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[20:30:13] <luteijn> hi
[20:31:48] <luteijn> tearing my magic stuff (mostly) out of Event.* and into its own files...
[20:32:17] <wjp> hi
[20:36:12] <sbx> hi
[20:36:16] <luteijn> hmm, probably have to adjust something so make knows to compile my magic.cpp file too...
[20:36:31] <sbx> Makefile.common
[20:37:29] <luteijn> hmm and then rerun configure?
[20:38:22] <wjp> make should automatically rerun config.status when necessary
[20:39:42] <luteijn> hmm it's (trying) to compile the new file now... Of course it's full of shit because I didn't move enough context around..
[20:39:58] <sbx> Why use Macromedia Flash to show a static advertisement?
[20:41:33] <luteijn> Maybe a plot to block add-blockers?
[20:51:06] <sbx> or maybe I just didnt notice the animated bubbles around spongebob squarepanta
[20:51:11] <sbx> squarepants
[20:51:27] <sbx> is u6o down again
[20:51:32] <luteijn> I think so.
[20:51:50] <luteijn> It's 7:51 in melbourne, hopefully someone will wake up soon..
[20:52:21] <luteijn> I already proposed the schedule the server to start every x minutes.
[20:53:03] <luteijn> but they're afraid it won't notice there is already a server up if they do that.
[20:54:24] <luteijn> Guess we have to work on Nuvie instead ;)
[20:55:52] <sbx> :S
[20:56:07] <sbx> I have to go AFK anyway to watch the shows I recorded.
[20:56:20] <sbx> If they put autoreboot on the server they need to warn the players.
[20:56:31] <sbx> 5 minute warning
[20:56:37] <luteijn> well it wouldn't auto reboot in my idea.
[20:57:05] <luteijn> just try to bind to the socket, if something there already, just exit, try again in x min.
[20:57:53] <luteijn> so only if the previous one has crashed, it would start up. That's what I did when running a mud years ago..
[20:57:53] <wjp> or simply check every couple of seconds if the process is still alive?
[20:57:54] <sbx> oh, so it would have only started on a crash
[20:58:09] <sbx> this is simpler than signal processing I guess
[20:59:09] <sbx> or access running processes
[20:59:14] <luteijn> wjp well the idea was to have a quick fix, without programming a little watchdog. I was asuming the server already did something like listen or die..
[20:59:58] <luteijn> but the guy runing it thinks it might just continue, even if it couldn't listen.. and then connect back to its previous copy..
[21:00:39] <sbx> galleon dragon
[21:01:14] <luteijn> galleon is programming it, but kaldosh is runing the server..
[21:02:04] <sbx> I hope autorestart doesn't make them stop trying to find the cause of the crashes.
[21:03:16] <luteijn> well they don't even have autorestart... And I doubt they have a proper debugger...
[21:12:13] <sbx> brb
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[21:16:09] <luteijn> grmbl.. stupid private variables... what's wrong with sharing...
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[22:01:21] <luteijn> ah, it seems to work as before again, but now in separated file..
[22:04:30] <sbx> do what to who?
[22:04:33] <sbx> Oh, Magic.cpp? :)
[22:13:40] <luteijn> http://luteijn.xs4all.nl/nuvie/download/ has an archive of my modified source. If anyone wants to laugh at the very basic casting support...
[22:13:59] <luteijn> exit
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