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[08:29:59] <SB-X> yo
[08:30:33] <SB-X> Yuv422: is inventoryview going to show portraits too or will there be a portraitview?
[08:45:20] <Yuv422> hey sbx
[08:45:36] <Yuv422> I was thinking of having a portrait manager
[08:45:47] <Yuv422> that just loaded and displayed the portraits
[08:45:56] <Yuv422> the other classes can call that as they need it
[08:46:18] <Yuv422> but we might need a portraitview
[08:46:22] <Yuv422> come to think about it
[08:47:37] <Yuv422> I think readied item postions must be hardcoded in game.exe :(
[08:47:53] <Yuv422> ie where to stick them on the doll
[08:51:48] <SB-X> you didnt find armor types anywhere?
[08:51:56] <SB-X> is there any unknown files?
[08:52:07] <Yuv422> I think they are hardcoded
[08:52:35] <Yuv422> I can't see where they would be
[08:53:12] <SB-X> its not just for visuals
[08:53:25] <SB-X> it makes sure you only have one armor of a certain type on
[08:58:22] <Yuv422> from u6notes.txt
[08:58:32] <Yuv422> weapon and armour statistics:
[08:58:32] <Yuv422> U6 hardcodes a lot of its data in the game executable, including weapon and armour statistics.
[08:58:32] <Yuv422> If you use an unpacker on game.exe, you can find the following (at least in my version):
[08:58:32] <Yuv422> 0x32521 - 0x32528 are the 8 helmet damage absorption points.
[08:58:32] <Yuv422> 0x32529 - 0x32530 are the 8 shield damage absorption points
[08:58:32] <Yuv422> 0x32531 - 0x32537 are the 8 armour damage absorption points.
[08:58:34] <Yuv422> The spiked collar (which absorbs 2 points) is not found yet. (The next three bytes are 01 02 05,
[08:58:36] <Yuv422> which do not correspond to the next three items: collar 2, guild belt 0, gargoyle belt 0.)
[08:58:38] <Yuv422> 0x325bc - 0x325ca sling - halberd damage infliction points
[08:58:40] <Yuv422> 0x325cb - 0x325cb boomerang, crossbow damage infliction points (glass sword skipped)
[08:59:58] <SB-X> :\
[09:00:04] <SB-X> so at least you know :)
[09:00:42] <SB-X> is damage locational in u6?
[09:00:48] <Yuv422> it would be nicer if it was in a datafile. :)
[09:00:50] <Yuv422> not sure
[09:01:58] <SB-X> whatever shows the portrait has to know how to show the npc name also
[09:02:11] <SB-X> if their met flag is set it shows their name else it shows their lookstring
[09:02:23] <Yuv422> right
[09:02:32] <Yuv422> I might have a PortraitView
[09:02:33] <Yuv422> then
[09:02:52] <SB-X> it gets that before conversations, or looking at them... if the met flag changes during a conversation it doesnt update the name until you talk to them again
[09:02:56] <Yuv422> as we need to show the inventory doll for some npcs as well.
[09:03:10] <SB-X> ok
[09:03:21] <SB-X> theres pickpocket too
[09:03:24] <Yuv422> nothing stopping us updating mid-conversation. :)
[09:03:30] <Yuv422> true
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[09:29:10] <Yuv422> hehe whoops killed my x11 server a bit prematurely
[09:29:14] <Yuv422> I'm going now
[09:29:16] <Yuv422> cya
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[09:33:00] * SB-X nods.
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