 is 0?
[06:31:33] <luteijn> no those are all the posibilities, if you press '3' it will set bit with value 16 to 1 and then or in the selected character number
[06:31:46] <luteijn> which is character 2 for key 3
[06:32:47] <luteijn> maybe there are more possibilities when casting an attack spell, haven't tried
[06:33:13] <sbx> what is character?
[06:36:02] <luteijn> character/partymember
[06:36:15] <sbx> i mean, is this for selecting an attack target or a party member
[06:36:28] <sbx> ah k
[06:36:33] <luteijn> okay to dial up a spellbook with an attackspell ECHO 3,CvH*,1,128,01201000
[06:36:42] <sbx> at first I thoght it meant ascii character
[06:37:47] <luteijn> the if bit valued 16 is not set, the number means clicked on inventory of party member, if bit 8 is set it means spell cast
[06:38:51] <sbx> right
[06:39:33] <luteijn> so if your npc casts the spell it will be 8+1 = 9
[06:39:52] <sbx> the last value on that command is a list of spells
[06:40:14] <luteijn> yes, it is
[06:40:41] <luteijn> 1 is the character to give it to, 128 is the bit that says spellbok update, and then you have 01 for number of spells to follow
[06:41:22] <luteijn> then you get spell 0x20 (curse) with 0x0010 - 1 (little endian so 10 00 applications left
[06:43:16] <luteijn> crap have to go, appointement coming up..
[06:43:42] <luteijn> talk to you later..
[06:43:43] <luteijn> quit
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[06:43:48] <sbx> alright
[06:43:57] <sbx> thanks for stopping by
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