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[07:22:08] <luteijn> objfixed.bin's entries are monotonous increasing, not always in steps of two, and the highest number occuring is 25330 (at least in the first 4 megabytes, didn't consider the trailing part.
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[07:38:20] <luteijn> the trailing part of the objfixed.bin file is 128kb (or 64k 16 bit values, perhaps this is what is indexed by the first part of the file? looking at the values, there is often alternating 1,<interesting looking value>,1,<other interesting looking value>
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[07:38:54] <servus> Luteijn has an interesting posting style.
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[16:54:27] <luteijn> figured out the fixdobj.bin file.
[16:54:46] <luteijn> (well mostly, at least I get usable results from it)
[16:58:20] <luteijn> don't know why they're using the redirection, probably I'm still missing something :)
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[17:04:08] <sbx> oops
[17:04:13] <sbx> missed him
[17:04:29] <sbx> I was watching a few episodes of Full Metal Alchemist. :)
[17:20:43] <wjp> :-)
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[17:35:33] <luteijn> added shift key simulation for getting parts of stack; press shift-z to set (probably not a good idea to type a non-number as I don't really check properly) and shift-G/shift-D instead of d or g to do a partial get.
[17:36:46] <sbx> hello
[17:37:05] <sbx> how do you control this
[17:37:18] <luteijn> control what?
[17:37:30] <sbx> getting parts of a stack... you don't really know where in the stack everything is
[17:37:42] <sbx> you=player
[17:38:02] <luteijn> oh no not that kind of a stack, I mean when you have a 'stack' of 8 torches and you want to drop 2
[17:38:18] <luteijn> or 100 gold from a stack of 200
[17:38:18] <sbx> I know... it makes sense when dropping something I guess.
[17:38:25] <sbx> oh
[17:38:26] <sbx> wait
[17:38:31] <sbx> I didn't get it, now I do.
[17:38:38] <sbx> I thought you meant a stack of objects on a tile.
[17:39:10] <luteijn> if there is a whole stack of junk on a tile, you can only get them one by one, actually you can only see one since I can't xor the characters in text mode :(
[17:40:45] <sbx> can you redraw the screen really fast with different symbols, giving the illusion the newly drawn ones are on top of the old ones? :)
[17:41:16] <luteijn> anyway, if you log in unix, you can see some bg tiles where I defined some meaningful bg_object_characters.
[17:42:16] <luteijn> you could, actually, by using BS I guess, without too much overhead. Maybe I'll do that. But It would be just once for each update, to not get the jumping cursor syndrome..
[17:43:01] <sbx> server update? then it would be inconsistent since you don't get updates regularly, do you?
[17:43:07] <sbx> I'll look at it.
[17:43:45] <sbx> You worked really hard on this. Are you sure the objfixed.bin file entries point to the data at the end of the file?
[17:50:29] <luteijn> yes as they really make sense. i.e. the sundail is right there....
[17:51:07] <sbx> where is unix anyway?
[17:51:08] <luteijn> only was some off by one thingy, so there might be some more information that I'm ignoring now..
[17:51:29] <sbx> the login screen is improved
[17:51:34] <luteijn> at castle british. you should be able to see the drawbridge, the stone lion and the pools.
[17:51:46] <sbx> i think i did... it looks much different than before
[17:51:47] <luteijn> I added \r to my \n-s in the login screen
[17:51:53] <sbx> ah k
[17:52:13] <luteijn> maybe I should turn of echo at the password prompt ;)
[17:52:27] <sbx> since you load the file when I log in, does that mean each session is a new process spawned by inetd?
[17:52:53] <sbx> yeah silenced password would be the usual
[17:53:12] <luteijn> yes I just use inetd because i wrote the thing as a commandline tool then didn't want to have to give peple access to a shell account
[17:53:53] <luteijn> I'll make it speak 'telnet protocol' one of these days to set the local_echo and character mode automatically, but that's low priority ;)
[17:53:59] <sbx> what will you end up using for the fixed objects, or will you continue to load them when a player connects?
