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[00:14:07] --> Kirben has joined #nuvie
[06:21:32] <Kirben> hmm nuvie no longer compiles under mingw
[06:22:07] <servus> What's you error?
[06:22:54] <Kirben> It doesn't link in fmopl.c and if I add that in as a cpp file I get a stack of errors.
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[06:26:30] <Kirben> http://members.optusnet.com.au/scummvm/misc/errors.txt
[06:28:12] <Kirben> ah just needed to alter the compile filters.
[06:29:56] <servus> Ack
[06:29:57] <servus> Hmm
[06:30:02] <servus> Detached this panel
[06:30:10] <servus> How do... reattach it?
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[06:30:20] --> servus has joined #nuvie
[06:30:22] <servus> Strange
[06:35:12] <servus> So edit fmopl.cpp and add the cast
[06:38:09] <servus> I don't see fmopl.cpp in the CVS tree
[06:38:13] <servus> It's supposed to be fmopl.c
[06:38:17] <servus> CPP has stricter casting rules.
[06:38:27] <servus> Did you rename the file type or something?
[06:38:44] <Kirben> Yes
[06:39:49] <servus> Why? That would explain the breakage
[06:41:07] <Kirben> The mingw makefile is currently set to only compile the cpp files.
[06:41:26] <servus> If you insist on renaming it to fmopl.cpp, edit line 1806 to ptr = (char*)malloc(state_size);
[06:41:46] <servus> That'll let it compile
[06:43:07] <servus> Or you could edit your makefile :)
[06:53:03] <Kirben> Compiles but crashes if audio is enabled.
[06:53:28] <Kirben> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[06:53:28] <Kirben> 0x0042ad39 in SoundManager::update() (this=0xf9bcb8) at sound/SoundManager.cpp:417
[06:53:28] <Kirben> 417 if (!m_pCurrentSong->Play (false))
[06:53:28] <Kirben> (gdb) bt
[06:53:29] <Kirben> #0 0x0042ad39 in SoundManager::update() (this=0xf9bcb8) at sound/SoundManager.cpp:417
[06:53:31] <Kirben> #1 0x00449812 in Game::play() (this=0xf9b568) at Game.cpp:225
[06:53:33] <Kirben> #2 0x0046144d in Nuvie::play() (this=0xf92670) at nuvie.cpp:117
[06:53:35] <Kirben> #3 0x00460e3c in main (argc=1, argv=0xf92600) at main.cpp:51
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[07:02:11] --> servus has joined #nuvie
[07:03:32] <Kirben> I think I will wait for native music support.
[07:07:36] <servus> Doesn't it use SDL_MIxer?
[07:08:30] <servus> Did you fix the file like I said?
[07:09:09] <servus> Ah I see <reads logs>
[07:09:31] <servus> Honestly I have no idea about the sound
[07:10:51] <servus> Are you sure you have the data files and it can find them?
[07:16:26] <Kirben> Yes, I think current music code uses external music files though.
[07:19:56] <servus> I see that. How odd. I don't recall who was doing that, so I can't offer much insight about runtime errors... let me download CVS and see... I should really start this report sometime :)
[07:45:11] <servus> Works for me, how do you get it to crash?
[08:26:02] <Kirben> Sorry was away, I just run nuvie with audio config option enabled.
[08:26:56] <servus> Hmm
[08:27:05] <servus> Sorry I'm busy, I'll look at it tomorrow. Gotta finish this term paper :)
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