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[01:08:52] --> Malignant_Manor has joined #nuvie
[01:10:39] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus: There is someone at the forums having trouble with Nuvie on a Mac.
[01:21:53] <Malignant_Manor> SugarCube: I allowed the game resolution to go higher awhile ago. Is there any way to further optimize smooth lighting?
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[02:26:01] <SugarCube> Hmm, probably. Certainly haven't looked at it in a long time! You mean just pure performance? I think it's a series of precalculated light bitmaps being added together to make the final lightmap, and then multiplied against the viewport. I could take a look in a bit (though not today.)
[03:10:24] --> Malignant_Manor has joined #nuvie
[03:13:07] <Malignant_Manor> SugarCube: I can't even run the debug nuvie at 640x512x2 at the proper frame rate without any lighting. It goes from ~12 fps to ~5 when smooth lighting is on. I think normal fps is 20.
[03:17:13] <Malignant_Manor> If you could optimize any rendering to make the game faster it would really be appreciated.
[03:35:12] <Malignant_Manor> Eric, if you read the log, Sourceforge gave a message when I added my commit.
[03:35:41] <Malignant_Manor> We've released a new version of our "forge" software. Upgrade your project now to take advantage of all the new features. Visit https://sourceforge.net/p/upgrade/ to learn more.
[03:36:41] <Malignant_Manor> wjp: You might need to look at that for Exult.
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[04:25:40] <SugarCube> Sure, I'd like to take a look soon. For now, alas, I must snooze.
[10:49:58] --> Yuv422 has joined #nuvie
[10:56:35] <Yuv422> Yeah I've got to upgrade nuvie to their new project format. :(
[11:29:58] <Dominus> Yuv422: before you update, take a look at the dosbox project page. INO it became a bit harder to navigate, or more that the tracker for bugs etc. is somehow not as nice as was
[11:30:11] <Dominus> also you lose the nice commit mails :(
[11:30:59] <Dominus> I'd wait another half year to let them iron out more bugs :)
[11:31:43] <Dominus> I'm glad wjp is more level headed than me, I'd have switched right with dosbox and am glad we (exult) haven't :)
[11:32:37] <Yuv422> Hi Dominus
[11:32:52] <Yuv422> yeah I remember looking at the preview and thinking the same thing
[11:32:56] <Dominus> hi :)
[11:33:22] <Dominus> I really don't like the tracker, as seen on dosbox' project page
[11:36:42] <wjp> I can't really recommend it...
[11:40:43] <Dominus> yeah, new isn't always better
[11:42:22] <Dominus> malignant, I'll take a look at the os x problem in the forum, but it seems it is just the usual problem with following the osx instructions :)
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[12:04:02] <Dominus> ha, I fear that user did not actually put the game files there :)
[12:04:45] <Yuv422> hehe
[12:04:48] <Yuv422> I'm off now
[12:04:50] <Yuv422> cya
[12:04:52] <Dominus> bye
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[21:19:46] <Malignant_Manor> Yuv422: The problem with fades is the horrible speed parameter.
[21:21:02] <Malignant_Manor> I can change it by the using a multiplier and the game area. http://pastebin.com/0g2wCk5x
[21:21:48] <Malignant_Manor> I don't know how precise I should get the calculation though. I didn't use floating point.
[21:38:50] <Yuv422> Hey Malignant_Manor
[21:38:55] <Yuv422> I'm happy with that
[21:39:01] <Yuv422> :)
[21:41:28] <Malignant_Manor> Are you sure you don't want me to use decimals in the multiplier?
[21:43:07] <Yuv422> do you think you'd be able to notice the difference?
[21:43:22] <Malignant_Manor> I have no idea.
[21:44:13] <Malignant_Manor> The extra cycles probably don't matter since I think it is only used at the start for these values.
[22:03:29] <Yuv422> I've done the mouse cursor on main menu
[22:03:37] <Yuv422> but I'll test it a bit more before commiting
[22:03:41] <Yuv422> gotta go now
[22:03:42] <Yuv422> cya
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[22:03:48] <Malignant_Manor> bye
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