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[07:49:43] <dongs> sup.
[07:49:53] <Yuv422> hey
[07:50:04] <dongs> been too busy dealing with ARM to touch x86 in a while.
[07:50:27] <dongs> whats happening here
[07:50:35] <dongs> i saw (your? i assume) post @ idaforum about rebasing?
[07:50:48] <Yuv422> yeah that was me
[07:50:57] <Yuv422> the rebasing is pretty much fixed
[07:51:13] <Yuv422> it works well while debugging
[07:51:41] <Yuv422> but seams to cause a few problems after exiting the debug session
[07:52:12] <dongs> i think thats the problem i was hitting
[07:52:20] <Yuv422> ah k
[07:52:23] <dongs> it would make sense in debug then rebase on exit and trash everything
[07:52:46] <Yuv422> I think you were also having issues with the cross refs
[07:52:53] <Yuv422> which was fixed in ida version 6
[07:53:22] <dongs> i already forgot, when last time i poked you about this was it still on 5.x or 6.x?
[07:54:57] <dongs> hm looks liek 5.x
[07:55:17] <dongs> befcause thats wehre i have all the dosbox stub shit.
[07:55:46] <dongs> i got 6 as well so i guess i should try it again when i have free time or something.
[07:56:47] <Yuv422> yeah it was 5.x when you tired it
[07:57:07] <Yuv422> it's a lot better on 6.x
[07:57:26] <Yuv422> one of these days we should release it to the public
[07:57:36] <dongs> hex-fail stil ldoesnt do 16bit decompile though :()
[07:58:57] <Yuv422> hehe probably not a big market for that one
[07:59:18] <Yuv422> feel free to try my version
[07:59:26] <Yuv422> but it's not very polished
[07:59:31] <Yuv422> and quite buggy
[07:59:58] <dongs> sure, link it, ill play with it
[08:01:03] <Yuv422> righto
[08:01:09] <Yuv422> might try to post it tonight
[08:01:17] <Yuv422> bbl
[08:01:20] <Yuv422> dinner time
[08:01:58] <dongs> okok
[08:02:05] <dongs> i got tons of shit to do anyway, no rush
[09:18:03] <wjp> the issue with rebasing after exiting could be worked around by manually rebasing before debugging, IIRC
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