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[01:48:05] <SB-X> hello
[01:48:59] <SB-X> luteijn: Yes, it probably should be a class. I can see Actor inheriting Obj too. :)
[01:49:35] <SB-X> i dont want to fix the pathfinder now since the party (or monsters) doesnt have to cross the map boundary in U6
[01:51:38] <Yuv422> hey
[01:51:40] <Yuv422> np
[01:54:47] <SB-X> hey yuv
[01:56:50] <Yuv422> at times wrapping doesn't really seem worth it
[01:57:21] <SB-X> because you rarely go to the map edge anyway?
[01:57:32] <Yuv422> well yeah
[01:58:22] <SB-X> i probably wouldn't bother with it at this stage, except to prevent crashes, but it sounds like you're almost done
[01:59:47] <Yuv422> I think there are still lots of areas which need wrapping
[02:00:32] <Yuv422> I hacked up the map to include some walkable tiles near the border
[02:00:59] <Yuv422> so I could easily test all the border routines
[02:01:09] <SB-X> hehe astroturf
[02:01:14] <Yuv422> yeah
[02:01:29] <Yuv422> astro turf on one side
[02:01:33] <Yuv422> and dirt on the other
[02:01:35] <SB-X> i knew about the vehicle bug when saving, but i dont know what caused it
[02:01:43] <SB-X> something when loading
[02:01:45] <Yuv422> ah k
[02:01:53] <Yuv422> I'll have a look into it
[02:02:30] <SB-X> the party is getting set as in vehicle because they are invisible
[02:02:58] <SB-X> somehow the vehicle isnt using the ship/baloon obj
[02:03:06] <SB-X> maybe something wrong with init() which we changed recently
[02:05:15] <Yuv422> ok attack selection is wrapped now too
[02:06:24] <SB-X> nice
[02:06:54] <SB-X> we need to use general selection functions, but attack functions can return more than the others
[02:07:01] <SB-X> you can attack invisible actors but not look at them, for example
[02:07:54] <SB-X> so we either need something like get_attack_target_at(), or check invisible flag in every other action that selects something
[02:08:24] <Yuv422> and we need to restrict cursor movement with attack selection
[02:08:44] <Yuv422> which I currently do with a range lookup table
[02:09:34] <Yuv422> oh you are talking about getting an obj/actor/tile from the map?
[02:09:46] <Yuv422> not moving the cursor around
[02:28:58] <Yuv422> hehe riding a horse over the boundary crashes nuvie
[02:29:05] <Yuv422> what a surprise! ;-)
[03:29:49] <SB-X> does the balloon use objects?
[03:36:04] <Yuv422> no
[03:36:14] <Yuv422> It's a 4 tile obj
[03:37:29] <Yuv422> I think I might spend some time working out a nuvie feature matrix
[03:37:36] <Yuv422> :-)
[03:37:49] <Yuv422> which can also serve as a testing checklist
[03:38:51] <SB-X> you can use the TODO
[03:39:00] <SB-X> it needs updating
[03:39:24] <SB-X> the balloon is an actor when you're flying it
[03:40:00] <SB-X> are any objects involved then?
[03:40:03] <Yuv422> what should we do with the existing TODO content?
[03:40:12] <Yuv422> no objects
[03:40:14] <Yuv422> sorry
[03:40:16] <SB-X> rewrite it if you like
[03:40:25] <SB-X> keep the same features
[03:40:45] <SB-X> ok
[03:41:00] <SB-X> luteijn had to fix something in objmanager to get the balloon to cross the boundary
[03:41:48] <Yuv422> the open balloon is the same as a large garg or cyclops
[03:42:17] <Yuv422> no additional obj's required
[03:48:38] <SB-X> ah k
[03:52:50] <Yuv422> I was thinking of writing it in a format that could be read in by a script on the website
[03:53:33] <Yuv422> then we can easily show people what we've done
[03:53:43] <Yuv422> and what is still outstanding
[03:54:35] <Yuv422> task,notes,percent complete
[03:54:51] <Yuv422> something like that
[03:55:08] <Yuv422> maybe a maintainer or author
[03:56:32] <Yuv422> catagory:name
[03:58:36] <Yuv422> Wind Direction,Need to kill the wind in dungeons,90%,efry
[03:59:15] <Yuv422> or instead of a percentage we could have a status
[03:59:35] <Yuv422> inprogress,completed,not started,on hold
[03:59:36] <Yuv422> etc
[03:59:39] <SB-X> maybe related I'd still like a roadmap to the next release/version
[04:00:06] <SB-X> luteijn has a feature list for u6o on his website
[04:00:14] <Yuv422> could we combine the two ideas somehow?
