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[03:13:55] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[03:41:54] <Yuv422> wow
[03:42:03] <Yuv422> now that's a bad bug in the original
[03:47:05] <Yuv422> http://nuvie.sourceforge.net/temp/raft_ship.png
[03:48:07] <Yuv422> In a fierce battle with some giant squid. My ship was poisoned and turned into a raft.
[03:51:30] <Yuv422> hehe the wind changed and pushed my raft out from the ship objects
[03:54:26] <Yuv422> where do squid get arrows from?
[03:57:18] <Yuv422> they killed me
[03:57:21] <Yuv422> oh no!
[03:57:38] <Yuv422> my party has been turned into a stove and some fence posts!
[03:59:24] <Yuv422> ok I rested and they returned to normal
[03:59:38] <Yuv422> except for shamino, who was guarding
[03:59:46] <Yuv422> he's still a stove.
[06:14:10] --- sbx|afk is now known as SB-X
[06:14:13] <SB-X> hello
[06:15:18] <SB-X> "Ship poisoned!"
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[06:35:24] <SB-X> hey yuv
[06:35:54] <Yuv422> hey SB-X
[06:36:08] <SB-X> is it possible they just destroyed your ship so you got an escape raft?
[06:36:35] <luteijn> didn't the original get rid of the rest of the ship then?
[06:36:57] <SB-X> hi luteijn; i dont remember... my ship was never destroyed
[06:37:18] <-- Yuv422 has left #nuvie ()
[06:37:26] <luteijn> (or drop you back in your skiff, if you had one.. I wonder how they kept track of nested skiff in ship.)
[06:37:36] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[06:38:01] <Yuv422> I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen ;-)
[06:38:27] <Yuv422> I've fixed a little bug with sitting on LB's throne
[06:38:36] <luteijn> if you try to nest a skiff into a balloon in nuvie, it get's funny, because use-balloon thinks you're getting out of the balloon, (since you use balloon while in vehicle) and turns the skiff into the balloon.
[06:39:50] <Yuv422> what do you mean by nesting?
[06:41:21] <luteijn> use skiff, then from within skiff use ship. then later use ship to get back in your skiff.
[06:41:46] <Yuv422> ah k
[06:42:17] <luteijn> The original allowed this, so you could park your ship a few tiles from the coast, then use the skiff to make landfall/navigate a river. Or to have 'insurance' if your ship got killed, so you wouldn't end up on a raft
[06:56:33] <Yuv422> are you sure
[06:56:35] <Yuv422> I can'
[06:56:37] <Yuv422> t
[06:56:43] <Yuv422> get that to work in the original
[06:57:14] <Yuv422> If I try to drop a skiff while onboard a ship it says
[06:57:26] <Yuv422> Not while aboard ship!
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[06:59:19] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[07:00:40] <Yuv422> if I try to use a skiff in my party's inventory it says the same thing
[07:00:43] <SB-X> im pretty sure this was working at one point in nuvie
[07:00:59] <SB-X> well, no you have to get out of the vehicle first
[07:01:22] <SB-X> that's an important step in using a skiff and ship :)
[07:01:53] <Yuv422> I thought luteijn was saying you could do this away from land
[07:02:17] <Yuv422> [06:42:17] <luteijn> The original allowed this, so you could park your ship a few tiles from the coast, then use the skiff to make landfall/navigate a river. Or to have 'insurance' if your ship got killed, so you wouldn't end up on a raft
[07:02:27] <SB-X> cant you get out of the ship away from land?
[07:23:48] <SB-X> i may be thinking of u6o again :p
[07:37:24] <luteijn> in normal party mode, first use skiff, then without getting out, use ship, move ship around, use ship to drop back into skiff.
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[07:41:50] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[08:53:32] * Yuv422 walks the avatar into a log saw
[08:54:13] <SB-X> he's the avatar and impervious to log saws
[08:58:01] <Yuv422> hehe
[08:59:05] <Yuv422> can you think of any other objects that hurt the actor when walked over?
[08:59:20] <Yuv422> spider web?
[08:59:25] <SB-X> tangle vines... i already added those but havnt committed the changes to cvs
[08:59:32] <Yuv422> right
[08:59:41] <SB-X> im not sure spider webs actually hurt you, thats something to check
[08:59:53] <Yuv422> I've moved the code into a switch
[09:00:00] <SB-X> I dont know the amount of hp thats taken when you step on a tangle vine.
[09:00:07] <SB-X> so you might want to chcek that too
[09:00:09] <Yuv422> so there might be some issues with merging
[09:00:09] <SB-X> ok
[09:00:14] <SB-X> np
[09:00:25] <SB-X> i also added a tilecheck
[09:00:32] <Yuv422> cool
[09:00:34] <SB-X> for poison and lava tiles
[09:00:46] <Yuv422> sounds good
[09:00:49] <SB-X> where would you want that near the switch?
[09:00:56] <SB-X> another switch afterwards?