[17:54:18] <sbx> it's not an issue really
[17:54:52] <luteijn> well it takes so long because I do a read of 4 MB in a strnig (pretty fast), then convert the string to an array of 16bit values.
[17:55:34] <luteijn> that part is slow, I probably should just keep it as a string and index that, then only convert the values on the fly.
[17:55:57] <sbx> figured out why they formatted the file this way?
[17:56:03] <luteijn> because then there's only a brief delay each time, instead of a big hit all at once.
[17:56:15] <luteijn> I don't know, why use a 16 bit index to find a 16bit value?
[17:56:43] <luteijn> but maybe they first figured out where everything was, then mapped that to 'what' it was, and never converted it back.
[17:56:48] <sbx> hopefully they'll answer on the forum
[17:57:07] <sbx> I dropped 2 pieces of meat but I dont see them on the ap
[17:57:13] <sbx> portions of meat
[17:57:14] <luteijn> I doubt it. It's probably just historically grown ;)
[17:57:44] <sbx> I didn't get a chance to select where to drop them.
[17:57:58] <sbx> They just disappeared from inventory.
[17:58:00] <luteijn> is it on the mouse now?
[17:58:04] <sbx> no
[17:58:07] <sbx> 0 torch is
[17:58:14] <sbx> maybe I picked that up instead
[17:58:19] <luteijn> the number on the mouse is bogus anyway
[17:58:32] <sbx> how do I get over to mouse items?
[17:58:40] <sbx> pressing tab goes to the red one but not the green one
[17:58:40] <luteijn> I need to only print a 'number' for potions (used as color)
[17:58:57] <sbx> somehow I've dropped it :)
[17:59:03] <sbx> a little gray l on the map
[17:59:06] <luteijn> the red one is your bag slot, if you 'look' at it and there's a bag there, you go up a level.
[17:59:16] <sbx> ooh
[17:59:25] <sbx> Thou dost see 2 new torches, weighing 1 stones.
[17:59:34] <luteijn> you first 'driop/get' it on the cursor, then drop/get it on the map.
[18:00:03] <sbx> the new feature seems to work in spite of me :)
[18:00:08] <sbx> but ok
[18:00:13] <sbx> I missed an Entered Britannia message.
[18:00:19] <sbx> wait, there it is
[18:00:48] <luteijn> drop and get are the same thing...
[18:01:01] <sbx> hmm
[18:01:07] <sbx> hadn't thought of that, you're right
[18:01:43] <sbx> a dark blue and a dark red @ pushed me out of the way
[18:01:50] <sbx> I guess that's NPC's going to lunch at the castle.
[18:03:53] <sbx> well, that was really cool
[18:04:14] <sbx> you've taken an early 90's game and made it look 10 years younger
[18:04:20] <luteijn> I guess the basetiles are taken from the two files in the 'ultima6' subdirectory, I'll have to unravel chunks afterall, I'm afraid.
[18:04:32] <luteijn> 10 years older ;)
[18:05:03] <sbx> Wait, what? *counts fingers* Well younger sounds more like a compliment, anyway.
[18:05:44] <sbx> I think it's funny when people come to U6O for the first time and talk about how they love the retro look. Just wait until they play this.
[18:06:03] <luteijn> I made a guess at the frames for chairs, are they mapped right?
[18:07:11] <sbx> what should they look like?
[18:07:26] <sbx> Is > a left facing chair?
[18:07:35] <sbx> Because these chairs face down.
[18:07:40] <luteijn> well I just don't like messing with graphics programming too much, so using ascii display. originally wasn't going to do the map, but You and those Germans gave me reason too .
[18:07:49] <sbx> the up facing chairs look right (v)
[18:08:03] <sbx> those Germans?
[18:08:55] <luteijn> phoenix, tebe. I think it was them that did anyway.
