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[22:35:25] <CIA-80> nuvie: 03efry * r1205 10/nuvie/trunk/ (ChangeLog actors/U6Actor.cpp data/scripts/u6/actor.lua): (log message trimmed)
[22:35:25] <CIA-80> nuvie: * Fixed bug where musician wouldn't play lute while sitting on a chair.
[22:35:25] <CIA-80> nuvie: * Added 'local' directives to several variables in actor.lua that were missed.
[22:35:25] <CIA-80> nuvie: * Fixed worktype 0x80. It now sets actor to worktype.
[22:35:25] <CIA-80> nuvie: * Fixed function name typo in wt_timid.
[22:35:26] <CIA-80> nuvie: * set all actor's movement points to zero when the avatar dies. Don't perform
[22:35:27] <CIA-80> nuvie: worktype if movement points are 0. This fixes a bug where actors were trying
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