[09:01:14] <Yuv422> hmm
[09:01:33] <Yuv422> I'm thinking of moving the switch into its own method
[09:01:43] <Yuv422> then inlining it
[09:02:11] <SB-X> ah k
[09:02:51] <Yuv422> bbl dinner
[11:33:55] <-- Kirben has left IRC ("System Meltdown")
[12:34:32] <Yuv422> http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/Nuvie
[12:34:49] <Yuv422> nuvie is being developed by the pentagram team now. :-)
[12:35:16] <SB-X> hmm i forgot to say bbl
[12:35:21] <SB-X> im back after three hours afk
[12:35:25] * SB-X looks.
[12:37:59] <Yuv422> on the back of the u6 towns box it says
[12:38:27] <Yuv422> "Origin Systems, Inc., (a Texas Corporation)
[12:38:28] <Yuv422> "
[12:38:53] <Yuv422> why would they need to know it came from texas?
[12:39:01] <SB-X> lol
[12:39:17] <SB-X> they are proud of where they came from those texans
[12:39:43] <SB-X> i dont know, maybe thats a legal thing
[12:39:44] <SB-X> :)
[12:40:00] <Yuv422> sanctions? ;-)
[12:40:27] <SB-X> hmm
[12:41:12] <SB-X> no idea
[12:42:33] <SB-X> i also have no idea about why the pentagram team is credited with developing nuvie
[12:42:53] <SB-X> at first I thought you gave a link to luteijn's wiki
[12:43:05] <Yuv422> lol
[12:43:13] <SB-X> maybe they got that from one of the source files and didn't bother to check any of the others
[12:43:45] <Yuv422> I personally welcome our new pentagram overlords! ;-)
[12:43:52] <SB-X> lol
[12:44:30] <SB-X> i knew wjp was masterminding a takeover behind the scenes
[12:44:51] <SB-X> at least they link to our website and not pentagram's
[12:47:47] <Yuv422> quite exultbot hears all!!
[12:48:14] <SB-X> ...
[12:51:01] <Yuv422> the towns manual has a group shot of the u6 development team
[12:51:23] <SB-X> got a picture?
[12:52:05] <Yuv422> I'll take a pic with my camera
[12:52:13] <SB-X> ok
[12:54:37] <Yuv422> it's in the back of the compendium
[12:56:00] <SB-X> color?
[12:56:17] <SB-X> the compendium is black&white
[12:57:52] <Yuv422> b&w
[12:58:32] <SB-X> ah k
[12:59:46] <SB-X> google removed "Groups" from their search pages
[13:00:17] <SB-X> oh, "more" has a popup menu with "Groups" now
[13:04:22] <Yuv422> the pages are v glossy
[13:04:38] <Yuv422> it's hard to photograph.
[13:06:59] <Yuv422> ok got it
[13:08:54] <SB-X> glossy pages? nice
[13:12:12] <Yuv422> RG is the only person not looking at the camera
[13:12:40] <Yuv422> wait there is a lady looking off camera too
[13:24:18] <Yuv422> http://nuvie.sourceforge.net/temp/u6team.jpg
[13:27:19] <SB-X> brb
[13:44:03] <SB-X> back
[13:44:21] <Yuv422> wb
[13:44:25] <SB-X> thats cool
[13:44:26] <SB-X> thanks
[13:44:44] <SB-X> lord british is too powerful to care about taking a good photograph
[13:44:53] <Yuv422> lol
[13:45:05] <Yuv422> http://nuvie.sourceforge.net/temp/u6boxes.jpg
[13:45:29] <SB-X> is that herman miller with the bowtie
[13:45:39] <Yuv422> I was thinking that too. ;-)
[13:45:47] <SB-X> heh, quite a collection there
[13:45:59] <Yuv422> yeah :-)
[13:46:19] <Yuv422> you can never have too many u6's
[13:46:40] <Yuv422> I need to get the PC-98 version
[13:46:44] <Yuv422> the C64 version
[13:46:48] <Yuv422> and the SNES version
[13:47:44] <Yuv422> I'm opening a U6 museum!
[13:47:57] <Yuv422> to rival the origin museum.
[13:48:03] <SB-X> i think it would be the only u6 museum
[13:48:32] <Yuv422> who am I kidding nobody can beat the origin museum. He's got everything
[13:48:39] <Yuv422> pity
[13:48:41] <Yuv422> :-)
[13:49:02] <Yuv422> can you guess which was my original U6?
[13:49:51] <SB-X> the super famicom one
[13:50:02] <Yuv422> hehe no.
[13:50:05] <Yuv422> guess again
[13:50:47] <SB-X> I fail the game.
[13:50:52] <SB-X> its one of the three on the top
[13:50:58] <Yuv422> yeah
[13:50:58] <SB-X> besides the right one
[13:51:07] <Yuv422> second from the left
[13:51:33] <SB-X> how am i supposed to guess that?