[18:10:00] <sbx> Oh yeah, I adventured with them. Pheonix made the updated graphics.
[18:10:27] <luteijn> I should probably have him make a replacement character set too ;)
[18:11:09] <sbx> I'd like different floor characters myself. I guess that comes with basetiles.
[18:11:12] <sbx> The files in ultima6 must be identical to the ones that come with ultima6. I'm not sure why one is a slightly different size.
[18:11:20] <luteijn> with 8x8 pixels per 'tile' and 256 tiles you can still do quite a lot.
[18:11:39] <luteijn> how much is the difference?
[18:11:53] <sbx> just a few k
[18:12:46] <luteijn> maybe they got damaged somehow?
[18:13:34] <sbx> eh, not even a few k, sorry
[18:13:37] <sbx> 4 bytes
[18:13:40] <luteijn> If I remember right one of those files will tell you which 'chunk' goes where, and the other one defines each chunk?
[18:13:54] <luteijn> 4 bytes could just be a length prepended.
[18:14:03] <sbx> yes
[18:14:13] <sbx> I don't remember the map format.
[18:15:08] <luteijn> It think it something along these lines:
[18:15:15] <luteijn> file 1:
[18:15:19] <luteijn> 11111
[18:15:27] <luteijn> 12321
[18:15:34] <luteijn> 14421
[18:15:37] <luteijn> 11111
[18:15:54] <luteijn> and then file two would define 1,2,3 and 4
[18:16:00] <luteijn> abc
[18:16:01] <luteijn> def
[18:16:04] <luteijn> ghi
[18:16:12] <luteijn> ABC
[18:16:14] <luteijn> DEF
[18:16:16] <luteijn> GHI
[18:16:17] <luteijn> etc.
[18:16:25] <luteijn> so the expanded map would be
[18:16:31] <luteijn> abcababcabcabc
[18:16:37] <luteijn> defdefdefdefdef
[18:16:49] <luteijn> etc. (missing a c there somewhere)
[18:18:00] <sbx> the code that reads it is easy to find
[18:18:19] <luteijn> should be in nuvie ;)
[18:18:29] <sbx> yes
[18:20:21] <luteijn> so the > chairs should be ^ chairs?
[18:20:29] <sbx> yeah
[18:21:09] <luteijn> probably wil also have swapped right and left chairs.. oh well
[18:21:24] <sbx> let's see...
[18:22:19] <luteijn> Ah I actually guessed them right, look at the crystal ball in the potion room
[18:22:20] <sbx> this is pretty slow
[18:22:45] <sbx> yeah those are accurate
[18:23:01] <sbx> looking at one at the fletcher shop
[18:23:22] <sbx> I can't quit,
[18:23:28] <sbx> there it goes
[18:23:29] <luteijn> the walking, yes becuase you only get about 1 update per second, or so from the server. I think I'll make the pathfinding message go in.
[18:23:35] <sbx> thank's for letting me use Unix to test
[18:23:45] <sbx> pathfinding? that might help
[18:24:07] <luteijn> it should be easy to add as you just have to simulate a right click...
[18:26:34] <sbx> when do you think they will move away from the click based messages?
[18:26:59] <luteijn> probably 3 minutes before I add the last thing to this client ;)
[18:27:38] <luteijn> but I'm still hoping they'll see the light and open up at least part of their source. We know enough to be dangerous now anyway ;)
[18:28:08] <luteijn> (this client is now useful enough to make a bot...)
[18:28:48] <sbx> no reason not to show the source to a few select individuals, if not the public
[18:29:01] <sbx> even microsoft is doing that
[18:29:22] <luteijn> It can only get better from us looking at it.
[18:29:28] <sbx> anyway, what would you do with a bot? randomly wander dungeons picking up gold, and running from enemies? :)
[18:29:58] <luteijn> autoloot all the magic items when they spawn.
[18:30:29] <luteijn> you'd not have to wander randomly, as we know where all the items will be ;)
[18:30:46] <luteijn> not that that would be fun, but it's possible...