[04:00:15] <SB-X> with notes and status
[04:00:28] <Yuv422> maybe we could have a target versionj
[04:01:01] <Yuv422> do you have the url handy?
[04:01:04] <SB-X> don't know... they could be combined or seperate sections
[04:01:06] <SB-X> no i'll find it
[04:01:16] <SB-X> sections/pages on the website*
[04:01:29] <SB-X> i like the status description better than percent
[04:01:35] <Yuv422> yeah me too
[04:01:51] <Yuv422> percentage is too subjective
[04:01:58] <SB-X> hmm, he changed it to a wiki :)
[04:02:00] <SB-X> http://luteijn.xs4all.nl/u6owiki/Feature_Requests
[04:02:06] <Yuv422> cool
[04:02:13] <SB-X> http://luteijn.xs4all.nl/html/u6o/
[04:05:00] <Yuv422> I'll see if I can get a framework for the categories
[04:05:26] <Yuv422> eg movement, map, display, monsters, magic, comabt
[04:07:03] <Yuv422> totally off topic but do bells scare off silver serpents?
[04:09:24] <SB-X> nope
[04:09:27] <SB-X> do they in u6?
[04:09:39] <SB-X> i never noticed
[04:09:49] <SB-X> is that why there are bells in the tomb of kings?
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[04:27:44] <Yuv422> that's what I was thinking
[04:28:00] <Yuv422> I rang the bells and the snakes appeared to bolt
[04:28:17] <Yuv422> It could have been a coincidence.
[04:28:20] <SB-X> wow I never knew that :)
[04:28:37] <SB-X> it certainly doesn't happen in nuvie
[04:28:43] <Yuv422> hehe
[04:29:00] <SB-X> the snakes wouldn't flee for any other reason unless they were wounded
[04:29:11] <SB-X> totally off topic but do rubber duckies scare off giant rats?
[04:30:04] <Yuv422> hehe not sure
[04:34:49] <Yuv422> the duck doesn't seem to effect rats'
[04:39:27] <SB-X> the guy who gives it to you implies it does, but I never noticed either
[05:16:11] <Yuv422> hehe I made dupre drink loads of wine
[05:16:23] <Yuv422> then switched back to party mode and I get a drunk avatar
[05:16:27] <Yuv422> in the original
[05:17:00] <Yuv422> It's just the player character that gets drunk
[05:17:15] <Yuv422> regardless of who actually consumed the alchol
[06:07:56] <SB-X> it's the same in nuvie... because there's only 1 alcohol value
[06:08:10] <SB-X> that was the easiest way to add the feature
[06:08:29] <SB-X> or the quickest way, without adding extra savegame data
[06:10:10] <Yuv422> should we bother supporting the transfer a character feature?
[06:13:53] <SB-X> i dont know what it did
[06:13:57] <SB-X> exactly
[06:14:12] <Yuv422> looks like it just takes your name and gender.
[06:14:23] <SB-X> oh
[06:14:32] <SB-X> you can set that anyway
[06:14:40] <SB-X> i was thinking we could make it import/export u6 saves
[06:15:03] <Yuv422> it gets name and gender from u5 or u4 saves
[06:15:15] <SB-X> oh
[06:15:28] <SB-X> that's kind of redundant since you can set those anyway
[06:15:35] <Yuv422> yeah
[06:15:52] <Yuv422> it shows you your old stats
[06:15:58] <SB-X> but doesn't use them?
[06:16:10] <Yuv422> then rounds everything down to normal u6 starting values
[06:16:13] <Yuv422> yeah
[06:16:16] <Yuv422> pretty silly
[06:16:17] <SB-X> oh
[06:16:25] <SB-X> maybe it keeps them around the same balanced levels
[06:16:35] <SB-X> so if you were a fighter you start like that in u6
[06:16:45] <Yuv422> Ultima IV Exp 325
[06:16:46] <SB-X> instead of doing the gypsy questions
[06:17:07] <Yuv422> Ultima VI Exp 32
[06:17:20] <Yuv422> magic 19, 15
[06:17:27] <Yuv422> Int 19, 15
[06:17:34] <Yuv422> str 21, 16
[06:17:41] <SB-X> hehe
[06:17:42] <Yuv422> Dex 16, 13
[06:17:51] <Yuv422> Class Paladin, Avatar
[06:18:15] <SB-X> i didnt have any u4 or u5 savegames to check :)
[06:18:25] <SB-X> thats kind of cool
[06:18:49] <SB-X> even though you can duplicate it in the questions
[06:18:56] <SB-X> unless you dont know what questions go for what stats
[06:19:43] <SB-X> maybe we could do something else with "Transfer a Character" for u4/u5 too, but why not make it import and export u6 savegames? the regular savegame dialog/system will be less confusing when it's not doing several tasks
[06:20:10] <SB-X> we discussed this before but not to use Transfer a Character
[06:20:30] <SB-X> we could make it manage several savegames too
[06:20:36] <SB-X> savegame folders
[06:28:32] <luteijn> objmanager wrap was because moving checks destination for objects, which maybe be multiple tiles. e.g moongates.
