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[00:43:45] <sbx> oops, broken savegame
[00:50:22] <Sheng_Gradilla> o_O
[00:59:25] <sbx> when I save my game after leaving a vehicle and then reload, the view is at 0,0
[01:00:00] <sbx> like its not saving the new player actor when you leave the vehicle
[01:19:51] <Sheng_Gradilla> not properly initialized maybe?
[01:20:10] <Sheng_Gradilla> or not inserted in the list of actors?
[01:20:23] <Sheng_Gradilla> how are actors managed regarding savegames?
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[04:29:22] <sbx> Haha, my new TimeAdvance class makes sundials quickly change their shadow as the time passes (even if they are in your inventory). I didn't even expect that to happen but it's a nice effect.
[04:42:18] * Sheng_Gradilla is away: No estoy
[05:37:44] <sbx> I expect to commit SleepAtInn tomorrow. With or without the stippled fade.
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[09:13:43] <Yuv422> hi
[10:31:59] <Yuv422> brb restart
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[16:11:36] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
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[23:23:28] <sbx> hi Yuv
[23:23:45] <sbx> How was the vacation? :-)
[23:24:07] <Yuv422> hi sbx
[23:24:19] <Yuv422> it was great
[23:24:22] <Yuv422> lots of snow
[23:24:26] <Yuv422> lots of skiing
[23:24:34] <Yuv422> just the way I like it. ;)
[23:26:07] <sbx> i've never been skiing
[23:26:17] <sbx> think I said that
[23:26:29] <Yuv422> It's a lot of fun
[23:26:29] <sbx> anyway it's summer here
[23:26:45] <sbx> good
[23:27:03] <sbx> I read in the logs that you got back already
[23:28:20] <sbx> hopefully all of my recent changes worked for you
[23:28:38] <Yuv422> yes
[23:28:44] <Yuv422> on little thing
[23:28:45] <sbx> they shouldn't be noticable
[23:28:53] <Yuv422> one
[23:29:22] <Yuv422> COuld you move in diffferent directions by pressing multiple keys before
[23:29:25] <Yuv422> ?
[23:29:30] <Yuv422> I don't think you can now
[23:29:40] <sbx> what do you mean?
[23:30:05] <sbx> move in different directions?
[23:30:11] <Yuv422> eg I'm moving forward holding the up arrow I then start moving right by pressing the right arrow before I release the up arrow key
[23:30:18] <sbx> oh
[23:30:24] <sbx> no you couldn't do that, I think servus complained about it
[23:30:29] <sbx> but even U6 is like that
[23:30:30] <Yuv422> ah k
[23:30:34] <sbx> it depends on your keyboard repeat
[23:30:40] <Yuv422> righto
[23:30:42] <sbx> because we use the SDL event pumping switch
[23:31:03] <sbx> for some reason when you keyup on the first key, the second stops sending keydown
[23:31:37] <sbx> what is this thing with object quantity?
[23:31:48] <Yuv422> oh and if moving by the mouse. movement stops if you move out of the mapwindow widget
[23:31:53] <sbx> hmm
[23:31:57] <sbx> I think that was there before too
[23:32:26] <Yuv422> yeah that problem has been there for a while but I forgot to mention it
[23:32:33] <Yuv422> with obj quality
[23:32:40] <sbx> I read in the new docs that some objects used quality but I didnt believe it :)
[23:32:46] <Yuv422> it is the upper amount for qty over 255
[23:32:55] <sbx> oh!
[23:33:04] <sbx> I see, I thought you meant it took the place of qty.
[23:33:13] <sbx> Now I do remember some piles of gold being over 255.
[23:33:25] <sbx> Still don't know how it determines how to divide stacks.
[23:33:26] <Yuv422> I've been reworking qty to fix that in Nuvie
[23:33:42] <Yuv422> why would it need to divide stacks?
[23:33:47] <Yuv422> in your inventory?
[23:34:14] <sbx> yeah, sometimes in U6 I'd get new gold and it would divide stacks that only had around 140 coins
[23:34:22] <sbx> other times I could get stacks in the thousands
[23:35:00] <Yuv422> hmm maybe a bug
[23:36:08] <sbx> Can you look at the savegame bug I mentioned yesterday? (when you get a chance)
[23:36:19] <Yuv422> yes will do
[23:36:46] <Yuv422> sounds like an issue with party leader like you said
[23:36:46] <sbx> have a savegame in a vehicle, then exit the vehicle and save to a new slot then reload it and you are now at 0,0 controlling the invisible vehicle actor
[23:36:52] <sbx> ok
[23:37:15] <sbx> though the vehicle should never be in the party
[23:38:04] * sbx is doing the fadeout effect now.
[23:38:10] <Yuv422> cool
[23:42:42] <Yuv422> how about time advance for camping?
[23:45:48] --> servus has joined #nuvie
[23:45:48] <sbx> Yeah it will work fine, because it doesn't start until the party goes to sleep.
[23:46:06] <servus> Pleasant dreams, Avatar
[23:46:08] <servus> Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
[23:46:10] <servus> HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
[23:46:12] <servus> *Ahem*
[23:46:25] <sbx> hi servus
[23:46:31] <servus> Hello
[23:46:48] * sbx reverts servus to FOLLOW_AVATAR.
[23:48:25] <servus> My work time is HOUND.
[23:49:49] * sbx stays at least one screen away.
[23:51:14] <servus> Gargoyle boy!
[23:53:10] <sbx> Apparantly there is a THIEF schedule in U6 but it is never used.
[23:53:35] <Yuv422> isn't it used when you steal something?
[23:54:29] <Yuv422> oh wait i thought you were talking about worktype
[23:56:23] <servus> That Anime show where they play card games with each other for a half hour sounds really stupid
[23:57:02] <Yuv422> I've changed some calls from the converse section
[23:57:15] <Yuv422> I'm also working on resurrection
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