[18:31:44] <luteijn> let me see what the pathfinding message was again..
[18:31:57] <sbx> oh, you've found it already?
[18:32:08] <sbx> done any work on your server?
[18:32:39] <luteijn> oh 21. but I didn't figure out the payload yet. probbly just two coordinates..
[18:33:09] <luteijn> the server is still the little shell that's very handy to make the real client connect to. I don't think I'll make it a real server.
[18:33:37] <sbx> ok
[18:33:43] <sbx> I guess we don't need arrow keys then.
[18:34:15] <luteijn> I have made a 'JUMP' command
[18:34:36] <luteijn> so you can JUMP around if needed.
[18:36:47] <luteijn> Let's see if I can guess the pathfinding payload format, so I can skip setting up the fake server and messing with my ssh port.
[18:40:30] <luteijn> hmm I guess I'll have to bring out the fake server.
[18:40:43] <luteijn> bbl
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[18:42:30] <sbx> ok
[18:46:54] --> luteijn has joined #nuvie
[18:47:16] <luteijn> ok, I almost guessed it right anyway, only uses tiles not pixels for coordinates.
[18:47:52] <sbx> makes sense
[18:47:53] <sbx> good
[18:48:18] <luteijn> I'll just add it to see if I really got it right.
[18:53:45] <luteijn> ok it works like a charm, let me copy the devel version of the client over the inetd one
[18:54:38] <luteijn> There, now you can walk quicker. I guess I'll really have to add mouse support soon.
[18:58:42] <sbx> heh
[18:58:44] <sbx> lets see
[18:58:54] <sbx> how would that work?
[18:59:50] <sbx> it's a little faster
[18:59:54] <sbx> hard to notice
[19:00:04] <sbx> must be the display/updates slowing it down
[19:10:07] <luteijn> It should be just as fast as the real client, as I'm not drawing updates if there is new data available. (i.e. skipping frames to catch up)
[19:10:27] <luteijn> just make sure you pathfind far enough. I didn't tell you the key yet, did I?
[19:10:33] <sbx> ...
[19:10:34] <sbx> no
[19:10:43] <sbx> i thought you replaced the normal move with it :)
[19:10:50] <luteijn> 'w' pops up a selection for the 'walk' command.
[19:13:06] <sbx> then what?
[19:13:24] <luteijn> select the square to walk to, press enter to select
[19:13:40] <sbx> oh, yes
[19:13:42] <sbx> that works nicely
[19:13:42] <sbx> thanks
[19:20:53] <luteijn> Pity tebe isn't there, I didn't have the right debugging turned on to see what was going wrong, just could see the 'is_human' function got called with an empty object. do you remember what type of sprite he has?
[19:28:25] <sbx> Tebe...tebe... no don't remember.
[19:33:53] <luteijn> Well, it's probably a minor issue, usually you can quickly see why it's going off into limbo when parsing the stream of foreground objects.
[19:35:08] <luteijn> _if_ you didn't strip most of the pertinent debugging out to focus on something else; but I put the debuglevel back up at '4' which will show me lots of spam next time something goes wrong ;)
[20:06:16] <sbx> what do you plan to draw dirt and grass as?
[20:08:26] <luteijn> dirt probably just a space, but with dark red background color
[20:09:55] <luteijn> Might make most of the terrain background color only, so it can be combined with foreground objects or something.
[20:10:12] <sbx> ok
[20:10:16] <sbx> i've got to go
[20:10:16] <sbx> bye
[20:10:20] --- sbx is now known as sbx|afk
[20:10:25] <luteijn> bye
[20:10:56] <sbx|afk> A Law of Anime:
[20:10:56] <sbx|afk> If the character "Joe" dies in a certain episode, the title of the episode will be "The Death Of Joe."
[20:10:56] <sbx|afk> The above does not constitute a spoiler to the Japanese mind.
[20:11:09] <sbx|afk> :)
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