[06:29:01] <luteijn> which reminds me to try flying the balloon through a red gate..
[06:30:06] <luteijn> probably walking a hydra/galleon over the edge (or) horse doesn't work, because the surrounding objects.
[06:32:09] <luteijn> I saw something that deleted those moved, then put them back, but didn't test as not needed for balloon.
[06:33:00] <luteijn> MD will need proper mrapping for path finder
[06:33:57] <luteijn> testing matrix is a good idea
[06:35:28] <luteijn> import a character for u6 characters is good idea. (also add export a character, maybe just to the save-game-gui, or maybe an external tool)
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[06:36:43] <luteijn> progress list (machine translatable) seems like a good plan
[06:38:32] <luteijn> do we want a nuvie wiki? wjp's log of irc is nice already, but maybe a wiki could capture design decisions/change of insight better?
[06:40:00] <luteijn> anlso could answer questions/continue discussion in a nicer way than just dumping my input at the tail of the log, for you to read in your own timezone ;)
[06:40:20] <Yuv422> hehe
[06:40:39] <Yuv422> I've never worked with a wiki before
[06:41:43] <Yuv422> luteijn: I wrapped the surrounding object move method
[06:41:58] <luteijn> panpipes are supposedly used to scare off rats in orig. bells i don't know, but would be funny, 'bells & whistles' ;)
[06:42:37] <SB-X> we have a nuvie discussion mailing list
[06:43:22] <SB-X> oops I meant the rubber ducky... the same guy mentions it
[06:43:28] <SB-X> argh
[06:43:32] <SB-X> oops I meant the panpipes*
[06:43:42] <SB-X> there :)
[06:43:51] <SB-X> didn't notice them doing anything in u6
[06:45:49] <luteijn> I remember trying the panpipes as ratrepellant in U6 in the early 90s, but don't think it actually worked. probably just a reference to, what's the english name, pied-piper? (ratcatcher of Hameln)
[06:46:40] <Yuv422> maybe that could be a nuvie enhancement
[06:47:10] <luteijn> does blowing them near children make the join your party? ;)
[06:50:20] <SB-X> yes, I believe they do
[07:10:14] <luteijn> http://luteijn.xs4all.nl/u6owiki/Nuvie <- feel free to use that for testing out if it is worth it to set up a separate nuvie wiki ;)
[07:11:08] <Yuv422> thanks luteijn
[07:11:42] <luteijn> another thing to test with wrapping now that you have a hacked map would be to throw things over the edge (drop item, or shoot weapon etc.) probably will fly around the long way ;)
[07:16:59] <Yuv422> yeah
[07:17:09] <Yuv422> there is still a lot of wrapping work to do
[07:18:00] <SB-X> heh the dropeffect wont work
[07:18:10] <SB-X> i know that without testing it
[07:18:46] <SB-X> and shooting weapons uses the same animation
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[07:38:26] <Yuv422> I've been doing some work on InventoryWidget
[07:38:48] <Yuv422> to allow nested container searching
[07:39:27] <Yuv422> it returns to the container not the top level inventory
[07:39:57] <Yuv422> so if you have a bag in a backpack you return to the backpack not back to the toplevel inventory
[07:48:34] <SB-X> now that we have a parent_obj that should be easy
[07:48:40] <SB-X> if luteijn committed it already
[07:48:45] <SB-X> those recent changes
[07:48:56] <Yuv422> yeah
[07:49:36] <SB-X> we should also go back to the top of the list, at least when looking into a container :)
[07:50:06] <SB-X> right now it stays at the current position even if there arent enough items to view
[11:10:42] <Yuv422> I've fixed that already. :-)
[11:24:34] <Yuv422> hmm all my bags in bags are empty
[11:26:26] <Yuv422> hmm they got wiped when I saved
[11:59:58] <Yuv422> ok I've found that bug
[12:00:34] <Yuv422> obj_save_count wasn't being incremented before saving container items.