[13:51:33] <Yuv422> I have a compendium with two front covers
[13:51:38] <SB-X> odd
[13:51:49] <SB-X> havvnt you opened SE and MD yet?
[13:52:15] <Yuv422> I've opened both
[13:52:25] <Yuv422> I got MD years ago when it first came out
[13:57:13] * Yuv422 killed sutek by moving him onto the log saw
[13:58:09] <Yuv422> SB-X: do you have the snes u6?
[14:05:50] <Yuv422> FadeEffect::pixelated_fade_core
[14:06:04] <Yuv422> should you use overlay->pitch
[14:06:11] <Yuv422> instead of overlay->w
[14:06:13] <Yuv422> ?
[14:06:24] <Yuv422> on this line
[14:06:32] <Yuv422> rnum = y*overlay->w + x;
[14:25:28] <SB-X> Yuv422: yes
[14:25:37] <SB-X> yes i have snes u6...
[14:25:45] <Yuv422> ah k cool
[14:25:57] <Yuv422> does it come with a compendium?
[14:26:13] <SB-X> as for fadeeffect i assume its only 8bit so i know pitch=w
[14:26:30] <SB-X> it should be pitch when we upgrade it to support 16bit+ modes
[14:26:43] <Yuv422> righto
[14:26:46] <SB-X> snes u6 has an instruction manual with excerpts from the compendium
[14:26:58] <SB-X> the letter from lord british, spells, and monsters
[14:27:03] <SB-X> and how to use the orb of the moons
[14:27:08] <Yuv422> ah k
[14:27:22] <Yuv422> I want to buy a copy of the snes u6 but it's hard to find on ebay
[14:27:22] <SB-X> it has glossy pages like all snes games' manuals
[14:27:29] <SB-X> oh is it?
[14:27:31] <Yuv422> I guess nobody in the us really wants a copy
[14:27:44] <Yuv422> they're more interested in the *rare* famicom version.
[14:27:55] <SB-X> can I find the famicom version then? :)
[14:28:09] <Yuv422> there's alway heaps on ebay
[14:28:23] <SB-X> you cant play sfc games on an snes can you?
[14:28:30] <SB-X> nice
[14:28:37] <SB-X> maybe i'll get one
[14:29:48] <Yuv422> there's a gfx wall bug in their screenshot
[14:29:55] <Yuv422> in the game manual
[14:30:04] <Yuv422> LB's throne room
[14:30:15] <SB-X> it was either the famicom or superfamicom that had games that can be played on a nintendo or super nintendo if you break some tabs on the console or cartridge
[14:30:24] <SB-X> hehe really? where?
[14:30:33] <SB-X> i mean where in the manual, what manual?
[14:30:47] <Yuv422> in the jap manual
[14:30:53] <SB-X> ah k... is it in the final game?
[14:31:02] <SB-X> actual game
[14:31:03] <Yuv422> it might be because they don't do wall reshaping
[14:31:25] <SB-X> you're right, I dont think they do
[14:31:49] <SB-X> i think you can see tops of clocks in dark rooms
[14:31:54] <SB-X> top tiles of grandfather clocks
[14:32:07] <SB-X> i was playing snes u6 recently to try and collect all spells and get to level 8
[14:32:22] <SB-X> cant do the spam cheat there :\
[14:33:14] <Yuv422> that would be frustrating
[14:34:54] <Yuv422> whoops I shouldn't commit my Map astro turf hack. ;-)
[14:37:40] <Yuv422> I've only tested wrapping x BTW
[14:37:58] <Yuv422> I'm assuming y wrapping works too
[14:38:37] <SB-X> luteijn had some issues with wrapping on the lower edge of the map, but im not sure what was wrong
[14:40:48] <Yuv422> wow an xterm just crashed
[14:40:55] <Yuv422> don't see that everyday
[14:46:58] <Yuv422> ok my changes are in CVS now
[14:53:41] <Yuv422> time for bed
[14:53:44] <Yuv422> cya
[14:54:07] <-- Yuv422 has left IRC ()
[19:47:31] <luteijn> hehe, dropping something 'over the edge' of the map works, but it takes a long time as it flies the long way around the world..
[19:51:48] <luteijn> hmm now I got a bag in orbit, it keeps flying around the world, freezing the player (although music does nicely finish and restart..
[19:52:39] <luteijn> original doesn't allow to drop from aboard ship.
[20:06:33] <luteijn> original has weird effects when dropping e.g. firefields at the map edge/corner. it works but the dropped item never shows up. shots from crossbow seem to go around properly.
[20:07:32] <SB-X> luteijn: did you see the bug in u6 when you walk off screen near the codex and lenses?
[20:08:21] <luteijn> where their draw buffer gets miswrapped, isn't it?
[20:08:59] <SB-X> yes, looks like it
[20:09:43] <luteijn> when flying the balloon over the edge there's a 1 tile aread where it goes invisible, probably when half of it is on the wrong side of the world.
[22:49:58] --> Kirben has joined #nuvie