[12:03:28] <SB-X> are we saving objects in containers right after the container?
[12:03:47] <SB-X> if you do it that way, you can save them recursively
[12:04:10] <SB-X> i don't know what this "obj_save_count" is you speak of
[12:04:14] <SB-X> :)
[12:04:44] <Yuv422> yeah we save recursively
[12:04:58] <Yuv422> the obj_save_count is the objblk_n counter
[12:05:18] <SB-X> so objects are saved right after their containers?
[12:05:43] <SB-X> (as in the original u6)
[12:06:57] <Yuv422> yes
[12:08:24] <SB-X> cool
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[13:42:44] <Yuv422> hmm Player is having problems because actor 0 isn't a member of the party
[13:44:59] <SB-X> ?
[13:47:28] <Yuv422> set_party_mode()
[13:47:36] <Yuv422> isn't setting the actor
[13:47:59] <Yuv422> because actor 0 the actor with the player worktype isn't in the party
[13:51:46] <Yuv422> // this may not be the proper way to get in_vehicle at start, but we havn't
[13:51:46] <Yuv422> // found the relevant data in objlist yet (maybe only vehicle worktype?)
[13:51:46] <Yuv422> MapCoord vehicle_loc = actor_manager->get_actor(0)->get_location();
[13:51:46] <Yuv422> if(is_at(vehicle_loc.x, vehicle_loc.y, vehicle_loc.z))
[13:51:46] <Yuv422> {
[13:51:47] <Yuv422> set_in_vehicle(true);
[13:52:03] <Yuv422> could we just check for player worktype on the vehicle actor?
[13:52:09] <Yuv422> 0x2
[13:57:54] <SB-X> but the party is in vehicle
[13:58:06] <SB-X> you are controlling the vehicle
[13:58:34] <Yuv422> actor 0 has the player worktype 0x2 when you're in the balloon
[13:59:12] <SB-X> i dont think we set that
[13:59:20] <Yuv422> the original does
[13:59:40] <SB-X> maybe we do
[13:59:44] <SB-X> i dont see how that would fix uit
[13:59:46] <SB-X> it*
[14:00:01] <Yuv422> I was just looking at the comment
[14:00:47] <SB-X> oh, well yeah that would be fine
[14:00:55] <SB-X> makes more sense now that you mention it
[14:01:06] <SB-X> replacing the is_at()
[14:01:10] * Yuv422 wonders what the vehicle's alignment is
[14:01:15] <SB-X> hehe
[14:01:29] <SB-X> most of his stats are the avatar's (and I think everyone in the party has the avatar's alignment)
[14:05:16] <Yuv422> ok fixed the balloon load bug
[14:05:31] <Yuv422> I just added if(party->contains_actor(new_actor) || party->is_in_vehicle())
[14:05:43] <Yuv422> the is_in_vehicle() check to the party check
[14:07:11] <Yuv422> hmm nuvie is not saving the balloon correctly though
[14:07:15] * Yuv422 looks
[14:17:45] * Yuv422 wonders what worktype the avatar gets while in a balloon?
[14:23:19] <Yuv422> he's set to WORKTYPE_U6_IN_PARTY :-)
[14:27:03] <Yuv422> ok when setting a player with Player::set_actor()
[14:27:12] <Yuv422> we now set that actor's worktype to 0x2
[14:27:24] <Yuv422> and set the old actor's worktype to 0x1
[14:49:00] <SB-X> maybe it reorders the party?
[14:49:47] <SB-X> that would be if the vehicle actor is in the party
[14:49:54] <SB-X> but he's not in the roster
[14:49:58] <SB-X> it's*
[14:50:37] <Yuv422> yeah I don't think swift ever gets in the party roster
[15:04:22] <luteijn> I think if you mess with resurrecting thigns you oughtn't, swift can get added to the roster. http://www.it-he.org/u6_main.htm#12
[15:05:55] <Yuv422> hehe that doesn't surprise me
[15:43:10] <Yuv422> I'm going to bed now
[15:43:20] <Yuv422> I'll commit my changes tomorrow
[15:43:22] <Yuv422> :-)
[15:43:40] <Yuv422> cya
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[16:05:25] <SB-X> cya
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